Double Deuce

Double Deuce Hawk wants Spenser to wage war on a street gang Susan wants Spenser to move in with her Either way Spenser s out of his element So why not risk both Spenser fans will love it Kirkus Reviews Deuce s s

  • Title: Double Deuce
  • Author: Robert B. Parker David Dukes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Hawk wants Spenser to wage war on a street gang Susan wants Spenser to move in with her Either way, Spenser s out of his element So why not risk both Spenser fans will love it Kirkus Reviews Deuce s snappy dialogue, timely, fast paced action and quick characterizations make it classic Spenser Publisher s Weekly

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    One thought on “Double Deuce

    1. Double Deuce is perhaps the biggest missed opportunity of the entire Parker series, in my opinion Coming on the heels of Pastime, and though a good read overall, it suffers from the same malady as that book too much Spenser and Susan Silverman, too much psychobabble Pastime should have had Vinnie, and Double Deuce should have had far of Hawk and his connection to the ghetto from which he d made his way out, at great cost I m aware that people point to this as Hawk s book because of the overall [...]

    2. It s not a bad book, not really Nothing Parker writes is bad But not only does it seem formulaic many of the later Spensers seem formulaic but it also seems inauthentic and tentative, two qualities Parker is seldom guilty of.The story is simple Hawk has decided to help out his new lady friend, an investigative journalist, by cleaning out the gang in the local housing project Double Deuce it has the number 22 in its street address Seems the gang is responsible for a particularly egregious shootin [...]

    3. You working on anything Hawk asked I was thinking about breakfast, I said I might need some support, Hawk said You might Yeah Pay s lousy How much I said I m getting nothing I ll take half, I said You ain t worth half, Hawk said Besides, I got the job and already put in a lot of time on it Give you a third Cheap bastard, I said Take it or leave it, Hawk said Okay, I said, you got me over a barrel I m in for a third A teen age mother and her baby daughter get gunned down at a housing project know [...]

    4. Read out of order and probably the third Spenser read for me, I just discovered with this book that Spenser was a series It was fine, the book, but read during the period when I was just rediscovering my passion for reading and at the same time attempting to define for myself, exactly what genre and authors, I enjoyed I found myself becoming particular about what books I read, what subjects I enjoyed This was pre for me Before I found that other readers had questions, thoughts and opinions about [...]

    5. The word maroon appears once in this novel Certainly the weakest of the Spenser so far Too many dull and repetitive pages And sadly, no sympathetic characters, no heroes The thing is, you can tell in this book that the reconciliation between Parker and his wife in RL is not working yet There is no real heart in the story, the prose is a bit strained and dull Parker is just putting one foot in front of the other while he and Joan find a way to live in the same house in RL again Their intoxication [...]

    6. Fueled by an explosive opening which sees a teenage mother gunned down in a ghetto along with her newborn child, Double Deuce throws Spencer and Hawk into a highly dangerous and volatile situation Given the task to do what the authorities cant, the duo situate themselves right in the middle of Hobart the ghetto amongst drug dealers, murderers, and childhood thugs Initially as a show of strength and stubbornness to deter the waring gangs from further activity, their role encompasses added promine [...]

    7. Wow, I m floored that so many people liked this book It was exactly okay for me I could have watched an episode of NYPD Blue and had exactly the same affect, but with better regional dialogue The idea that Robert Parker knew gang street lingo is ridiculous and or that he knew how to speak like a black person from the ghetto because he improperly conjugated his verbs was preposterous Not quite as preposterous as the idea that two middle aged cops would bring down an entire street gang, but prepos [...]

    8. Read in grad school and reread today 2009 I read Spenser novels for Hawk I had remembered Double Deuce having the best Hawk I revise that to say Double Deuce has the most Hawk, but not necessarily the best It has a lot of great Hawk moments, but the great thing about how Parker usually writes Hawk is that he leaves you wanting You don t want to actually get though because that kills the mystery Double Deuce doesn t kill the mystery, but it dampens it a bit Nevertheless, a very enjoyable read w [...]

    9. In Parker s 19th Spenser novel he addresses the ghetto, poverty, gangs and drugs The story revolves around 22 Double Deuce Hobart which is a ghetto area in Boston A 14 year old mother is gunned down along with her baby girl The area residents hire for free Hawk to rid the neighborhood of a gang, the Hobart Raiders, who are terrorizing the area Hawk gives Spenser a third of his fee zero to help him out Lots of Hawk dealing with the young gang members featuring Major Johnson Hawk also had a lady f [...]

    10. Hawk wants Spenser to wage war on a street gang and Susan wants Spenser to move in with her Either way, he s out of his element so why not risk both I first read this long enough ago that I couldn t remember anything about it except that there was a lot of white space There is The story is unlikely they want to roust a gang, who ve been implicated in the killing of a teenaged mother and her baby, knowing full well they will just move on to the next project but generally well told and it s always [...]

    11. Parker can handle heavy subjects gang war in the projects withrealistic situations that are very serious Yet the dialogue andhumor of the characters make the book a delight When Susan suggestsshe and Spenser move in together, he thinks, This had the makings of aminefield I was being very careful About gangs Maslow s studiesindicate that humans have a descending order of fundamental needs physical fulfillment, food, warmth, that sort of thing then safety, love, and belonging and self esteem Whoev [...]

