The Mysterious Flame Of Queen Loana: An Illustrated Novel

The Mysterious Flame Of Queen Loana An Illustrated Novel Yambo a sixty ish rare book dealer who lives in Milan has suffered a loss of memory not the kind of memory neurologists call semantic Yambo remembers all about Julius Caesar and can recite every poem

  • Title: The Mysterious Flame Of Queen Loana: An Illustrated Novel
  • Author: Umberto Eco Geoffrey Brock
  • ISBN: 9780436205637
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Yambo, a sixty ish rare book dealer who lives in Milan has suffered a loss of memory not the kind of memory neurologists call semantic Yambo remembers all about Julius Caesar and can recite every poem he has ever read , but rather his autobiographical memory he no longer knows his own name, doesn t tecognize his wife or his daughters, doesn t remember anything aboutYambo, a sixty ish rare book dealer who lives in Milan has suffered a loss of memory not the kind of memory neurologists call semantic Yambo remembers all about Julius Caesar and can recite every poem he has ever read , but rather his autobiographical memory he no longer knows his own name, doesn t tecognize his wife or his daughters, doesn t remember anything about his parents or his childhood His wife, who is at his side as he slowly begins to recover, convinces him to return to his family home in the hills somewhere between Milan and Turin Yambo promptly retreats to the sprawling attic, cluttered with boxes of newspapers, comics, records, photo albums and adolescent diaries There, he relives the story of his generation Mussolini, Catholic education and guilt, Josephine Baker, Flash Gordon, Cyrano de Bergerac As he recovers his memory, two voids remain shrouded in fog a terrible event he experienced during the resistance, and the vague image of a girl whom he loved at sixteen, then lost But a relapse occurs Now in a coma, his memories run wild, and life racing before his eyes takes the form of a graphic novel loves she descends the stairs of their high school and morphs into a Dante esque promise or threat of the afterlife, as he struggles harder to capture her simple, innocent, real life image the schoolgirl he never forgot Copiously illustrated throughout with images from comics, book jackets, record sleeves and other printed ephemera, The Mysterious Flame is a fascinating and hugely entertaining new novel from the incomparable Umberto Eco.

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      Umberto Eco Geoffrey Brock

    Umberto Eco Geoffrey Brock

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    One thought on “The Mysterious Flame Of Queen Loana: An Illustrated Novel

    1. I expected a lot from this book when I bought it, and I have to say that I was quite dissappointed I liked the lead character a lot, and the offset for the plot was excellent, but it seemed to me that he Eco didn t play around enough with all the possibilities which his character s situation allowed.At Solara, the idea of trying to recover his history by surrounding himself with his childhood things was very appealing to me, but at some point I got sick of rummaging through old vinyl discs and s [...]

    2. The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana tells of an antiquarian book dealer who has suffered a stroke and lost all memory of the people in and events of his life At the novel s outset, the protagonist, Yambo, begins the daunting work of trying to reinsert himself into the life he has forgotten He finds that he does not recognize his family or closest friends, but can still appraise a 17th century work of natural history His only sparks of memory relate to books he has read These come back to him in [...]

    3. I was about 150 pages into the book when I started feeling the way you feel when you re looking through stacks of photo albums with someone you don t really know, who s telling you very detailed stories about people you ve never met and places you ve never been people and places to whom you have no connection.In the end, the concept of the book which is what drew me to it in the first place was what made it weak People are interesting because of their experiences, their memories of them, their s [...]

    4. I read every 449 pages of this book and feel like I wasted a lot of time This book needs SO MUCH editing The premise and some of the ideas presented had great potential for a very interesting story, however it fails in almost every way There is no characterization, the story barely moves from page 1 to page 449, and there are many story lines which are left unfinished 90% of the book is tedious description of dated material such as books, records, photographs, etc which are suppose to evoke cert [...]

    5. This book really disappointed in the end, after giving a fairly fascinating glimpse of the culture of an Italian childhood under Fascism I was enjoying the plot and then suddenly it ends in this inexplicable way, as if Eco suddenly got horribly sick of writing the thing I m keeping it for the gorgeous color reproductions.

    6. Tengo opiniones encontradas con respecto a este libro Por un lado, me encant Por el otro, me produjo incomodidad Hab a le do una entrevista en donde Eco afirma que esta es su novela menos erudita, pero a medida que iba pasando las p ginas, lo nico que ve a era una admirable complejidad que siempre se agradece, como suelo decir Por ende, dej de creerle La misteriosa llama de la reina Loanatiene como protagonista a Yambo, un hombre que pierde la memoria pero conserva un conocimiento enciclop dico, [...]

