Reign HIM Marrying the enemy s daughter proves my loyalty and that s what I need to do to move up I didn t count on her getting under my skin tempting me to feel things do things that I never have befor

  • Title: Reign
  • Author: Kaye Blue
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 401
  • Format: None
  • HIM Marrying the enemy s daughter proves my loyalty, and that s what I need to do to move up I didn t count on her getting under my skin, tempting me to feel things, do things, that I never have before.If this agreement doesn t hold, it ll mean war I need her and now I want her But can I trust her HER Our marriage is all about keeping the peace least on the surfaceHIM Marrying the enemy s daughter proves my loyalty, and that s what I need to do to move up I didn t count on her getting under my skin, tempting me to feel things, do things, that I never have before.If this agreement doesn t hold, it ll mean war I need her and now I want her But can I trust her HER Our marriage is all about keeping the peace least on the surface What my husband doesn t know will definitely hurt him when I turn the tables and win control of the family.But he isn t the man I thought he was and neither is my father Now my loyalties are divided, tearing me in two Should I help the family of my blood or my heart

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    Kaye Blue

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    One thought on “Reign

    1. Reign by Kaye Blue was a great page turner and kept my full attention Kaye Blue had done it again She weaved yet another smexy mafia story that made me say hot dang with a devilish grin Note If you haven t read Possess do because Sergei was first introduced in Maxim and Senna s story the first book of the Syndicate series According to Merriam Webster s online dictionary, Reign means the period of time during which someone or something is the best or the most important, powerful, etc Well the mos [...]

    2. I received this ARC for an honest review Um I like it until the end I felt like the ending of Sergei and Daniela story could have been done better because their story started out hot from the very beginning and I m not just talking about sex But other then that I enjoyed it very much Daniela is the sweet daughter of the creep Santos if you read Posses with the awesome couple Maxim and Senna then you ll know all about that cruel and evil man Santos And you ll also know who Sergei is too, don t ge [...]

    3. I love this author and I have yet to read a book I did not thoroughly enjoy by her.This is Seregi and Daniela s story I loved that the story was mainly about them and their relationship and how they responded to the outside forces trying to make an impact on their union The marriage was arranged but how they found love through that difficult situation was beautiful to me I love the honesty they had in the relationship even when Daniela first tried to hide her attraction to her husband I loved ho [...]

    4. I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review Daniela and Sergei had a powerful instant chemistry that I enjoyed watch grow into so much I would have loved to hear about both of their backgrounds but it didn t take away from the story I was glad to get a follow up on Senna and Maxim All in all it was a quick page turner that had me constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    5. These books are these best They capture you from begging to end And I always want I can t wait for the next one.

    6. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review I was eagerly anticipating this story next as I thought Sergei was beyond sexy and adorable in I ll murder you if I have to, kind of way Lol In this story we have Sergei attempting to solidify his place in the Syndicate to take over former mob boss Santos s area Under Maxim s order Sergei is to marry Santos s daughter as a way to control Santos and watch his next move As I stated in my last review on Maxim and Senna s story, Santos should n [...]

    7. Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review If you haven t read Possess which is the beginning and ending to Santo s psychotic flippancy and the introduction of Sergei, it is alright because this is a standalone series and it isn t essential to this story but I recommended it Because they are both Possess and Reign fantastic action packed gripping stories that it limpid your first insight into the syndicate fight and the world they reside in The story describes Daniela Carme [...]

    8. I read all the books in Romanian Mob Chromicles series so I had to read all in this series So, I love this author and I love all her books However in some books it doesn t have the epilogue which is okay but I just love those books when you read that the characters have baby or something like that So I hope in all the other books in this series there will be an epilogue because without it I feel that the book is not finished Maybe author did that so it would look like the series will continue bu [...]

