Accidental Fiancee

Accidental Fiancee NECESSARY NUPTIALSLady Grace Endicott never would have dreamed she d be ruined by a rake But after an innocent encounter with notorious scoundrel Lord Weston is misconstrued her beloved sister s intr

  • Title: Accidental Fiancee
  • Author: Mary Moore
  • ISBN: 9781474013741
  • Page: 336
  • Format: ebook
  • NECESSARY NUPTIALSLady Grace Endicott never would have dreamed she d be ruined by a rake But after an innocent encounter with notorious scoundrel Lord Weston is misconstrued, her beloved sister s introduction to society and her own reputation are put at risk The only way to avoid a scandal is a betrothal.Brandon Roth Lord Weston doesn t quite know what to think of his inNECESSARY NUPTIALSLady Grace Endicott never would have dreamed she d be ruined by a rake But after an innocent encounter with notorious scoundrel Lord Weston is misconstrued, her beloved sister s introduction to society and her own reputation are put at risk The only way to avoid a scandal is a betrothal.Brandon Roth Lord Weston doesn t quite know what to think of his independent fianc eor their growing friendship Yet their engagement ruse is quickly becoming than a temporary fix If he can convince Grace that his wicked ways are now far behind him, he ll be able to prove that he wants nothing than to care for the lovely lady

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    One thought on “Accidental Fiancee

    1. 3.5 starsThis was a fun and absorbing Regency tale I especially loved the characters interactions and the descriptions of the dresses, as well as the whole orphanage angle Facts of the time period were well researched, though I did spot some anachronistic phrases and one in particular, You look smashing 1900s New York slang did make me chuckle aloud.Recommended for Regency lovers or those who want a pleasant afternoon s diversion

    2. I absolutely loved that Brandon understood what Max meant to Grace.

    3. The first half of the book was fantastic I adored it The characters were funny, and the romance was sweet, and it swept me into the story to the point where I didn t want to put it down.However, I felt like the story slowly took a nosedive The climax just didn t work for me It wasn t awful, but it didn t live up to to the first half of the book It went from being a book I couldn t put down to a book I was skimming trying to get through it I think the biggest issue was the climax felt like a letd [...]

    4. I loved this Christian historical romance by Mary Moore I loved the dialogue between Lady Grace Endicott and Lord Weston She is caught in a compromising situation, but she will do everything she has to in order to ensure nothing hurts her sister Lydia s introduction to society To protect Grace s reputation, Lord Weston announces she is his betrothed Sounds simple Pretend to be betrothed and then break it off But what happens when one of them is a Christian and isn t comfortable lying Can a known [...]

    5. I thoroughly enjoyed Accidental Fianc e I was totally unprepared to laugh and giggle my way through the first half of the book Grace and Brandon were a hoot It has been some time since I have read any historical romance novels, but this one certainly made me want to read of Mary s books From the beginning I really liked Grace and have to confess that I liked Brandon too They were so different in the way they thought, but blended well together as their betrothal continued and other events mixed [...]

    6. Accidental Fiancee by Mary Moore1817, en route to Londonter a situation which could bring shame on both Grace and Lydia what choice does Lady Grace Endicott have but to agree to a betrothal to the rake Lord Weston, Brandon Roth in order to save her sister Lydia s introduction to society But at what cost to her own reputation Can Brandon convince Grace that his wicked ways are far behind him and possibly their betrothal could be real I loved the interaction between Grace and Brandon Grace certain [...]

    7. I m in a Regency tailspin Toe curling satisfaction guaranteed Lord Weston is the quintessential Regency hero His rakish past and sarcastic humour can t hide the real gentleman that lies within I was intrigued after the first meet but when I reached page 139 I became completely smitten Be Still My Heart Grace has no intention of falling in love She s given up on believing there s a living, breathing knight in shining armor in her future Oh my goodness, but she is so wrong But, beware, there is tr [...]

    8. I absolutely loved this story It s a twofer, in a way, as you get two love stories, but you only follow one closely That being said, the second love story did not take away anything from the main characters I have to read of the author s works

    9. Ok, I m a sucker for the fake engagement trope It s one of my favorite plot devices when done well, and I would definitely say this book pulled it off well This book was everything I could hope for as far as light, clean, easy to read entertainment goes I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, the setting, and the overall story I will definitely be looking into Mary Moore s other novels.

    10. Accidental Fiancee, by Mary Moore, was released in January 2015 by the Love Inspired Historical line I ve had a few false starts on this book, but I finally finished it a couple of weeks ago I actually enjoyed the novel It is the story of Lord Weston, Brandon Roth, a marquis who finds himself proposing to Lady Grace Endicott, who is a complete stranger to himself The situation is a bit ironic Grace finds herself in this mess because she was trying to warn Lord Weston from getting trapped into pr [...]

