No Safe Harbour: The Halifax Explosion Diary of Charlotte Blackburn

No Safe Harbour The Halifax Explosion Diary of Charlotte Blackburn None

  • Title: No Safe Harbour: The Halifax Explosion Diary of Charlotte Blackburn
  • Author: Julie Lawson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Hardcover
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    • [EPUB] ✓ Unlimited õ No Safe Harbour: The Halifax Explosion Diary of Charlotte Blackburn : by Julie Lawson Ô
      Julie Lawson

    Julie Lawson

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    One thought on “No Safe Harbour: The Halifax Explosion Diary of Charlotte Blackburn

    1. SoManyBooks SoLittleTime (Aven Shore) says:
      My first Dear Canada bookgh Leading to the rapid devouring of all the other Dear Canada s Wow, this series is amazing Every one so incredibly interesting, well researched, written and edited I learned something I didn t know from every single one often a startling number of things My knowledge of Canadian history has been significantly enriched.Each Dear Canada is a diary written from the point of view of a 12 or 13 year old girl, usually lasting about a year of her life, as she experiences a ma [...]

    2. If Charlotte Blackburn were a real person I would want to seek out her grave to pay my respects I know the history and I ve even been privileged to know people like my father, born 1939 who met the amazing generation that survived 2 world wars, the spanish flu, the great depression and so many other horrors that our generation can scarce imagine but this book, through the eyes of an amazing little girl, made it all so much real I wept, openly and unashamedly, many times reading this and I will [...]

    3. This is definitely my very favourite Dear Canada book I really enjoyed reading it The Halifax Explosion is very interesting to learn about,and is definitely my favourite topic in Canadian history The book starts out in September, on twelve year old Charlotte Blackburn s birthday It continues to introduce you to her family, and she often writes about how her brother, Luke, is away fighting in WWI She writes down her troubles, and about most things that go on in her life, finally leading up the th [...]

    4. Tragic and Gripping, No Safe Harbour centers around mysterious protagonist Charlotte Blackburn Charlotte lives happily in the north end of Halifax with her parents and three of her four siblings the eldest is fighting on the front lines in France For the first few months of recording, we get a vivid picture of her life This includes reading the Anne of Green Gables series, helping out an elderly friend on the Milk Run, going to school, and hanging out with her twin brother and best friend, Dunca [...]

    5. Because I have loved historical fiction for as long as I can remember, I have read many of the Dear America books It reminded me of my love affair with the Land of the Free series from the 50 s and 60 s I recently ordered the Dear Canada series for the middle school library, and I plan to read my way through the 22 or so volumes available This book is set in 1917, the same time that the Anne of Green Gables books were being published There are several references to the characters reading the Ann [...]

    6. My Favourite part was when Charlotte, Duncan, and Luke found their grandparents to live with The worst part was when Ruth, their mom, their dad, and Edith died in the explosion.

    7. i read this book just to keep my head over water for my challenge and it was actually quite good

    8. This is my favourite of the Dear Canada books These books are a great way to get girls interested in the history of Canada.

    9. Young Adult Historical Vault says:
      Five stars I loved, loved, loved this book Wonderfully written and beautifully told, a tearjerker that still manages to pack in loads of historical detail without veering into teacher mode For my money it s the best Dear Canada by quite a long shot Emotionally manipulative in the very best of ways, it appeals to both kids and adults For my full recap and review including spoilers, check out Young Adult Historical Vault yahistoricalvault 2016 12

    10. I had to transcribe this into braille for work.

    11. I wanted to learn a bit about the Halifax Explosion, so I thought a child s book might be a simple introduction to what happened I liked the diary format of the book and now feel ready to take on Hugh MacLennan s Barometer Rising.

    12. Having returned to these little books in my adulthood has made me appreciate them even I adored the Dear Canada Series I collected every book even after I started high school, and even a few in my adulthood I bought them Unfortunately due to reasons that I am still bitter about, I no longer have these books except for Alone in an Untamed Land and one of the Christmas stories.No Safe Harbour is a diary fictional of course that is written by the fictitious diarist by the name of Charlotte Blackbu [...]

    13. Heart wrenching about sums it up I found this at Value Village and got it for 1 so I decided to give it a try My kids both loved the diary style of writing The characters were very likeable in the beginning and they enjoyed the tales of school, family, etc I was worried, because I knew what was coming, and wasn t sure if they were going to be able to handle the devastating story to come I did censor quite a few parts of the story such as the mentions of people on fire, headless bodies, and other [...]

