Ravelstein Pornind de la un personaj real Allan Bloom marele profesor de filosofie politica si bun prieten al scriitorului Saul Bellow face in Ravelstein un portret biografic romantat Observator plin de haz s

  • Title: Ravelstein
  • Author: Saul Bellow Antoaneta Ralian
  • ISBN: 9789734654772
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Pornind de la un personaj real, Allan Bloom, marele profesor de filosofie politica si bun prieten al scriitorului, Saul Bellow face in Ravelstein un portret biografic romantat Observator plin de haz si de ironie, autorul urmareste viata excentrica a profesorului pe care intelectul il facuse milionar In ultimul an de viata, profesorul ii cere prietenului sau sa ii scriePornind de la un personaj real, Allan Bloom, marele profesor de filosofie politica si bun prieten al scriitorului, Saul Bellow face in Ravelstein un portret biografic romantat Observator plin de haz si de ironie, autorul urmareste viata excentrica a profesorului pe care intelectul il facuse milionar In ultimul an de viata, profesorul ii cere prietenului sau sa ii scrie biografia fara menajamente si fara sa ascunda nimic, iar rezultatul este Ravelstein, un savuros roman biografic, dar si autobiografic, intrucit comentariile lui Bellow sint permanent acompaniate de episoade si amintiri personale.

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      Saul Bellow Antoaneta Ralian

    Saul Bellow Antoaneta Ralian

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    1. Onvan Ravelstein Nevisande Saul Bellow ISBN 141001763 ISBN13 9780141001760 Dar 233 Safhe Saal e Chap 2000

    2. Ravelstein, 2000 , Saul Bellow 1915 2005 2010 1393 277 9786005757996 1388 20 2000 1997 20 15 71 81 82 127

    3. For most literary Americans of my generation, Saul Bellow has largely been forgotten It seems that when he s thought of at all, it s as a hopelessly out of touch white conservative, someone whose artistic ability was ultimately clouded by his stance While C line, Hamsun, and other reactionaries have been rehabilitated, Bellow s unsexy Republican uncle attitudes are a tough nut to swallow And consequently, we re not likely to pick up Herzog any time soon and frankly, I think it kind of sucked.But [...]

    4. Antes de tudo, quero dar um conselho N o leia esse livro nesta tradu o Rocco, 2001 A l ngua portuguesa no Brasil est em franco processo de auto destrui o por analfabetismo funcional, e essa tradu o um sintoma quase perfeito disso.Ravelstein muitas coisas autobiografia ficcional provavelmente baseada, ao menos em parte, em experi ncias reais , biografia ficcional, romance narrado em primeira pessoa, filosofia, sociologia etc Dizer isso ser redundante, claro, mas ressalta um aspecto peculiar do li [...]

    5. Reviewed in 2000 Perhaps we shouldn t be surprised that Saul Bellow at 84 has written a novel as graceful and funny as Ravelstein But who could have predicted that he would also stir up a hornets nest of controversy The character of Abe Ravelstein is based on Bellow s late friend and colleague, Allan Bloom, author of The Closing of the American Mind, the 1987 bestseller that became a lightning rod for the culture wars of the Reagan era What hasn t heretofore been public knowledge is that Bloom, [...]

    6. After reading some of the other reviews here, I now know this is based on an actual person I suspected it was, but couldn t get myself to care enough about the characters or the story to find out I tried hard to finish the book, but then realized I was just waiting for my next requested books be become available at the library.I guess if I knew about Allen Bloom or his work, maybe this would help support some interest The author seems to want us to take on faith that Ravelstein is a riveting, co [...]

    7. Allan Bloom wrote a bestseller titled The Closing of the American Mind I had not read this book when I began to read Ravelstein by Saul Bellow Nor did I really know who Allan Bloom was, or even that the lead character in Bellow s novel was based on the real and famous professor Allan Bloom.Nor did I know what Bellow was talking about in a good half of his allusions during the course of the book.As I read it, I pondered the following questions Is a novel without a plot still a novel Or is it a ch [...]

    8. Ravelstein alternates between the beautifully philosophical and humorous to the achingly boring and mundane However when it was at its best, Saul Bellow s writing is devastatingly good This was my first Bellow and certainly not my last.

