Twilight of the Abyss

Twilight of the Abyss When Elizabeth and Darcy meet in Hertfordshire insults are avoided and they fall in love together However when Darcy s family experiences a scandal he is forced to choose between love and honour A

  • Title: Twilight of the Abyss
  • Author: Casey Childers
  • ISBN: 9781449998424
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Elizabeth and Darcy meet in Hertfordshire, insults are avoided and they fall in love together However, when Darcy s family experiences a scandal, he is forced to choose between love and honour A Pride and Prejudice variation, Twilight of the Abyss explores an alternative path for Jane Austen s beloved novel.

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      Casey Childers

    Casey Childers

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    One thought on “Twilight of the Abyss

    1. The most true romance novel of any JAFF book I have read Very drama and angst filled Lots of emotions Not the most compelling story but well written I think a lot of people would love this book.Reread I am surprised at how much I loved this the first time With a second reading, that lack of story is most apparent and the love story seems tarnished I think I would give it a 4 now.

    2. Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) says:
      Duty, Disgrace, and DespairWhat if instead of delivering his infamous insult, Darcy requests a dance with Elizabeth Bennet at the Meryton Assembly What if instead of sketching Mr Darcy s character as arrogant and proud, Elizabeth astutely detects his discomfort in new company and attempts to put him at ease What if instead of a barely civil relationship filled with provoking verbal sparring matches, Darcy and Elizabeth decide early on in their acquaintance to be friends Even with an amicable rel [...]

    3. Emotional readI remember reading this on an Austenesque website in the past so had to purchase it when I saw it was published I have to say that I was kind of disappointed in the published product The formatting needed to be fixed badly That is why I had to drop it a star in my rating I loved the story, Elizabeth being so vulnerable it made you tear up for her heart wrenching pain Darcy so noble yet so caught in doing what is his duty and what is right by his heart, he was as vulnerable as I hav [...]

    4. I liked the general idea of this book, but the execution was lacking in my opinion I found the flashbacks in the beginning of the book distracting, it jumped up and down the timeline and it made it a bit confusing for me Because of the flashbacks coming up in the thoughts of Elizabeth, it was about the feelings than about what exactly had happened and at some point I found Lizzy s desperation becoming a bit tedious Yes, Lizzy loves Darcy and he won t marry her because he s afraid of the reactio [...]

    5. In this alternative Darcy and Elizabeth get along right from the start, but there are problems set in motion that prevent them from furhering there relationship The journey is very sad and full of angst but well worth it Just have a box of tissues next to you.

    6. I love to read sequels and what if stories fans of Jane Austen write I love to see how other people in vision her characters and see what direction they take them in Casey Childers does this in her what if story, Twilight of the Abyss What if Darcy wasn t such a prick in Hertfordshire What if they fell in love What if circumstances still kept them a part These are the questions that are asked and answered in this story.Overall I liked the story It kept me wondering what was going to happen next [...]

    7. I purchased this book because I enjoy Jane Austen fanfiction I am even so gauche and disloyal to JA as to not mind too much when an author takes liberties with the characters This was a what if style telling with Darcy and Elizabeth meeting and falling in love under a different situation from the original On a spectrum, it was mid range on changing the characters The storyline was okay, but I prefer movement in the plot and a love to hate em villain In this tale, the movement was mostly within [...]

    8. editing This book was only ok Lizzy was not the strong character I like her to be and whined too often The typing and organization was hideous as many of the sentences and words were mixed around in many spots I had to try to unscramble the sentences so it made sense There was no real sense of conflict to overcome.

    9. Twilight of the AbyssHeart wrenching story about the love that developed between Darcy and Elizabeth right from the beginning of their meeting in Hertfordshire at the Meryton Assembly Instead of making the infamous remake that she tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt him, Darcy takes another look at here, introduces himself, and asks her to dance By the Netherfield Ball, Darcy realizes that he is in love with Elizabeth, but feeling that she doesn t feel the same leaves Netherfield He also [...]

    10. WOW That is all I can say for this novel I started it today and could not put it down till it was finished I think of all the Pride Prejudice variations I have read and this was my favorite I was so emotionally involved in this story I wanted to cry when Elizabeth was crying I wanted to yell at Darcy when you learn quickly in the novel why he made his choice to walk away And I almost fell apart when I read the scene where Darcy tells Elizabeth why he left Netherfield even though he loves her and [...]

    11. In this Pride and Prejudice variation, at the Meryton Assembly the insult by Darcy towards Elizabeth is unsaid, and slowly they fall in love But they are kept apart by a family scandal Can Darcy overcome his family s scandal and marry for love and not for the the advancement of his family.

    12. I enjoyed the book I liked the story and how everything turned out.

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