The Sea of Adventure

The Sea of Adventure Enid Blyton s classic adventure series fantastically repackaged for a new generation of readers When Bill takes Philip Dinah Lucy Ann and Jack on a mysterious trip to the desolate northern isles ev

  • Title: The Sea of Adventure
  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • ISBN: 9780330448369
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • Enid Blyton s classic adventure series fantastically repackaged for a new generation of readers When Bill takes Philip, Dinah, Lucy Ann and Jack on a mysterious trip to the desolate northern isles, everything looks set for an exciting time But then Bill is kidnapped and the children, marooned far from the mainland, find themselves playing a dangerous game of hide and seeEnid Blyton s classic adventure series fantastically repackaged for a new generation of readers When Bill takes Philip, Dinah, Lucy Ann and Jack on a mysterious trip to the desolate northern isles, everything looks set for an exciting time But then Bill is kidnapped and the children, marooned far from the mainland, find themselves playing a dangerous game of hide and seek with an unknown enemy.

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      Enid Blyton

    Enid Blyton

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    1. I ve got such a lovely feeling, said Lucy Ann, looking the picture of happiness You know that feeling you get at the very beginning of a lovely holiday when all the days spread out before you, sunny and lazy and sort of enchanted You ll end up by being a poet if you don t look out, said Philip from the wheel Well, if a poet feels like I feel just exactly at this moment, I wouldn t mind being one for the rest of my life, even if it meant having to write poetry, said Lucy Ann.Oh, Enid I can t be t [...]

    2. This is one of the Adventure series that I actually didn t read as a child It was definitely interesting to see how this one differed from the previous three considering I ve read those several times in the past and I think I had some preconceived notions of how good they were, but with this one it was all new.So as in the past, the four children and Kiki, of course manage to get themselves into an improbable amount of trouble, this time while holidaying in some remote Scottish islands with thei [...]

    3. To assist their recovery after contracting measles Jack, Lucy Ann, Philip, Dinah and Kiki set off with their friend Bill Smaugs who needs sanctuary too to the northern isles of Scotland for much needed rest and recuperation But it isn t long before their carefree ornithological holiday turns into a new adventure.This is the 4th in the Enid Blyton adventure series which I have thoroughly enjoyed great characters although the bad guys are generally faceless and not developed at all but really the [...]


    5. Good pre adventure part, with the children recovering from measles and sent on a holiday to regain their strength before returning to school yeah, like that s going to happen in real life, but you can t blame kids for dreaming , Bill visiting in secret while being hunted by criminals isn t he putting the children and Mrs Manning in danger good stuff The adventure part is fine, but maybe not as exciting as the previous novel The Valley of Adventure, which is probably my favorite in the series We [...]

    6. children leave for northern islands to recover from measles but find themselves in an adventure The best part is when they are on Puffin island where they find 2 tame puffins who out of sheer love for children catch fishes for them On this island they sink into a Puffin burrow and take shelter there Guns are hidden from view in one of the many islands.

    7. Great fun on the islandsThe four children, Kiki the parrot, and Bill head to the Isles off Scotland for a break to recover from the measles Of course it s never that simple as they fall into an adventure involving gun runners With a pair of tame puffins to keep them company.

    8. Seri Enid Blyton ini kadang terasa membosankan, monoton, udah ketebak banget lah alurnya gimana Di sisi lain itu bikin nagih dan comforting Selama baca deg degannya cukup deg degan seru aja, karena tahu pasti happy ending D

    9. Loved this Another great installment in Blyton s Adventure series I d read it a long time ago but couldn t remember how it all turned out the best kind of re read.

    10. The Sea of Adventure is the fourth in the Adventure series by Enid Blyton Four children have just recovered from the measles and must take a holiday to regain their strength before heading back to boarding school and the summer term Jack and Lucy Ann Trent are orphans and have been adopted by the mother of their friends Philip and Dinah Mannering When Mrs Mannering, a widow, comes down with the measles herself, she sends the children ages 11 14, on a birding expedition to the Scottish islands ac [...]

    11. A secret agent needs to go to earth for a while to evade some dangerous criminals who are out to get him Four children and a parrot need to convalesce from the measles These two events really shouldn t coincide, but they do, as the children s friend Bill Smugs, presumably of the Secret Service either that or he has a VERY rich fantasy life , takes them all off for a camping and bird watching holiday in the Hebrides It s all fun and games not to mention Spam and ginger beer until Bill goes off to [...]

    12. This book had a few five star moments, and the chapter about the children spending the night alone in an enormous gale and thunderstorm really shows Enid Blyton at her best But there isn t enough There are also plenty of three star moments, where there s some decent scene building and amusing comments from Kiki Enid has quite given up trying to imply that Kiki doesn t know what she s saying , but nothing actually happening In fact, the adventure doesn t start until halfway through the novel.Befo [...]

    13. This is possibly my least favorite book in my favorite Enid Blyton series It follows the similar pattern that is seen across the series the 4 children get isolated from rest of humanity with only flora and fauna and villains for company Over the story, the children manage to outwit the villains and then the happy ending The sea was a good setting and puffins did make interesting pets But somehow I did not find them as interesting as Philip s pets in the other books of the series Possibly mention [...]

