The Billionaire's Desire: The Complete Series

The Billionaire s Desire The Complete Series THE BILLIONAIRE S ASSISTANT Abby Waters is a bright charming assistant working her way up the corporate ladder in the most unforgiving city in the world She came to the Kerrigan Corporation to learn

  • Title: The Billionaire's Desire: The Complete Series
  • Author: Cassie Cross
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • THE BILLIONAIRE S ASSISTANT Abby Waters is a bright, charming assistant working her way up the corporate ladder in the most unforgiving city in the world She came to the Kerrigan Corporation to learn from the best Her only problem She desperately lusts after her unattainable boss A plain Jane girl next door from the midwest, she never turned a head in her life.Until s THE BILLIONAIRE S ASSISTANT Abby Waters is a bright, charming assistant working her way up the corporate ladder in the most unforgiving city in the world She came to the Kerrigan Corporation to learn from the best Her only problem She desperately lusts after her unattainable boss A plain Jane girl next door from the midwest, she never turned a head in her life.Until she turned his.Cole Kerrigan, New York s richest, most eligible bachelor, is used to his picture being splashed across the city s tabloids with a model by his side Accustomed to the advantages that being good looking and rich have to offer, Cole s never found himself wanting a woman that he couldn t or shouldn t have.Until he met Abby.They dance around their attraction to one another until one late night at the office turns business into pleasure THE BILLIONAIRE S SEDUCTION Cole and Abby wrestle with their growing lust for one another after their night of incredible passion Even though Cole complicated matters by incorporating an unknowing Abby into a plot to take down the man responsible for leaking the plans for his company s top secret project, he s determined not to let her find out A trip to Chicago tests Cole s will to keep things professional, and when his desire for Abby begins to interfere with his work, she s all too happy to be a distraction THE BILLIONAIRE S SECRET Abby and Cole begin to realize that their attraction to each other is than just physical During their Chicago trip, Cole takes an afternoon for himself and goes off the grid When Abby tracks him down to warn him of a business deal that s falling through, she discovers a secret that he s been hiding a secret that may bring them even closer together THE BILLIONAIRE S BETRAYAL Abby tells Cole about her coworker s plans to sell Kerrigan Corporation secrets to one of Cole s competitors He offers his thanks by showing her a night she ll never forget In the early morning light, when it seems happiness is finally on the horizon for the two of them, Abby finds out the real reason why Cole invited her to Chicago What happens when the man who has everything loses the one thing he truly cares about THE BILLIONAIRE S HEART Abby deals with the aftermath of Cole s betrayal and tries to forget him, even though her heart is refusing to cooperate Not one to let the woman he loves slip away, Cole offers up a grand gesture to let Abby know how he really feels about her Despite everything they ve been through, can they finally have their happily ever after THE BILLIONAIRE S WEDDING Cole and Abby leave the city behind for a quick visit to the Kerrigan family s beach house in Connecticut, where their friends and family have gathered for a very small, very private, very secret wedding

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    One thought on “The Billionaire's Desire: The Complete Series

    1. After reading a few contemporary romances I was getting annoyed with this millionaire and billionaire themes.but then I realized that historical romances are mostly about nobility or wealthy merchantsI guess the only difference is that historical romance titles are riddled with Rakes and Contemporary ones with bill and mill men lol Nothing special about this book Standard contemporary romance with a fluffy HEA.

    2. Amazing SeriesI smiled, cried and loved this series it s another one I d buy as a series because the books aren t long As so as I was done with the first book I coy wait for the next to starts This book is like a really good piece of candy, you know you want one but you really should put it down and get on with your day I really want another book in this group, like The billionaires baby or something like that.Some minor spelling errors, easy to read, short books and relatable

    3. A simple live story where the assistant is attracted to her boss and vice versa The playful banter between them leaves the reader wanting to see both hooked Very glad the characters don t waste time to develop a relationship and they are Soulmates Wonderful bonding with lots of caring and sharing Abby is very lucky lady to have found her dream partner Cole wants to believe in a positive relationship and adores her and immediately leaves behind the playboy routines After some misunderstanding he [...]

    4. With so many billionaire love stories out there, this one just didn t measure up It was ok, but not stellar There was lots of hot steamy action but it moved rather quickly to be very believable The parts of the story told from our Male MC s point of view were just not done well Overall, I liked it but I didn t love it 3 stars.

    5. I really enjoyed this series Some may say it s like most romance But I kind of enjoyed how romantic Cole was and the love that grew between him and Abby It was kind of nice to read about their love without too much angst for once It was a modern day Cinderella story

    6. Kinda coolShort books, glad they came in a bundle for.99 The story seemed a little rushed Totally forgettable If you like sweet and sappy, lacking any real drama this its for you.

    7. The Billionaire s Desire The Complete SeriesExcellent read A romantic story between the haves have notsLOL Just about every female s fantasy to meet a handsome, rich, kind man to fall in love and marry.

    8. What a lovely romance series loved them going to read the rest of them now x

    9. Lighthearted RomanceAbby is Cole s assistant He is the CEO and extremely rich She is a simple person who has struggled to win college scholarships and aced all her courses She is an extremely valuable employee to him but he has a problem He wants her in his bed Ups and downs in their relationship, a little corporate espionage and a HEA are available in this story.

    10. StandalonesI normally don t read standalone books but this one was perfect It was really everything that I trilogy or series book is just in a condensed version This author did a perfect job or creating a story with all the extra fluff that can come with serial reads.

    11. Book 1 Wham bam thank ya, sir Book one is a fast and furious read.I ve read several similar plot lines to this one rich, hot, alpha, boss and snarky, understated beauty assistant lusting after each other in secret as they verbally assault each other openly Loved the banter The instant chemistry between readers and characters is what made this book spark.The female MC is a ball buster, take no prisoners chick that s intelligent, brave, and isn t afraid of what she wants I instantly liked her.My p [...]

