Book Crush: For Kids and Teens-Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment and Interest

Book Crush For Kids and Teens Recommended Reading for Every Mood Moment and Interest From picture books to chapter books YA fiction and nonfiction Nancy Pearl has developed thematic lists of books to enjoy The Book Lust audience is committed to reading and here is a smart and enter

  • Title: Book Crush: For Kids and Teens-Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment and Interest
  • Author: Nancy Pearl
  • ISBN: 9781570615009
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • From picture books to chapter books, YA fiction and nonfiction, Nancy Pearl has developed thematic lists of books to enjoy The Book Lust audience is committed to reading, and here is a smart and entertaining tool for picking the best books for kids Divided into three sections Easy Books, Middle Grade Readers, and Young Adult Nancy Pearl makes wonderful reading conFrom picture books to chapter books, YA fiction and nonfiction, Nancy Pearl has developed thematic lists of books to enjoy The Book Lust audience is committed to reading, and here is a smart and entertaining tool for picking the best books for kids Divided into three sections Easy Books, Middle Grade Readers, and Young Adult Nancy Pearl makes wonderful reading connections by theme, setting, voice, and ideas For horse lovers, she reminds us of the mainstays in the category Black Beauty, Misty of Chincoteague, etc but then in a creative twist connects Mr Revere and I to the list In a list called Chapter One, she answers the proverbial question which chapters books are the most compelling for kids who are now ready to move beyond picture books And who says picture books aren t deep Recommended Folk Tales sort out many of life s dilemmas and issues of good and bad a selection of picture books on Death and Dying introduces this topic with sensitivity and You ve Got a Friend offers up books for early readers that show the complexities and the pleasures of relating to others Parents, teachers, and librarians are often puzzled by the unending choices for reading material for young people It starts when the kids are toddler and doesn t end until high school graduation What s good, what s trash, what s going to hold their interest Nancy Pearl, America s favorite librarian, points the way in Book Crush.

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      Nancy Pearl

    Nancy Pearl

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    One thought on “Book Crush: For Kids and Teens-Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment and Interest

    1. Not a huge fan of book list books Thought it was mostly okay, some weird organizational things but, really how the hell does one organize the thousands of books one wants to recommend Disagreed with some agreed with othersAND THEN I saw it, a book author I hate so much I was repelled by the thought that Pearl could even consider this book as worth mentioning and I felt that I could no longer trust a word she said Maybe I don t even like the books we shared a taste before because I can not fathom [...]

    2. Original series review posted at Layers of Thought.If you love books and lists, and are an eclectic reader, you will adore this series Each recommends books which are organized into themes, with great little descriptions all are softbound, small and easy to read.Books reviewed Book Lust Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment, and Reason by Nancy PearlMore Book Lust Reading Recommendations for Every Mood, Moment, and ReasonBook Crush For Kids and Teens Thoughts Nancy Pearl, librarian extraord [...]

    3. I was curious to read Nancy Pearl s book, since she is supposedly America s favorite librarian While there is no single reader s advisory book or source that will fit every need, this one seems like a very useful one for parents and librarians who want to pick out or recommend books for young people Although each book in this pocket sized volume is not summarized in detail, the book is organized into age group and then by subject Pearl has chosen snazzy titles for her subject groupings, and incl [...]

    4. I love the structure of this book of recommended reading for children youth First of all, it s organized very simply into 3 sections youngest readers, middle grader readers, and teen readers Having researched book recommendations online, it is incredibly hard to find a good list when children youth have such a wide range of reading levels and interests for instance, try finding a book for a 7th grade boy who reads at a 3rd grade level Not as easy as you d think when you re trying to engage him i [...]

    5. It seems odd that I had never read this before every librarian knows who Nancy Pearl is I guess I don t typically read readers advisory book just because I never run out of anything to read But really I was missing out Because Nancy Pearl is a true kindred spirit when it comes to books Sure there were lots of books she recommended that I agreed with But But She highly recommended the 4 most cherished books of my childhood teen years that are not the world s most popular books Gone Away Lake, The [...]

