American Savior: A Novel of Divine Politics

American Savior A Novel of Divine Politics Into a country divided by partisan politics into a world turn by hatred and war at a time when it seems that everyone and no one has a solution to the problems that plague humankind there suddenly

  • Title: American Savior: A Novel of Divine Politics
  • Author: Roland Merullo
  • ISBN: 9781565126077
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Into a country divided by partisan politics, into a world turn by hatred and war, at a time when it seems that everyone and no one has a solution to the problems that plague humankind, there suddenly appears someone who can rise above the madness, someone with knowledge and power, someone with a finely tuned sense of the ridiculous someone, in short, who can make it rig Into a country divided by partisan politics, into a world turn by hatred and war, at a time when it seems that everyone and no one has a solution to the problems that plague humankind, there suddenly appears someone who can rise above the madness, someone with knowledge and power, someone with a finely tuned sense of the ridiculous someone, in short, who can make it right And thus we finally have an answer to the long simmering question, What would Jesus do Roland Merullo s novel American Savior posits an inspired what if scenario What if Jesus, alarmed at how the earth s most powerful nation has lost its spiritual footing and dismayed at how His own teachings have been distorted used by politicians and religious zealots to turn love into hatred and faith into a call to arms returns and announces that he is running for President of the United States What if He becomes a third party candidate, is heralded as the Son of God, and not only threatens to disrupt the status quo but poses a serious threat to the already established Democratic and Republican candidates What would happen How would the media react And, important, how would we react Narrated by a than slightly cynical young TV reporter, American Savior puts the reader inside the campaign waged by what is quickly dubbed the Divinity Party and follows Jesus and his modern day disciples as they travel across the nation making speeches, reaching out to the people, and in the process arousing the ire of those who believe they know God, and who know, most assuredly, that this is not He By turns amusing and heartbreaking, affirming and disturbing, American Savior is a novel sure to createcontroversy among those for whom self righteousness is its own religion Holding up a mirror to our society and the world in which we live, it is a passionate and penetrating look at the America that is and the America that could be.

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      Roland Merullo

    Roland Merullo

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    One thought on “American Savior: A Novel of Divine Politics

    1. Jesus Christ has come back and he is running for President of the U.S This book taught me about religion than most religion books and about politics than any book I ve read on politics And it did all this while weaving a tale that was both exciting and at times funny I knew where the author was heading in this story, but I got a bunch of delightful surprises along the way This is the perfect book to read in the midst of all our religious and political craziness.

    2. Ummm an interesting read I agree with Patty who said that there were some things in the book that bugged her I felt the same way and if there were half stars on I d give a 4 1 2 One of the criteria for me in giving a book 5 stars is whether I would want to pick it up and read it again And with this book, I would.The novel was readable, and somewhat predictable Yet, it made me expand my thinking I was initially offended at some of the personal things Jesus knew about and commented upon and yet, [...]

    3. Given the fawning coverage of Barack Obama during this election season, a story about Jesus Christ coming back to Earth and running for president seems almost redundant But American Savior is blessed with enough gentle humor to keep this novel of divine politics fresh and even a little inspiring The author, Roland Merullo, is developing something of a specialty in comic fiction with religious overtones or, if you prefer, religious fiction with comic overtones In a previous novel, Breakfast with [...]

    4. Won this as a First Reads It s so awesome to have a book with Advanced Copy Not For Sale printed on it Thanks When I first began this book, I had a hard time getting Christopher Moore s Josh Jesus character out of my head I will admit that the Jesus of American Savior didn t immediately strike me as much as the Jesus of Lamb.However, after a few chapters, I was able to put that aside and begin to enjoy this book This is a story that chronicles a presidential run by none other than Jesus Christ O [...]

    5. I went back and forth between 3 and 4 stars for this novel It is the story of Jesus Christ yes, THAT Jesus Christ returning to earth in a small town in Massachusetts sometime around 2008 2012 After performing a few miracles and coming to the attention of the media, he decides to run for President of the United States He chooses his staff apostles from ordinary folks and as in the Gospels, he just tells them to leave their jobs and work for him He has a motley crew of people running his campaign, [...]

