Captain America: The Death of Captain America Prose Novel

Captain America The Death of Captain America Prose Novel Steve Rogers is dead Long live Captain America He was a hero to millions an inspiration to America s armed services and the representative of his nation s greatest ideals He lived for his country and

  • Title: Captain America: The Death of Captain America Prose Novel
  • Author: Larry Hama
  • ISBN: 9780785189961
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Steve Rogers is dead Long live Captain America He was a hero to millions, an inspiration to America s armed services and the representative of his nation s greatest ideals He lived for his country and now, he has given his last final measure for the nation he loved, shot down in cold blood In the aftermath of his death, Cap s longtime partner, the Falcon, makes revenSteve Rogers is dead Long live Captain America He was a hero to millions, an inspiration to America s armed services and the representative of his nation s greatest ideals He lived for his country and now, he has given his last final measure for the nation he loved, shot down in cold blood In the aftermath of his death, Cap s longtime partner, the Falcon, makes revenge his first order of business Sharon Carter finds herself spiraling out of control, a capti ve of the Red Skull s minions And Bucky Barnes, a.k.a the Winter Soldier, must reconcile his own sordid past with the calling to become the new Captain America Experience Marvel s blockbuster shakeup of the Captain America mythos like never before in this new adaptation

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      Larry Hama

    Larry Hama

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    One thought on “Captain America: The Death of Captain America Prose Novel

    1. TL DR Review 4 stars How dare this fucking audiobook remind me how emotional I am about Captain America.More reviews The BibliosantcumLong Review I have been wanting to try a GraphicAudio production, which describes itself as a movie in your head, for quite some time Among books listed there include many comics and books such as Mistborn, Dante Valentine, and Cemetery Girl All their books include a full multi voice cast, music, and action sound sequences.I was impressed with the quality of the s [...]

    2. The comic story from just after Marvel s Civil War the first one gets adapted to a novel To end the War, Captain America gives himself up But the Red Skull and mental manipulator Dr Faustus have schemes within schemes, and Steve Rogers is shot on the steps of the courthouse he s to be arraigned in Who shot him What happens next On the one side, Sharon Carter, agent of SHIELD and Steve s love, along with Falcon, Black Widow, and Cap s former partner, now the Winter Soldier, dig in to the mystery [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this book in a masochistic sort of way Especially with the recent release of Civil War in theaters, it was interesting to read this book after seeing it Having all the Marvel characters working together and mentioned just makes me wish that the studios could make peace on screen Though I m glad they didn t take the death of Cap route on the big screen.My heart could barely handle it in print Especially the reveal about Sharon So powerful Excellent book Definitely recommend it Bu [...]

    4. What s not to like Familiar comic book characters whose stories are told by a large cast of actors And there are sound effects and a full musical score that underline the action and tone Interesting story, filled with action and vividly drawn characters.

    5. An ok tale but the writing is sometimes a bit hard work and sometimes my interest flagged Unlike the Civil War prose novel the characters just seem to lack any depth or likablity so you sort of end up not caring what happens.The tale ends pretty much where you expect at the start with no big plot points that make it worth the journey.Only for die hard Marvel fans.

    6. Death of Captain America is a great book, I loved it then the Comics, and the Graphic Novel It is a must read for all Captain America fans, and anyone that enjoys a great book.I will have a Video Review up on my you tube channel soon youtube channel UCxzL

    7. This book was an absolute gem I loved it Had me on the edge of my seat till the very end I highly recommend

    8. This was an okay adaptation of the comics that related Captain America s death and his eventual replacement by his friend Bucky Barnes I could not decide on whether to say two stars or three stars, but despite the weird verb usage making the book a bit awkward to read, three stars it is There was a lot to cover in the book, and the author did a decent job of it Reading this did make me want to go back and read my omnibus collections of this series, so I suppose one good thing did come out of rea [...]

    9. Your friends are gonna be called Gummy and Stumblebum Do you really wanna be Lefty, or is your memory suddenly going to improve First of all, let me make this clear I don t like comics at all It s a personal preference I d rather read it than see it, and while I m not saying that there s anything wrong with comics per se, there are some outstanding issues with Marvel that I could choose to address.However, this is neither the time nor the place to do that The point is, I came here from the Cinem [...]

    10. This was an excellent book One of the things that stood out to me the most about this story and the way it was written was how well it contrasted things view spoiler like the difference between Senator Wright and Captain America s version of patriotism, the differences between Bucky as the Winter Soldier and Bucky as Bucky and Bucky as Captain America, and Sharon under her own control and Sharon under Doctor Faustus control I ve not read the comics graphic novel this was based on, but I doubt t [...]

    11. A good plot.I m a big fan of captain America This is an excellent prose rendition of a modern retelling of captain America s death It features a good assortment of supervillains Shield vs hydra action is always entertaining A knowledge of captain America books is a must or you will not be able to follow a long.

    12. It is a strange thing to read a prose adaptation of a number of issues of a comic book, especially when they span events you ve already read about The Death of Cap was remedied by plucking him out of the timestream and bringing him back to life, and that makes it easy to forget all this complex other stuff that was going on around the hyped event that removed him, for a time, from the Marvel Universe Larry Hama is a crisp and gifted writer 80s kids will remember him from the Nam, G.I Joe comics [...]

    13. This is a pretty fair novelization of the story line that I didn t especially like from the comics The point of view shifts from first to third person, some of the story is told in present tense, and the sections alternate between chapters and interludes, all of which I found a little jarring and somewhat distracting at times, but I finally reconciled it as an attempt to capture the pacing of the graphic story as it was told in multiple books The characterization was well done Sharon was present [...]

    14. I thought I would try and see what is like to read a prose of a story I already knew as a comic book I ve enjoyed it quite a lot and I think it gives you a bigger scope on the whole thing My mind s been recalling the original panels all the time though, so I m not sure if it would be that immersive for someone that doesn t know the original.The writing style is not award winning, but it s good enough And I like the way the book is structured All in all, this is a good read for Marvel fans.

    15. Based off the storyline from the comics an adapted by Larry Hama it s not bad per say it s just hard to improve on a already great story line so instead of being a adaptation it s mainly a word for word refresh so do I regret reading it not really but if You never read the comic book arc you just might be entertained by the complexity of the story I highly recommend read this in book form or comicbook form it is one of the best captain America story s ever

    16. This is a pretty legit follow up to civil war And I love how what I consider to be mainly side characters, actually stand on their own to make sure they can still handle business without Steve Rogers It s clear that his death is one that shakes up the Marvel universe and by the end of everything that happens in this novel, you are left wondering in a good way , what s next I enjoyed this for the most part.

    17. Personally I thought it was strange that this book was written in present tense It threw me off Also, I m not sure why Sharon Carter is the only character written from the first person and every one else is third person or why the Interludes couldn t have just been called chapters Besides those issues its business as usual for a prose novel written about a series of comic books.

    18. I enjoyed this book a lot Some of the dialogue was a little lame, though, in my opinion I also had two chapters in a row that were the same text, just different chapter headers So I m wondering if that was an editing error or if I m actually missing a chapter

    19. Great production values for an audio drama hence not two stars Too close to a comic book way too simple and very poor character building but hey, what did I except

    20. Considering it s the novelization of a comic book, this was actually pretty good It s a little heavy on the technobabble, which I guess is to be expected, but it was well written and entertaining.

    21. Note to self I m completely guessing the exact day I finished.

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