Cucumber Punk

Cucumber Punk Vaguely reminiscent of Jarman s Jubilee a surprisingly raw Bizarro fable about exploitation Wholeheartedly recommended Garrett Cook author of Jimmy Plush Teddy Bear Detective and Time Pimp On the f

  • Title: Cucumber Punk
  • Author: P.A. Douglas
  • ISBN: 9780615910093
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • Vaguely reminiscent of Jarman s Jubilee, a surprisingly raw Bizarro fable about exploitation Wholeheartedly recommended Garrett Cook, author of Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective and Time Pimp On the fringe of an acceptable society, Pete s a cucumber headed punk whose thoughts of rebellion against the social order frustrate him to no end Sometimes, there s a shortage Vaguely reminiscent of Jarman s Jubilee, a surprisingly raw Bizarro fable about exploitation Wholeheartedly recommended Garrett Cook, author of Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective and Time Pimp On the fringe of an acceptable society, Pete s a cucumber headed punk whose thoughts of rebellion against the social order frustrate him to no end Sometimes, there s a shortage of tomato sauce But there s no shortage of fear for the Veg heads, as they re hunted down to satisfy the Norms and their consumer culture More Praise for Cucumber Punk Fruit headed punks trying to stay off the menu in a weird hungry world The food pyramid crashes into the social ladder in Cucumber Punk David W Barbee, author of A Town Called Suckhole P.A Douglas doesn t mince words as pickle hungry lumberjacks clash with vegetable headed gutter punks in this urban allegory Brimming with action packed chase scenes, a cucumber and tomato s budding romance, and a dash of anarchy all wrapped up in story that could be read as a rallying cry against minority persecution J.W Wargo, author of Avoiding Mortimer Beneath the gonzo punk sheen of Cucumber Punk lives a scathing social commentary about the myopia of discrimination and the corrosion of social order P A Douglas conveys this heavy message with a sense of pure joy and insanity, ensuring a reading experience that never fails to exhilarate Try eating a vegetable afterward without feeling even a tiny bit guilty Matthew Revert, author of The Tumors made me Interesting P A Douglas delivers a fast, brutal, and oddly sweet tale of vegetable repression and exploitation But don t take my word for it Pick it up and read it now Erik Williams, author of Bigfoot Crank Stomp Cucumber Punk gives a taste of outsider community culture gone bloody and bizarro Bizarrocast

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      P.A. Douglas

    P.A. Douglas

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    One thought on “Cucumber Punk

    1. I wrote this, so of course I like it yolo

    2. It s been a year since I first became aware of the Bizarro literary scene At first glance, it seemed like an impenetrable world of twisted, gleeful horror, often sex charged and certainly offbeat As I explored the genre, the definition of bizarro seemed somewhat slippery Bizarro focused websites seem to avoid concrete parameters for the writing My modern brain wants to categorize and label everything it sees Time to give it a break and just read it, man.Scanning the titles, seemingly impossible [...]

    3. There s easily room for this one on my top ten list for 2013.Cucumber Punk is the story of Pete, a cucumber who believes in anarchy Pete exists in a world where vegetables are subject to the Canning Committee and the Picklers Union The highlight of his week is stopping in to see Gumshoe who runs a record store where he gets his tunes from There s an awesome Acid Bath reference in one scene at Gumshoe s vinyl record store, but that s another story.Cucumber Punk narrates the hardships of the veget [...]

    4. Vegetables are MURDER The cucumber farmers didn t grow enough cucumbers this year to make pickles for the lumberjacks And that is B LLSH T What are they supposed to snack on after eating their sandwiches What if they want a hotdog and there s NO F CKING RELISH So if you re a guy walking around with a giant potential snack on your face the world just got a little dangerous for you.This was a good book and an easy read Or maybe it just seemed like an easy read because I ve been trying to read Irv [...]

