Beast Academy

Beast Academy None

  • Title: Beast Academy
  • Author: Jason Batterson Erich Owen
  • ISBN: 9781934124420
  • Page: 276
  • Format: None
  • None

    • [E-Book] é Free Download ï Beast Academy : by Jason Batterson Erich Owen õ
      Jason Batterson Erich Owen

    Jason Batterson Erich Owen

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    One thought on “Beast Academy

    1. Really like BA, but with caution It often needs other groundwork and supporting materials and play exploration, which may be true for anything.3APentominoes explains the how and not the why 3B shows the trick of adding zeros when multiplying large numbers ending in zero This is too early, imo.Instructs them to memorize the multiplication table, and without any exploration or play I would fill 3rd grade curricula with a lot thinking about multiplication in different ways, or how about other cont [...]

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