    7. The beauty and richness of Eco s language is as good as it gets in this book Every sentence was a work of verbal art The language sang, to me I was awed by its power Truly a great novel.Example This man, a failure since birth, not only reads, he also writes I could write, too, could add my own monsters to those that scuttle with their ragged claws across the silent sea floors That man ruins his eyes over pages on which he sets down his obsessions in muddy ink from inkwells whose bottoms are thic [...]

    8. L Eco dei ricordiQuando lessi questo libro una decina di anni fa, mi affidai a una visione panoramica dell insieme E mi piacque Riletto adesso, e aggrappandomi a una visione panoramica dell insieme, mi piace.Dare lo stesso giudizio a un libro, a distanza di dieci anni, quasi sconfortante per un lettore medio forte, convinto di evolversi continuamente in una maturit letteraria che va di pari passo con le sue letture Se non fosse, che in questo caso, riesco a percepire quei dettagli per cui mi agg [...]

    9. Krajnje problemati na knjiga za ocijeniti Iako je vidljivo da je pisana od dobrog pisca, sama knjiga je poku aj ne ega to je posve lo e izvedeno Slike su posve bezveze, iako svi reviews tipa Guardian, New York Times, kao i bookish blogova isti u ba njih kao ono najzanimljivije ao mi je i to to pisac u pola jako zanimljive pri e, koja me anga irala, po eo da prepri ava ta je itao ili ta sad ita kao klinac i provodi nas kroz svoje djetinjstvo putem literature sa kojom je odrastao TO SAMO PO SEBI N [...]

    10. This was not as engrossing as The Name of the Rose and not as complex as Foucault s Pendulum, but The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana hit me harder and at a personal level than Eco s other books The theme is nostalgia and personal identity Through Yambo s amnesia, Eco explores the way in which we construct our identities through scraps from our past what books we ve read, movies we ve seen, music we ve heard, experiences we ve had It also shows that what we choose to forget and how we choose to [...]

    11. The Mysterious Flame of Queen LoanaAuthor Umberto EcoTranslator Geoffrey BrockIt has a been a long time since I have read The Name of the Rose it is one of the most fascinating books Since then the Catholic Church and its politics have intrigued me So when I got The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana I was thrilled, would it be like The Name of the Rose so beautiful, so intriguing No it wasn t, or was I missing something The reviews that I read mention it as deep, a profound meditation, the fog a m [...]

    12. The premise of this book is that Yambo, a rare book dealer, has had some sort of illness that has caused amnesia He doesn t recognise his wife and children but he can remember the capital of Madagascar, the dates of famous battles and endless quotations from literature He is obsessed with quotations about fog and compares his mental state to thinking through a fog So far so good Up to a point, I found his situation quite interesting.As part of his recovery process, Yambo goes to the family estat [...]

    13. An extremely imaginative work, Umberto Eco s The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana takes the reader through the history of Italy from the pre WW II era through the early 2000s, following a man s desperate effort to remember his life after suffering an incident a brain event in which he s lost the part of his memory that contains his personal experiences, the details of his life, his childhood, and especially his emotions as they relate to his life When he awakens from a coma Yambo cannot remember [...]

    14. This is the first book that I did not completely mangle in my comings and goings from work The pages are still crisp and the cover has not fallen off I consider this an accomplishment, because for me, the sign of a good book is one that is beaten up and dog eared I LOVED this novel It is the first Umberto Eco book that I have read and it was a delight to read.The main character, a very loveable Italian gentleman named Yambo awakens from a stroke to find that his personal memory bank has been wip [...]

    15. I ll admit that I was initially drawn to this book because of the great pictures reproductions of pop culture media from the 30s and 40s I have liked previous books by Eco as much for their interesting plots as for their philosophical ruminations Unfortunately, this book was really short on an interesting story line and seemed to be purely a vehicle for Eco to riff on the themes of memory, identity, childhood in wartime Italy, and whatever else occurred to him The first section of the book, whic [...]

    16. Sixty year old rare book dealer Yampo wakes up in a hospital in Milan after a stroke with only one aftereffect a complete loss of his personal memory He can remember every line of every book he ever read, but does not know who he is, who his wife and children are, what he looks like, what he feels like he has no memory of what his skin feels like in short, his whole personality is gone return return What follows is a journey for Yampo into recovering his past The process of recovering his immedi [...]

