Once in the Underworld

Once in the Underworld Chris Hart owns the only grocery shop in Nortown but he isn t exactly overrun by customers Some days he wonders why he bothers to open the doors at all Spending his days smiling at the few people tha

  • Title: Once in the Underworld
  • Author: Ofelia Gränd
  • ISBN: 9781786451194
  • Page: 204
  • Format: ebook
  • Chris Hart owns the only grocery shop in Nortown, but he isn t exactly overrun by customers Some days he wonders why he bothers to open the doors at all Spending his days smiling at the few people that do trickle in and his nights alone in bed isn t the most interesting life a man could lead But when Chris suddenly gets the excitement he s been craving, it may just be mChris Hart owns the only grocery shop in Nortown, but he isn t exactly overrun by customers Some days he wonders why he bothers to open the doors at all Spending his days smiling at the few people that do trickle in and his nights alone in bed isn t the most interesting life a man could lead But when Chris suddenly gets the excitement he s been craving, it may just be than he bargained for.Gabriel Miller loves his life He s close to his sister, has a job he adores and is the proud owner of one and a half cats But all of it is taken away when he witnesses a murder and, to keep him safe, the police place him in Nortown, of all possible locations.Chris can t believe they re letting someone live in his gran s old cabin in the middle of the winter it s too cold When the poor man shows up in his shop looking to buy clothes, Chris s heart melts, despite the freezing temperature Gabriel notices the way the shopkeeper looks at him, but it can t be right No one looks at a heavyset man with heat in their eyes Do they When the danger follows Gabe to Nortown, it s than their chance at happiness that is threatened, and Chris and Gabe find themselves fighting just to stay alive.In this series Once in a Snowstorm Nortown 1 Once in a Forest Nortown 2 The Empty Egg Nortown 2.5 Once in May Nortown 3 Happy Endings Nortown 3.5 Once in the Underworld Nortown 4 Just Words Nortown 4.5

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    Ofelia Gränd

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    1. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:
      Two words Toffee Caramel.And we re not talking food we re talking cats Gabe s cats I love a man who loves animals, and Gabriel is about as sweet as they come insecure, awkward but with so much love left to give The poor guy witnesses a murder right outside the veterinary clinic where he works and becomes the prosecution s key witness I m hoping that the witness protection program works better in real life, because it was a mess here Gabe gets stuck in a freezing cabin in the woods, with no heat, [...]

    2. Gabriel Gabe and ChrisI loved this book hard, the personalities, the environment, the developing, the depth everything was just right in this book My heart jumped then once Gabriel put away in a cabin in the woods ofNortown for God sake, as a witness, under police protection This all because he witnesses a murder crime.It s freezing and scary and he misses his cats duhh and home.With the car he may use he s going to get some caramel latte and cinnamon rollst The people in the small town are nic [...]

    3. Another delicious episode of the Nortown series this one is slightly different , yet thank god there is still an abundance of lumber shirts A rather enticing plot which only confirms my suspicions that this author has tremendous capacity for ideas D Bravo Lumber pictures to follow.

    4. When Gabe witnesses a crime, where else besides Nortown would the police tuck him away for safe keeping Nowhere else Why would they The newest installment of the Nortown series is here And with it we have flannel, tropes, and fun And, as always, endearing characters in outlandish situations Gabe and Chris are lovely together

    5. Oh, this was just lovely My only complaint I wish it were longer I am a glutton for likable, real characters and Gabriel and Chris fit the bill.I love the references to plaid, man buns, burly beards and big cats I liked a little bit of terror thrown in that made sense, was well thought out, well written, and flowed through to completion with the story It added a little something extra for the reader without overwhelming the main focus of Gabriel s and Chris s burgeoning love story I want to see [...]

