Kardashian Dynasty: The Controversial Rise of America's Royal Family

Kardashian Dynasty The Controversial Rise of America s Royal Family New York Times bestselling author and investigator Ian Halperin pulls back the curtain on America s notorious Kardashian family exposing their shaky foundation for fame one shocking revelation at a

  • Title: Kardashian Dynasty: The Controversial Rise of America's Royal Family
  • Author: Ian Halperin
  • ISBN: 9781501128882
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 New York Times bestselling author and investigator Ian Halperin pulls back the curtain on America s notorious Kardashian family exposing their shaky foundation for fame one shocking revelation at a time.The Kardashians and Jenners have taken the world by storm, collectively rising to superfame after making their reality show debut on E with Keeping Up with the Kardashi 1 New York Times bestselling author and investigator Ian Halperin pulls back the curtain on America s notorious Kardashian family exposing their shaky foundation for fame one shocking revelation at a time.The Kardashians and Jenners have taken the world by storm, collectively rising to superfame after making their reality show debut on E with Keeping Up with the Kardashians in 2007 Since then, their family life has remained a constant circus of tabloid headlines, red carpet appearances, branding deals, reality shows and their spinoffs, and a slew of media coverage As revered and polarizing as royalty, the Kardashians have stolen the celebrity spotlight and they show no signs of giving it up.And yet, amidst their mega success, the Kardashians have faced a firestorm of negative publicity over the years particularly over Kris Jenner s role in the family As matriarch and momager of the Kardashian clan, Kris has been accused of exploiting her children for fame and money and playing the media like a deck of cards.Based on extensive research, Ian Halperin delivers the salacious details behind the Kardashians rise to fame With revelations exposing the family s foundation as shaky at best and scandalous at worst, Halperin scrutinizes their self made multi million dollar brand Focusing on three key players Kris Jenner, Rob Kardashian, and formerly Bruce Caitlyn Jenner Halperin provides an unparalleled glimpse into the events and scandals that have propelled the Kardashians to worldwide celebrity, for better or worse.

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    One thought on “Kardashian Dynasty: The Controversial Rise of America's Royal Family

    1. Honestly I don t know why I even read this I can careless about the Kardashians as it is,much less reading a book about them Maybe I thought the contents were going impress me Not The entire family is overexposed,they make a living being in the spotlight Too bad they failed to entertain me,they are constantly in the media for drama or coverage only the bore care about.Remind me why I decided to read this Just boring and confirmed my reasons why I don t care for them in the first placeXT

    2. Bestselling NYT celebrity biographer Ian Halperin with his experience associated with investigative reporting combined with his enthusiastic flair and customary writing style that hooks readers from the first page, presents The Kardashian Dynasty The Controversial Rise of America s Royal Family Whether Halperin recalled facts or opinions from verifiable sources, highlighted manufactured controversy, the millions made from reality TV, modeling contracts or various endorsements the Kardashians rep [...]

    3. I m slightly embarrassed I read this book but whatever ok, sooooo I lovedddd the kardashians at the start of their fame they were the ultimate dysfunctional family that happened to be famous and I tuned in to their show and every spin off of it that was created slowly but surely, I became sick of them and I now think they are the pinnacle of a lot of what is wrong with America on one hand I respect Kris Jenner and her ability to turn her family of absolutely zero talent into a huge money making [...]

    4. this book was terrible and im ashamed i read it i am not a consumer of kardashian products but i am interested in the empire they ve built i hoped this book would offer insight into their rise it did not it was terrible i should have just watched an assortment of episodes of their tv shows, read a couple of their tweets, and googled them once because that is about the extent of journalism this joker did oh, well, he did pretend to be trans and go to a trans support group to see how they felt abo [...]

    5. Sick of these people always in the news for doing nothing I want to know why but I do not think this book will answer this.Okay I wonder why did I read this I discovered that that woman the mum is the one who is the pusher although to give her credit she apparently was the one who knew how to use publicity to make her ex husband now her ex wife come back in the publicity and make money.These people have done nothing, are no heroes, are not respectable, are not nice or friendly but are trashy and [...]

