Love, Lies and Liquor

Love Lies and Liquor Cotswold detective Agatha Raisin lies to herself hoping skimpy lingerie will suit her ex s surprise holiday He lies to himself remembering childhood heyday of Snoth on Sea as sunny now a wreck in a

  • Title: Love, Lies and Liquor
  • Author: M.C. Beaton
  • ISBN: 9780312349103
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cotswold detective Agatha Raisin lies to herself, hoping skimpy lingerie will suit her ex s surprise holiday He lies to himself, remembering childhood heyday of Snoth on Sea as sunny, now a wreck in a cold windy storm Aggie threatens obnoxious guest Geraldine, later found strangled in Aggie s lost scarf Aggie can try drink, but needs all her friends when bodies pile up.

    • [E-Book] ✓ Love, Lies and Liquor | By ↠ M.C. Beaton
      M.C. Beaton

    M.C. Beaton

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    One thought on “Love, Lies and Liquor

    1. I can t believe I m already up to book 17 in this series After the first two, I wasn t sure how long I d continue because Agatha wasn t a very nice person Now, although she s still rough around the edges, she has won me over There s just something about her that makes me care about her I still wish she didn t act like a love struck teenager and I still wish people didn t carry on like she s almost 100 years old instead of her mid 50 s But, she s amusing and, for the most part, an intelligent ama [...]

    2. If I am ever on vacation and Agatha Raisin shows up at the hotel, I am quickly checking out Nothing against Agatha personally, but people seem to get killed around her at a quick pace this is the 17th book in the series, so clearly I enjoy the series, Agatha has grown on me throughout these books, and the ridiculous love triangle of sorts is the least annoying love triangle of all fiction James is back and of course because Agatha is not showing any interest, now he is interested and Charles is, [...]

    3. Oh myI m not sure where to start The title is great Best thing about the book actually, even though I failed to see any connection to the dreadful story starring the stout little temptress Agatha Oh wait one was tempted The entire book wasted valuable story time with Agatha and James pathetic relationship The relationship couldn t even really be classed as on again off again because it was never turned on Oh, and the bit about Agatha s filmy underwear That was just sad Agatha s friendship whatev [...]

    4. She is not nice in the conventional sense and she has none of the homemaking qualities one associates with good village women And yet there is something about her insecurities, her imperfect pitch in the hum of relationships, and her dazzling self involvement coupled with almost no self awareness that makes her a wonderful protagonist in the perfect picture setting of these novels M.C Beaton again develops a believable and funny cast of characters, some of whom are quite disposable, and sets in [...]

    5. Tried this series after much time away, since the main character is not really very likeable Unfortunately, I ve found she really is not better than I expected She is not static she has developed, but in baby steps It s very disappointing.Maybe, however, this is how life really is In reality, we all evolve, grow, expand in baby steps, and I haven t realized this yet and am taking it out on this character Agatha Raisin is very self centered and selfish character Everything revolves around her and [...]

    6. It appears that Agatha has put on her big girl panties and she is no longer going to be ex husband James Lacey s doormat He cannot suddenly appear in her life and on a moment s notice assume that she is going to drop everything and follow him on a whim OK, well maybe after this one trip.After seventeen books, we all know Agatha pretty well, she puts on a strong face, but deep down she is desperate for a man s attention, even if the said man of the moment does not treat her very well This time it [...]

    7. I enjoy this series very much Agatha Raisin is a woman with a lot of sharp edges, fierce temper, defensiveness, and obsessions Having settled into a village in the Cotswolds after an aggressively successful career in public relations, she has made friends and allies Underneath the abrasive news is a woman longing to be loved Constantly disappointed by the object of her obsessions, her boundless curiosity pushes her to investigate occurrences.Her detective agency is doing very well And her ex hus [...]

    8. I enjoy reading the Agatha Raisin mysteries I m sure it s not everyone s cup of tea, but I have to agree with the review by Patricia there is something about her insecurities, her imperfect pitch in the hum of relationships, and her dazzling self involvement coupled with almost no self awareness that makes her a wonderful protagonist

    9. I listened to this on a road trip with my mother, and neither of us were very big fans The mystery was fairly shallow, none of the characters were very likable, and all in all, it just wasn t a great read I also listened to the first in the series, and thought it was okay, so maybe this was just a bad one But I think I ve given up on Agatha Raisin.

    10. 17 Wow, I have a serious addiction to these audiobooks Thanks to the online library for having this whole series on its Always Available Audiobooks at least, for the time being I keep promising myself that I will pick up something else to read and come back, but I can t help listening to the next one as it s only a few phone clicks away to downloading the next installment As for this particular book James is back, and just like Agatha, I don t give a flying fig Thankfully, some people get murder [...]

    11. I had tried to read an Agatha Raisin mystery once before, and found Agatha to be such an unappealing character, I stopped reading This time, I stuck it out to the end I was very disappointed It s hard to believe that this is the same author as the Hamish Macbeth mysteries, which are so very entertaining.Agatha runs a detective agency and, in this adventure, is a suspect in a murder case Not surprisingly, if only to clear her own name, Agatha calls upon the resources of her agency to solve the my [...]

    12. Review This book had all the characters we love, and Agatha s love affairs do get on my nerves, but they also provide a lot of the humour in the books, so it s all good I also love Agatha running her own detective agency, as I love to see how the different personalities work together I do prefer the stories which take place in Carsely, but this one was one of the exceptions, because it was well thought out, and all of the characters came across very 3D and real, which is unusual when they re on [...]

