All-New X-Men, Volume 4: All-Different

All New X Men Volume All Different The X Men are shaken to the core by the Battle of the Atom Kitty Pryde is particularly shaken by the events of the X Men crossover With her students gone what is Kitty to do Collecting All New X Men

  • Title: All-New X-Men, Volume 4: All-Different
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis Stuart Immonen Wade Von Grawbadger Brandon Peterson Mahmud Asrar Brent Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780785188605
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The X Men are shaken to the core by the Battle of the Atom Kitty Pryde is particularly shaken by the events of the X Men crossover With her students gone, what is Kitty to do Collecting All New X Men 18 21, material from A X 18, X Men Battle of the Atom 2

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      Brian Michael Bendis Stuart Immonen Wade Von Grawbadger Brandon Peterson Mahmud Asrar Brent Anderson

    Brian Michael Bendis Stuart Immonen Wade Von Grawbadger Brandon Peterson Mahmud Asrar Brent Anderson

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    One thought on “All-New X-Men, Volume 4: All-Different

    1. Bendis, get in here Yes, sir There s a problem with your story Which one, sir I write about 137 of them a week for Marvel so you ll have to be specific Oh, right I m talking about the latest issues of All New X Men What s the problem There s no Wolverine in them Right It s about the original X Men team being brought to the present day and having to deal with seeing their future Wolverine didn t join the X Men until later so he s not with them Yeah, but he s around now, isn t he So why haven t y [...]

    2. Three and a half stars.Contrary to what The Who say, the Kids are not Alright The whole back to the future experiment has been pretty much a fiasco and the X Kids from the past are now stuck in the present, which is their future.Off page the X Kids leave Wolverine s Romper Room school and join up with the other mutants at Camp Cyclops Kitty Pryde, who s now revealed to be Jewish Mazel Tov , accompanies them.Hola Professor Butthead Beyond the seemingly endless obligatory fish out of water humorou [...]

    3. I know other people ore sort of over these guys, but I m still enjoying the hell out of the All new X men Compared to some of the crap I ve read, this title is a breath of fresh air.I could have done without the A X stuff, but even those stories weren t too bad.So, the kids have left the Jean Grey School, and now they and Kitty Pryde are running with Cyclops As a bonus, they re back with Warren, so the gang s all together I ve honestly forgotten what happened in the previous volume, but apparent [...]

    4. This volume seemed like a bit of a dip in quality Or maybe that s because a few issues with some serious developments have been skipped between the previous volume and this one I assume they re in X Men Battle of the Atom, but I guess I ll find out when I finally read it.In theory, adding X 23 to the cast is probably a good thing I was getting bored with the Jean drama To be honest, I was bored with Jean drama two deaths ago Having another female character to keep the boys from completely and en [...]

    5. The fourth volume for Brian Michael Bendis going strong All New X Men is comprised of issues 18 21 which were the installments that dealt with the aftermath of the crossover event in Battle of the Atom It also features the 50th anniversary Gold issue as a bonus material Man, this volume is a lot bipolar than the usual.Kitty Pryde shockingly decided to leave the Jean Grey Institute of Higher Learning, turning her back on her long time comrades and surrogate parents Ororo and Logan whom she felt [...]

    6. The Original X Men join the new Xavier School and continue their tour of their future.So the volume starts with the Original X Men getting some new outfits courtesy of Magik.Afterward they are off protecting a mutant from some Purifiers.The X Men get a first hand look of the Purifiers patented brand of systematic hate sprinkled with religious passages interpreted in their favor At this point I have to imagine Hank McCoy longs for the time people just threw rocks at them.The Purifiers are among t [...]

    7. Ah good, the relaxing vacation between two major events in the X verse It s refreshing to take a break from all that world and race species saving, and just get down with some old school mutant melodrama Elsewhence does the world time Galaxy bending crisis come from, if not the sexual politics of a redhead and her passively moping ragtag of emotionally stunted, yet all too willing to bather about their infantile emotions, boys2men So what do the kids do while they re not saving the world They ta [...]

    8. This is where we come back down from the stratosphere back into good, but not amazing Bendis had an awesome run, and I m not saying it s over, I doubt it is, but this volume feels like the part of the roller coaster that has to start climbing back up again from after all the twists and turns and thrills Another major loss is that Stuart Immonen is no longer the artist after issue 18 This is one of those times where an artist and writer are so in sync that change isn t the best result I m not say [...]

    9. The X men from the past run into the Purifiers And a female clone of the Wolverine Not sure why a clone of the Wolverine would be female But okay The Purifiers are run by Reverend Stryker s son though I thought he used to be a Colonel, not a Reverend but this might be a retcon and they are surprised to see the original X men I did enjoy the fact that AIM and the Purifiers work together It does make a sick sort of sense Once again Bendis writing style makes this series great It s funny but at tim [...]

    10. I may be in the minority but I felt like this was one of the better outings in this series Well done.

    11. So this was kind ofwonky Boring I can t find the right word I like the Cyclops and Laura moment Seeing young him and Wolverine clone talk was interesting and fun That moment had heart The rest A crazy religious organization hunting down our favorite mutants How fun Haven t seen this beforezzzzzzz.Yeah not much to say on this one except very very forgettable.

    12. I wasn t as in love with this one, but it s still fun and plenty readable It just introduced a lot of new characters, what with the religious zealots, Wolverine s clone, and whatever A.I.M was I also had a harder time following the plot, maybe because nothing huge was happening But lots of entertainment Another series of adventures to show off the awesome charming characters And did you catch that Dazzler joke Priceless.