    14. I have read several reviews saying that this book is not as good as the first three in the series, thanks to complacent baddies, a glut of even silly coincidences than normal, and a setting that does not quite manage to evoke the wonderfully adventurous atmosphere that we ve become used to.This is all true, but it s still a very good adventure story I particularly like how the children have to use their wits and skills to steal a boat for themselves and rescue Bill from under the enemy s nose, [...]

    15. Re read The four children Philip, Dinah, Jack, and Lucy Ann, are recovering from the measles and although term is starting, the doctor insists upon a vacation first But where can they go And who will accompany them Philip and Dinah s mother can t since she has taken on a new commission, but the children balk at the idea of a governess Then their old friend Bill appears, with the news that he has to disappear for awhile So what if they go with him To the sea of Scotland, swarming with birds A per [...]

    16. The sea north of Scotland is full of little islands, and many of them have huge bird colonies Perfect for the four children until they fall afoul of gunrunners A pair of puffins adopts them and helps them rescue Bill this time, instead of Bill rescuing them.Kiki s funny sayings sometimes fit the situation better than they probably would in real life, but all the rest of these animal characters behave perfectly naturally Huffin and Puffin have no idea they are helping save our adventurers, which [...]

    17. Another great book in the Adventure series Full of mystery, but also fun I thought the description of the bird islands was great But I also thought the actions of the children horrifying in spots A little like Lord of the Flies if you ask me The kids really get into a jam in this book where desperate times call for desperate measures and you are kept on edge wondering if they will make it My 11 year old son and I were riveted to this book as we read it together A pleasure to read

    18. One of the best of the Adventure Series, and an exciting read for young children and ahem dad s of young children Compared to the others in the series, this was overt adventure with the threat of death and violence to the fore, even guns being fired and so on Felt slightly grown up I read the Kindle version and there were quite a few typos, which was annoying as I was reading this out loud as a bedtime read I m sure they weren t in the paperback version.

    19. I still love the adventure series by Enid Blyton I know that many people feel that her work is very dated and does not conform to modern day political correctness Still the character traits that her main characters always have such as loyalty and honesty are still laudable even today.This is as usual a story of children falling into an adventure and triumphing over the bad guys, the criminals that break the law With a few fights, trials and rescues, this is still a good yarn.

    20. Halfway through the Adventure Series once Again I am there with the children on another hair raising adventure, I am one of them I remember looking for such excitement as this as a child, but it wasn t to be unless I hopped on my bike and off to the library in search of Enid Blyton.I loved being stranded on the island with Huffin and Puffin, entangled with the bad guys and it all working out in the end, as it should.I guess it s on to The Mountain of Adventure now

    21. Another great adventure with Jack, Lucy Ann, Dinah, Philipp and their parrot Kiki This time they visit the Shetland Islands with their friend Bill who works as an under cover agent and pulls the children into another dangerous adventure.It s too bad that the generation of children nowadays did not grew up with such wonderful childrens books Enid Blyton books are famous all over Europe and India and still sell better than Harry Potter Give it a try

    22. Enid Blyton is an amazing childrens author, bestselling in the world Although almost undiscovered by Americans.This series The Adventure Series is 8 books long Features 4 friends who fall into adventures with counterfeiters, gunrunners, treasure hunters and the like Jack, Philip, Diana, and Lucy Anne and their crazy talking parrot, KIKI, are a lot of fun to follow through their adventures This series is top notch reading introduce your children to Enid Blyton today

    23. I read this because Enid Blyton is a favorite of several U K Authors I didn t love it but I admired the way the kids took care of themselves when the strange man who d been taking of them disappeared And I also liked Kiki the parrot and all the buttered biscuits they ate Sounds like my kind of diet not the parrot, just the buttered biscuits

    24. This is the fourth part of adventure series In this part the four children were attacked my measles in the beginning Then with their mother s permission they with Bill goes to Northern islands First they visit a Puffin island and their adventure starts from there Bill was kidnapped by his enemy and the four children would rescue him This book is really good I liked it.

    25. As with the other two books in the series I ve read recently, this is another exciting, fun story for kids And if, like me, there s still a bit of the kid left inside your middle aged exterior, then rereading any of these Adventure books will be a simple pleasure that ll remind you why Enid Blyton remains so popular.

    26. I love Huffin and Puffin, together with Kiki they make this book As always, the kids are off on an adventure, and Bill gets mixed up as well Of course, he cannot supervise them as he is taken captive almost immediately into the book, so the kids have to use their own wits to beat the baddies I enjoyed this book, as I do with all Enid s work Hope you enjoy it as well

    27. This book the first Enid Blyton s book I have ever read I enjoyed it, though I d love to read details Overall I liked it Can t wait to read from this author I can t seem to put this book down before I finish it.

    28. I love Enid Blyton and the world created for her children We can t live these adventures today There is no stopping the children of the empire They live lives untouched by concepts like racism and sexism A real escapist read.

    29. Although this says published in 2007, the version I read was about 1964 Doubt it has changed much My impression of Edith Blyton, as much as I enjoyed her books at the time, was that she was quite a racist.

    30. spoilersAt first I didnt like this as I didnt like the birds ha ha But it turned into an excellent suspenseful book There is less sibling action than Famous Five The situations are serious and scarier Highly recommended.

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