    13. M.C Beaton has written another series about a murder solving policeman, Hamish Macbeth, that I have enjoyed so I tried Agatha Raisin I didn t enjoy it as much Agatha seems to just hang around and get captured by the bad guys who try to kill her, she escapes and solves the murder She is so passive Also her relationship with men is rather odd She chases after one in particular that don t treat her very well I did find the descriptions of the boorish, self centered behavior of the men around Agatha [...]

    14. As usual I have enjoyed another of Agatha Raisin s cases With Agatha nothing goes smoothly and there are always trials and tribulations As always nothing goes smoothly as she is being questioned for the murder of a fellow hotel guest while on holiday with her ex husband James Lacey Great mix of suspects, so the story keeps you guessing until the end

    15. I enjoyed this book lots of mystery Alot happened in this book only took me a day to read i couldn t put the book down wanted to know what happened next.

    16. 5 5 stars Agatha Raisin is in the Top Ten My first introduction to Agatha Raisin was during a Facebook Cozy Mystery Book Club discussion when someone mentioned it was a big favorite of theirs I hadn t heard of it or the author M.C Beaton before, so my fingers stayed quiet while the commenters gave their own delighted opinions and insights I googled the author discovering Beaton had been around for quiet awhile, and through and there was a whole year s worth of books to read I also discovered she [...]

    17. I seem to go for long periods of time between M C Beaton s books Huge fan of the Hamish MacBeth series, but only a bit of the Agatha Raisin series But that changed after reading this one I like Agatha quite a bit now Agatha has flaws like all of us and that might have put me off in the early books of the series She s abrasive, stubborn, whingey about life without her ex husband She s still all of those things, but I can appreciate her now that I m older I think I still want her to get on with [...]

    18. Is Agatha finally free of her obsession with James This book makes you hope so and it seems as if she really may finally be seeing sense and James may finally be seeing how much life without Agatha is not what he might want Still, I m not holding my breath As usual, Agatha is so much fun to read about and even though you want to shake and slap her sometimes, she always seems to come through and solve the mystery the police can t This time she foils gangsters, drug lords, jewel thieves and a nast [...]

    19. Beaton really makes her main characters unattractive personality wise and in Agatha s case physically too Beady eyes really Agatha, James ex husband in this book and Sir Charles, friend with benefits are all selfish, self centered, uncaring people Why would anyone want to continue to read about them I read one of the earlier Agatha Raisin books and she wasn t quite that bad in that one I thought She s much better in the TV series In this book James took Agatha to the place he went summers with h [...]

    20. Another fun outing with Agatha She is endearing with her grating, but ultimately insecure, personality She is always being reminded that she should be nicer to her friends so that she will still have some in the future Thank goodness Mrs Bloxby always sticks by her This volume begins with the possibility of a reconciliation with her ex husband, James Lacey, as they travel for a holiday to the hilariously named Snoth on Sea Just the sound of it conjures up disaster And it strikes as a guest is mu [...]

    21. Toglietemi tutto, ma non i miei libri says:
      Un nuovo capitolo di una serie gialla fantastica Anche questa volta, la Beaton ci ha stupiti con una storia colma di retroscena ed eventi.Come se la caccia all assassino non bastasse, Agatha sar anche impegnata con una lotta contro il suo cuore riuscir a mettere da parte una volta per tutte James Recensione chelibroleggere 20

    22. M.C Beaton writes awesome cozy mysteries This one does not disappoint This one is fun and full of Agatha Raisins hilarious banter and antics She is out to solve yet another mystery This one takes place in the fictitious absurdly named town of Snoth on Sea Just that name alone is hilarious and sets the tone in this delightful book.

    23. Agatha tries again with the self centered James But murders follow her around Luckily she has her crack team if detectives to help her find the killer s Meanwhile she finally sees James as he is and works at kicking the habit More power to you, Darling But, she may continually find herself quoting Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain, I wish I knew how to quit you

    24. The fact that I am on the seventeenth adventure of Ms Raisin should give some indication of my fondness for these charming, English village cozies Agatha is a combination of crusty snarker, certain she is right about everything, and an insecure, self doubter who too often compromises herself for the affections of unworthy men Honestly, I m a trifle impatient with her continued near obsession with her ex husband, but she seems with each volume to grow wiser, and I long for the installment in whic [...]

    25. Reading out of sequence.I am hooked What a characteroutspoken, does what she wants, the author lets us in on her thoughts, the woman smokes, has some bad habits I think everybody knows a woman like this And we get a mystery thrown in With realistic personalities and all from Britain This kind is now my go to fiction fun series

    26. Oh Aggie, Aggie, Aggieyou do get yourself into some scrapes But, as usual, they are quite entertaining The usual mix of characters escapades but the advantage here is that in this tale she would appear to be over James yes how I dislike his treatment of our heroine even calling him a pompous prat on page 147 at in itself is worth an extra star o

    27. Seems Agatha has completed her metamorphosis Not sure she ll be as much fun S when she always took credit for everything Unfortunately I read audiobook I couldn t keep all the characters Perhaps my problem was that it was an audio book.

    28. Agatha Raisin is weirdly lovable, and that is the premise of this book But some of the set ups were quite ridiculous, and we could have drowned in all the tears Or was that a wave from the high tide

    29. James tornato e propone ad Agatha di partire per un viaggio in un luogo misterioso Agatha prepara costumi e abiti leggeri, ma si ritrova in una localit di mare britannica, dove James trascorreva le vacanze da bambino, anche se tutto cambiato in peggio Inoltre in albergo c una donna in luna di miele che infastidisce Agatha, e che pi tardi viene ritrovata morta Cos l investigatrice chiama i suoi dipendenti per scagionarlaQuanto mi era mancata Agatha Continuo a tifare per Charles, perch James poco [...]

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