Powers: Bureau, Vol. 2: Icons

Powers Bureau Vol Icons Who are THE SEVEN An explosive new super team with a secret that could rock the world Pilgrim and Walker have been through everything together but this case may be the one that pulls them apart forev

  • Title: Powers: Bureau, Vol. 2: Icons
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis Michael Avon Oeming
  • ISBN: 9780785189183
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Paperback
  • Who are THE SEVEN An explosive new super team with a secret that could rock the world Pilgrim and Walker have been through everything together, but this case may be the one that pulls them apart forever Another blistering chapter of the Eisner Award winning, best selling creator owned comic book extravaganza from the writer of ALL NEW X MEN and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.Who are THE SEVEN An explosive new super team with a secret that could rock the world Pilgrim and Walker have been through everything together, but this case may be the one that pulls them apart forever Another blistering chapter of the Eisner Award winning, best selling creator owned comic book extravaganza from the writer of ALL NEW X MEN and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY COLLECTING POWERS BUREAU 7 12

    • [✓ Powers: Bureau, Vol. 2: Icons || Á PDF Read by ✓ Brian Michael Bendis Michael Avon Oeming]
      Brian Michael Bendis Michael Avon Oeming

    Brian Michael Bendis Michael Avon Oeming

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    One thought on “Powers: Bureau, Vol. 2: Icons

    1. Well, shoot what DO you do when it turns out the good guys who are in charge are actually bad guys, and they have all the power It s a little bit like finding out that the brilliant billionaire real estate mogul reality show maven combover icon you elected as your president and economic savior is, in fact, a soulless oompa loompa with tiny hands, a wanton disregard for facts, evidence, and rationality, and a proclivity for uninvited genital grabbing And, while I know Walker didn t bite it becaus [...]

    2. I ll say it again This comic has some of the best banter ever Even if everything else was taken away Character, Story, Worldbuilding, Plot, Pacing I d still read it just for the banter.

    3. Once again, DAMN Bendis, why you gotta make everyone else seem like they re trying too hard to be funny when it seems to just roll off your polished white head I swear Oeming is just getting better as an artist Same core style capital S style and in this volume I m noticing him add elements to the edges of the pages that aren t strictly necessary to advance the strory Beakers lined along a page with scientists, an out of context sexual picture that might represent a flashback or a warped memory, [...]

    4. Just awesome this one is an ending, than a beginning.

    5. I made the mistake of picking this up, and then couldn t put it down.A serial killer and a mass murderer strike Powers, and the shock waves of the investigations by Agents Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim are enormous And heartbreaking.

    6. This is another really enjoyable Powers story arc It reminds me a lot of the 4th and 5th volume which are some of my favorites in the series and have a ton of suspense and you feel as tense reading it as the characters do I like the ongoing conflicts in the plot that Bendis is developing too It isn t just Walker and Pilgrim who are in danger it looks like The art wasn t quite as strong as the previous volume, but other than that I really enjoyed it and can t wait to read .

    7. Cliffhanger alert Arrrrgggghhh Action packed sequel to volume 2 I love Pilgrim and Walker Looking forward to the next.

    8. I can t not be into it I won t apologize either Deena and Walker consistently rock my face off Bring on the new 1

    9. As a long time Powers fan, way back in the dark ages when it was Published by Image, Bureau Volume 2 and the All New Volume 1 are low points in the series I am genuinely surprised at how this TPB is rated on average.If your tastes run in the vein of Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Invincible, and other long running series that never seem to die, but also aren t covering any new ground, then I can see enjoying this volume Otherwise, the most interesting characters at this point have been killed, and the o [...]

    10. What a fun ride this was, really huge fun.Such high in drama, so fast paced, so violent So much fun

    11. Cinema and TV have very much embraced the superhero these days thanks to CGI finally making everyone look slightly convincing on screen, and although we ve not quite reached saturation point yet you ve got to wonder if that s getting close One of the new TV shows is Powers, based on Bendis and Oeming s acclaimed independently owned property albeit published by Marvel s imprint, Icon, but it s not part of the Marvel Universe.Throughout its run its managed to distinguish itself as a gritty, often [...]

