Hour of the Rose

Hour of the Rose The first book in the classic Draycott Abbey series from bestselling Christina Skye now in a beautiful new package Secrets gather in the shadows of Britain s Draycott Abbey intrigues of evil unscrup

  • Title: Hour of the Rose
  • Author: Christina Skye
  • ISBN: 9780380773855
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The first book in the classic Draycott Abbey series from bestselling Christina Skye, now in a beautiful new package Secrets gather in the shadows of Britain s Draycott Abbey intrigues of evil, unscrupulous mend the astonishing mysteries of a star crossed romance from centuries past Dashing ex Royal Marine Michael Burke has come to Draycott to unmask a treacherous coThe first book in the classic Draycott Abbey series from bestselling Christina Skye, now in a beautiful new package Secrets gather in the shadows of Britain s Draycott Abbey intrigues of evil, unscrupulous mend the astonishing mysteries of a star crossed romance from centuries past Dashing ex Royal Marine Michael Burke has come to Draycott to unmask a treacherous conspiracy Kelly Hamilton, a beautiful archaeologist gifted with second sight, is searching for a priceless historical relic But soon both are caught up in the magic of the moon drenched abbey unexpectedly united in desire and sensuous need they are drawn deeper and deeper into a dangerous web of deceit and betrayal For only Michael and Kelly hold the key to the future and the past And only their bold new passion can lay the abbey s ghosts to rest fulfilling the ancient promise of a rapturous love reborn.

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      Christina Skye

    Christina Skye

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    One thought on “Hour of the Rose

    1. An interesting kind of romance novel where medieval and contemporary romance meet in the backdrop of the mysterious and ancient Draycott Abbey You actually have two stories from two different time periods that come together as one.Neither of the heroines like the heroes at the beginning and some good quips are exchanged Both heroes are die hard you do as I say alphas but the heroines stand up to them than once which leads to some testy sizzling situations.There is a bit too much information ove [...]

    2. I love Christine Skye s Draycott Abbey Series and have read all the books There is something so magical about Draycott Abbey, so unforgettable Home to the Draycott family for hundreds of years, it has been watched over by the ghost of Adrian, one of the Draycott ancestors and Gideon, his companion who just happens to be a fabulous, clever ghostly cat They will do anything to protect the abbey and the people they love and have loved I love the interaction between the two s really amazing.This is [...]

    3. Saya tidak bisa menyelesaikan novel ini __ entah kenapa ceritanya agak sulit di mengerti dan mendingan aku berhenti membaca.

    4. Free 01 07 15 time travel romance dp B00E257HP0 i

    5. I get the ideasponsible, professional people who act irresponsibly because they may be controlled by 900 year old spirits at usually inconvenient times Both Kelly Hamilton, archeologist intelligence specialist and Michael Burke, British Lord and intelligence specialist were characters I could not like And the underlying story seemed as inconsistent as the characters behavior Sorry, this one was not to my liking.

    6. This first book is about Michael Burke and Kelly Hamilton They are pitted together to find an urn which has the names of all contacts of a dead drug warlord Throw in a ghostly guardian and mysterious cat and you have an entertaining story The Draycott Abbey is chalk full of lore and ghostly happening Get it and start your adventure.

    7. 3.5 4 starsOK, so this book isn t connected with it s paperback mass paperback counterpart But I like this cover much better, and it s the Kindle cover, soI really enjoyed this introduction to Draycott Abbey to it s ghost guardians Adrian 8th Viscount and Gideon the cat , to its current Viscount Nicholas and his wife Kacey their story is in another book , to the almost omniscient butler Marston with his proper suit and neon running shoes, and to the beautiful grounds.But this story is about Kell [...]

    8. I was disappointed with this book I didn t really care for either of the storylines and I thought the characters were kind of boring Also, the conflict felt forced to me The villian was just kind of thrown in at the end.

    9. This story is the proper start of the Draycott Abbey series There is another short story that introduces us to the Viscount Draycott and his wife but this is the first full length book.In the book, Both Michael Burke and Kelly Hamilton have been summoned to the Abbey to find an urn that the viscount brought back with him after he was tortured Unfortunately, the Viscount couldn t remember where he put the urn He s gone to the hospital with his wife, expecting the birth of their first child, and M [...]

