La ragazza della porta accanto

La ragazza della porta accanto Alice Appleton la vicina di casa perfetta riservata silenziosa e disposta a prendersi cura del cane di Reese Bareden agente di polizia Quando per coinvolta in una sparatoria proprio a casa di Reese

  • Title: La ragazza della porta accanto
  • Author: Lori Foster
  • ISBN: 9788858922200
  • Page: 355
  • Format: ebook
  • Alice Appleton la vicina di casa perfetta riservata, silenziosa e disposta a prendersi cura del cane di Reese Bareden, agente di polizia Quando per coinvolta in una sparatoria, proprio a casa di Reese, viene alla luce un lato di lei che fino a quel momento ha tenuto ben nascosto Chi davvero Alice Appleton E che cosa nasconde Reese deciso a scoprirlo, cos Alice Appleton la vicina di casa perfetta riservata, silenziosa e disposta a prendersi cura del cane di Reese Bareden, agente di polizia Quando per coinvolta in una sparatoria, proprio a casa di Reese, viene alla luce un lato di lei che fino a quel momento ha tenuto ben nascosto Chi davvero Alice Appleton E che cosa nasconde Reese deciso a scoprirlo, cos come deciso a scoprire lei, strato dopo strato, fino all ultimo indumento Intanto qualcuno, l fuori, ha un conto in sospeso con Alice, e Reese far di tutto per proteggerla.

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      Lori Foster

    Lori Foster

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    1. Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾ says:
      ReeseI ve been a huge fan of Lori Foster for a long time, so it really pains me to do this, but this book just did not work for me First let me start with the things I liked Reese I knew I was going to love his character when I first read about him in Run the Risk, and I was so happy that I turned out to be right Lori Foster definitely knows how to write a sexy alpha hero, and Reese was no exception I mean, he s Reese Bare It All Bareden for a damn good reason He s protective, possessive, and oh [...]

    2. Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews❤️ says:
      5 Smexy Stars After reading Run the Risk my expectations were very high and Lori Foster did not disappoint I loved Reece, he s right up there with my LF faves Joe Winston Say No To Joe , Clint Evans Just a Hint Clint, Noah Harper Too Much Temptation, and Simon Sublime Evans Simon Says.Reece is absolutely smokin hot alpha and a really good guy, he s understanding, patient, possessive, and protective as all my favorite LF hero s are Alice Appleton is a fantastic heroine and I absolutely adored her [...]

    3. Oh I seriously cannot wait for this April is way too far away I was so intrigued by Alice in Run the Risk and am really looking forward to her story Love the connection to Trace of Fever

    4. Alice Appleton took down a brutal human trafficker and now lives in fear of retaliation She keeps her past from everyone, but that becomes particularly difficult when her next door neighbor, Detective Reese Bareden takes a personal interest in her and her past Alice and Reese have chemistry to spare The difficult part will be finding time to explore it while involved in a deadly game of intrigueor, maybe not.Reading a new Lori Foster book can give me such a sense of comfort and the feeling that [...]

    5. Bare It All es el segundo de los cuatro libros que componen la saga Love Undercover escrita por la autora Lori Foster y narra la historia de Reese y Alice, personajes secundarios en el libro anterior.Apenas hace dos dias que termine el primer libro y ya devore esta segunda parte pero es que estas novelas son tan adictivas, interesantes y con un desarrollo tan bueno que me es imposible resistirme a ellas, esta continuacion me gusto un poco menos que su antecesora, en parte porque no hay tanta acc [...]

    6. One of my favorite genres is romantic suspense and Lori Foster s new series Love Undercover delivers all the elements I love suspense, swoon worthy heroes, humor and enough heat to leave me sizzling We first met the characters from Bare It All in book one Run the Risk, and while they each can be read as a standalone I recommend reading them in order to fully appreciate all of the characters and an overall arc thread.The tale picks up the morning after Run the Risk ends and we find Detective Rees [...]

    7. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews says:
      Slick s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 StarsOnce again I m blown away by another Lori Foster story, this is the second book in her newest series, Love Undercover, but she has a crossover from her last series, Men Who Walk The Edge of Honor Our heroine, Alice, appears and plays a very important role in Trace of Fever but, we also get to see Trace again and when you add him to the already hunky cast of the Love Undercover series.let s just say the hotness factor goes up even hig [...]

