Double the Trouble

Double the Trouble In this Billionaires Babies novel by USA TODAY bestselling author Maureen Child one night leads to two babies When Colton King ended his impetuous marriage to Penny Oaks after just twenty four hours

  • Title: Double the Trouble
  • Author: Maureen Child
  • ISBN: 9780373733026
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In this Billionaires Babies novel by USA TODAY bestselling author Maureen Child, one night leads to two babies When Colton King ended his impetuous marriage to Penny Oaks after just twenty four hours, it was out of sight, out of mind But now, than a year later, Colton discovers Penny s huge secret actually two little secrets a baby boy and a baby girl.ColtonIn this Billionaires Babies novel by USA TODAY bestselling author Maureen Child, one night leads to two babies When Colton King ended his impetuous marriage to Penny Oaks after just twenty four hours, it was out of sight, out of mind But now, than a year later, Colton discovers Penny s huge secret actually two little secrets a baby boy and a baby girl.Colton s only option is to lay claim to his twins But soon he finds himself laying claim to Penny all over again Now they have to ask themselves Was their whirlwind marriage meant to last a lifetime

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      Maureen Child

    Maureen Child

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    One thought on “Double the Trouble

    1. Another fantastic book from Maureen Child I loved the beginning as Colton King is punched by Penny s brother, just before he finds out that Penny has two children that are also his Colt is stunned and furious that she didn t tell him To a King there is nothing important than family so he heads off to confront her about it Penny has plenty to say about her reasons and she isn t going to apologize for it either He wants to be involved but he has reasons he won t stay Penny wants him to stay but h [...]

    2. Dos Peque os Secretos de Maureen Child fue una lectura mas floja de lo que esperaba, no queria una gran historia pero tampoco imaginaba que este libro fuera tansuperficial Fue predecible y simple, y eso no esta mal he leido muchos libros asi pero por alguna razon esta historia se me hizo muy repetitiva, quizas porque he leido demasiadas novelas Harlequin xDD.En conclusion, cumple su funcion de entretener pero es bastante olvidable.2 Estrellas

    3. While DOUBLE THE TROUBLE is shown as a Harlequin Desire Billionaires Babies story, the hero Colton King is a member of the ongoing King Family series The family is mentioned frequently and Colt s King background is key to the hang ups the heroine, Penny Oaks, has with him The story itself is excellent, a quickie marriage mistake that results in unknown kids It s a quick read with great characters.

    4. Good read Lots of nicely done angst, though the hero was almost too over the top arrogant for me, and I really didn t get why he was so upset over not knowing about the babies when he didn t plan to stick around anyway Still, I enjoyed it.

    5. Kind of a typical secret baby book It just didn t grip me, heroine is the I will do it alone despite the bills piling up type, hero is hung up on his parent s death Very average read.

    6. This is a book that you have to take your time with In the beginning, you get bored of the back and forth between the two main characters Their bickering gets annoying really fast Mainly because it was always the same argument And it needed substance But in the end, it was a nice story It just took me a while to like it.

    7. Colton King married and left Penny Oaks in 24 hr period He thought that was in the past, out of sight, out of mind That was until Robert Oaks marched into his office and punched in the jaw and informed him, he has two little babies.Penny is in the hospital after her emergency surgery when she gets a surprise visit from a furious Colton King She has a lot to answer for but stands by her decision to keep the babies from him Colt is a force to be reckoned with, he stays with Penny to help take care [...]

    8. Colton King met Penny Oaks while in Vegas on a convention They spent a fantastic week together and married the day before he left He walked out on her the next morning telling her he was divorcing her and she would hear from his lawyer He was an unbelievable jerk but he never forgot about the woman who stole his heart during that week long stay.Penny s brother shows up at Colton s office 18 months after their marriage and divorce and blasted Colton with the news that Penny was in the hospital wi [...]

    9. Double the Trouble is part of the King Family series by Maureen but it can be easily read as a stand alone And like the other books in the series, this one also an enjoyable read about second chance romance with a secret pregnancy plot and twin babies.I enjoyed reading about Colton s story There s no secret of how much I adored King Men And I also liked Penny s character She s such a strong heroine and wonderful Mom I totally understand her reasons for not telling Colton about the twins But I m [...]

    10. First read 24 to 25 March, 20143.5 starsReally enjoyed Double the Trouble Colt was a perfect alpha hero and Penny was the best woman for him I wish there had been moments between Colt and the babies but there was plenty of sexual chemistry, laughs, conflict and romance to compensate Definitely going to look for Kings of California books.Second read 30 October, 2016DNFUnfortunately, I couldn t get into this book this time around I found the pacing too slow it was over halfway through the book b [...]