    9. RAVELSTEIN 2000 Saul Bellow .This was Bellow s last work, one in which he used a play within a play format for an attempt at a biography of his friend and colleague, Allan Bloom Bloom, along with Bellow, was a professor at Chicago, and was unknown to the average American until ghe came out with his book, The Closing of the American Mind The thrust of that book was that America had become a country where a student could get an excellent technical training at college, but not an education Bellow a [...]

    10. Is Saul Bellow the best novelist of the 20th century I don t know, but I loved this fictionalized account of his friendship with fellow academic Allan Bloom.Bellow describes his fictionalized wife Vela She had to be seen as a beautiful woman But it was beauty parade beauty, and required preparation at a West Point or Hapsburg hussar level.

    11. The says it s a roman clef and that the key to it is that Ravelstein is, indeed, Allan Bloom, who was a very intimate friend of Saul B Bellow was eighty five when he wrote it, and it was his last book he died five years later, in 2005 It is evidently mature and deep his insights are precious as usually Only now they are clearly the product of an overworked brain You can almost hear this coming like a jumbled train of thought from a bright, intellectual, happily tired old man, who knows he is rep [...]

    12. While I adore Bellow, I didn t like this at all Bellow here is aging, and playing Boswell to Alan Bloom s Johnson But Bloom, a well known Straussian and epicure, though he must have been charismatic and high IQ , was an intellectual hack, imo, and so Bellow s hagiography falls flat Plus, Ravelstein spends as much time and effort on conspicuous consumption as he spends on the life of the mindd comes off as rather vain, self centered, and with an inflated sense of his own self importance A big dis [...]

    13. Saul Bellow s novel, Ravelstein is within the literary genre called roman cl meaning a novel with a key, or a secret meaning that elucidates otherwise esoteric components of the novel s plot, characters, or setting Yes, Bellow s prose is beautifully fluid, evocative, at times darkly humorous, and engulfing Yet, the driving question is, what was the key Those of my own generation are likely too young to so easily recognize, but those who remain with a memory, or a knowledge, of higher politically [...]

    14. Others are thrown by what they label lazily, I think the stream of consciousness style of writing What s actually taking place is a forward moving narrative coupled with the reflections it inspires a la Henderson, the Rain King , etc My biggest criticism is that the great charm of the first section disappeared To be fair, outside circumstances have put my mind in a million places at the time of reading this, so maybe I m not in the best place to judge Also, this may be the sort of book you need [...]

    15. When it was published critics called it one of Bellow s minor books I disagree It s softer and subtler than Augie March or Henderson the Rain King, but the narrative exuberance here is unsurpassed even by Bellow himself in earlier decades Because the book is at its heart the story of friendship between two men who loved one another, Bellow s inability to write about women except in a misogynistic way is a minor flaw in this particular book, one that barely registered for me here, even though the [...]

    16. Saul Bellow s slim eulogy to the late Allen Bloom in novel form has its moments, but it is ultimately a superficial achievement Banking on the colorful eccentricities of the late professor of philosophy, Bellow is content to retreat from anything resembling a story I preferred the intricate weavings of philosophy, art, and life that Bellow was able to create and Herzog, whereas in Ravelstein he takes it for granted that the subject is supremely interesting to the reader Still, I admit that Bello [...]

    17. I listened to this on audio on a car trip I really enjoyed the story The title character is compelling and contradictory in a way that kept my interest Later, I found out he was based on Allan Bloom, who wrote The Closing of the American Mind Which is a problem In my politically correct youth of the early 90s, Bloom was universally reviled for being some kind of conservative apologist Now I suppose I have to go back and revisit his book and possibly revise my prejudices How tiresome

    18. Um bom livro de Saul Bellow, que segue os retratos psicol gicos habituais de personagens fr geis, sempre procura de aceita o e onde a profundidade psicol gica e a busca por um entendimento global atravessa todo o livro N o o seu melhor livro mas recomendo.

    19. Ravelstein is Bloom Martin Amis liked it heaps.

    20. How fitting that I finished reading Ravelstein while on the plane home from my weekend visit to my grandmother in Canada You see, Saul Bellow was born in Canada and when he was nine his parents moved to Humboldt Park in Chicago Bellow eventually attended the University of Chicago and Northwestern University And despite my also having a Canadian background, and living in Chicago, and the fact that Saul Bellow has won both the Pulitzer Prize 1976 Humboldt s Gift and the Nobel Prize for Literature [...]