    8. After reading the blurb i expected to really dig this book but it was really weird Im not sure if it was because i skipped the first book or something but i was really confused The blurb mentions her bringing down traffickers so i thought that was why she was on the run but that apparently happened immediately preceding this book whats her deal Why does she talk like ancient greek prophetesses who were always hopped up on opium she talked like a cross between psychic and psychiatrist with someon [...]

    9. The set upThis story picks up the next day after the end of the previous book where Alice Appleton, Reese Bareden s mousy next door neighbor, saved his life, along with his partner Logan Risk and his boss, Lieutenant Margaret Peterson Reese s apartment is now a crime scene and he has no choice yeah, right but to sack out on Alice s couch As strange as Alice behaves, Reese is drawn to her physically and emotionally, even though it is obvious that she is hiding from something or someone What worke [...]

    10. I must say that I loved Lori Foster s Edge of Honor series and I love this series too since it s similar DI just knew that Alice will get Reese since the first time he met her It was inevitable as the tide DI loved Alice LOVE her She s the perfect mix between ingenuity and perfectly trained specia ops agent She s not a ninja or a martial art expert, but she s so observant and insightful I loved the mix Sometimes she doesn t get a clue, but sometimes she just surprise everybody with something so [...]

    11. Lori Foster is again hanging up there as one of my all time favorites with Bare It All Finally, Reese and Alice s story Seems as if I have been waiting forever, but it was worth the wait Alice is hiding a secret, but Reese is not only willing to wait for the secret, but he is willing to wait for Alice to give him her heart She already gave it to his dog Cash, but for Alice, that was much easier You see, Alice worked for a monster and she is set on paying a penance for her sins a penance that jus [...]

    12. I enjoyed this story I really liked the characters in this book It had all the elements that I am looking for in a book, suspense, humor, action and romance You ve seen my chest before, honey She nodded and whispered, You take my breath away Is that so Yes Alice drifted her attention over to him It s the same as you seeing me without a shirt.

    13. First reviewed here smexybooks 2013 05 review Favorite quote I ll fill you up, Alice And I swear you ll enjoy it I loved this book I wasn t supposed to have read it because it took me out of the order I was reading in, in an effort to stay on top of my review books but once I started it, I could not put it down It s usually like that when I read a Lori Foster book and I just had to continue because I would never have been able to concentrate on anything else We met Detective Reese Bareden and hi [...]

    14. To quote my review of Run the Risk you gotta love a girl that has a gun to loan you hidden in her closet and another in her bedroom for protection Yup, Reece is going to have some seriously interesting things to work out with his little neighbor lady In Bare it All, Reese Bareden is Logan Riske s friend and also adetective, who hooks up with a familiar female character Alice fromTrace of Fever from the previous series to fight against injustice I love Lori Foster her Visitation Series was one of [...]

    15. Bare It All is the second book in Lori Foster s Love Undercover series The main characters were all introduced in the first book Run The Risk and this story starts where the first book ended If you read the first book then you know that Reese Bareden has the hots for his neighbor, Alice Appleton Without giving spoilers, a situation occurs that brings Reese to Alice s apartment, along with his dog, Cash, who we also met This breaks the ice, so to speak, and opens the door for Reese to get to know [...]

    16. It took me a bit to get into this narrator, but once I was immersed in the story it was amazing I love the story itself from the get go Foster somehow made this novel simultaneously cute sexy, racy suspenseful Foster brings another heartbreakingly brilliant alpha male to the forefront with this tale t was almost comical at times watching him fight against his desires I appreciate how multifaceted each character in this novel is, be they main characters or supporting cast No one is one sided I al [...]

    17. What has happened to Lori Foster I used to glom her books like crazy but with this one I got to page 200 and had to DNF because it was like someone else had written it The writing is robotic and the dialogue is very stilted, specifically from the heroine who makes no sense to me By page 200 nothing much was going on and it lacks any substance for me to continue reading.Such a disappointment and I couldn t stick with it to even get to the first love scene.

    18. ARC provided by NetGalleyReview posted on my blogsite CS Maxwell Where s My Muse csmaxwellLori Foster is one of those authors that is an auto buy for me I know when I pick up her book, I m getting a great read Her characters always sizzle on the pages Foster is a pro at amping up the sexual chemistry and taking two characters to the extreme Her plot pacing is spot on and her heroes are totally addictive Bare It All provides everything that I come to expect with Lori s books And although you do n [...]

