Talker Tate Talker Walker has spent most of his life hiding his scars under a bright punk facade and until he sat next to Brian Cooper on a bus it worked But Brian has spent his whole life being the invisi

  • Title: Talker
  • Author: Amy Lane
  • ISBN: 9781615815982
  • Page: 357
  • Format: ebook
  • Tate Talker Walker has spent most of his life hiding his scars under a bright punk facade, and until he sat next to Brian Cooper on a bus, it worked But Brian has spent his whole life being the invisible man, and he s used to looking below the surface What he sees in Talker is a fragile and lovable human being Brian is outwardly straight, but Talker is desperate for lTate Talker Walker has spent most of his life hiding his scars under a bright punk facade, and until he sat next to Brian Cooper on a bus, it worked But Brian has spent his whole life being the invisible man, and he s used to looking below the surface What he sees in Talker is a fragile and lovable human being Brian is outwardly straight, but Talker is desperate for love, and when Talker s behavior leads to some painful consequences, Brian is forced to come out of his closet in dramatic fashion He ll do anything to make sure Talker sees that he s the Prince Charming Talker has always needed.

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      Amy Lane

    Amy Lane

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    One thought on “Talker

    1. 4.5 starsBrian Cooper first met Tate Walker on a bus, when the latter came to sit right next to him Tate was an extraordinary sight, half his face was taken up with a glorious tribal tattoo, his right ear, nose, eyebrow, and lip pierced, and his dark hair cut into a Mohawk However, after they became friends and moved in together, Brian learned that there was to Tate than just a kid with strange look and non stop talk Brian couldn t help to want to protect Tate from all harm, to save him before [...]

    2. She s just so damned good at this Too much beauty Too much love Too much wit, and heart, and kindness.Been crying for 3 days, already.

    3. ALL TALK AND NO LISTENING I really enjoyed this short, but lovely story It offers up great conflict and a character that is sure to break your heart I was just blown away by the many messages offered in this story It can be interpreted many ways by each individual reader, for it brought back memories of being close to someone who never saw through, she is my friend and that s all there is I wish I had the guts Brian had to make Tate Talker finally see him.Tate aka Talker is covered in tattoos fr [...]

    4. Short story, intense feelings I LOVED IT Brian a shy and lonely young guy, in the bus ride to school will meet Tate, aka Talker.Lovely story Strong and contradictory feelings not only made me give 5 stars, but I just bought the second and I ll start it right now 5 stars and if you have this book in your to read shelf don t wait any I did it left there and now I really regret it I should read it a long time ago Loved it loved it love it.

    5. Coming late after many have read this one so there s little I can add that hasn t already been said It s typically well written like Lane is fast becoming known for and the subject matter is honest, affecting, and moving The characters have so much texture and depth that they are really quite fascinating even though not much happens over the course of the story It s a character driven piece about accepting love and growing from pain If there s any fault it s that I wish the story had been fleshe [...]

    6. This review is for the 3 books in the Talker series as they are all make up the story If I was to rate them individually I would give the first two 4 stars and the third one 3 The story of Brian and Tate Talker is an emotional roller coaster Tate s horror show of a childhood has left him scarred, but optimistic and looking for love When Brian meets Tate in college on a bus to their track meet, he instantly finds a friend and is able to look beyond the veneer Tate has created to keep people from [...]

    7. I have had this series on my iPad forever, and I seem to be really behind the curve in reading it, so I am going to rectify that and start now 4.25 Ok, first I am very happy I waited to start this book until all three stories were out, if I had read this and not known there was of their story for me to get to right awayI would have been grumpy Mandy.Brian is a sweetheart and I hate that he keeps thinking he is slow and stupid, he isn t, he might not have gotten a vital part of himself without V [...]

    8. Woah, this book was so beautifulIt s my third Amy Lane book and god, how different from one another her books truly are It s like you can never know what she s preparing next Mystery boxesIt also is my favorite so far This coupleey re so sweet and good together I hope they ll have the most perfect happy ever after, as they deserve And, Amy Lane, I m ready to face their obstacles, but thank you for the warning in the book, it helped Read it in one sitting because, really, I couldn t put it down A [...]

    9. Oh goodness This was sweet and it just about tore my heart out Brian and Tate sigh Such pain, such love, such devotion, so much unknown, so in need of healing heads and hearts and the story is not over so I am gonna shut my yapper and go read the next one.

    10. All I m saying is get ready to have your heart ripped out Tate Talker Walker was horribly burned and disfigured as a child and has since covered his physical scars with tattoos and piercings Though he doesn t hide that he s gay, his in your face body modifications are really just another way to hide.Until he s finally seen by Brian Cooper Brian sees the real Tate and fall in love with him But whereas Talker has a hard time being seen Brian has a hard time being heard He doesn t know how to commu [...]

    11. Lisa Arbitrary - AttentionIsArbitrary M/M Blog says:
      I was fortunate enough to get to buddy read this with fellow book blogger Giulia from devastatingreads and also several other GR friends joined in and shared the experience with us I think we chose the perfect book to buddy read The characters were visual, the writing sharp and the story was charmingE CHARACTERSBrian Cooper Introverted, withdrawn and closeted, even to himself.In fact, the only thing in his life that was complicated was Tate Walker, and he liked that all this simplicity gave him [...]

    12. Talker is about a young man, Tate Talker Walker, who as a child, survived a fire that left him horribly scarred He covered his scars in tattoo s and is out and proud gay All his flamboyance, though, is a way for him to hide himself He wants people to see the color and loud, but he doesn t really let people see him He doesn t see himself as beautiful or original at all He just sees the scars I just wanted to hug him and tell him everything would be ok.Brian Cooper, see s Talker, though Really see [...]

