Change of Heart: Justice, Mercy, and Making Peace with My Sister's Killer

Change of Heart Justice Mercy and Making Peace with My Sister s Killer When her sister was murdered in cold blood some twenty five years ago along with her sister s husband and their unborn child Jeanne Bishop thought she could forgive the teenage killer and move on wi

  • Title: Change of Heart: Justice, Mercy, and Making Peace with My Sister's Killer
  • Author: Jeanne Bishop
  • ISBN: 9780664259976
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When her sister was murdered in cold blood some twenty five years ago, along with her sister s husband and their unborn child, Jeanne Bishop thought she could forgive the teenage killer and move on with her life She became a public defender, an outspoken opponent of capital punishment, and a supporter of mandatory life sentences for juvenile killers But all the while sheWhen her sister was murdered in cold blood some twenty five years ago, along with her sister s husband and their unborn child, Jeanne Bishop thought she could forgive the teenage killer and move on with her life She became a public defender, an outspoken opponent of capital punishment, and a supporter of mandatory life sentences for juvenile killers But all the while she never once spoke the name of her sister s killer aloud, never once cared what had happened to him after he was convicted of the crime.Over time she realized that God was asking of her Her responsibility as a Christian was not to simply tell herself that she d forgiven the young man while secretly hoping he languished in prison the rest of his days As Christians we have an obligation to work to reconcile with those who have harmed us Change of Heart is the story of this transformation, from someone who actively sought the killer s imprisonment for the rest of his life to one who now visits him regularly in prison It has not been an easy journey, and at times the personal cost has been high But this change of heart has brought Bishop to a better understanding of what it means to be a person of faith.
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      Jeanne Bishop

    Jeanne Bishop

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    One thought on “Change of Heart: Justice, Mercy, and Making Peace with My Sister's Killer

    1. ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I have two words to describe this bookpowerful and insightful It is a quick read, but one that will stay with you long after you put it down Jeanne Bishopchronicles her struggle with the death of her sister and her killer in Change of Heart Justice, Mercy, and Making Peace with My Sister s Killer Jeanne describes, in gut wrenching detail, her sister s murder, the trial, and the impact it had on her family This is the story of love, loss [...]

    2. Would you believe after reading a John Grisham novel I changed my belief in the death penalty In one of his novels he painted an appalling picture of the death penalty Reading novels like that put you in the shoes of real people and I realized that I could not put another human being created in the image of God to death In Jeanne Bishop s account I was driven to tears Another startling fact is the horrendous crimes now being committed by young people and I mean children It is appalling and terri [...]

    3. Imagine Your pregnant sister and her husband, your brother in law, have just returned from dinner with one another A kid not quite 18 has broken into their home, had sat down, and awaits them, a gun in his hand.Your brother in law opens the door, sees the kid, and immediately pleads with him not to shoot your pregnant sister, to just lock them in the cellar, take what he wants and leave.The kid takes them to the cellar handcuffed and then instead of locking the cellar door, stealing what he want [...]

    4. In reading Change of Heart Justice, Mercy Making Peace with my Sister s Killer, one feels rather at a distance from the emotional response of someone who has lost a loved one to a random act of violence and Jeanne Bishop lost both a beloved sister and a brother in law Beyond that, her sister was expecting a child, adding further to the tragic loss It is almost impossible to suggest how one would react under similar circumstances but Jeanne Bishop s life altering loss in time somehow led to a sou [...]

    5. Bishop s insights and views into restorative justice where the perpetrator s role is to listen to the victim The victim s role is to tell their story The community s job is to make sure the perpetrator hears the harm he has done and to decide how to repair the harm She is a public defender in Chicago and opposes juvenile life imprisonment without parole.Bishop leaves corporate law to become a public defender after her twenty five year old sister, Nancy, who is pregnant with her first child and N [...]

    6. I was a first reads winner of this book Jeanne Bishop and her family had a horrific thing happen in her family Her younger sister Nancy, Richard, Nancy s husband and her unborn baby were murdered by a teenager named David Biro this happened in 1990 when 25 year old Nancy and husband came home and Were murdered in cold blood The young man showed no remorse for the crime and spent the rest of his years in jail For 20 years Jeanne Bishop could not even say his name she became a defense lawyer had a [...]

    7. Pity the colleague who walks into my office while I am re reading this book in order to write discussion questionsThe writing is great The story is compelling The theology and biblical references are solid Faith, narrative, quotes from relevant authors, are all woven together in this story of the transformation of a family member of murder victims a Christian a lawyer The first time I saw the manuscript, I couldn t stop reading it I have had some exposure to the work toward abolishing the death [...]