    6. The Second Coming has occurred Jesus Christ now lives in the USd is running for president He assembles his campaign staff from a small town, including Russ, a local news network reporter and his therapist fiancee, Zelda, along with Russ s parents and brother with Down Syndrome Also joining the campaign are Russ s former boss and his wife, and families who have been touched by Christ through life saving miracles affecting their children the Simmeltons, whose daughter was saved by Jesus, and Dukey [...]

    7. I have enjoyed every book I have ever read by Roland Merullo His style of writing and subject matter of every day life is something with which I can identify American Savior is no exception With great imagination and forethought, he fictionalizes a world gone sour and a savior who comes to help us all out of our quagmire And in realistic fashion, as happened before, long ago, the savior is rejected and doubted by many Merullo s depiction of our modern society is so point on that I had to look to [...]

    8. I enjoyed this book from page one and would recommend it to anyone looking for inspiration regarding how American elections could be radically different The story line was surprisingly believable and the characters were engaging There s also some unexpected commentary on what it takes to live a good life surprise it isn t church.That being said and on this day of all days ever, it turns out that even if Jesus Christ runs for president, it all ends in tragedy.

    9. An interesting take on the gospel of Jesus as told from a modern day election campaign in America Clever and interesting, but not terribly deep or emotionally investing Some might find issue with some of the religious liberties taken by the author on some deeper theological discussions Still, an enjoyable experience overall.

    10. Jesus for President Why not Though not the most intellectually stimulating book I ever read,it was thought provoking Had the ending been different, perhaps a book would have followed about a country living a Christ led life as described in the book Since Satan s spawn currently and shamefully leads the country, this read was like a cool drink on a hot day.

    11. To paraphrase a George Bernard Shaw quote which was eloquently paraphrased by John, Bobby and Teddy Kennedy Some books look around and say Why while Merullo s dreams what is not and asks, Why not

    12. Intriguing concept satire with a somewhat different message than I expected.

    13. This lightweight, modestly entertaining novel missed the mark for me In it, Jesus comes back to the U.S in the near future to run for president gathers a group of everyday people to staff his campaign to teach life s lessons It s not witty enough to work as satire, it takes itself too seriously but is too naive unbelievable to pull off any serious theology or politics Jesus teaches a bland, New Agey, Oh, God style of theology, reassuring his followers that they just need to take responsibility f [...]

    14. American Savior is an intriguing book because of the tension inherent in its premise Jesus returning to earth not in judgment, but to be judged, by the American people, as a candidate for president.There s something inherently un Christian about all politics Red state or blue, left or right, all politicians have to reward their friends and punish their enemies They have to do good in order to be seen they have to cozy up to the powerful and ignore the powerless, even if they pretend otherwise An [...]

    15. Russ Thomas is a reporter for WZIZ, a TV station in Massachusetts, when he is sent to report on the story of a young child who had fallen three stories, seemed dead, and came back to life when a stranger came up and touched him Others were calling it a miracle, but Russ remained skeptical Later, he s sent to a hospital where the same stranger has visited a young girl and seemingly cured her of a chronic illness.The stranger becomes known as The Good Visitor, and he turns out to be Jesus Christ J [...]

    16. What if Jesus Christ returned to Earth What if he returned to America What if he returned to America and RAN FOR PRESIDENT And what if, once he appeared in the spotlight that goes with that race, he espoused his platform and it didn t mesh with the right wing Christians at all After all, Jesus messages AREN T anything like what Conservative America preaches How would those people recognize him when their image of Him is skewed So here s the story as told through the eyes of a cynical half Cathol [...]

    17. I waited for months to obtain this book from my library When I finally received it, it didn t disappoint.The story revolves around Jesus Christ s second return to Earth, in which he decides to run for President of the United States He chooses a variety of suspect individuals for his crew of campaigners assistants a TV reporter, his girlfriend, parents, and brother who has Down Syndrome a low income boyfriend girlfriend pair, and various others.What I really liked about this book was the powerful [...]

    18. Jesus reappears on earth in America and declares himself a candidate for US president He draws together a small election team from some folks in NJ Story told through the eyes of a very skeptical tv reporter who is recruited by him in the early pages Merullo has an interesting thesis, and paints Jesus in a way that is true to the stories told in the New Testament as opposed to how people have come to visualize him through the paintings, righteous sermons and divisive political rhetoric heard tod [...]