    6. First and foremost, Book Crush For Kids and Teens Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment and Interest is a reference book, not a book with a plot or a story, and it should be read as such I believe this book absolutely belongs on the shelf of any one who has an interest in children s lit and YA Read the rest of my review here

    7. I love Nancy Pearl s Book Crush series This book alone has brought many books into my life that I might never have found, like Eloise Jarvis McGraw s Greensleeves, and Paul Fleischman s The Borning Room.

    8. Had lots of books in it I enjoyed as a youth that I was unable to remember the titles author of Now I can find them again, and build up my stockpile of books I have wished to own.

    9. Pearl, N 2010 Book crush For kids and teens Recommended reading for every mood, moment, and interest Seattle, WA Sasquatch Books Citation created by Amanda DaughertyType of reference BibliographyCall number 011.625Cost 16.95Description This book is a bibliography of over 1,000 books that are recommended for children and teenagers Content Scope This book contains a list of titles broken down by age group and then by interest Accuracy Authority This book is a newer version published in 2010, so th [...]

    10. Pearl, N 2007 Book crush For kids and teens recommended reading for every mood, moment, and interest Seattle, WA Sasquatch Books Citation by Bonnie BlevinsType of Reference BibliographyCall Number Ref 028.5Content Scope A bibliography covering picture books, chapter books, young adult books, and nonfiction books This bibliography recommends books from over 100 categories for kids and teens and contains bibliographical references and index.Accuracy Authority Bias The author, Nancy Pearl, is a for [...]

    11. What I most appreciate about reading this book is that I ve already read a lot of the books that she recommends for young readers, so I feel very accomplished now

    12. I m a sucker for booklists, and this one is great Does Nancy Pearl really read all of these books she recommends If only I had the time to keep up with her There aren t enough hours in the day In this installment of her collection, she focuses on books for kids and teens The book is divided up by age, beginning with the Earliest Readers, a category that includes babies and toddlers as well as young elementary school children She continues with the interesting, and sometimes humorous, categorizat [...]

    13. I was unsure about the format of this book most reference books of this sort have lists of books to choose from I found, though, that the set up was easy to work with and had enough of a teaser for most of the books to get the gist of what they were about While most of the categories that the books were broken down into were very easy to navigate and could be skipped entirely if you knew it was a topic that did not interest your child, there were a few that didn t mesh as well and the books with [...]

    14. Nancy Pearl is also the author of Book Lust and More Book Lust In this edition she writes recommendations regarding children and teen books.Packed full of suggestions, I added many to my already bulging impossible to finish tbr list.While one might think this would be a dry list of recommendations, rather, it is written with a style that kept me reading and very interested.Like me, Nancy had a not so happy childhood Like me, Nancy Pearl spent her childhood in libraries And, like me, she was very [...]

    15. This is an exceptionally well thought out book with superb reading lists directed at youth, but I think that the lists could be used by adults as well Parents can appreciate the first section of the book entitled Part 1 Youngest Readers, which is full of brilliant suggestions for little ones Part 2 Middle Grade Readers Ages 8 12 is a terrific mix of classic and modern literature that will turn any child into a life long reader this is a great section for books to give as gifts to kids as well Pa [...]

    16. I liked the way this book was set up in three sections for young children, middle grade readers, and teens Each division discussed books related by a theme or mood There was a nice mix of old and new books I saw many I d like to check out from the library I think the book could be improved if the recommended books stood out , rather than just include the title in bold print, with a description, and the theme or topic discussed in essay form I would prefer to see an introduction to the theme, the [...]

    17. Unfortunately not comprehensive or always on the mark For instance, A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L Engle is mentioned as a good book for discussion in one section, but under The Middle Grade Readers ages 8 12, when Madeleine L Engle is mentioned, her only book listed is Meet The Austins, a book I loved, but A Wrinkle In Time should have been put in that section also or instead of Meet The Austins A Wrinkle In Time was my favorite book when I was 10 up and loved it when I was was first introduc [...]

    18. I like Nancy Pearl s recommendations she certainly knows her stuff, and when I m familiar with the book, I generally agree with her I had a lot of fun finding all the titles that I had read as a child or as a member of the kids section My only issue with the book was the omission of several of my favorites most of which are recent, and it s entirely possible that they weren t available before she published Book Crush Specifically, Jaclyn Moriarty, Cynthia Lord s Rules, Lauren Child, 17 Things I [...]