    11. Double The Trouble by Maureen Child is a good book Colton King was a weeks fling with Penny Oaks and they got married When the week was over he said he wasn t a family man and was filing for a divorce 18 months later Penny s brother punched Colton Told him Penny was in the hospital and that he had twins who are eight months old A boy and a girl Colton is mad He should have been told he figured He moves in with Penny and helps her with the twins A lot of tension He didn t think he could be a fami [...]

    12. This book was about a couple They got married for a day after being together for a week And the story began with two years after and twin From there, Colt s life changed radically A man who left and divorced his wife, adrenaline junkie and with mysterious past But a real family guy but why would he want to run away that fast.As for Penny, she also had a past which would explain some things but those didn t matter in tbe beginning not that much since Colt was the main reason in that story this bo [...]

    13. Not much depth to this The author kept talking about the chemistry the couple felt, but as a reader, I saw very little between them Actually, Colt, the hero was a cold, unfeeling ass who divorced his basic one night stand shortly thereafter Even when it came out why he did it, I still didn t like him and wasn t sympathetic toward him He left Penny twice, yet she proclaimed that she loved him I just didn t buy it.This wasn t the worst book I ve ever read, and I did so for free, so I can t complai [...]

    14. Bueno es una historia muy simple con pocos personajes y sin complejidades, con un pasado oscuro que no lo era tanto y con cosas que incomodaban, como ponerse vaqueros despu s de una apendicectom a, eso me suena muy doloroso o como que los ni os fueran llamados siempre gemelos pero eran de diferente sexo, lo cual es muy, muy raro, a menos que haya s ndrome de Turner, y en tal sentido creo que eran mellizos nunca se habl de que fueran un caso raro , y bueno, no investigar esto tan b sico me parece [...]

    15. Penny Colt ktmu di sebuah konvensi di Vegas, saling tertarik, ML, langsung married, divorce 24 jam kmdian, lahirlah twin baby Colt baru tau setelah baby berumur 8 bln itupun setelah Robert adik Penny yg memberi info Alasan Penny merahasiakan hal ini krn terakhir sblm divorce, Colt dgn tegas mengatakan tdk tertarik dgn perkawinan aplg anak Bukannya bersimpati tp malah jd membosankan bgaimana keras kepalanya Penny menolak bantuan finansial walaupun memang butuh bgt dr Colt.

    16. 3.5 starsYes, these stories are very formula driven The millionaire father of children he doesn t know about, the poor woman trying to stay ahead of the bill collector and raise her children without depending on anyone is a common plot lately But, I still enjoyed it, even if it ll never be great literature It is, however, a nice escape on a cold, gloomy day.

    17. Very good, mostly because the Alpha male, Colton King, was only an ass for all of a day When he thought about the situation he realized why the heroine, Penny Oaks, did what she did His twin brother, Connor King, also called him out for his behavior too, so he had nobody who was telling him he his stupid actions were good The babies were cute and I love how Colton interacted with his kids.

    18. I really hate those books were the Hero is really selfish in their thinking about themselves with no though to others to who may be affected by his own decision.Overall I enjoyed the book and the story line so I give it a four star rating for the cover makes it easier for me to forgive Colt King.

    19. The latest in the Billionaires and Babies series is an enjoyable read with a strong alpha male who has a tender side as well Also interesting is the relationship between Colton and his own twin RT Book Reviews, rated 4 stars Miniseries Billionaires and Babies

    20. 2.85 starsit was okay i suppose average read Being a harlequin, i expected grovelling, theatrics, heartstrings pulled i got a bit, but not smack down pounding it seemed rushed in a way but the start was promising and funny.

    21. Not my favorite in the Kings of California series, but as always a well written story by Maureen Child Colt has his reasons for why he left, and Penny had her own I never felt the chemistry between them, but I m glad they got their HEA On to Connor s story

    22. I decided to read this book after reading the teaser in another book I thought that the author could have done a better job regarding the father s issues His motivations didn t seem consistent I understand that he was torn, but I just didn t get that until it was explicitly stated.

    23. Double the Trouble reviewDouble the Trouble is a very sweet romantic story in the Billionaires and Babies series written by author Maureen Child.

    24. Nice quick little story to read Cute sweet moments, add some sexy steam, a little bit of double trouble, and a possible second chance to be back with the one that you loved and lost.

    25. D2289 Mar14 Maureen Child is one of my must read authors and I like the Billionaires and Babies series.

    26. At first I couldn t stand Penny I wasn t convinced with her reasoning for keeping the twins a secret But by the end of the book I warmed up to her The twins I LOVED And Colt

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