    9. ACR Let me start off saying that absolutely love this book my only problem is the ending seems to be rushed that is what accounts for my 3 star rating Reign is the second book in the Syndicate series It tells the story of Sergei and Daniela Sergei marries Daniela as a way to prove his loyalty to Maxim and The Syndicate Where as Daniela marries out of a misguided attempt to keep a promise to her mother to save Santo from himself I love how they both ffought the attraction for one another and slow [...]

    10. Once again Ms Blue has blown me away Her books just keep getting better Very strong characters and intense world And the relationship between Sergei and Daniela will melt your heart I got so caught up, I felt like I was in the same world as the characters Oh how I loathe Daniela s father I won t say what I want to say because it would spoil it But this heroine was such a strong person And I can t wait to see what book is next I hope we get of this couple I think they are now my favorite We did [...]

    11. I enjoyed Sergei and Daniela s story I liked Sergei in the previous story, so I m glad that he was the next soldier to fall in love Daniela growing up in the lifestyle put a bit of a different spin on the story, which was nice, because while not knowing specifics, she knew what was up and wasn t as green as some of the heroines in the other stories She will definitely be an asset to Sergei as he moves up the ranks So nice to see Senna and Maxim in this one So, who s next Adrian Vincent Looking f [...]

    12. I received this copy free for a honest review Can I saw Kaye Blue, is getting better as she continues as an author Hands down this my favorite book so far.This is a story of Daniela and Sergei who ve met in the previous story The story opens up with them getting married From there the story slowly escalates I love that Daniela does things out of loyalty, so does Sergei They are equally matched I don t want to give to much away, it s a quick read Kaye Blue is becoming a better author as she is pr [...]

    13. It s a keeperI have Monday that I enjoyed reading Reign I ve read other books by this author and with each story I can see she is growing into her craft The stories have depth and character development Reign has been the best so far I enjoyed the premise, although I felt her heroine was a little cold and the love story developed kind of slowly it worked for this couple I m hoping they get a sequel, one because the ending was very abrupt, I m interested in finding out what happens to them and tw [...]

    14. This is Daniela and Sergei s story Senna and Maxim are in this story as well Though I preferred Maxim and Senna s relationship, I LOVED THIS STORY It was sexy and suspenseful Kaye Blue definitely knows her bad boys First Maxim, now Sergei These men are rough, sexy, and in charge My kind of men It kept my attention and I was so sad to see I was on the last page Keep them coming Ms.Blue My book boyfriend list is getting long

    15. I enjoyed this one almost too much, because I enjoyed Sergei s character from the first book His relationship with Daniela started out as unconventional, but seeing them develop was the best part So different from Maxim and Senna but I loved it still And I hope Adrien gets his own story because his disposition is like Maxim but there s to it.

    16. Linda ChristianiAll I can say is that I really hope you re sincere when you say that books will be coming soon because I m so looking forward to the next story I recommend anything you write just keep them coming

    17. OkI normally love Kaye Blue books but this one wasn t as dark as the others and I missed that aspect I m a sucker for bad boys but even though Sergei was in the Syndicate, I didn t feel the darkness that normally comes with her stories and I missed it.

    18. More actionI enjoyed reading this book, just as I did the first one I felt Daniela could have had a bit for feistiness to her Sergei was wonderful but he could have been a bit bada in my opinion All in all a good read and I look forward to books from Kaye Blue.

    19. Love the characters that this author creates Although I enjoyed Sergei s story, it was too similar to the previous book s in this series and the ending felt a bit rushed The couple had good chemistry but the outcome was easily predictable Nice way to spend some time.

    20. Didn t Like The EndingThis was another great episode but I m not happy about the ending I think it should have had a better ending But I guess that s why I m not the author

    21. Loved itThis book was a very good read and I definitely enjoyed it, I appreciated the characters and their chemistryI wanted action but I would recommend this book.

    22. Quick little read Wondering if Adrian will get a book Plus maybe Giovanna will return for a second chance with Vincent.

    23. Not BadThis one was not as entertaining as the ones before it, but it does continue to tell the story This one was a little predictable.

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