    17. I rounded up 3.5 starsAs a translator, I am confident in stating the problem with translation is translation The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana is meant to be read in its original and by those who truly appreciate pop culture and memories thereof The words are well translated into English the ideas are adapted properly to English the strain lies in this Latin based language speakers culturally use five sentences where an English speaker would use one Normally, this is not a problem we readers c [...]

    18. A fun game you can play with yourself if you re somewhat morbid and are capable of the level of self reflection required is to imagine if you died suddenly and strangers were the only people left to go through your crap, what kind of impression would they get of you presuming you own a lot of stuff, if all you own are sixteen of the same suit and pajamas covered in images of nondescript produce then they may not know what to think based on what you owned Would they think you were brilliant, shal [...]

    19. Umberto Eco is always prone to uncontrollable wordiness but the reader is usually compensated by the fascinated plot, complex characters, and general atmoshpere of his books It is also generally the case that when Eco goes off in a tangent, it is to show off his knowledge in history and symbolism which personally I find interesting.This books is an exception It preserves the charactistic verbosity of the author bu the plot fails to become gripping or evolve in any significant direction Also this [...]

    20. My other favorite author Usually not an easy read, but you end up less stupid for it.The main character lost his memory and relives his childhood by examining the litterature he was reading as a child in fascist Italy comic books, translated novels, fascist propaganda It is a very good look at a fascinating world Later, when the main character regains his memory, he takes stock of his life and looks at how his life was shaped by patterns and events in his youth and teenage years.I was a little p [...]

    21. After a recent diet of rather good thrillers and mysteries, I decided to try Umberto Eco s most recent book, for a change of pace A change it most definitely was the pace of Queen Loana is decidedly slow occasionally practically coming to a standstill , the tale intriguing, the atmosphere foggy and the concepts challenging I read the audiobook and George Guidall whom I will always associate with the narration of Crime and Punishment narrates this work in exactly the right manner I can recommend [...]

    22. I was so disappointed, just kept reading because I thought it had to somehow be fantastic I absolutely loved name of the rose but actually got worse I loved the initial concept of a man who can suddenly only remember all the books that he has read, and all the graphics were really interesting, but for me it just fell flat The story wasn t enough and I didn t particularly enjoy the writing either.

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    24. Manuel-Antonio Monteagudo Gauvrit says:
      The one about comics.That s how I knew this Umberto Eco novel before I got a chance to read it After finishing it, I realize it is about nostalgia, and childhood in fascist Italy, than an ode to graphic novels However, the parts dedicated to comics and pop culture are particularly touching and well thought out.Despite it being nice summer reading, it is a minor book in Eco s library Although it is a pleasure to read, the rythm is quite uneven A must for Eco addicts like me, but not a priority f [...]

    25. Couldn t get into this book It started off promisingly enough, but I didn t like the protagonist that much and found it was a little pretentious The book itself is gorgeous, with a great cover that sucked me in and fantastic illustrations, but based on the little I read and what I skimmed through when I first considered abandoning it, there didn t seem enough there to warrant a further investment of time.

    26. One of the few books read in the last 25 years that has earned a place on my list of all time favorites Such a rich exploration of memory and our relationship to our own past, via the story of an older but not yet elderly rare book dealer who loses and gradually regains his memory of his life.Memory has always been an important theme for me likewise, the ways in which our childhood and young adult experiences shape us This book is itself bound up in memories for me I bought it in Prague and read [...]

    27. A tender, nostalgic, and at times painful account of an amnesiac old bookseller s attempt to recover his life s memories, The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana reads as though it could quite possibly be Eco s own memoir Certainly, details have been changed to protect the innocent our protagonist Yambo did his dissertation on the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, while Eco did his on aesthetics in the Middle Ages, for example but these are mere cosmetic details Eco is at an age now where he can clearly se [...]

    28. I am writing this because, reading other people s reviews, it seems as though many people were disappointed by Yambo s sudden departures from his various states, specifically the comic book heavy word salad ending Abruptly pulled forth from a stroke, unceremoniously thrust into every day life, shoved off to the country, a fall into another stroke and the ultimate fall into the fumifugium leitmotif A few things that I think helped me overcome what stumbling points others had One, Umberto Eco is q [...]

    29. Dvd (polemologico e pantoclastico) says:
      Non il miglior Eco ma comunque un bel romanzo, immerso nella nebbia e nei ricordi sfocati Riuscita l idea dell inserimento delle illustrazioni per dare sostanza al recupero della memoria del protagonista Bel finale.

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