    10. This was a pleasant introduction to the Draycott Abbey series Mixed with some paranormal elements and intrigue, Kelly Hamilton and Michael Burke first meet under the auspices of a mythical sword and a missing urn We are also introduced to several other characters that I assume will have their own story in another book Kelly is a professor and archeologist looking for a missing urn She has a gift of living in moments of the past that help her find things in the present day Not quite a psychic, sh [...]

    11. An interesting story in which Michael and Kelly are looking for artifacts on Draycott Abbey ground Kelly has the ability to see what is under the ground before digging she can t control it and Michael is a spy for the government looking for an urn The two are not happy to be working together, or near each other as it is And Michael is pretty dominant and controllingt an asshole exactly, but he toes the line on occasion And each of them is plagued with memories from a past life which influence th [...]

    12. This novel is a nice mix of the natural and supernatural, the romantic and the historical, love from centuries before and love from today The story moves along quite nicely, the characters are likeable, and the intrigue is engaging The heroes are well developed, but the villains are a bit one dimensional Their motives are never really understood For the most part they are used as the big bad without too much background In fact the background thrown in was just explanatory to propel the story for [...]

    13. I really don t know why I waited so long to read this one It was an excellent read and I love the ghost stories I am now looking foward to continuing with the series I thought Michael and Kelly were made for each other and her special gift was amazing The inner past story was by far the best, of Aislann and Lyon Of course their souls were of that in Michael and Kelly Talk about soul mates finding each other hundreds of years later I so want that No quotes.

    14. ~Nadia~♥ sometimes, you gotta pretend everythings okay♥i sleep to escape from reality♥~ says:
      Rating 3 Reluctantly, I m giving this three stars I honestly didn t feel much for this book, but it wasn t Christina Skye s fault, this just isn t my type of stuff any, and even for a paranormal book, it was like a little too realistic y for me, if you know what I mean I mean, it wasn t completely awful, it just wasn t my type

    15. This is one of the great Draycott Abbey series Strong heroines, always some interesting theme to learn about archeology, ancient firearms, security systems, etc Christina Skye really does her homework, develops a great plot, and oh yeah, there s the sizzling sex She s adding the first title to this series in a decade, so watch out

    16. Entertaining Bodice Ripper Paranormal Romance ThrillerNot my usual choice for reading, and for me a bit overdone with the romance aspect I had no clue about the identity of the shooter at all The final chapter made no sense to me but was nice for the characters Solid writing and well edited.

    17. Heat warmingHeat warmingHarcourt Abbey is source of much delight Ghosts, legend, history love The romance comes on slowly builds with warmth and leaves the reader feeling pleased at the end I ran across a novel of the Abbey about a year ago and have delighted ever since Hopefully you will find the delight that I have.

    18. MarquisMarquisMARQUISif I see an man addressed as a Maquess one time so help meAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHH if it ends in esss it is a WOMAN no male title ends in essNow that I ve gotten that off my chest, I quite enjoyed the storyline I m a sucker for a happy ending after all It s got sweet and, intruige and oh the sexy bit.

    19. Excellent Romantic Mystery I loved this story It was beautiful, brilliant, clever, intriguing, and lovely More, please Thanks, Christina Skye I look forward to of your fine stories.

    20. Not my style Jumping around between the present, the ghosts, and the 1200 era story is, at times, confusing In fact the contintunity and details are a bad part of this book Maybe the author has split personality disorder It sure felt like it at times.

    21. I d missed this one when I discovered Christina Skye she s one of the authors who introduced me to reading romance, and I always love being able to start at the beginning of a series Now I have to see what other ones are being released again so I can make sure I read them all

    22. Ghosts, psychic powers, a lurking killer Two stories in one with the story of the past unfolding along side the contempory one I really liked this one I m going to have to track down the 2 novellas that I didn t realize preceded this story.

    23. This was an edge of your seat thriller as a young archaeologist comes to an old abbey in search of an artifact Lots of intrigue and a bit of romance.

    24. Really liked this series Good time travel plot and liked her writing style.

    25. Hour of the Rose I loved this book would love to read in the series I also like the fact it goes back in time.

    26. One of my first favorites from this author

    27. How can I not love this The draycott abbey series has always been one of my personal favorite C.S series and rereadingthis always makes me happy Christina skye is an amazing writer

    28. excellent story try it.

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