City of Lost Girls

City of Lost Girls Dublin PI Ed Loy tackles a case that takes him back to Los Angeles his home of twenty years and a past he d rather forget in this gripping new novel in the Edgar Award nominated and Shamus Award winni

  • Title: City of Lost Girls
  • Author: Declan Hughes
  • ISBN: 9780061689901
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dublin PI Ed Loy tackles a case that takes him back to Los Angeles his home of twenty years and a past he d rather forget in this gripping new novel in the Edgar Award nominated and Shamus Award winning series Ed Loy has laid his ghosts to rest He s been back in his hometown of Dublin for several years, his work is wearing but steady, and he s in his first lovin Dublin PI Ed Loy tackles a case that takes him back to Los Angeles his home of twenty years and a past he d rather forget in this gripping new novel in the Edgar Award nominated and Shamus Award winning series Ed Loy has laid his ghosts to rest He s been back in his hometown of Dublin for several years, his work is wearing but steady, and he s in his first loving relationship since the death of his daughter caused the ruin of his marriage six years ago But when two girls go missing from a Dublin film set, Loy knows his past has caught up with him Loy s longtime friend, film director Jack Donovan, is shooting his next movie, an Irish historical epic Donovan and his three right hand men together, the Gang of Four have made numerous movies together spanning several decades, but the new film is primed to be their masterpiece Production grinds to a halt, though, when not one but two female cast members fail to show up to work Chances are they re party girls sleeping off a late night, but the circumstances feel familiar to Loy A little too familiar Twenty years ago, three girls disappeared from a movie Donovan was shooting in Malibu and their bodies were never found Today, Loy has a sinking feeling in his heart Those girls are gone Knowing that one of the film crew maybe even Jack Donovan himself is responsible for the girls disappearances, Loy races to uncover the truth before a third girl goes missing And in order to find answers, he must return to L.A and delve deep into his past But while he s so far from home, a cunning killer seizes the chance to strike at what s closest to Ed Loy s heart.

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      Declan Hughes

    Declan Hughes

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    One thought on “City of Lost Girls

    1. Mr Hughes, a very talented Irish crime fiction author, has brought out a literate private eye tale heavy on the atmosphere and voice and like James Crumley in that way The flowing sentences give us the insights about PI Ed Loy who s on the wagon and in love with a mother of two girls The movie production company led by Oscar wining film director Jack Donovan provides the backdrop of the young ladies working as extras also getting murdered I enjoyed this read.

    2. I can admire much about City Of Lost Girls which is the first novel I have read by Mr Hughes but, to be honest, it is not the kind of novel I enjoy and I struggled to finish it I like a straightforward investigation without too many digressions and in this novel the crime is almost secondary to Mr Hughes examination of character and modern day Dublin much is which is laudable and razor sharp.Jack Donovan, a larger than life film director with a messy past, returns to Dublin from LA to shoot his [...]

    3. PROTAGONIST Ed Loy, PISETTING Dublin, Ireland SERIES 5 of 5RATING 3.75Irish director Jack Donovan is one of those men who exudes charm and is a powerful force that can t be ignored For many years, he has worked with almost the same crew to film his movies Known as the Gang of Four , they ve been together through great successes and great failures They are currently shooting a movie in Dublin When Jack receives a series of threatening letters, he turns to an old, but estranged, friend, private in [...]

    4. This was my first Declan Hughes novel and I have to say it was great I liked the modern touches including the impact of the financial crisis on Dublin, the fact that the characters develop and change, the dark and interesting plot.

    5. We learn from early on that one of four men are responsible for the murder of a young women Ed Lou s task is to find the murderer before any young women are dead The crime relates back to murders in America when Ed was working there He re establishes his relationship with his old friend who is a director of films in both America and Ireland and was around when previous murders took place in America Dublin has become a venue for film making and the murderer of a young extra happens Ed deals with [...]

    6. A gritty, well written murder mystery with several suspects to well suspect But it s never the one you are led to suspect most, is it

    7. He wonders about the killing in threes, about the concept of the Three in One Killer It is preposterous, on one level, like something from a comic book Yet another crime novel with a promising setup that fizzles into a disappointing ending This seems to be a rule these days with the bestsellers of the genre and I have a simple explanation while the publisher can easily sell a book through blurbs that broadcast the enticing premise, for obvious reasons the failure of the ending can never be shown [...]