    12. This was a great book I enjoyed every page and I was so grateful that I had the opportunity to read the whole story and didn t have to wait for another part of the series I was than happy to pay a nominal fee for that privilege It seems that someone got the message that people are not crazy about reading parts of the series and to have to wait for the next installment I highly recommend this book and I will be looking for books by this author Abby Waters has a crush on her billionaire boss, bu [...]

    13. I dont normally write reviews although im sure everyone who writes reviews says that , but i had to in this case I like these billionaire romance novels for 3 reasons One, I want to see how they differ I mean how many virgins and billionaires are there in new york or LA, or wherever Two, the obvious reason, the sex scenes And three, fiction depicts that which reality never statesaning, I ll never meet a billionaire so at least I can read about it fictitiously Okay, on to the review I gave this s [...]

    14. Beautiful and SexyWhat a romance Very well written I love that it s a complete story I ve read alot stories where it feels like there should be Like it leaves me hanging Not this one I really got to know the characters There was no long drawn out drama Things happened, things got resolved Alot of books are written where I think why don t you just speak up Tell him or her how you feel, stop assuming This story has a natural progression, very realistic.Abby is Coles assistant She s wanted him fro [...]

    15. HOLY HOTNESS This is the first time I have read this author, and I FLOVE this series I do have to say though I am glad I got them all together, cause had I had to wait that would have been harsh This series has it all, humor, a little drama, alot of emotions, and a lot of love I loved the secondary characters in this book Hoping Becca gets her own story, if she doesn t already will search when done with this review The only thing I wanted was an epilogue Other than that, this series could not be [...]

    16. I adored reading this book The writing cleverly changes as the characters become personal and less about work situations The differing social standing and life experiences are examined and adapted along the way It s not all plain sailing but Cassidy grips the readers interest and runs with it Visualizing the scenes, characters and personalities is the trait of a great writer This book has it all billionaire, boss, love, intrigue, deception, heartache, love, loss, and incredible passion Glad to [...]

    17. Fun, Romantic and Sweet This is the perfect series after one of those deep, intense romances we all read It is well written and just makes you smile and love Cole and Abby and their romance It s nothing new but it is refreshing and a feel good series I really enjoyed it and it was a fast read Although I have a great life, it fells good to read about a two people getting the love of a lifetime I totally recommend this book, especially after one with lots of drama and intense situations You will e [...]

    18. For starters all 6 novellas make up one book in my opinion It took me an evening to read through the whole set To be kind It is average 3 stars bang on There is nothing offensive about this read, but certainly nothing exceptional The characters likeable enough, the plot predictable but enjoyable enough The writing average but not infuriating, it s a cruisey inoffensive romance read for a lazy evening in or a Sunday afternoon Certainly nothing memorable, but at least it didn t give me rage as so [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this series but I felt the story had come to it s natural conclusion by the end of book 5 I felt the last book, for me, was a bit disappointing It looked like one of the characters was being set up to create some tension and possible explosive drama for the main characters but instead he just faded into the background Quite possibly the concluding book to this enjoyable series could ve been condensed into a short epilogue and to the end of book 5.If you love the whole hot billio [...]

    20. I just finished The Billionaire s Desire The Complete Series by Cassie Cross what an outstanding read Miss Cross is a new author for me and really enjoyed her storytelling skills The love story of heroine Abby and hero Cole were a definite roller coaster ride, but so worth it I definitely plan to read stories by Miss Cross and look forward to reading the upcoming sequel book about Becca and Tristan

    21. I enjoyed this series I laughed at the banter between Abby and Cole and was endeared to her for her strength I liked that the story got right to the relationship as opposed to a lot of pushing and pulling to get to the inevitable It was an easy read and it kept me hooked However, I would love to see a book on Tristan s story He wasn t introduced until the end but the little bit made me want to ready about him.

    22. BreathtakingIt is easy to fall in love with this series It s nice to see when the rich billionaires fall in love with the simple women instead of the ones that you find in magazines that are superficial This book gives us simple women that we can achieve the man of our dreams even if it doesn t seem possible.Until Next TimeTabi

    23. I am very glad I got the whole series instead of each installment, otherwise my rating would have been lower This was a well developed story where the main characters fall in love over time There is some very light drama but it is easily solved by Abby and Cole behaving like adults The love story is sweet and steamy A definite recommendation

    24. Well donethough I do not usually care for serialized stories other than novels, this captured my attention the characters were believable, the author stayed consistent the episodes flowed smoothly Cinderella,s pumpkin did not appear and it was a delight fairy tale my hat is off to the author to borrow from judge les on dust a rousing well done.

    25. Missing partsThis was a good read but was missing some parts For instance Abby meeting Cole s family And the part of the former co worker stalking Abby It was as if the author was just trying to hurry the book series along It could ve been better Recommended only if you have nothing else to read.

    26. I simply fell in love with Abby and Cole the further I read Initially I felt that the storyline was going to be like many others as there are only a number of ways that the billionaire boss and his assistant can progress but I was wrong This is an enjoyable story with a bit of angst, lots of hot sex and a hero who developed into a partner worthy of Abby s love click and escape

    27. The Billionaire s Desire starts out good You have the forbidden office romance, keeping everything secret, and a betrayal that blows everything apart Then it completely loses momentum After the couple patches things back up between them, it just gets boring I really had to force myself to continue reading the final part of the book It really adds nothing to the story.

    28. I enjoyed this series of books although once Abby and Cole got together properly the timeline really jumped and I felt that the Josh Hamilton issue fell quite short, so much could have been made of that so it was a bit disappointing in that respect I did like the main characters though and overall it was an enjoyable read.

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