Tentação Perfeita

Tenta o Perfeita Foi mais do que um beijo foi uma ora o de beijos ininterruptos com as s labas quentes e doces dos l bios e da l ngua dele inebriando a de sensa es Londres prepara o Natal e o americano Rafe Bowman a

  • Title: Tentação Perfeita
  • Author: Lisa Kleypas
  • ISBN: 9789897450150
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback
  • Foi mais do que um beijo foi uma ora o de beijos ininterruptos, com as s labas quentes e doces dos l bios e da l ngua dele inebriando a de sensa es Londres prepara o Natal, e o americano Rafe Bowman aguarda o seu encontro marcado com Natalie Blandford, a muito bela e respeit vel filha de Lady e Lord Blandford O aspeto sedutor e f sico impressionante do jovem agradari Foi mais do que um beijo foi uma ora o de beijos ininterruptos, com as s labas quentes e doces dos l bios e da l ngua dele inebriando a de sensa es Londres prepara o Natal, e o americano Rafe Bowman aguarda o seu encontro marcado com Natalie Blandford, a muito bela e respeit vel filha de Lady e Lord Blandford O aspeto sedutor e f sico impressionante do jovem agradariam certamente prometida, n o fosse a sua reputa o de libertino e as suas maneiras americanas.As quatro amigas encalhadas dedicam se, ent o, a ajudar o jovem pretendente, ensinando lhe as regras da sociedade londrina e empenhando se na aproxima o dos futuros noivos Contudo, o Natal a poca dos milagres, e o amor essa emo o t o estranha a Rafe amea a brotar das m os mais inesperadas.Uma encantadora viagem aos recantos do cora o, pela autora bestseller Lisa Kleypas, a rainha do romance er tico.

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    One thought on “Tentação Perfeita

    1. Jessica"s Totally Over The Top Book Obsession says:
      Meh I might have liked it if our hero Rafe wasn t courting and kissing the heroine s cousin all the while falling in love and making out with the heroine Uh yeah I m just not okay with that I did like seeing all the other wallflowers which is why I gave the book 2 stars instead of 1.

    2. 4.5 5Absolutely wonderful.This was a very lovely read I immensely enjoyed this love story of Raff and Hannah I swooned all over Raff and found Hannah really adorable Not only did we get the romance between this couple, but also a little bit of the other four wallflowers and her men s sweet times together.There were many beautiful moments that made me feel light hearted and brought a big smile to my face And there were some heartbreaking ones as well Lisa Kleypas always delivers such great drama [...]

    3. What can be said about this sweet, passionate book that hasn t already been said With over 150 reviews here at GR and over 1,000 ratings Am I the last person on Earth to read this book , I m sure just about every view has been expressed already But I might as well throw my two cents in too, maybe I ll come up with something everyone else missed highly doubtful First of all, this is one of my favorite series ever I don t read a whole lot of historicals, but I have been a fan of LK for a long tim [...]

    4. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:
      Ah, how does Lisa Kleypas do it I think I have Lisa Kleypas romance receptors in my brain She always knows how to hit my satiety centers I had heard complaints that this was too short It was perfect for me I loved how we got updates and interludes with the Wallflowers, we were able to see the incredible, enduring friendships between Annabelle, Lillian, Evie, and Daisy It was also great seeing the Wallflowers interact with their husbands, and to see how deleriously happy each of them were in thei [...]

    5. Quote Standing from the bath, Evie dried herself and donned a velvet robe that buttoned along the front She heard the door open again Back to w warm the bed she asked But the voice that answered wasn t the maid s As a matter of fact yes Evie stilled at the sound of the deep, silky murmur I passed the maid on the stairs and told her she wouldn t be needed tonight, he continued If there s one thing I do well, I told her, it s warming my wife s bed sigh St Vincent only appeared in three and a half [...]

    6. Meh I maybe should have quit after St Vincent s book because it went downhill from there.Rafe, Lillian s brother, was supposed to be the hero of this book as he falls for Hannah the cousin of the girl he s betrothed to The problem was, I didn t really like him I understand that he had a tough childhood and crappy parents, but it doesn t excuse some of the things he did And, it all happened too fast Insta love, Victorian style.So, Rafe meets Hannah, Lady Natalie s poor cousin, so that he can get [...]

