The Red Book of Primrose House

The Red Book of Primrose House In Marty Wingate s charming new Potting Shed Mystery Texas transplant Pru Parke s restoration of a historic landscape in England is uprooted by an ax murderer Pru Parke has her dream job head gardene

  • Title: The Red Book of Primrose House
  • Author: Marty Wingate
  • ISBN: 9780804177719
  • Page: 435
  • Format: ebook
  • In Marty Wingate s charming new Potting Shed Mystery, Texas transplant Pru Parke s restoration of a historic landscape in England is uprooted by an ax murderer Pru Parke has her dream job head gardener at an eighteenth century manor house in Sussex The landscape for Primrose House was laid out in 1806 by renowned designer Humphry Repton in one of his meticulously illuIn Marty Wingate s charming new Potting Shed Mystery, Texas transplant Pru Parke s restoration of a historic landscape in England is uprooted by an ax murderer Pru Parke has her dream job head gardener at an eighteenth century manor house in Sussex The landscape for Primrose House was laid out in 1806 by renowned designer Humphry Repton in one of his meticulously illustrated Red Books, and the new owners want Pru to restore the estate to its former glory quickly, as they re planning to showcase it in less than a year at a summer party But life gets in the way of the best laid plans When not being happily distracted by the romantic attentions of the handsome Inspector Christopher Pearse, Pru is digging into the mystery of her own British roots Still, she manages to make considerable progress on the vast grounds until vandals wreak havoc on each of her projects Then, to her horror, one of her workers is found murdered among the yews The police have a suspect, but Pru is certain they re wrong Once again, Pru finds herself entangled in a thicket of evil intentions and her, without a hatchet.
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    1. This, the second book in the Potting Shed Mystery series, lives up to the promise of the first.It was a delight to be reunited with Pru and to follow her career, her search for her family, and her blossoming romance with Christopher.Pru is now in charge of restoring the gardens at Primrose House, a job that had been promised to another of the characters This is the first source of tension in the novel.The humour in this book comes from the and outlandish plans Pru s employer comes up with for [...]

    2. This was an entertaining, cozy mystery Pru Parke is an England and has landed a dream job She is restoring the gardens at an eighteenth century manor house If only someone wasn t trying to sabotage her work by acts of vandalism and, if only, her employer would quit sending her emails filled with her latest good ideas Pru is busy working on restoring the gardens on a very short timeline She is also trying to maintain a long distance relationship with Inspector Christopher Pearse who is also massi [...]

    3. This second book in The Potting Shed Mystery series was even better than the first, THE GARDEN PLOT, for me That book relied a little too heavily on unlikely coincidences on the streets of London for me to find it wholly credible This book, however, has moved Pru Parke as Head Gardner to Primrose House near the village of Bells Yew Green not far from Royal Tunbridge Wells This rural setting is very much believable regarding both the gardening aspect and the cast of characters encountered by Pru [...]

    4. This is the second book of the series and it is great fun to catch up with Pru Parke, gardener extradinaire, who has now left London for her new job trying to restore the gardens of an English estate As if the job was not enormous enough, she has to deal with an employer who communicates her wild ideas through a series of notes, the local workers who look upon her not only as an outsider but, horrors, an American to boot Her romance with the police officer, Chrisopher Pearse, who rescued her in [...]

    5. Even better than book one We travel with Pru to Primrose house to restore the ancient gardens and soon figure out that someone isn t happy to have her digging in the garden Christopher visiting on weekends helps with the clues she s gathering but is called away to help with a case further away ,so no weekend visits Pru is growing as a character and as a couple, the two are perfect Between searching for relatives, solving the vandalism in the garden and finding a murderer Pru is busy Enjoy and be [...]

    6. I received a free kindle copy of The Red Book of Primrose House A Potting Shed Mystery Potting Shed Mystery series 2 by Marty Wingate, published by Random House from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.I liked the main character Pru short for Prunella who is a transplanted Texan Her mother had lived in London loved it there This is the second of the Potting Shed Mystery series but it can stand alone There are few references that hint at what transpired in the first of the series but not enou [...]

    7. Pru begins her new job at the Primrose House and is set with the gargantuan task of returning the gardens of a manor house back to the original landscaped designed by Humphrey Repton As she begins work, she is beset by vandalism, and then the murder of one of her staff, the elderly Ned Of course, Pru dives in to solve the murder, while trying to make her long lost brother like her and mooning over her fellow, Christopher because calling him her boyfriend is hysterically funny or something This i [...]