    6. 4.5stars When I m in the mood for something sweet, this is exactly what I m looking for Sweet and gentle, but not overly fluffy Interesting but not perfect MCs Consistent characterization and great writing, with just the right amount of steam Yup, my favorite lumberjacks are back So, Once in the Underworld turned out to be a little different than I expected And really, I shouldn t expect anythting any because it s obvious that each book has something different to say.Poor GabeI hated the way he [...]

    7. Editor s Review Once in the Underworld is Book Four in Ofelia s Nortown series, and with each new instalment, she cranks it up a notch For, whilst the series is intentionally an exploration of some of the main tropes in MM Romance, there is far to it than that In fact, aside from the overarching trope on this occasion Fish out of Water, Beautiful all along according to the author , there is a great deal of depth to the world and the characters which Ofelia has created.The series is set in the r [...]

    8. Review to come My Kindle comes today and I will christen it with flannel

    9. Chris and Gabriel s story.Chris runs the grocery store in Nortown and is the flirty charming guy readers have encountered in the previous books in the series Gabriel has been placed in witness protection He s a pretty quiet guy with self image issues and he doesn t know the first thing about living in cabin with limited utilities When the two encounter each other Chris s friendly persona practically has Gabriel running to the safety of the cold lonely cabin he s been stuck in.I enjoyed the read. [...]

    10. I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book Gabe is in the protection witness program and while he s in hiding he meets Chris when he walks into his store Gabe is a big teddy bear of a guy who loves his cats, which is what I totally loved about him, and is a bit insecure with himself and makes him relatable to me , but once Chris comes into his life things change for both of them There s some tension and lots of heat between the two of them, not to mention a high element of dange [...]

    11. Die Bewertung bewegt sich zwischen drei und vier Sternen und ich hab aufgerundet, weil mir die Serie insgesamt gef llt und dieser Band prima dazu passt Darum geht s Gabriel wird von einem Augenblick auf den anderen aus seinem gem tlichen Leben gerissen, als er zuf llig einen Mord beobachtet und als einziger Zeuge bis zum Prozess versteckt werden muss Ausgerechnet in einer heruntergekommenen H tte im Wald von Nortown landet er und das noch bei klirrender K lte Chris, der Besitzer von Nortowns ein [...]

    12. Once in the Underworld is the fourth book in the Nortown series This story pairs up Chris Hart, the owner of the Nortown grocery store, and Gabriel Miller, who arrives in the town under mysterious circumstances that are later revealed This is told in third person from both Gabe s and Chris pov.4.5 StarsIt s no secret that I love the Nortown series I happily immersed myself in the book and then immediately went on to read Just Words, the short story of Tristan and Aiden that takes place concurren [...]

    13. I love all of these Nortown men Gabe is in the witness protection program, and he s cold, scared, and lonely Thankfully, Chris finds out and he is Gabe s savior Gabe has low self esteem and he doesn t think any man would want him So, when Chris begins to flirt with him, he doesn t believe it My heart just went out to Gabe and I loved how Chris told him over and over that he likes him just the way he is The epilogue was perfect and hopefully we ll read about their veterinary clinic in the future [...]

    14. What an awful situation to be in I felt sorry for poor Gabriel I had a fun time reading it The plot was nice, not completely unexpected, but very entertaining.The characters were lovely, especially Gabriel Maybe that s what made it so hard to see him put himself down so many times It was great to see how Chris was able to help him start to put his insecurities aside I love how the characters aren t perfect It is very easy to relate to them.There is a little bit of everything here, romance, actio [...]

    15. I liked that Gabe was kind of chubby and was self conscious about it, and that Chris didn t care and liked him that way I also liked his 1.5 cats, but I thought it moved a little fast They barely new each other and they seemed to be true loves forever in no time flat Also, I m presuming he s still on the dead meat list of the bad guys, so not sure how that s going to work, but I ll let it go LOL

    16. it was an okay read i liked the plot and all characters, but Gabriel was than just a little ANNOYING his insecurities could have been almost endearing if he wasn t talking almost only about his weight in the same time he was IRRESPONSIBLE He acted stupidly just because he was missing his CATS.

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