    12. Once in a while I miss Spenser and Hawk Double Deuce isn t one of the better books in the series, but it has some nice patches of writing, and occasional moments of action Parker on race relations wasn t always what I d choose I d choose Kenneth Abel s The Burying Field for better insights on the topic , especially the painful shuck and jive exchanges between Spenser and Hawk, but some Spenser is better than no Spenser on a cold 10 degrees F prairie afternoon.

    13. Double Deuce is the name of a Boston housing development Its residents hire Hawk for protection from a gang of young men Naturally, Spenser joins him On the Susan side, they try living together at Susan s house There is a lot of tension and what ifs in this book Pearl continues to be the canine American princess.

    14. Not, in my opinion, one of the better Spenser reads Low on the humor, low on the story side Quick read, two nights before sleep Would have hated to have paid the suggested retail value on this book.

    15. One of my favorite Spenser novels Hawk, being a main character in this one, you get a lot of the great dialogue between the two of them Hawk and Spenser straightening out a project gang warwho would be better at the task

    16. Spencer and Hawk need help Oh man to have access to that address book.I was lost for hours in Boston.

    17. I can not believe I have now read 19 Spenser books They still entertain me with just enough attitude and maybe sexual innuendoes to be interesting I am looking forward to the next in the series.

    18. Good o need.Rough side of the job and balancing the intricacy of being in a relationship with a copy Of course, they always get the bad guy.

    19. Quick read some fun dialog Nothing particularly interesting.

    20. Especially liked this one as Hawk was a big part of the story.

    21. Spenser and Hawk are both noble, honorable men of the highest caliber They are the best of friends, willing to join the other in the deadliest of fights, all the other has to do is ask In this story, some people in a ghetto neighborhood are desperate to rid their neighborhood of the scourge of gangs and drugs They turn to Hawk to help them, but are unable to offer him anything in return Hawk agrees and then asks Spenser to assist him at the same rate of pay.While we learn a great deal about Spen [...]

    22. Double Deuce is a ghetto so named by its street address 22 Hobart St and run by a gang named the Hobarts, led by top dog Major After a teenaged mother and her new baby are gunned down in a drive by, Hawk is somehow recruited to clean up the place, and rid it of the gang Hawk immediately enlists Spenser to help him, but for a long dry spell in the book, very little happens as they just sit there in their cars checking things out Hawk s use of a white sidekick causes some amusing consternation in [...]

    23. I ll have to say in the morning I m really not impressed Very disappointing book I mean the synopsis and some reviews intimated that we find out some of Hawk s background and what makes him tick but really nothing was revealed that hadn t been hinted at before Not any surprises in what plot there is and the action was much subdued over other books in the series No big elaborate plan and big explosive ending The big takedown scene was actually a boring talkdown scene And Susan is still an annoyi [...]

    24. Library AudibleWhen Spenser s cohort, Hawk, is hired by the tenants of a rundown block known as Double Deuce, Spenser is roped in to help But before they can start the clean up, Spenser must take on a feared band of teenage urban warriors.A young girl and her baby had been cold bloodily gunned down from an open van door A drug lord called Marcus had ordered the killing this was the outcome at the end An identification of the gun on him and a recorded confession from a hidden mic plus the possibl [...]

    25. Have this on Whispersync and I really missed Michael Pritchard s reading David Dukes, to me, did a sterotypical African American accent like the old blackface Amos and Andy shows from long ago I like guys like Pritchard and especially Will Patton s readings because I don t want a radio play but a reading of the content of the book using subtle intonation and emphasis in the verbalization or presentation of any book Some actors overact while reading and it takes away from the overall impact I li [...]

    26. After reading a fairly brain stretching book on cosmology, I decided I needed something undemanding, and this fitted the bill precisely a couple of hours of straightforward storytelling with nothing much to challenge me I abandoned Parker s Spenser series a few years ago because I was fed up of being unchallenged the whole flipping time what a joy to discover there was one still on my shelves, just when I needed it.Plot Oh, yes, it has one.A young mother and her baby are gunned down in one of th [...]

    27. Well, this is definitely a guilty pleasure Okay, think of it as a boy romance a tale of combat and violence which also spends quite a bit of time on Spenser s the private eye protagonist relationships with his partner Hawk and his girlfriend Susan if you have read any Louis L Amour you are familiar with the genre of good guy in a violent world I am going to say this is maybe one notch sophisticated than that On the other hand, it is sort of compulsively readable.Which is the reason that I am NO [...]

    28. Spenser and Hawk decide to clean up the or a small part of the ghetto in this one Not a bad yarn, though as aware of its shaky ground as the book is, it still leans heavily on racial stereotypes for a lot of its development Spenser and Susan also try moving in together, which gives this one a little domestic conflict as a b story, and makes for some remarkably accurate descriptions of dog behavior.Something I ve noticed in the 3 of what, 35,000 Parker novels I ve read so far is a kind of lightne [...]

    29. I picked this one up because I love Hawk as a character and was looking forward to learning about him And what I ve learned is that I think I prefer my Hawks mysterious What happens in Parker s later books is that they start to feel I don t want to seem forced because that doesn t seem fair but maybe tired The interplay between Hawk and Spencer and Susan is still good but at the same time, I m left feeling like I m over it I ve read a few of his much earlier novels recently and I enjoyed those [...]

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