    8. Following on the heels of The Garden Plot, Marty Wingate s second mystery starring Pru Parke, Texas transplant and gardener extraordinaire, is another delight Pru has found her dream job restoring the landscape of Primrose House The grounds were originally planned by the legendary Humphry Repton in 1806 While Pru is lucky enough to have Repton s illustrated red book of his original plans she is hampered by a strict schedule, limited staff and owners who are entirely too full of great ideas Thus, [...]

    9. Pru Parke returns in this sequel to The Garden Plot Readers can expect gorgeous gardens, suspicious characters, and murder, murder with garden tools Pru is now head gardener on a large British estate She is living hours from London and from the charming, DCI Pearse Pru commands an oddball group of gardeners, a group that has a limited amount of time to transform the neglected gardens into their former glory When a murdered man is discovered on the estate, Pru decides to solve the case This bo [...]

    10. This read is ideal for gardeners and wishful thinking gardeners as it focuses on restoring an English country home s grounds The Red Book is the garden design layout left by the original designer, and an American lady called Pru is busy as she takes charge of the amiable staff and tries to return to the plans She s a hard worker who pitches in with all the dirty work and makes room for a lad with special needs to help Local publicity and tensions combine until vandalism is noticed on the grounds [...]

    11. I thoroughly enjoyed the first in this series The Garden Plot but thought this was even better Pru Parke born in Texas, but English on her mother side, now has her dream job restoring the gardens of Primrose House in Kent However following acts of vandalism and the death of a gardener Pru feels compelled to investigate putting herself in some danger Fortunately Detective Chief Inspector Christopher Pearse is around to help Pru met him when she discovered a body in a shed in a garden she was work [...]

    12. This was my first book by this author, and I liked the characters, the setting and the storyline I didn t figure out whodunnit until just before the reveal, but that s not unusual, so I m not going to hold that against the author or the book However, I would really have appreciated knowing that this is book 2 in a series before I started reading it As a die hard read a series in order reader, I would not have requested an ARC of this book had I known there was a book before this one does not eve [...]

    13. Sissy The Red Book refers to actual landscaping plans done by Humphry Repton, who is a real historical figure This made the whole story, along with the English setting you know how I love my English settings interesting to me Overall, a very entertaining read Bubby The Red Book of Primrose House actually made me want to go plant something That s an accomplishment Can t wait for book.Read our full review of The Red Book of Primrose House by Marty Wingate.

    14. I totally enjoyed this cozy British mystery featuring Texas transplant Pru Parke Garden sabotage, a vicious murder, a bit of genealogy drama, and a touch of romance, too Nice change of pace from the darker, grittier mysteries I ve been reading lately Pru is fairly level headed, and I want to spend time with her I was very happy that there was no love triangle, as it seems the past 10 books I ve read have featured one More mystery, less romantic angst, please I ll be looking for the other books [...]

    15. A cozy mystery, and a lovely read Gardening, the English countryside, a slightly kooky estate owner, and a gardener import from Texas how can it be bad Throw in veiled comments about who really owns the estate, bad things happening around the grounds, someone else wanting the job she has taken, an inspector boyfriend in London, and a murder that s when things get interesting

    16. Enjoyable book with lots of twists and turns, maintaining interest to the end I like a book where not only is there a good story but it is also possible to learn something about a subject of which you know nothing In this case garden design Excellent

    17. Originally published at Reading RealityIn this followup to the delightful The Garden Plot American gardener Pru Parke is once again on the trail of a murderer while handling the restoration of a traditional English garden While her garden labors end in success, just as in the first book, she also turns up a series of corpses, and sticks her amateur investigative nose into solving the crimes.But this time, while she is still the bane of the local police department s existence, her new lover is in [...]

    18. openbooksociety article thBrought to you by OBS reviewer JeanieThe Red Book of Primrose House is a thoroughly enjoyable novel by Marty Wingate, the second in her series entitled Potting Shed Mysteries I did read the first one,,The Garden Plot, and feel that one can read this without reading the first one You won t want to miss, however, the exciting mystery and interesting characters while learning about the richness of British history.Pru short for Prunella Parke found the position of her drea [...]

    19. Title The Red Book of Primrose House by Marty WingatePublisher Random House alibi ppGenre cosy, mystery, English historical mystery, 3.5 4 Stars Author Marty Wingate is the author of The Potting Shed mysteries The Garden Plot, The Red Book of Primrose House, and Between a Rock and a Hard Place Her new mystery series, Birds of a Feather The Rhyme of the Magpie will be published June 2, 2015.Marty writes about gardening in the PNW and travel she also gives European garden tours She can be heard on [...]