    8. Definitely the most meaningful book I ve read this year, if not several As a person who s greatest challenge to implementing Christian values is my daily commute to work, it s almost otherworldly to experience the grace, mercy, and forgiveness within the pages of this book It s a tear jerker and a heart breaker, but it is precisely the kind of message conceived from the Gospel that we could all benefit from.

    9. An incredible book that should be required reading for every Christian I am so grateful to my pastor for referencing this in one of his homilies several months ago, and my only regret is that I didn t read it sooner than now.

    10. I honestly don t know if I could be as strong as Jeanne Bishop was in forgiving her sister, brother in law and their unborn child s killer You really have to do some soul searching and praying in order to be able to forgive their killer Jeanne is an outspoken opponent for capital punishment When she forgives the killer, she forgets about him as well That is all she wants to do, but what Jeanne is challenged to read a book and act as Christians are to act, things begin to change for her Could you [...]

    11. Moving story of a woman whose pregnant sister and brother in law were murdered by a young man who was actually a family acquaintance She spends 20 years as a public defender gradually changing her beliefs on the death penalty and life without parole for juvenile defenders This comes about as a combination of experience and her faith journey She explains how she ends up meeting with the killer monthly and the peace it gives her by being able to give mercy to him.

    12. Ordered this by request for one of my prison pen pals and decided to read before I sent it to him It s an inspiring and difficult story, although I wish the author had explained her shifts in a way that wasn t always 100% tied to Christianity and scripture I accept that this was her motivation, but it was hard for non religious people like me to relate to.

    13. When I saw the name of this book, Change of Heart Justice, Mercy, and Making Peace with My Sister s Killer, by Jeanne Bishop, I knew it was something I wanted to read At that time, I had no idea that the book was actually something that God wanted me to read and was leading to read.When I read this book, I had no expectations The story is devastating but well written, and while I couldn t even begin to imagine being in Bishop s shoes, I was very grateful that I wasn t Throughout her journey, Bis [...]

    14. Wow This book has certainly caused me to think about and reflect on what I believe about forgiveness It is not an easy book to read due to the subject matter, as well as other stories Jeanne shares Some of the brief descriptions of other crimes caused me to feel physically ill and overwhelmed with heavy feelings However, I am glad that I read Jeanne s account and experience and I am grateful she has chosen to share it with us.Thank you to NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest [...]

    15. Change of Heart by Jeanne BishopI received this from NetGalley, it is great to have a membership with them and get to read the latest books out before they hit the shelves Change of Heart begins with tragedy the murder of Jeanne Bishop s sister Nancy, along with Nancy s husband and their unborn child, in their home some twenty five years ago In her dying moments, Nancy wrote a message in her own blood at the crime scene a heart shape and the letter u, last words of love When the killer, a local [...]

    16. To err is human, to forgive, divine When Jeanne Bishop s sister, brother in law, and their unborn child were killed by a deeply disturbed teenager, I recoiled at the senselessness of the crime When I read about her sister s tragically beautiful attempt to leave behind a message of love before she died, I wept How do you forgive the unforgivable Even though I never met any of the people in this gut wrenching story, my anger against the subhuman who committed these horrible acts exploded How do yo [...]

    17. Can one forgive the murderer of beloved family members Can one move beyond forgiveness to reconciliation and even restoration Can the deaths of ones close to one s self lead to a transformation of one s life and vocation The answers to these and other questions emerge from Jeanne Bishop s powerful story of how the senseless murder as if any murder makes sense of her pregnant younger sister and her husband by a young man just 18 Bishop s story is rooted in her faith, and a growing sense that not [...]

    18. WritingI was quite impressed with the quality of Bishop s writing, both in terms of its literary merit and in terms of its thoughtfulness I expected it to be mainly memoir with some musings about forgiveness, with a mostly inspirational bent And while Bishop s story is certainly inspiring, I was very pleased to find that she spends just as much time discussing her belief that Christians should oppose the death penalty as well as her own personal views regarding Christianity and the imposition of [...]

    19. Thank you to NetGalley and Westminster John Knox Press for this free advanced readers copy In exchange I am providing an honest review Oh this was really powerful I always think the stories of forgiveness are powerful, and especially when they happen between a victim s family and the perpetrator This is the true story of Jeanne Bishop and her journey of forgiveness toward her sister s killer And like I said in another review, for any haters out there just keep hating You cannot tell someone that [...]