    5. People have vegetable heads There s a lumberjack who s pissed at the labor union and he wants pickles, and the best place to get them is from the poor vegetable headed people, who are the downtrodden Did I mention there s a lumberjack Most bizarro has cats and other strange animals that don t make sense, but I d rather read about a book that s healthy for you, too Join the cucumber revolution SPOILER Contains references to punk rock.

    6. Cucumber Punk is my idea of a perfect Bizarro story and the writing and overall feel of the story is as punk rock as the characters Keep it short, fun, and keep the allegory intelligent enough to maintain the serious readers interest.In Cucumber Punk P.A Douglas weaves a modern fable about oppressed people born as part produce who are struggling to survive in a world that hates them.We follow Cucumber Pete and his girlfriend Sandy a tomato head, who Pete is reluctant to commit to because mixing [...]

    7. I swear, P.A Douglas has to be one of my favorite writers out there I have yet to read a book of his I don t like Captain K and the Bearded Man Boy and Killer Koala Bears from another Dimension have to be two of my favorites I think what I love about Douglas so much is that he blends the lines between horror, bizarro, and sci fi seamlessly His writing is rife with super odd things going on, but it works Usually, I have a Hold upwhat just happened moment when reading a crazy bizarro book But neve [...]

    8. This book made me want to eat some nice barbecue Ribs, bacon, etc It was THAT good.Pete is a cucumber punk He is part of a group of people that was born with vegetables on their heads, the so called Veg Heads He is worried about his friend Egan, a tomato head that had gone missing He heard that is a hunt for tomato heads But, as he get back to his home, he fails to see one piece of news That lumberjacks from the Pickler s Union are out hunting cucumber heads to make pickles.This was a brutal bo [...]

    9. Douglas is off his rocker but even with the totally weird topic of the book, I stayed interested the entire time because he s a fabulous writer, period.

    10. Pat Douglas doesn t disappoint in his first full on Bizarro novella debut Simply put, it s a book about a gutter punk with a cucumber for a head among other Veg heads which are cast out of the normal society When the Lumberjacks run out of pickles for their lunch, blood lust shortly follows The norms go on to view this with pure apathyEED BLOOD EXPLOITATION ANARCHY PICKLES The social commentary seems to run deep, whether intentional or not, but Douglas keeps it light and fun The book is short an [...]

    11. I dove into this not knowing what to expect other than a killer title and literally found myself pacing back and forth, e reader in hand, thumbing page after page This is good really good The tension pulls throughout and there s no fat it s been trimmed, chopped, hatcheted to maximum story impact I love stories that dive in and keep going, not looking back, just taking us there, making us be there in this moment on this day with these characters and their struggle This is exactly what P.A Dougla [...]

    12. I ve read some of Mr Douglas horror work, and I loved it So seeing that he had a Bizarro style book come out, I was very interested Turns out, it s pretty dang good Kind of Veggie Tales meets Animal Farm and The Warriors, but with London s Burning It s a story of misfits who happen to have vegetable heads trying to find a better way, lumberjacks making sure they don t, and a little bit of a West Side Story romance in the middle My only complaint is that I wanted it to be longer But you know wh [...]

    13. Veggie wars are no longer at the table Veggie heads are human too sorta but they are looked down upon, spit on, etc So they hide on the opposite end of town The lumberjacks want pickles for their jars and they are coming for the cucumber heads Pat Douglas takes his survival horror to another level This time a survival surreal world where humans and vegetable living people exist If you are a vegetarian Know this veggies bleed too and its not just juice Audio book or paperback edition I m sure you [...]

    14. I was given a copy of this to read a while ago but completely forgot about it Sorry about that.This book is about veg heads people with vegetable heads hair trying to co exist with norms people without vegetable heads You know it s not really going to work out too well for the veggies but the end leaves you with the promise of things getting better for them It has the usual love plot and gross bloody violence we all love I read this really quickly Easy to read and interesting.

    15. Inventive and engaging Check out my full review on lurid lit

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