    21. If this book is a thinly veiled account of Bellow s relationship with fellow academic Allan Bloom, I wonder why Bellow did not write it as such, and instead relied on the novel form The novel disappoints, for it flatlines on story and character even though Ravelstein is a multifaceted personality , whereas a biography or memoir of the real duo would have been impactful.Ravelstein and Chick Bloom and Bellow respectively, as I made out are a modern day Socrates and Plato Ravelstein is a flamboyan [...]

    22. This is a loving and moving account barely fictionalized of Bellow s friendship to Allan Bloom and his fulfillment of a deathbed promise he made to write his memoirs As such, there is not really a plot or any significant action in the plot, but rather with the typical Bellowesque surgical precision, descriptions of how they met, what Ravelstein Bloom were like, how Ravelstein Bloom died and how Chick Bellow nearly died himself before finally committing the story to paper The world indeed lost gr [...]

    23. What a reading experience Delightful Only my stinginess deprives it of five stars Well, maybe a little bit the devolution near the end into, whatever we call it when a friend drops into a long story of his or her own near death illness experiences a variety of kvetching But Bellow was already in his eighties when he wrote this.The language, the humor, the repartee, the settings, the details, the digressions into academia politics marriages, the bigger than life protagonists all make this a feast [...]

    24. Es la ltima novela que escribi Saul Bellow 1915 2005 Brillante Creo esta novela es un buen ejemplo de la hip tesis que atribuye el talento literario a la narraci n misma, a esa voz de la ficci n que tiene autonom a est tica Ni los personajes, ni el argumento necesitan ser brillantes para que la obra literaria sea brillante Abe Ravelstein, personaje protag nico, es un viejo profesor de ciencias pol ticas, un erudito, un intelecto agudo, un inigualable artista, una especie de influyente provocador [...]

    25. The last novel Bellow published in his lifetime, Ravelstein is a thinly veiled portrait of Bellow s friend, teacher and author of The Closing of the American Mind, Alan Bloom It chronicles their friendship and Bloom s final years suffering from the debilitating effects of HIV Critically hailed as a miraculous return to form by many when it was published, the novel does contain many hallmarks of Bellow s art The immense intelligence presiding over the novel, the self deprecating wit, and his powe [...]

    26. Part memoir, part fiction, Ravelstein is the story of life at the peak of the intellectuality in what looks like the 1980s There is no real topic for this book, just a constant tinkering with modern ideas and their interpretation the commoditization of ideas, the role of the modern man, the matrimony, the displacement that comes with success, the decay of the human body in spite of advancements in medicine read also To the Friend Who Did Not Save My Life by Herve Guibert , the new trivial Ravels [...]

    27. Ravelstein is a seemingly thinly veiled memoir of philosopher Allan Bloom, who is probably best known for his book The Closing of the American Mind The parallels are too coincidental to be easily dismissed There are some interesting portions of the book, and it is well written Bellow is absolutely a gifted writer But the storyline plods along slowly, and the narrative meanders such that I struggled to keep going at many points.Ultimately I found the book to be disappointing, for the hollowness o [...]

    28. Ravelstein is like being privy to an erudite conversation and you feel lucky to be gleaning its pleasures It has the loosest of plots but rather is constructed as a series of reflections and anecdotes about a man so larger than life and filled with the world that we are told he is impossible to describe in any other way than the oblique It s almost gossipy but gossip from a considered and loving source, Ravelstein s careful, frank and scrupulously fair confidant, brilliant in his own observation [...]

    29. As a fan and popcorn spectator of the culture wars raging around me back in the late 1990s in college, I read this because I ve always been fascinated by Allan Bloom as a character and a philosopher Ravelstein, a thinly veiled roman a clef, did not disappoint.I ve found myself rereading Ravelstein various times over the years, lately with an open tab to follow up various allusions.Bellow, Phillip Roth, and John Updike, seem to hold some kind of special place in recent decades american fiction I [...]

    30. This is one of those books by an author in the twilight of his career that, while not as magnificent as the books he wrote in his prime, still holds some significant fascination because it gives you a clearer look at how he s been achieving his effects all along With pretty much no plot to speak of, Ravelstein hums with lively prose and fully human preoccupations unfolding in a formless but gracefully swirling ensemble of themes, with lines and metaphors on every page that are ingeniously and wo [...]

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