    13. M M romance Our hero tries to tell his best friend that he wants him, but he never actually, uh, uses his words So he figures hey, the problem here is that the bestie is just refusing to notice him, and the bestie was recently raped and is really fragile, okay, so the thing to do he has a plan, you guys the thing to do is to manipulate events so he and the bestie are in a sexual situation but the bestie doesn t know who he is until after there are orgasms.This being a romance, this is fed to us [...]

    14. 3.5 StarsI reacted fairly strongly to this story, in a number of contradictory ways I m new to the whole Amy Lane experience like, this week new and I m not quite sure I like her style of writing I can t put my finger on what bothers me about it, but until I work it out I m intrigued enough to continue my Lane focused reading quest.This particular story was gripping and heart wrenching It made me ache for the characters, but it also angered me several times view spoiler because there were a few [...]

    15. 4 Stars a sweet and moving shortie about two young college boys and the first loveA joint review will be written when I read all parts of the compilation edition, The Talker Collection, consisting of three books novels My review I Like Brian s cute love for Tate Talker

    16. Bought this the second it came out and read it and then read it again because with Amy Lane you read the first time for the story and the second for the language The way she puts words together, phrases things, is just gorgeous This is a beautiful story that made me cry in places and laugh in others My hope is for a sequel.

    17. Loved it Like everything else I ve read by Amy Lane, it made me cry And it wasn t just a tear or two, but out and out sobbing as I rocked in place and tried to keep reading Oh, man One day maybe I ll make it through an Amy Lane book without crying at least once.

    18. Me encantan las historias y personajes que crea esta mujer Llenos de amor, tristeza y compasi n T___T

    19. Oh Amy Lane I can see why so many people enjoy her writing She had me at The Locker Room my first Amy Lane read and consequently I knew I needed to read by her The Talker series was recommended to me, I think by Tom originally, but I don t remember and I had the pfd in my unread file for a while now I also have the next two Keeping Promise Rock Finding time to read when you write is often difficult but there are days when I need a break from ME Ya know My characters yaking away sometimes need d [...]

    20. What a fantastic little novella, it was a really refreshing read, a compact little book, with great main character because they both had issues dealing with society Who knew that one bus ride could lead to the places that Tate Talker and Brian would end up in Talker was considered the new collage freak, having half his face and head tattoo ed with unusual patterns, where Brian had been home schooled by his Aunty all through high school The first day they met Talker was late getting on the bus an [...]

    21. This is an emotional novella about pain and healing The main characters are kept apart by some of the same differences that make them such good friends Tate talks, Brian listens, and when they both vitally need it to work the other way they don t know how The writing is flawless and the characters will engage you from the start This had a young feel to it, even though both boys are in college The sex might be just fractionally too explicit to officially recommend it to the under 18 set, but it o [...]

    22. I don t know what I expected with the cover and the blurb but this book was so sweet it nearly gave me a toothache.They say never judge a book by its cover and that applied perfectly to Tate aka Talker I expected a badass punk kid with bad manners and even shittier people skills but what I got was the complete opposite who I adored Brian was also a sweetheart through and through I loved them together Unfortunately, this was a very very short novella and the story continues in the next installmen [...]

    23. Vfields Don"t touch my happy! says:
      Pleasing This is one of those times when I love something and I will stand up and shout my 5 stars out upon the land and not care if my book buddies disagree Talker is the kind of character I want to hold and root for Watching him open up and seeing Brian discover his own self was captivating Amy Lane is at her best dealing with very heavy subjects but not wallowing in angst Next.

    24. Sweet story I read it all in one sitting and I have to start the next one NOW no time for an in depth plot review Read the blurb Oh, and I did tear up a tiny bit at the end

    25. Liked the story, but the flashbacks kept pulling out.

    26. TO AMY LANE FANS Who think the summer of 2010 Amy lost her ANGST Not s Baacck Talker by Amy Lane has got to be one of the strongest pieces she has done this summer and I have certainly loved all of themWhen Brian Cooper and Tate Walker met on a Track Tour Bus the stars all aligned in the sky that day.Brian Cooper, a thrower for their school track team spoke to no one He was at school, on a scholarship, home schooled by his Aunt, and always had very little to say He thought he was stupid, being h [...]

    27. I don t know, Amy Lane writes miracles Truth in the Dark was so emotional, the characters were flawed and the writing was fabulous and it perfectly suited the fairy tale mood of the book Keeping Promise Rock was angsty and the characters were awesome and the writing was great and it carried on a long story of friendship and love This book is short and it stripped me as raw and naked as its characters.Brian is a wonderful person, a great and considerate friend and his inability of conveying his f [...]

    28. Thanks so much to an email I received from a blogging buddy recommendig this book It is a novella, which I read in one sitting but still throws such an emotional punch.Talker goes back and forth from past and present giving us the story of Tate, the very talkative,flamboyant, tattooed, gay college student and Brian, the reserved, thought he was straight but turns out he is gay roommate When they become friends, Brian is dating women but as he gets to know Tate and eventually moves in with him h [...]

    29. I love characters like Talker so much and reading about him was reason I started this book.I think my issues with the book stem from the narration style, it glazes over things that should be important The growing friendship of Talker and Brian, two years later we were friends BAM, that s what I want to read Amy Lane I want to see their friendship growing and becoming real, I felt short changed that I didn t see that Talker broke my heart He was lovely.Brian got on my nerves because he was just t [...]

    30. So, i really LOVE amy lane s promise and johnnies series and i ve often seen this book and wondered whether i should give it a try However, i must admit that i thought the cover weird and thought the book wasn t a good fit for me After finally reading it, though, i can say that the book is really, really good The book isn t very long, and it shows just how good an author amy is that readers care so much about the two characters after such a short while It is a wonderful story and I am looking fo [...]

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