    8. This book sat on my bedside table for at least a year, maybe two Something about the cover and maybe the title discouraged me from reading it Finally I did and it was so well written, interesting and the twists kept coming Thoroughly enjoyed it, worth the wait.PI Ed Loy is happy to have his old friend Jack Donovan shooting a new movie in Dublin They were mates when Ed lived in Los Angeles He s developed a good PI practice and has a woman to love, all s good in Ed s life Two girls go missing from [...]

    9. Shamus Award winner Declan Hughes isn t just any noteworthy crime writer he s an Irish one and for this reader that makes all the difference There s a bit of a poet in him, as well as a richly developed descriptive technique Now, add to this his two decades as a playwright and screenwriter, a background which he brings to the printed page, and you have CITY OF LOST GIRLS.With this, the fifth in Hughes s Irish private investigator Ed Loy series we find Loy torn between tracking a psychotic murder [...]

    10. Hughes, Declan CITY OF LOST GIRLS 2010 This is Hughes fifth novel, and features Ed Loy as a private detective who gets a call from an old friend, film director Jack Donovan, to look into a series of what might be threatening letters he has recently received Donovan is in Dublin to shoot his latest film, and is worried about his past catching up with him Loy has worked with Donovan before, and even played a small role in one of his films set in L.A Although they had been close friends once, thei [...]

    11. I very much like the shift in narrative voices Ed Loy telling his own events, the third person narrator relating the rest and the creepy musings of the self justifying, deranged killer interspersed as he stalks his next victims.Loy is enjoying a relatively peaceful interlude new relationship going well, no immediate crises when he is hired by an old friend legendary film director Jack Donovan, whom he knew years earlier in Los Angeles, to find out what has become of a young actress who has disap [...]

    12. Liked this book very much though I found it very irritating as I can never tell how good Irish writers really are is it really them or just the magical way they have with words These micks can saddle up the English language and ride it like a dolphin across stormy seas So here it is, just after the death of the Celtic Tiger, and begorra wouldn t you just know that our protagonist Ed Loy is a private dick and has been in ways than one as well as narrator and Greek chorus to The Gang of Four, a g [...]

    13. Okay, so having finally worked out that this review has never actually made it into the light of day, for reasons which, well no reason Let s just say idiocy on my part and move onTY OF THE LOST GIRLS deserves much better attention than I ve given it The fifth book in the Ed Loy series, Loy is one of those rumpled Irish PI types, part philospher, part hardman, and in this book he s walking the mean streets of Dublin and LA.Quintessentially Irish in the descriptions and observations sprinkled thr [...]

    14. Whoever buys the mysteries at my local library does a fabulous job and has added many new writers to my ever growing TBR pile This is apparently the fifth novel in a series, but it s a great read all on its own I will caution, however, that if you read this one you re going to go look for the other four, as well.Ed Loy is a wonderful character an Irish P.I confronted by his past in the form of his former friend, Jack Donovan, a larger than life Irish film director Jack needs Ed s help in ways t [...]

    15. Easily one of the most boring predictable books I ever read I only continued to read this book because it was one of my resolutions this year to read books I kept thinking it would get better, but it never did The characters were hard to distinguish It seems like they were all pretty much drunks and or recovering alcoholics The story never really developed, it was like the same mundane information over and over again Jack Donovan is troubled movie director, doesn t have a successful personal li [...]

    16. Initially I had a hard time getting into this one but half way through I was setting it aside to read in spurts as it was getting so intense Ed Loy reunites in Dublin a friendship with a temperamental and charismatic Irish film director with whom he had a falling out over three missing girls from his film set in LA ten years ago He s back in Dublin on location shooting a new film and he s being threatened Ed reengages with the director and starts checking out folks with an ax to grind against hi [...]

    17. What did I miss that others who have acclaimed Hughes as a great mystery novelist Adequate, I d say, mostly in the atmosphere department, but definitely NOT in the actual sleuth department There were no clues We started on the first page knowing that the Gang of Four would be suspects, and we learned at the end which one But only through a deus ex machina Plus, I find alternating chapters in the voice of the unknown killer really annoying Since the writer can t let us know who he is, the psychol [...]