    20. Pru Parke is a transplanted Texan She has moved to Great Britain to seek out her heritage the English half of her upbringing, her mother s relatives Since this is the second book in the series, she has moved along She has decided to remain there, having fallen in love with CID Inspector Christopher Pearse.In this book, she has been hired by a couple who are restoring the grounds of their newly purchased home, and Pru has the great fortune to be able to do so because she has the Red Book of Humph [...]

    21. The Red Book of Primrose House is the second in the Potting Shed Mystery series In this follow up to The Garden Plot , Pru Parke, who has relocated from Texas to England, has landed an ideal job She has been hired as the head gardener at a historic home in Sussex The plans for the garden were originally conceived by famous designer Humphry Repton, who left detailed illustrations in one of his famous Red Books Now it s up to Pru to restore the garden according to the original plans, all in time f [...]

    22. The Red Book of Primrose House is the second book in the Potting Shed Mystery series by Marty Wingate.Pru Parke is from Texas but has always wanted to live and work in England because this is where her mother was from As a child she grew up listening to her mother s stories of England She has now become the head gardener at Primrose House She has been hired to restore the gardens to their original glory of 1806 when it was designed by Humphrey Repton Luckily she has been loaned his Red Book whic [...]

    23. When we last left Pru, she had just been hired on as head gardener at Primrose House It was a position she d dreamed about for ages And not only that, it allowed her to stay in England and it was close enough that she and her new love interest could still manage a relationship.Pru couldn t be excited about her new position as head gardener of Primrose House The current state of the gardens is well pretty awful, but Pru is bolstered by the discovery of Humphrey Repton s original Red Book for the [...]

    24. I loved this cozy mystery as much as, even so, than the first in the series You don t have to have read Wingate s first Pru Parke mystery but why deny yourself the fun Whatever you do, make sure you re ready to pick up with The Red Book of Primrose House.Pru has now achieved serious gardener employment in England and what a coup Her job at Primrose House may have some slightly zany employers who envision all sorts of crazy tasks or additions to the garden Pru s restoring, but it also comes with [...]

    25. Texan Pru Parke s second outing is every bit as entertaining as her first The Garden Plot which was the first book in this new Potting Shed cozy mystery series.Pru has her hands full at her new job at Primrose House trying to clear the derelict garden and have it all designed and planted by the summer only six months away But when vandals destroy some plants in the greenhouse, start a fire in the potting shed, and then her gardener, Ned, is found murdered, her plans for a beautiful garden start [...]

    26. Marty Wingate is a Seattle based author with an advanced degree in urban horticulture She has not only published non fiction works on gardening but also leads garden tours throughout the U.S and Europe The Red Book of Primrose House is Book 2 in her Potting Shed Mysteries series however, I had not read Book 1, The Garden Plot, and had no problem jumping right into Book 2 The Red Book of Primrose House is a classic English cozy mystery for all of you who like the puzzles that mysteries present bu [...]

    27. I really loved this book The characters are enjoyable and well developed, and the plot and sub plots interweave in a way that keeps the action moving but is neither overwhelming nor confusing It kept me guessing most of the way through, although the outcome was as I had hoped the villain was who I suspected from the get go, but the clues were just vague enough to make me wonder I and greatly anticipating further books in this series by this author, although it looks like there will be some wait [...]

    28. I truly enjoy Marty Wingate s storytelling with this latest installment of the Potting Shed Mysteries I love the feisty Texan gardener Pru and the British folks who both work with her and who are also her friends There is plenty of humor mixed into this story and the mystery that is intertwined through the story is also captivating, making this an excellent adventure in reading The Red Book of Primrose House is the second book in the series, but first time readers can easily pick up on the back [...]

    29. Grab the gloves, the bug spray, and help figure out who left the body in the gardenuntidy at best A nicely flowing adventure for Pru the gardener The reader feels the twin pressures of approaching deadlines for the garden open house and the need to solve a rather nasty will not be disappointed

    30. Moving from Texas to England is the biggest thing to ever happen to Pru Parke But to pursue her dream job, as a gardener to a manor house in Sussex, Pru gladly crossed the pond Marty Wingate has given us a delightful book, brimming with mystery, thrills and just a touch of romance My recommendation is that this book should be on everyone s TBR shelf.

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