    7. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish says:
      Rafe Bowman has come all the way from America to England to spend Christmas at Stony Cross Park and to meet his future bride, Lady Natalie Blanford The marriage was arranged by their parents, but Rafe isn t quite convinced that this method of finding one s wife is the best of ideas There s also the rub that his father has threatened to disinherit Rafe if he doesn t agree to the match But still, Rafe wants to meet her, get to know her and then decide if the marriage is to his advantage.Lady Natal [...]

    8. Heartwarming, lovely romance with hero Rafe Bowman planning on marrying one girl Natalie but falling in love with another Hannah Appleton.I thoroughly enjoyed this book I loved Rafe, he was sexy, handsome, and charming He was Lillian and Daisy s brother from America The Bowman s made their fortune from a soap manufacturing business and it is being arranged by their families that Rafe marry Natalie Rafe s father is really pushing the marriage Rafe finds Natalie pleasing and thinks the marriage wo [...]

    9. 5 stars Historical RomanceThis is a sweet, charming, and romantic conclusion to the wonderful, enchanting Wallflowers series I just didn t want this series to ever end I really hope Lisa Kleypas revisits these beloved characters again someday.

    10. God, I love Lisa Kleypas Revisiting all the wallflowers was just perfect I loved this series and was utterly pleased with Rafe s story He was a sexy and smoldering beast of a man who hid behind his debauchery and I loved it I loved Hannah as well, she was such a strong and soothing presence for Rafe and I was so glad that the girl behind the scenes stole his heart rather than that intended for him.As with all of LK s work, she writes with passion and intelligence, humor and precision Giving us R [...]

    11. I think this is one of the fastest books I ve ever read You re turning the pages so quickly that suddenly it s the end and you wish it would have continued after the epilogue which was very sweet It was a good story overall, nice to see the Wallflowers again, but I d have liked to have seen of them Each Wallflower has about two pages or so just for her and her hubby and you get that warm nostalgic feel for the previous books in the series Personally I loved St Vincent and Evie and Lillian and M [...]

    12. What a lovely read, I do wish the epilogue were longer since it seems this is the last book in the series I m still intrigued by Lillian and Daisy s other brothers, I wish we had met them.

    13. Dulce, ingeniosa y divertida Perfecta para cerrar la serie Wallflowers Me despido de estas historias preciosas y de estos personajes adorables con una gran sonrisa.

    14. To her, he was an ill bred, American rake to him, she was an intriguingly amusing beauty And he was about to be engaged to her cousinRafe Bowman came over to England to become engaged to Lady Natalie Blandford so that he could be in charge of the expansion of his father s company to the Continent However, when he meets Hannah Appleton, Lady Natalie s cousin, all those plans go askew They are both amongst the guests that are invited to Marcus, Lord Westcliff s estate for Christmas During this tim [...]

    15. She made him want to be very, very bad I loved that we got to spend time with my favorite wallflowers and their spouses, it was definitely my favorite part of this book If only I could visit you as a foreigner goes into a new country, learn the language of you, wander past all borders into every private and secret place, I would stay forever I would become a citizen of you Finally we got to meet one of Lillian and Daisy s brothers Rafe Bowman has come to England on business and to meet his poss [...]

    16. Hasta pronto mis queridas Wallflowers Esta historia pudo ser m s, al ser un libro tan corto no se alcanza a desarrollar bien el romance entre los protagonistas de hecho hasta el final es cuando lo vemos y es todo apresurado, pero es una buena historia para cerrar esta serie que he adorado.Mi parte favorita es cuando sale Sebasti n, yo suspiro de amor cada vez que sale, se ilumina la habitaci n.Al final podemos ver como la vida les sonr e a las wallflowers y como le ha ido en su vida, Daisy consa [...]

    17. Super tierno Ador a Hannah y Rafe Este libro es justo lo que necesitamos esos que siempre queremos un poquito m s de nuestros personajes favoritos

    18. It s kinda funny, as much as I enjoyed the original Wallflowers series, I probably would have waited a while to buy this book But with everyone talking about it, anxiously waiting for its release, I got caught up So I had to go buy it the day it got out I enjoyed the book quite a bit, though, so it was worth the hardcover price.This book introduces a relative of two of the original Wallflowers, Rafe Bowman who is one of Lillian and Daisy s brothers He s been at odds with his father all his life, [...]

    19. For a short er story, this felt complete Not only do we get to know the eldest Bowman brother, but we get a lot of insight into the rest of the wallflowers and their husbands Not just tiny snippets, either They each get a significant shout out, and because I ve come to know them all so well, this was just wonderful I kept getting lumps in my throat Sooo glad Ms Kleypas decided to dig a little deeper with them Aside from that, Rafe and Hannah s story also felt like a full novel though it wasn t R [...]