    14. It was an easy life back in Halifax, Nova Scotia Charlotte Blackburn was an ordinary girl in the small city, with an anoying older twin, Duncan Charlotte was doing fine with her family until the explosion It kills half her family, and many of the citizens of Halifax Fortunatly, Charlotte survived She worries about her brother, Duncan Where is he Is he even alive And where will Charlotte stay She can t stay in the hospital forever Bodies were lying everywhere Nothing moved, no one spoke And then [...]

    15. As an adult reading this, I can safely say it s one of the most poignant and saddest children s books It s an excellent introduction to a historical event that occurred in Canada and I know it s one of my favourites to collect for any future children of my own Lawson does a great job of showing you the regular day to day life of a fictional diarist the months before the devastation, so it really guts you when the explosion occurs and the characters need to deal with the aftermath Highly recommen [...]

    16. I read this book close to 5 years ago, but my memories of it are still very clear It is written really well, and with such a topic as the Halifax Explosion, it really stays with you The struggles and events are still vivid The series is really amazing, Dear Canada was a favorite of mine as a kid and I learned a lot about Canada, our history, and what life was like at different times They are short but still full of information, and you get to know the character and what their life was like I lov [...]

    17. No Safe Harbour is another book from the Dear Canada series, about a young girl named Charlotte Blackburn, who has survived the Halifax Explosion With the help of her diary, Charlotte recounts her story of how she survived the explosion and recounts the stories of other survivors, as well as those who were lost This book is full of surprises and will bring tears and laughter to those reading it.

    18. One of my favourite Dear Canada books I just love Charlotte She is so insecure but so smart I love her Anne of Green Gables plays Her family Her twin Always thought it would be cool to have a twin Also, this had a sort of fairytale ending, but the story still felt real I don t i just really like this one.

    19. Couldn t put it down It made me cry, something that books rarely make me do I felt like I was right there with Charlotte I had always wanted to learn about the Halifax Explosion and I learned so much from reading this I also appreciated the references it made to the Titanic s victims being brought to Halifax five years earlier.

    20. I just wept This is certainly one of the best pieces of historical fiction I ve ever read The characters, setting, and events were so well portrayed of the time I would definitely consider this a must read for anyone who is interested in learning about The Halifax Explosion, as well as the Dear Canada Diaries in general to learn about history through a great narrative perspective.

    21. No Safe Harbour was sad to read To lose part of your family to an unexpected event and have your entire life turned upside down had to be difficult for the real citizens of Halifax, NS.Julie Lawson tells Charlotte s story with clarity and made you feel as if you were right there with Charlotte and her family One of the harder books to read in the series.

    22. I knew about the Halifx Explosion because of an episode ofStuff You Missed in History Class and another Dear Canada book, Brothers Far From Home I though I knew what I was getting into I thought I was prepared I was a sobbing mess It was beautifully written and heart wrenching This is an important book about an event that at least in America is not discussed enough.

    23. I picked this up while in Halifax on vacation I d never heard about the explosion until that trip After seeing the museum displays I wanted to read This is a children s book but it s a well written and documented account of life in Halifax before, during, and after that event It also includes stuff about the war and other important details of that time period I found it fascinating.

    24. Periodically I m reminded of how much interesting history is out there that I have absolutely no knowledge of.I found this fascinating and as the Diaries go, one of the better ones I ve read Why are the Dear Canada titles so much better and thorough than the Dear America titles Realistic and honest Very good.

    25. This is one of the saddest and at the same time one of the best Dear Canada s It tells of not only the devastating tragedy of the Halifax Explosion but also describes what it was like to live as a young girl during World War One.

    26. No Safe Harbour is another great story from the Dear Canada series and I definitely recommend reading this book if you enjoy learning about history I was able to learn so much about the Halifax explosion and was also able to connect with the characters on an emotional level.

    27. this book was well written and engaging, but very sad and at times gruesome but that s probably what made it engaging she loses almost everyone she loves and sees some sights that, for a kid s book, are a little grotesque but it s probably pretty accurate

    28. This is the most tragic and woebegone story ever But I lived it so much I couldn t get my gave out of it The way the writer ha Charlotte so meek and shy when she finally faced the explosion it was expressed so expertly

    29. I loved this book As soon as I saw I got it for Christmas I was so happy and after we opened our presents I went and read it till we had breakfast I loved it

    30. This book was just amazing, probably one of the best in the entire Dear Canada series Highly recommended.

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