    6. I really enjoyed the first half of this book, which focuses on the Kardashians before their rise to reality TV fame Kris Jenner emerges as a powerful, shrewd figure, and I ll be damned if I didn t close this book with respect for the woman known as Pimp Mama Kris She might be a pimp, but she s a good pimp However, Halperin doesn t uncover anything new, nor is he incisive enough to set this book apart from the content you can find online, so I would recommend Kardashian Dynasty, but only if you [...]

    7. Here is what this book does well chart the Kardashian family history and the basic trajectory of their rise to fame throw shade at people who dislike the Kardashians because their show is fake and scripted yes, of course Reality television is not real acknowledge that the Kardashian women and particularly Kris Jenner have worked incredibly hard to achieve their fame and fortune.Here is what this book does not do well journalistic ethics feminism.

    8. Yes I listened to this audiobook I am ashamed.

    9. I want my 9.99 back With the exception of the information in beginning regarding Robert Kardashian, I don t think I learned anything I didn t already know Also, there were two huge mistakes that could have been fact checked so easily Where was Khloe in this book What about Kourtney and Scott Kanye got pages than Kourtney and Khloe put together Also, this author is really full of himself I really don t give a you know what about the fact that you are an NYT bestselling author You write like a sc [...]

    10. Absolute rubbish The entire book was filler There was absolutely nothing new here and great swaths of the regurgitated information was unnecessary for instance, there s an entire chapter about Paris Hilton where a couple of paragraphs would have sufficed The author s attempts at investigative journalism were pathetic I m no defender of the Kardashian family but this book was just garbage I m mad at myself for finishing it.

    11. Literally no new information presented in this book The author must have assumed that fans of the Kardashian s show would be the primary readers of this text Why would he feel the need to transcribe countless episodes of the show and pass it off as investigative journalism Glad I checked this book out of the library and did not spend a dime on it Don t waste your time Just watch the E True Hollywood story, you ll learn just as much.

    12. Its really 2.5 stars This book like all Ian Halperin books was terrible but entertaining Full disclosure I m a Kardashian fanatic would have read this no matter what Who would I recommend this book to anyone who loves trashy badly written books about celebrities.

    13. needed a gossipy mindless read to put some space between some info heavy books i have been reading this did the trick.

    14. The best part of the book is the Armenian history in the beginning This author is known to dig deep.

    15. Loved this book Ended up buying it b c the library wanted it back, and I wasn t reading it fast enough Lots of great investigative journalism Definitely will never look at the Kardashians the same but am still a fan of their show The main point of the book is that the reality stardom was planned devised actively pursued by Kris Kardashian Jenner I don t think the Kardashians portray themselves as not having pursued the limelight so, if anything, this book actually helped me to reinforce my views [...]

    16. Kim Kardashian The name that keeps coming at you after regular interval The name that is synonym with style, fashion and family The name that is also controversy s favorite child The media continuously hammers posts about her with consistency So much so, that ultimately you begin to take notice and when you do so ,you can no longer ignore her because she stay stuck physiologically in your mind The media continue to feed tids bits about not only her, but also occasionally about her enterprising s [...]

    17. I would vote this book 4 stars, but I voted 5 to compensate for the other reviews.I m currently going through a phase where I m fascinated by the phenomenon of celerity the culture surrounding it, say, at the MET Gala, the power around it, such as the impact celebrity endorsements can have, and so on I think a lot of people are really quick to discount pop culture I see this too in a number of reviews here But go google the July 2005 edition of the W Magazine and tell me these first photos of Br [...]

    18. as posted saidjessAfter reading a few books that required concentration, I decided I wanted something quick and trashy to read, so the Kardashian Dynasty seemed to tick all the boxes for all the wrong reasons.I know this may come as a surprise to many of you, but I have dabbled from time to time in the watching of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and some of the many poor spin offs that were made I justify it to my boyfriend like this I don t watch TV to learn things, I read books to learn things [...]