    12. This came in the mail yesterday afternoon and I read it right away That s how much I like this series I ve been following it since the first TPB and have enjoyed it immensely.There are a number of similar books out there concerning worlds populated with superheroes just as a matter of course, but the only real standouts for me are Astro City and Powers Top 10 is great, don t get me wrong, but there are only three of them.In this particular collection we learn that there is some sort of super Ill [...]

    13. This finale to the short lived Bureau comic feels unfortunately anticlimactic I mean this volume closes up plots going back to Powers, Vol 4 Supergroup, but still manages to feel like it came out of nowhere It seems like what should have been a 30 or 36 issue run suddenly got smoothed down to 12, and so we re out of the FBI as soon as we got in.With that said, there s quite a lot to like in this comic The smaller procedural that kicks things off is a lot of fun, then the big one that ends things [...]

    14. It s not the best Powers volume ever, but it is excellent, Oeming s work felt even darker and rougher than normal here, but given the place this story is going it feels appropriate Bendis still handles the elements of the genre and the dialogue with his usual excellence What makes this one so appealing to me is it s promise of an epic confrontation to come The scope of this story envelopes the entire series in a way even Walker s origin fails to do Granted Walker s origin story is epic in scope [...]

    15. This cops and capes series has been all over the place for too long, sometimes barely releasing an issue a year, or meandering when it did come out, all suggesting a loss of commitment from the creators to the extent that I abandoned reading it in singles But for all that a lot of Bendis other work has been erratic lately, this volume s not bad at all, tying together various long running strands in a tale of powers, corruption and lies that you could only pull off in a superhero comic at once ve [...]

    16. It was okay I hate that Bendis hardly seems to have any time for this title any, the thing that broke him in the first place The individual issue release schedule is so irregular that trying to collect this in issues just didn t make sense any The story is good, but I swear that Oeming s art seems to be devolving there are pages here that look like the work of a kindergartner, and not in a good way I really like Powers, the idea of it, and this used to be something special on the comic racks Not [...]

    17. It is so nice to have new Powers comics again after Bendis and Oeming took a break to focus on the tv show that never was, although now I hear the project is actually going to be happening for real this time It was admittedly tough to keep hold of the threads for a little while since there was such a huge delay between books for a while, but Deena Pilgrim is still hands down one of my favorite comic characters of all time and I am really looking forward to being able to continue to follow her to [...]

    18. Another entry in this long running series, with some interesting mysteries and another shakeup to the status quo That seems to happen fairly regularly in this comic, which can be nice, but after so many world shaking events for the characters, I don t know how much the next one matters I tend to follow this series whenever I can out of interest, but it s not anything I m all that excited to find out what happens next I m sure I ll read the next one though.

    19. And in this issue, everything changes the death of a super team leads Deena and Christian to conspiracy and coverup, and some of Walker s past actions come back to haunt him, doing damage not only to him but also to those around The dialogue is as tight as always, and the art is strong and the plot throws curve balls than I expected, leaving things in flux but definitely not able to go back to the status quo Really well done.

    20. Nice, one of my all time favorite titles is back in order The first issue, 7, in this collection was even stand alone magnificent The story arc was great enough having fun with Rob Liefeld 90s comic dome It s a satisfying read despite not all the various subplots not being tied up, I think the writer s work at Marvel has distanced himself from no longer using absolute closure or close book chapter endings Nowadays it s back to never ending cliffhangers it seems.

    21. Powers has been consistently awesome since I started reading it, and even though it comes out too sparingly, this latest final volume is still among the best Noirish art elements, humor interspersed with some heavier fare, it s basically pitch perfect.I want , and I want superhero comics to see how well this works and emulate it.

    22. A story, maybe with a plot, perhaps with a beginning middle and end Is that too much to ask for Apparently so There are bits of details that are okay, but minus the story, it is all kind of pointless Except for Calista who is cool anyway Whatever.

    23. Bendis and Oeming are back in top form in this second compilation from the new series It s great to see the original duo of Pilgrim and Walker working together again, and firing on all cylinders.

    24. A return to form after a disappointing few TPBs.

    25. My goodnesstion Packed Relentless, big stuff happens in this volume Looking forward to the next one

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