    19. There were definitley profound moments in this book I am not sure where to really begin to describe this book I loves the premise, but it didn t play out the way that I thought it would I was disappointed at the end, and yet, I TOTALLY agree with what Jesus taught about Ameican politics I believe that our nation is in grave spiritual danger and that all political sides are at fault I feel that politicians are mostly in it for themselves and what they can gain rather than what is best for our cou [...]

    20. I had kept this book out from the library because I wanted to quote it for the review, but it just didn t work out So I have to paraphrase.I desperately wanted to like this book I mean it, I did People asked what I was reading, and I got excited explaining the premise How can you not love a book that has Jesus running for president THE Jesus I half expected it to turn out he was a fraud in the end.But one paragraph did me in One conversation between the narrator and His Holiness They were in a c [...]

    21. There s a meme among much of the political left that the liberal viewpoint is devoid of ideology and is inherently pragmatic There s also the meme that Jesus Christ, were he alive today, would be a liberal.American Savior, perhaps inadvertently, is the literary result of those memes.The idea is simple, in this case Jesus has returned, and he wants to run for president He gets together a small group of reporters and their families to make the run, and the book follows the campaign through electio [...]

    22. I really liked this idea for a book I was looking forward to reading it I had even looked at some of the other books by this author and thought about going ahead and ordering them However, it s just ok It s not a great book The premise is that Jesus comes back to American to enter into the presidential election months before November He picks several normal people to become his staff of advisors 13 of them to be exact The book has a religious slant to it but mostly it s about finding yourself an [...]

    23. I ve had this on my too read list forever, and I m glad that I finally got around to reading it That said, it wasn t exactly what I expected it to be It was much rious I was expecting it to somehow be funnier, irreverent than it was Instead, I think it was a honest look at American politics and American religion andwellI was rooting for Jesus Christ returned to Earth to become president of the United Stated Sometimes it was a little bit preachy, but not in a religious way In alook what we ve be [...]

    24. This is an extremely interesting book The premise Jesus comes back, this time running for President of the United States Religion plays only the smallest of rolls in this book it mostly deals with political and social realities that are achingly current though dressed up slightly differently eg The Neverending War, which is in South America instead of the Iraq War, and hilarious name substitutions like Hurry Linneament and Shawn No So Mannily It s an intense mixture of humor and social criticism [...]

    25. A satirical look at the election process and commentary on the state of the country through the presidential campaign of Jesus Christ Jesus Hay Zeus to his Spanish speaking friends has come back, preaching kindness and compassion to all people, and attempts to become the president of the United States The story is told by Russ Thomas, a former TV reporter, who joined the campaign with some doubts doubting Thomas anyone along with several family members and other odd characters for a presidential [...]

    26. If Jesus returned to earth today what would he think of what we ve done over the last 2000 years, and how would he interact with us in a world far different from the simple one he left It clearly wouldn t work to simply gather followers and quietly instruct them as he did in Jerusalem so he does the logic thing, and runs for President of the United States Although somewhat predictable at times, the story of Jesus facing off against the mudslinging, self serving politicians was an engrossing read [...]

    27. So Jesus runs for president On the Divinity Party ticket He supersedes both Republicans and Democrats, brings a non religion platform, does the talk show crowd, and still manages to squeeze in wandering in the desert figuratively speaking and pontificating less interested in our sins than in how we progress, I can t help but wonder this Jesus sounds pretty liberal to me Great premise Problem for me was Merullo s writing His narrator, frequently deemed a smartass, wasn t very smartass to me His s [...]

    28. I so enjoyed Breakfast with Buddha, that I was excited to read Meruillo s next endeavor While I loved the premise of this book and enjoyed the quirky characters, I just didn t find the writing as engaging as Buddha Premise is marvelous Jesus returns to Earth to run for president He runs as a member of the Divinity Party which is actually moderate Jesus views on important political issues do not line up with the Christian Right so there is much upheaval within its members Jesus hires some non pol [...]

    29. I was intrigued by Merullo s premise for this book, but found that the execution left me wanting I was unsatisfied with Jesus the way he was written, though I m not sure quite what I would change it would be incredibly difficult to characterize him in a modern context and in a way that makes him accessible and compelling, yet still god like There was too much moralizing in a fairly liberal, we shouldn t push our sectarian beliefs on others vein and I found the thinly veiled caricatures of media [...]

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