    13. Thought this had the potential to be a great story but ended up just being ok Liked the addition of X 23 the new costumes, other than that same ole same ole Everyone is in love with Jean, drama ensues Wondering if Marvel is having Wolverine withdrawals not being in this collection so they decided we have to have some Wolverine connection how about X 23

    14. I still enjoy these.But, JFC, is there a reason why Laura Kinney always gets the short end of the stick Give that girl a break SaveLauraKinney

    15. Kitty decides to quit the school as she feels betrayed by the people there She joins Cyclops together with the original X Men They soon get a mission to save a new mutant while wearing new uniforms It s an opportunity to dish out some spectacularly lame one liners while fighting the purifiers, ard religious zealots who hate mutants Did the author really thing this scene would be fun to see The young mutant they save turns out to be X 23, but she is exhibiting way too many feelings I preferred he [...]

    16. Damn it, Marvel, I declare shenanigans After much enjoyment with volumes 2 and 3, I eagerly cracked open 4 and waited And waited Something was different, or odd Why did it feel like I walked into a movie fifteen minutes after the start time Then I do a little research via Oh, BTW faithful readers, there happens to be a volume 3.5 out there Not that my library carries it they logically purchased numbered volumes 1 to 4 Is this bait switch, or just being jerked around It s disappointing, for sure [...]

    17. The main All New X Men stories were great, as always But since the collection only contained 4 issues, it included an extremely bland A X filler My four stars speaks of for the X Men issues If I had purchased this graphic novel, I probably would have felt ripped off.

    18. This series is really falling downhill at a rapid pace I was so excited by the initial premise the original X Men are brought to modern times by a somewhat delusional Hank McCoy , which felt ripe with new ideas and a sense of viewing the modern world through the lens of the past But, All New X Men isn t about any of that any Now there s virtually no difference between the X Men from the past and the X Men from the future, in terms of how they behave The past X Men have adapted too well to the pr [...]

    19. Soooo, this volume skips issues 16 17, which clearly contain some important plot points Rather than include key elements of the story, Marvel stuck some of the UGLIEST comics I ve ever read in at the end Awesome Thanks for that sarcasm font.

    20. What the actual fuck So I picked up the first four collections of this series at the library, even though I had actually read the first one when it came out as single issues, because Bendis writing is really best enjoyed in the long form as a continuous story.So far it s pretty meh except for a good chunk of volume 3, which was actually really good, and then I hit this At first I thought perhaps I d picked up a later volume instead of 4 because at the beginning there was a huge jump in story whe [...]

    21. Still really liking this title I m glad to see that it seems to finally be moving forward If I recall correctly the first three volumes were good, but they sort of stayed in the same place After reading those books, and the Battle of the Atom trade, I m a bit worn out on the Should they be here, or should we send them home , debate I m glad that seems to have been curbed for now.It was cool too that even though the original five are now teamed up with Scott and his Uncanny X Men they didn t spen [...]

    22. Enjoying the younger X Men than I was Less pouty whining and some real action on their part New costumes are a gas, but wish Jean Grey was Marvel Girl again.

    23. Unexpectedly innovative Until it isn t.Note that this review actually covers the first 7 volumes of the series.Although X Men is all about chromosomes the very stuff of inheritance I never thought this title was Marvel s extended family drama That honor goes to The Avengers, and associated books, with their marriages and their grandfather and father and son melodramas The Fantastic Four is clearly about the nuclear family The X Men and associated titles are about friendship, especially as it is [...]

    24. Warning X Men Gold which was included at the end of this volume induced A LOT of rage in me for some reason maybe because it felt like an insult to my childhood and this review is the result I m really not this mean a person usually though I do often use way too many parenthesis The horrendously bad 50th anniversary that they tacked on the back of this volume is worth a one star review If I had the misfortune to pay for that I d be even angry than I am that I just wasted my time completing the [...]

    25. Enjoyed this one much than the previous one.Loved the introduction of X23 and Scott s transference of affection.This included a bonus comic of a collection of shorts celebrating 50 years of X Men.Loved Wolverine contemplating how he d kill each of his team mates.

    26. This is the first All New X Men volume following the Children of the Atom crossover storyline Kitty Pryde has left the old X Men and joined Scott Summers and his renegade team of X Men, including the younger version of Scott Summers and the rest of the original X Men.Yeah, it s going to be pretty confusing if you haven t read the previous volumes.Kitty and her bff Ilyanna Rasputin try to start training the younger X Men, but as always happens with X Men, their actual training consists of immedia [...]

    27. This volume only contains four issues in the All New X Men series, though there is some extra material at the end to increase the page count The plot continues to advance crawle original X Men get upgraded costumes, which for this series counts as a major plot point.X 23 makes an appearance She is a derivative character, but I really enjoyed Craig Kyle s standalone X 23 volumes starting with X 23 Innocence Lost , so I had high expectations Here she looks like a buff African American on one page [...]

    28. So Marvel included issues of All New X Men in Battle of the Atom in Marvel Unlimited, but didn t collect them in the trade paperbacks Maybe that is just as well because I read those issues and had no idea what was going on It also seems like the issues collected here don t rely too heavily on what happened before Perhaps it explains why a character makes a cameo in this story, but it doesn t really matter too much The story here is about religious zealots trying to purify mutants which I would g [...]

    29. There wasn t a whole lot that happened here The most exciting things were the costume changes and the fact that it included, unexpectedly, X Men Gold 1 The main story is just a run in with a group of standard X baddies and a little bit of relationship development It s actually kind of weird trying to read this and the other series as well There is just a stark contrast between these characters and their contemporary counterparts One instance made Jean feel really ridiculous She refers to God as [...]

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