    19. I heard of this book from a friend, she s a big Kardashian fan and told me it was a must read I m not a big Kardashian fan myself, I find it intriguing to see how one person can manage an entire family into a mutli billion dollar brand.Although the book does give a little insight in the history of the Kardashian family it doesn t reveal any new facts All the facts in this book are also to be found on the internet The part about O.J Simpson was by far the most interesting part of this book to rea [...]

    20. Read this because I was jet lagged, it was free, and I was behind on my Reading Challenge Figured it would be silly and fluffy, and of course it was Very quick and brainless read Am I ashamed of reading it Yes, but it was fun while it lasted.

    21. The first half of this book was great Ian delves into the family history on both sides, the children s childhoods, Kris and Rob s divorce, Kris s infidelities, the O.J case etc It s very interesting, buten you get to the middle of the book, and it goes down hill The last half is just a mess of him repeating dialogue from the show One whole chapter on Rob is just him describing the entire counselling episode that the family had Word for word As if he just reprinted a script from a drama Then he j [...]

    22. Like many, I have a secret obsession with reality tv It was always on the periphery until last year when I became seriously engrossed in the Bachelor, Kardashians, Real Housewives and Teen Mom After my secret became known to the office, my boss gifted me with this book for Christmas Despite the somewhat sketchy author, I thought I would give it a try it turned out to not be anything like I expected Most of the information in the book can be gleaned from online or KUWTK so there really wasn t any [...]

    23. A very entertaining read about the world of reality TV in the USA It read like an anthropological study of the seekers of fame and popularity The focussed Kardashian family managed to make millions by managing to hog the limelight upon themselves for years with their eccentric personal lifesytles This unique phenomenum of attaining stardom without any visible skills or any talent is only possible in the age of social media where if we choose to, we can broadcast all of our opinions and observati [...]

    24. I have read a Kardashian book before by Sean Smith, and I did enjoy this one there were bits that were different this one went in to detail on Kris in particular There wasn t anything really scandalous in this book and it did focus on Kim as did the Sean Smith book so they were quite similar in that way This one was published later so it was a bit updated but it wasn t anything great I enjoyed it and it will be the last Kardashian book I read as I think I ve had enough Kardashian for now.

    25. This book was somewhat a waste of time For someone who has watched most of the Kardashian shows, most of the information here was repetitive and I wondered for someone who has not watched them, why would anyone be even reading this All in all, most of the parts in this book, unnecessary I did enjoy the author s perspective on behind the scenes and the family history One thing that I appreciated always have been wondering about , actually about the author is that he did highlight how hard working [...]

    26. I have no idea why I had started reading this book but Mr Halperin has a very strong and fluent way of making a story out of the infamous Kardashian clan, which makes it really easy to read in leaps and bounds I gave 4 stars not because of the content but because of Ian Halperin s writing skills and honestly it was a lot fun to read such a book that left my mouth gaping all the time It s the plausible way of explanation of the greedy Hollywood biz.

    27. Now this is not because of the Kardashians because they are my guilty pleasure Unfortunately this had nothing to do with the Kardashians just the times, Halperin namedropped every second to show what an award winning journalist he is It should be a drinking game, drink every time Halperin talks about a famous person he knows

    28. This was a completely terrible book but not in the ways I wanted it to be I didn t learn really anything new about the Kardashians but I learned plenty about OJ, Paris Hilton, Kanye West and other celebrities Ian Halperin spent a good amount of the book shilling for his other books which was annoying.

    29. The interview with the author that inspired me to read this book was way interesting than the actual book itself Not a Kardashian fan but I am curious about the rise and popularity of this family Unfortunately it seems like all the non disclosure agreements the family makes everyone sign before coming in the home prevents a lot of new information from being investigated.

    30. The author continually quoted other books It s as If he wrote an excerpt of the books rather than his own work also spentmuch of the book discussing OJ, Paris Hilton and Caitlyn Jenner Probably would not read author again

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