    19. From the author of Book Lust, this readers 19 advisory book recommends books by topic to kids 0 to age 18, segmented into youngest readers 0 7 , middle grade readers 8 12 and teen readers 13 18 topics range from Adventures Ahoy to Real People You Ought to Know and so many my favorite section is titled Dewey Love Nonfiction Dewey Ever The creative and fun topics recommend books for readers to explore all their curiosity and options It 19s obvious disadvantage is that it was published in 2007, so [...]

    20. I really liked this book, but I warn you of the consequences putting an exorbitant number of books onto your to read list My book is so full of page markers that the book itself could be a page marker in my library I was glad to have found a compilation of great books that was created by someone who had actually read them I only wish there had been descriptions of some of the novels mentioned as a way of further enticing me to read them I am glad, though, about the organization of the books It [...]

    21. I admit that I skimmed the first part of this book since it was geared towards picture books However, I really enjoyed the second two parts of the book Her book recommendations are fantastic and I particularly enjoyed when she mentiones if they would be good as read alouds.My only complaint, and it s a small one, is the format I would have preferred a list of the books with small descriptions and age ranges for each one as opposed to the way she has several books rolled into one paragraph This i [...]

    22. This is a super reference resource full of booklists for kids and teens I did wish there was about mood appeal as that s the reader s advisory thing I m struggling with a bit I thought it was organized a lot by topic interest than by mood, which was disappointing given the title although there are some mood triggers e.g Cry me a river Even with my disappointment over the mood thing though, Nancy Pearl is always great super funny with booklists like Sink your teeth into these and Smells like te [...]

    23. Nancy Pearl is my hero How do I get to be her and publish fun books like this and have my own action figure Maybe I should email her and find out I skimmed some of this but for the most part, her suggestions seemed right on and of course, made me want to read The only thing I didn t love was at the end of some sections she would include a paragraph with further suggestions and she offered only titles without even a small phrase summary I like to see summaries in these types of books so I don t [...]

    24. This book would be really helpful in finding and motivating children to read The book is divided into 118 lists of books that the author feels are worth reading The book is very well rounded and easy to read A child can use it themselves or a teacher can use it to help a child select a book based on their interest I think this book would be especially helpful with middle schoolers and teens.

    25. Nancy Pearl is like the librarian I had as a child my guess is she could take one look at you and know the perfect book for you to read.This book is invaluable for children s librarians or at least it is for me giving me lots of titles to recommend with confidence even if I haven t read every one and reminding me of long lost friends Golden Name Day Yes, please A great reference book that I ll probably end up purchasing for my own private collection.

    26. Everything that I didn t like about Book Lust worked here, mostly because while I m not necessarily willing to commit to 500 pages of an adult novel based on a few sentences, I am willing to do it for picture books or teen lit I wrote down lots of titles to check out while reading this.

    27. Liked it, but after my experience with Novel Lust, I have decided that there is no point in reading these until I can buy my own copies and basically use them as a shopping list I tried to write down all the titles Novel Lust that sounded interesting to me, and the list is absurdly long, plus I m pretty sure I forgot several No way I m doing that again with this one.

    28. This is a good book to check out from the library, so that you can get additional ideas of what books you can throw your children s way However, the minute it was published it became outdated That s just the nature of these book list books Therefore, I wouldn t own this book in my personal library unless I was a professional teacher, librarian, or worked in a book store.

    29. I ve enjoyed Nancy Pearl s literary expertise as a librarian at the Seattle Public Library in helping to create a series of books that help give you ideas of books to read.I own Book Lust I should buy More Book Lust and this book LOTS of good ideas in these books Sometimes I don t quite enjoy some titles but others are WONDERFUL.

    30. This one is great I need it in print to make notes and for sharing I will use this book a lot Now that I have enjoyed my print copy for a week I am so excited to have this book It is perfect I m reminded of old friends, and I m finding new classics The short, quick synopsis bits are wonderful to help a librarian or anyone working to find the perfect book Love it

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