    20. After her sister, brother in law and their unborn child are murdered, lawyer Jeanne Bishop finds her faith in God shaken This book is a treatise about her search for answers about forgiveness and mercy.Initially she feels relief that the murder suspect is found and charged But the disturbed young man was from a family known by her family well enough that their families exchanged Christmas cards.Watching the trial each day, Jeanne and her family are pleased to see that David Biro would be sentenc [...]

    21. Change Of Heart is as chilling as it is charming There is something so wrong with saying anything even remotely positive regarding a book about a tragedy, but Jeanne Bishop, whose sister Nancy was murdered at her home along with her husband and unborn baby back in the 90s, has turned her grief into a learning lesson of retribution, acceptance, and redemption The memoir is at times heartbreaking, every mention of the revered Nancy and her death, and inspiring the author s willingness to make amen [...]

    22. What I liked about this book It s easy to understand and follow Bishop leads us through events and reasoning in such a way that I m rarely left wondering what s going on It s on an important topic how we deal with people who have injured us, in this case to the extent of murder For me, it is also local, in Illinois Bishop shows, or at least tries to show, respect for the dignity of all involved, and she doesn t flinch from showing the bad sides of people.What I didn t like about this book This b [...]

    23. I had no idea what a profound effect this book would have on me when I started to read it Immediately I was riveted by Jeanne s harrowing story I ve never know anyone close to me who was murdered Her struggles are many how to come to grips with who the killer is, how to move on from this event, and what changes will come from it all She is a highly intelligent woman and educates herself to be the best at defending the helpless The book takes you on a journey and you suddenly realize that while o [...]

    24. This is a book about the sister of a murder victim, and how she ultimately became an activist and advocate for restorative justice The Christian centric language was too syrupy and heavy handed for my taste, and would definitely be off putting to those from a different religious background, which is unfortunate because I think there are definitely larger lessons about spirituality s role in society here that transcend any one religion But the story was absolutely compelling, and the book offered [...]

    25. I had no idea what I was getting into when I picked up this book The author Jeanne Bishop had a younger and older sister She had been to dinner with the younger one and the brother in law She learned the next day that the two had been murdered in their own home The person had broken into their home and waited for them to get home He killed them both The sister was pregnant and the killer had shot her in the abdomen killing the baby The author testified and put the killer away Almost 20 years aft [...]

    26. Given To Me For An Honest ReviewChange of Heart Justice, Mercy and Making Peace with My Sister s Killer by Jeanne Bishop is a book that once you begin reading you will not be able to put it down until you get to the end It is about love, loss, anger, faith and most of all forgiveness It is very powerful and insightful I must read for all The story takes the reader through the death of the author s family members, the arrest, trial, sentencing and forgiveness Make sure you have some tissue with y [...]

    27. This is a beautiful, heart felt and heartbreaking true story In trying to come to terms with her sister and brother in law s murder, Jeanne Bishop discovers that the capture and life sentencing of their killer doesn t bring the peace she thought it would She begins to feel God calling her to action The specific act forgiveness and reconciliation with her sister s killer Many people will have a problem with her decision to follow through on what she believes God is calling her to do forgive the y [...]

    28. This was a rough read Some of the stories and happenings mentioned in the book are nauseating but are necessary to illustrate the kind of acts that can and should be forgiven One wonders how such evil persists in this world.Jeanne Bishop does a fantastic job of detailing her journey and produced an incredible resource with scriptural and non scriptural references for the basis of her actions in the face of what most of us would call pure evil She took the road less traveled but ended up not only [...]

    29. This book is a fast and very emotional read and I have nothing but admiration for Jeanne Bishop for her honesty and ability to share a very painful story Her sister, bother in law and their unborn child were murdered by a teenaged boy in their home the evening before Palm Sunday in 1990 Bishop decided immediately that she didn t want to hate It took her much longer to speak the murderer s name and longer still to arrive at forgiveness and reconciliation Her journey is riveting and one that perso [...]

    30. I was actually sent this book from a giveaway and I am so glad I won Yes, it took me a very long time to put it on my TBR but when I finally sat down to read it, I wondered why it took me so long to start it This book isl the feelsjust a mix of heartbreaking and hopeful To go through the heartbreak and devastation of having your sister and her family murdered for no apparent reason and then Bishop s journey of not only forgiving her sister s killer but finding restoration in visiting him and tal [...]

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