    18. Another involving mystery from Hughes He s one of the best current mystery authors out there and the comparisons to Ross Macdonald are particularly apt, as his books tend to revolve around mysteries that have their roots in some traumatic, past incident Here, it s the troubling disappearance of two female extras on a movie in process in Dublin, echoing the similar disappearance many years ago of a trio of extras from the set of a film by the same director and producing team Hughes detective was [...]

    19. Possible Spoilers This is one of the very, very best Declan Hughes novels I ve yet read It reads very, very fast totally engrossing The story concerns a Dublin born director, who, having gained fame in Hollywood, has returned to Dublin to make a new film only girls keep disappearing Hughes detective, Ed Loy, who happens to be an old friend of the director, is hired to find out why The whole story is truly fascinating, and keeps the reader guessing until the end.I would highly recommend this susp [...]

    20. Really, really, enjoyed this Thoroughly entertaining, plus that sense of security when you read something written by someone at the top of his game Additionally, although this is 5, there is no sense of laziness, no forced recycling of characters Ed and Tommy have grown in stature, have not become caricatures of themselves older villains make their appearances one significantly and there is a return to past history for Ed, but it all feels easy and right and fresh.Much appreciated As is oh heave [...]

    21. I like Ed Loy He s been through it He s Irish He s got some shady friends.In this one, his Hollywood past comes home to roost when he gets caught up in some detecting for Jack Donovan local boy made good as big Hollywood director Only his muse extras girls of a certain type have gone missing Circumstances remind Loy of similar missing girls related to the Donovan sets 20 years ago.Unfortunately, we end up with some stereotypical bad guy moves and plot twists, saved only by the strong characteriz [...]

    22. Another detective series featuring Dublin based Ed Loy Set during Jack Donovan s filming of a Irish historical epic, there is much early Hollywood lore and Dublin lore in this novel You get a pretty good sense of the film businessd of complicated friendships Worth readingd worth visiting the author s website at declanhughesbooks I ll be reading the other Ed Loy novels.

    23. This mystery had a lot going for it Dublin atmospherics, a broad cast of possible villains, a reasonably interesting narrator, and a central device a film set dominated by an iconic Irish director that works The supporting characters and suspects aren t well developed, however, and I found the italicized murderer chapters a device I am getting tired of at this point, although that is not this particular author s fault unilluminating.

    24. The language is convoluted and hard to get through and I say this as someone who likes poetic language And I figured out who the killer was a hundred pages before the author told us, and this is not a long book I gave it three stars because I always appreciate the effort at a literary detective story and many of the characters are well drawn, but I probably won t seek out by this author.

    25. Caught up with the last of this series 2010 I hope there will be as enjoy Hughes writing and the noir poet PI Ed Loy.Good use of the bubble burst Dublin atmosphere as well as Ed visiting old haunts in Los Angeles as he investigates disappearance murder of several extras off a movie set directed by old, estranged pal Jack Donovan.

    26. For a thriller mystery it needed thrilling information, not so much of this thick detail on the drunken main character and his on the wagon off the wagon PI he hires I liked that it was set between LA and Dublin Ireland I could hear the brogue accent as I read But that wasn t enough for me.

    27. It s funny to say that less is but the series takes a good turn here, where it had become bogged down by byzantine characterizations, lost plots no pun etc this is leaner and better ed loy is still troubled and trouble, he may have some domestic trappings but i m sure they ll be ripped apart soon enough looking forward to the next installment

    28. This is the 5th book in a series that features Ed Loy, a private investigator based in Dublin I ve read all the books, and this was possibly the best of all of them This book follows a current case, added with reoccurring characters from the Dublin organized crime world, plus a love interest and a touch of Hollywood 4.5 5

    29. A very interesting Ed Loy novel, slight departure and in a little literate in comparison to some of the early novels in the series The plot is interesting and takes elements of the classic who done it I am also looking forward to the next book in the series and seeing how the fued progresses with the Halligan gang namely Podge 3.5 stars for me.

    30. i just love this author he s got nice pacing, a bit literary, or at least the lyricisms of irish english, believable lovable hatable characters, suspense, and in this particular title, he just keeps getting literate, of what he is doing right to start with yeah declan hughes.

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