Bread and Bombs

Bread and Bombs M. Rickert
  • Title: Bread and Bombs
  • Author: M. Rickert
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 226
  • Format: ebook
  • Bread and Bombs M. Rickert Bread and Bombs None
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      M. Rickert

    About M. Rickert

    1. M Rickert also writes under the name Mary Rickert How did this happen and why, you might ask It is a reasonable question but that does not mean the answer is reasonable as well There was a time when M was a young writer, scribbling in notebooks and on the back of envelopes, who thought she wanted to disappear behind the stories she wrote She still feels that way, and rather enjoys writing about herself in the third person as if she were someone else After years of rejections M began publishing under the mysterious moniker, and was happy doing so, until she began to feel that she was repeating herself, or and this is the weird part repeating someone else who she once had been At the age of 51 she decided to go back to school and earned her MFA as well as the rest of her name She also wrote a novel, The Memory Garden, to be published in May, 2014.


    1. Look at the horror that is Afghanistan


    2. In a post apocalyptic world, where small societies are finally beginning to establish themselves, a family from the opposing nation is ostracized, much of the village waiting for them to turn the deadly tricks payed against them back on their new neighbors Will the local children bond with these foreign children, or will their parents turn them against the invaders, recreating the war that ruined the world I was so glad of the ending of this Though it s a twist, it s a satisfying one That s what [...]


    3. Very hard to follow, but it has one scene in it that is all to easy to follow It was so perfectly written, I can t describe it without a spoiler though, so read it


    4. Check out my full review on episode 002 of the Short Science Fiction Review podcast.


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