    19. BOOK SYNOPSIS A cop s craving to know about the woman next door could prove fatal in the steamy new novel from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster As the person responsible for taking down a brutal human trafficker, Alice Appleton fears retaliation at every turn No one knows about her past, which is exactly how she prefers ituntil the sexy cop next door comes knocking.Detective Reese Bareden thinks he knows what makes women tick, but his ever elusive neighbor keeps him guessing like n [...]

    20. Alice in her attempt to keep everyone at bay and every threat people may pose unconsciously draws Detective Reese Bareden s attention Resse is used to women throwing themselves to him he s used to their admiration so it doesn t surprise him that Alice s eyes practically devour his body every time they meet What surprises him though is the fact that beside looking Alice makes no attempt to seduce him, and that in itself is seductive he ever thought possible Add to that her personality, quiet, pr [...]

    21. I will say that this was my least anticipated book out of this series, but I was intrigued after reading book one with the introduction of Reese and Alice s story And this book picked up right where book 1 left off, which was good since I decided to read back to back So no refresher needed And I needed to know Alice s secret badly It wasn t my favorite out this series that I read thus far, but it was enjoyable Just Rowdy set the bar so high for me, it seems like nothing could touch his book I lo [...]

    22. Para come ar, j achei esse livro muito melhor que o primeiro da s rie, Correndo Risco , a historia come a exatamente sequencia do anterior, depois da festa no ap do Reese, ent o se voc n o leu o primeiro nem pegue esse, porque voc n o vai entender nadinha A a o se desenrola de forma ininterrupta, com o Reese e a Alice se metendo em tudo Ela, principalmente, adora enfiar os p s pelas m os e dar uma de Delegata Hel , e sair por a desbaratando organiza es criminosas e salvando mulheres das m os de [...]

    23. Bare it All is the second book in the Love Undercover series and it s also labeled as the fifth book in The Men that Walk the Edge of Honor series mostly I think because a character from that series shows up in this one SQUEAL.Reese and Alice are the featured characters in this series The book picks up right where the previous book ended or less and Reese and Alice are still trying to get settled after the blood soaked fight with the bad guys in their apartment complex Reese is debating how har [...]

    24. Beyond ReadingEven though the year is still fresh, I ve already read my fair share of books and, I can guarantee, Bare it All stands out in any pile it is far and away one of the most interesting books I ve come across thus far 2013 With well formed characters and a plot that had me so enraptured, I spent WAY time reading than I should have Alice was what I expected but not, either She was a sweet and tender expected but she was also brave and had a full steel backbone semi unexpected Reese was [...]

    25. This one was so much better than the first one in the series I like Alice, especially when I realized that she was the Alice from Trace of Fever I loved how Alice and Reese interacted, the instant attraction was great I loved how Alice was, innocent and world weary All the guys knew she was hiding things, but weren t sure what it was I think they were shocked when they found out, none of them expected it to be that bad.I found Alice s open way of communicating to be refreshing, although it seeme [...]

    26. I will start off by saying I love Lori Foster s books I have for years Bare It All is no exception It is the 2nd book in her Love Undercover series and I enjoyed it even than the first book in this series Other have summarized the plot just fine so I will not re state it The main characters, Reese and Alice, are great Alice is a character we met in her prior series, Men Who Walk The Edge of Honor If you have not read this series, grab them immediately and jump in They are great Alice is a sweet [...]

    27. I really enjoyed this book It s a steamy and sexy romantic suspense novel with a smoking hot, jealous and possessive alpha hero This engaging novel kept me enthralled until the end I was hooked from the very beginning Even though this story is part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone However, I do think knowing of the background story would have made this book even better After reading Bare It All, I am hooked on the characters and will continue to read the series.Sexy Police Detective [...]

    28. Bare it All is the second in the Love Undercover series by Ms Foster If you are a fan of hers, you know she writes great alpha males and strong females This book doesn t disappoint Reese and Alice live in the same building From the first time he saw her, Alice has intrigued him This book pretty much picks up the morning after the events of the previous book, Run the Risk Alice has been through a major ordeal and made it so that she doesn t have to interact with anyone Through Reese, she gains t [...]

    29. Having reread Run the Risk and immediately behind it went straight into Bare It All, I really expected to love it Hmmmah, not really I don t even know just how to say it I really liked Alice But she turned out to be than a little needy, insecure in herself And Reese turned out to be a bit of a bully Using her feelings for him to make her do what he wanted Dictating her every move Really, I did not like this one at all I am still looking forward to Rowdy Though I am kind of afraid he is going to [...]

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