    20. ltima entrega de la saga Wallflowers y que me quedaba por leer Despu s de leer el primer libro de los Ravenel me ha faltado tiempo para buscar m s Kleypas Una navidad inolvidable es una novela corta con el encanto delicioso de las que le preceden y con esos detalles rom nticos mezclados con los toques de humor tan propios de la autora La pareja protagonista atrapa pronto y quiz me sobran algunas intervenciones del resto de las Florero, pero entiendo que la autora las incluya para intentar captar [...]

    21. A Christmas love story isn t usually this heavy And again Lillian and her issues ruined it almost completely I liked Rafe Bowman a lot, but Hannah took her sweet time to show why I should like her Still, it would have been a lovely story if Lillian s insecurity regarding her husband hadn t reared its ugly head There wasn t a single reason why that should be in a story like this The moment that happened, even if it does not actually play any role whatsoever to be fair , I lost my interest and jus [...]

    22. Fans of Lisa Kleypas Wallflower series will surely jump for joy when they pick up A Wallflower Christmas Even though the Wallflowers are secondary characters, they re still enough of a presence to provide quick vignettes on their current lives and loves This is a fairly short book at only 213 pages, but still has plenty of steam.Lillian s brother Rafe is recently arrived from America and, of course, his father has selected his bride Rafe doesn t really care, he ll marry the woman his father sele [...]

    23. Lisa Kleypas, te lo podr as haber ahorrado No es que sea una casta a sino que, al ser tan breve, la historia principal se queda coja, desarrollada demasiado r pido, y es una pena porque los protas son muy monosos y podr an haber tenido su libro sin ning n problema, tal vez el inicio de una nueva serie.Eso s , mola ver c mo est n nuestras wallflowers, tan bien asentaditas Qu quer is que os diga, que ha sido salir Sebastian St Vicent y se me han pegado las enaguas a la l mpara Para m , lo mejor de [...]

    24. samantha(books-are-my-life20) says:
      Who could not like this book All the Wallflowers back helping a woman obtain love

    25. Finally I have managed to read the final book in Lisa Kleypas popular Wallflower series, A Wallflower Christmas The Wallflowers Evie, Daisy, Lillian and Annabelle are back and this time they are on a mission to set up Lillian and Daisy s older brother, Rafe Bowman with the attractive and rich Natalie Blandford Will they succeed Read this extremely memorable and exciting conclusion to the Wallflower series to find out Rafe Bowman, oldest son of Thomas and Mercedes Bowman and older brother of Lill [...]

    26. Preciosa, pero un suspiro M s floreros, por favor

    27. Es corta pero concluye el universo de las chicas florero Es verdad que la historia de amor no es tan intensa como las dem s pero me deja con un buen sabor de boca y te da un final m s redondo para cada una de ellas Si se imprime que la autora le da un aire navide o pfff mucho mejor De esta saga me agradar a ver una buena adaptaci n en pantalla.

    28. First read April 1 3, 2010Second read March 26 27, 2013I have upped my rating of this book from a 4 star to a 5 star rating I enjoyed reading this story way than I initially did the first time.Once again Thomas Bowman is making incredulous demands on his children, this time they are on his oldest child Raphael Rafe.Rafe is to marry a certain Lady Blandford, and finally settle down from his rakish ways He must also do this in order for him to get his father s approval, his portion of the Bowman [...]

    29. Reread on 11 26 12 My vote for Best Christmas Romance Reread on 12 24 14 Perfection Reread on 12 6 15 Stands the test of time.A Wallflower Christmas was the PERFECT way to begin this holiday season It put me in the Christmas spirit and really was the icing on top of the cake of the wallflower series I have loved this series Annabelle, Lillian, Evie, and Daisy all are special in their own ways, and now we add Hannah to the mixoh how I love Lisa Kleypas Rafe is Lillian and Daisy s older brother He [...]

    30. 2,5 a 3Con este libro he finalizado esta saga que me ha encantado La trama muy sencilla y menos elaborada que en los anteriores libros, aqu parece el hermano mayor ,Rafe Bowman, un caradura entra able, va a Inglaterra con la intenci n de casarse con una noble inglesa pero las cosas no salen como est n planificadas La historia amorosa se entrelaza con las apariciones de nuestras amigas las Floreros y podemos ver como le va con sus respectivas parejas y ya s lo por eso vale la pena leer el libro E [...]

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