    11. Nice read As soon as I read the book description I couldn t wait to read Accidental Fiancee I hadn t gotten the opportunity to read any of Mary Moore s books before this, and I was excited to finally do so Immediately she drew me in to a story filled with characters I loved quickly The humor, the intelligence, and the overall situation makes for a highly entertaining read The pace is set nicely with only a few short lulls and the suspenseful scenes blended in pick it right back up Mary s style o [...]

    12. Accidental Fianc e by Mary Moore was a fun read It contained all the elements for romance, conflict, intrigue, and humor.The social confines of the day put LADY GRACE ENDICOTT into an accidental betrothal when in her zealousness for fair play she makes a mistake Known rake, LORD WESTON BRANDON ROTH doesn t help matters The characters play well against each other, offering engaging banter.I enjoyed watching how Grace and Brandon execute their rectifying plans among people who might catch them in [...]

    13. I liked the idea of the plot and it was well written overall However, I had major problems with the way the heroine s religion was presented I have no problem with people having faith, what I do have a problem with is being preached at for the length of a novel and the suggestion that if you don t have God in your life you are somehow unworthy, which I find offensive and condescending Other than the specific religious elements, the heroine was strange and not in a good way I like quirky characte [...]

    14. Fun and captivating read There are a couple of things I liked about this book1 The faith the characters claim to hold was not fake or down played but a part of who they were It was not an integral part of the story but it was necessary2 The characters were charming and witty I smiled through most of the book The dialogue was very interesting.3 All the characters grew throughout the story Even the side characters were taken into consideration, to further the story Overall I would recommend this b [...]

    15. such a cute book it s refreshing to see the trust they have for each other view spoiler what bothered me was that brandon hinted at something regarding the emeralds and grace s father i think but it wasn t addressed at all at least i think so because i admit that i could miss or misread things a favorite quote Lydia, I am afraid my managing tendencies took over when Mother passed away, and I have not let you shine in any other way aside from your beauty ugh such a good character, i love Gracer h [...]

    16. I m giving this 4.5 stars This is a really entertaining and lovely read I love Lord Weston and Lady Grace s chemistry and hysterical spats xD I hope I get to see another rake soon I just can t believe I hadn t read this earlier smh LIH hasn t been publishing a lot of regency novels lately, so I tend to save a few for when I want to escape the wild west I m glad I did, though, cuz this was a treat

    17. Clean ReadIf you are looking for a clean read, this book definitely fits the bill However, while the plot was interesting I m a sucker for the regency romance genre , I can t say I loved the writing Indeed, this book is a perfect example of the importance of the show don t tell practice when it comes to writing What could have been great sadly fell to mediocrity.

    18. This is possibly the best opening chapter of a cheesy Christian romance novel, and the rest of the book didn t disappoint Proper girl Grace gradually falling for and reforming the rake Brandon was well carried off Brandon s immediate interest in Grace and her ethics and actions made the whole relationship believable and well balanced.

    19. I really enjoyed this book I really liked Grace and Brandon As I read the book, parts seemed familiar, so I am unsure if I may have read this book previously, but either way, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it The story carried me along, and it was difficult for me to put the book down I look forward to reading other books by this author.Content Clean

    20. Didn t know it s a christian book until I won the giveaway, that s why I give a low rating I think the story would be better without all the prayers and mentioning of God The heroine keeps wanting to protect her loved ones or do something good but the resolves for her all actions usually create a bigger problem.2.5 stars out of 5Received a free copy through First Read program

    21. What a delightful read I loved the theme of God s grace throughout the book, it was covered thoroughly and yet without preaching Our lives truly are our greatest testimony to others about God I enjoyed the depth of characters and the story line Definitely one I m keeping on my shelf to reread and share with friends A must read for anyone who enjoys the regency era.

    22. A good deed turns into big problems Grace must not do anything to endanger Lydia s chances of a good match during her first Season in London Grace has no problems finding a match for Lydia, but for Grace love is complicated by having a husband first.

    23. A clean romp through the regency period I loved Brandon Funny dialogue and everything is completely tied up at the end Not a lot of guessing needed I enjoyed it Usually this line doesn t hold my attention, but this one did.

    24. This is just a short small book that is fun to read The characters are so funny The story plot is great and you don t have to wait for things to get interesting The begging of the book is so good that you never put it down

    25. Moore s first rate Regency romance showcases a hero whose desire for redemption is greater than his need for approval The heroine is a good moral example for the hero without being holier than thou RT Book Reviews, 4 stars.

    26. Won this book through Giveaways This is a cute romance book with very little love scenes Scenes are mellow and not sexual at all However, I truly loved the story and the main characters I found myself wanting to meet the characters.

    27. Serious dramaGood story, nice characters, but endless drama Could have been better without half of it I really liked the part about Max.

    28. A well done regency with very likable and believable main characters I think I ll keep my eyes peeled for books by this author.

    29. It just felt that the author tried to hard to create a conflict that would bring the couple to share their real feelings of love for each other.

    30. Maybe even 4 1 2 This was far better than average.

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