Julia and Clay Plus One

Julia and Clay Plus One This is a word BONUS short story about Julia and Clay from the Seductive Nights series This is simply an HEA short story about their family expansion plans and it is intended for passionate fans

  • Title: Julia and Clay Plus One
  • Author: Lauren Blakely
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is a 2,500 word BONUS short story about Julia and Clay from the Seductive Nights series This is simply an HEA short story about their family expansion plans and it is intended for passionate fans of Julia and Clay who have read all the way through One More Night Please enjoy this sexy short story PS it s in Kindle Unlimited so you can read it for FREE

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      Lauren Blakely

    Lauren Blakely

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    One thought on “Julia and Clay Plus One

    1. ~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews says:
      Just when I thought Clay couldn t get any better He s daddy Oh boy so sweet What a way for Julia to enjoy her pregnancy Clay was always ready and eager So good Loved every moment with these two.

    2. I am so glad Nichole told me about these two books It was great to get a little short story about Clay and Julia and their new little bundle Great, short read

    3. I m a sucker for baby fics so I loved this.

    4. Amiche del confine, rieccomi per la quinta volta a parlarvi della serie Seductive Nights.Come ben sapete a questa serie composta da tre volumi si sono aggiunte delle novelle molto brevi, di circa 15 pagine, che invece di arricchire la serie la stanno proprio annientando.Siamo arrivati alla seconda novella, che con il titolo Per una notte sola , ci racconta la nascita della piccola Carly.Siamo arrivati dunque al punto in cui Clay e Julia sono diventati una famiglia Una bellissima famiglia In ques [...]

    5. Carlyle Carlene You two catching my drift

    6. Saw this story on a few of my friends pages Being as it was free on kindle unlimited, I decided to pick it up This was probably the shortest story I have ever read but I have to say it has a few grammatical errors but well written.

    7. Nice story about the arrival of baby Carly and her uncle Brent Got a feeling there will be a story about him coming upAnyway, a very short but nice read although I did missed Ace

    8. Angy Potter - Collector of Book Boyfriends says:
      I am not surprised they didn t stop doing it during the pregnancy That is so them Lovely, sexy and beautiful short story for the Nichols family

    9. Leave it to Lauren Blakely to make me cry over what is basically a short little bous scene Gah, Clay and Julia are the best And Uncle Brent, my book husband, to the rescue

    10. Too Short A nice end to a great love story but far too short for me I love all the CLAY and Julia books and like any die hard romantic, love a happy ending Just wish the story was a little longer Oh well, I ll just have to purchase other books by Lauren Blakely now

    11. Recensione a cura di Kiki per Romanticamente Fantasy Sitoromanticamentefantasy rIl libro di cui vi parlo oggi si intitola Per una notte sola ed stato scritto da Lauren Blakely Non un libro vero e proprio, ma una mini novella di 15 pagine che l autrice ci ha regalato, a corollario della bellissima storia d a tra Clay e Julia Le novelle scritte sono in tutto quattro, questa la seconda che Newton Compton traduce e pubblica per il mercato italiano, e io spero ce le far leggere tutte.Avevamo lasciato [...]

    12. Arrivati a questo punto non poteva scrivere un unico libro invece di pubblicarne uno di 16 pagine

    13. Wasn t quite as nice to read as the last short novella with these two but it was ok.

    14. Another peekI enjoyed another peek into Clay and Julia s happily ever after Not really long enough to be called A short story.

    15. BlessWell what a short little read, but a good one , Clay and Julia finishing what yet started perfectly with the help of Brent

    16. After Happily Ever After, part 2 A short novella that I would recommend to buy after Ace, Whiskey and a Hot Tub This novella feels like snapshots of the changing moments after a few years married We also get to see an adorable moment for Brent spoiler After Ace,Whiskey and a Hot Tub Clay talks about wanting to start a family in this novella Julia announces her pregnancy to clay, it then moves to her being being past due to then their baby Carly being born I really loved how Brent was with his ni [...]

    17. Great SeriesThis book might have too much heat for some readers As for me it was great I would definitely recommend this book to readers of this genre.Want to thank Lauren Blakely for a job well done And for all the hard work put into the first four books I am eager to read on with next three in the seriesANKS

    18. Goodness gracious this was another short and sweet read I loved how the author wrote the words when Clay meets baby Nichols for the first time So adorable And how awesome is uncle Brent The author turned me into a SAP for these people I m sad to see them go but at least I got to meet Carly and I have absolutely no regrets

    19. Plus One is a very short read but still a great one at that I would never say no to a quick visit with Clay and Julia It ll always be fun to check in with these two after they have had their HEA This is a definite reco to everyone who have enjoyed reading their series.

    20. Rate 4,3 5 starsShort, sweet and sexy.

    21. And baby makes 3I love reading these little stories about Julia and Clay s life I just wish that they were a bit longer

    22. I loved this short little read Lauren kept it short and sweet.

    23. I loved this short story about Clay Julia s baby arrival.

    24. I always enjoy reading about my favorite couple in the Lauren Blakely universe Uncle Brent came to save the day.

    25. Nice little short story about the naming of baby Nichols.We also meet the hero of the next book, Brent.

    26. Very disappointed in the length Can be read in 10 minutes.

    27. What a perfect ending though way to short to a perfect story.

    28. As with Ace, Whiskey A Hot Tub, this installment didn t really add anything to Julia and Clay s story The best thing I can say is it was a quick way to add to my annual reading count.

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