Little Arthur's History Of England

Little Arthur s History Of England None

  • Title: Little Arthur's History Of England
  • Author: Maria Callcott
  • ISBN: 9780719524370
  • Page: 125
  • Format: None
  • None

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      Maria Callcott

    Maria Callcott

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    One thought on “Little Arthur's History Of England

    1. I loved this little book and have read it at least 5 or 6 times Obviously she is biased all Catholics are bad, the Scots and Irish ingrates, Protestants are virtuous, etc She is unintentionally funny at times with her opinions such as how she thinks that but for having his two little nephews murdered, Richard III was a fine ruler I just love it It s like having the Dowager Countess recite history.

    2. I ve enjoyed reading about history since I was seven, but I had a dodgy start with this one, the first history book I read It s a rather humourless instructional book, written by a well to do English lady for her young nephew Its rabid anglo centrism provided my first encounter with bias in history writing Catholics or Papists were corrupt, Mary Tudor was the hellqueen, her Protestant sister Elizabeth the golden girl the Scots and the Irish were illiterate roughnecks and the French treacherous a [...]

    3. Charmingly illustrated still surprisingly useful for checking dates of events in English history Though in language this book has dated its structure of telling history as a series of factual stories really works well.This is the kind of book that English children need in school today because the State school National Curriculum ensures that only a few periods of history are taught This results in depriving a majority of children from gaining so much as a basic knowledge, or timeline, of reigns [...]

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