Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die

Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die Charles W. Runyon
  • Title: Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die
  • Author: Charles W. Runyon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die Charles W. Runyon Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die None
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      Charles W. Runyon

    About Charles W. Runyon

    1. US author of thrillers and some sf, who began publishing the latter with First Man in a Satellite for Super Science Fiction in December 1958 sixteen further short sf fantasy stories followed, chiefly for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction His first sf novel Pig World 1971 depicts a Near Future USA governed by a right wing tyranny challenged by a vicious would be demagogue Soulmate April 1970 FSF exp 1974 is a novel of possession see Horror in SF , the victim being a young prostitute I, Weapon 1974 features much violence and Sex involving Aliens Runyon s sf tends to be action filled, without extensive displacement or speculative content.Runyon was one of several sf authors who ghosted paperback original thrillers under the Ellery Queen byline.


    1. KISS THE GIRLS AND MAKE THEM DIE by Charles Runyon is the story of Dan Bollinger, a Vietnam vet awarded for bravery but now a recluse in a cabin in the woods where he is a habitual marijuana smoker and has had several female visitors over time Dan is arrested when they find the bodies of several of the women in close proximity to his remote cabin, and it looks like a slam dunk case for the authorities to link him to the murders, but he first must undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine if [...]


    2. Kiss The Girls And Make Them Die has a title which makes the book sound like a second rate, campy horror film You would be mistaken if you thought that Charles Runyon had merely created a cheap, second rate horror film This book is filled with poetic words and imagery which are equaled in few other books It is a story about a serial murder, about drugs and acid trips, about hippies, about mental illness and conning the psychiatrists, about the death penalty, about childhood and family relations. [...]


    3. A fine psycological noir Dan is convicted of mass murder but his psychiatrist, Liz, is not sure of his guilt We get into the psychedelic drug culture as Liz looks for answers Strong characters and exciting plot I guessed the end early on, but was pulled into reading to see how Liz would find the truth is Dan a killer or not


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