Luke on the Loose: TOON Level 2

Luke on the Loose TOON Level A great little easy to read comic that everyone can enjoy Publishers WeeklyIn this Junior Library Guild selection Luke looks at the pigeons while Dad is lost in boring Daddy talk Before you know it

  • Title: Luke on the Loose: TOON Level 2
  • Author: Harry Bliss
  • ISBN: 9781935179368
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • A great little easy to read comic that everyone can enjoy Publishers WeeklyIn this Junior Library Guild selection, Luke looks at the pigeons while Dad is lost in boring Daddy talk Before you know it, Luke is as free as a bird, on a hilarious solo flight through New York City.

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      Harry Bliss

    Harry Bliss

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    One thought on “Luke on the Loose: TOON Level 2

    1. While his father is engaged in some boring dad talk, Luke takes off after a pigeon, and winds up running amok through the city Cute, though I prefer Bliss s comics for adults.

    2. Luke s dad runs into a friend in Central Park The two dads talk, and Luke gets bored So Luke takes off after the pigeons, eventually chasing them all over Manhattan and across the East River into Brooklyn The comic book is the perfect medium for Luke s zany antics, and the sound effects they entail EEK AAAH YAAAH I also like that Luke and his dad are an African American family having a universal experience Trust me when I say that black kids, and especially black boys, are underrepresented in ch [...]

    3. In this graphic novel for beginning readers, Luke gets away from his dad at a park and chases a long suffering flock of pigeons all over NYC, causing much chaos It reminds a bit of Once Upon a Banana by Armstrong but is not so madcap This is fun but the illustrations are a bit flat, given the surreal nature of Luke s adventures he achieves almost super human feats of leaping and climbing Still, a fine offering from the folks at TOON Books.

    4. The illustrations in this book are phenomenal and they need to be to show the audience all of the reactions to Luke running loose through the city The dialogue is simple and the pictures tell than enough, making it a great graphic novel for younger readers.

    5. Luke on the Loose is the exciting adventure of a boy who is utterly bored with listening to grown up talk when his dad runs into an adult friend in the park While his dad is engaging in grown up talk, Luke is whisked away by his fascination with all of the pigeons Luke goes on to see and experience many exciting adventures once he is separated from his Dad and all that boring stuff This is such a cool book for young readers, and specifically young readers who absolutely DO NOT consider themselv [...]

    6. Luke is a small boy who loves pigeons One day, he runs from his parents in the park because he wants to chase pigeons He chases them all around the city, getting in the way of other people s lives His parents are very worried They notify the police, the news, and friends.The author used small speech and thought bubbles to express how the characters felt The thoughts were italicized which made it clear which ones were thoughts and which were actual words It was interesting how the author chose to [...]

    7. 1 Luke on the Loose by Harry Bliss has won two honors The first is, the Association for Library Service to Children s Graphic Novels Reading List in 2013, 2014, and 2016 The second is, the 2009 School Library Journal Best Comics for Kids.2 I think this book is appropriate for kindergarten and first grade.3 In this graphic novel, Luke escapes his father s boring dad talk when he is captivated by some cooing pigeons Luke travels from the park across the city in hopes of catching one of these birds [...]

    8. The TOON Book idea was simple Produce books for early readers in a comic book format, as created by a variety of different author illustrators Cat in the Hat with speech bubbles, if you will The problem Children s authors often say that novels are easy and picture books are hard I d take that one step further Picture books are hard but easy books are near impossible To be truly great you have to reinvent the genre Seuss did Mo Willems certainly has with his Elephant and Piggie And until now the [...]

    9. This book has not won any awards Luke on the Loose is appropriate for first and second grade students This book is about a young boy named Luke who goes off on a chase to find pigeons He separates from his father and his father calls the police to help him find Luke Luke disrupts many different people as he chases the pigeons, and he ends up on the roof He is saved though, and returned back into his father s care This book takes the reader on a fun, fast paced trip through the city with a boy wh [...]

    10. Luke on the loose is a fiction, graphic novel which is targeting the grade levels of K 3 This book is about a Boy that chases Pigeons then continues to follow them and runs away from his dad and is now on the loose in New York City The text to self shows that even though you have a liking for a certain object it s not always the best idea to follow that object Maybe I like a shirt while shopping but it is way over priced so it is not the best idea to buy it The text to text teaches children to l [...]

    11. Luke on the Loose by Harris Bliss, published by Toon Books copyright 2009 1 Awards No awards.2 Appropriate grade level K 2nd grade 3 Summary When Luke s father decides to talk with a friend, Luke decides to have fun of his own After Luke chases some pigeons he gets separated from his dad The book follows Luke and his Dad as they try and find each other 4 Review I didn t particularly like this book because it doesn t teach much between Luke s bad decisions and the lack of text However I believe t [...]

    12. A boy name Luke is busy looking at pigeons in Central Park While he is doing this his dad is preoccupied in a grown up conversation Before he knows it, Luke has wondered off on the loose looking following birds through Central Park This book is simple and great for early readers It teaches children the many dangers of what can happen if you wander off away from your parents Children get the chance to see where Luke ends up once he gets separated from his father Would pair with Rick and Rack in t [...]

    13. Luke on the Loose, takes place in Central Park, New York As Luke s dad engages in boring dad talk, Luke discovers the pigeons Throughout the story, Luke causes chaos in the city as he chases the pigeons Luke s dad is in big trouble with Luke s mom for losing their son Beginning readers will love this story It is funny and relatable mostly because of adult talk Recommended by ALSC Graphic Novel Reading List K 2 I will be adding this fun graphic novel to my kindergarten classroom library

    14. For those early readers looking for a graphic novel here is a good one not too long While his dad is doing the boring dad talk with another adult I know you kids can relate , Luke is distracted by one thing only catching up with the pigeons He is oblivious to everything else, and he travels across the city with the hopes of catching them You ll laugh at the mischief he leaves in his wake.

    15. I feel like this book would have actually been better with no words so that the reader would have had to construct their own story.

    16. I support independent bookstores You can use this link to find one near you indiebound

    17. This is a graphic novel for younger kids and is a simple easy read It starts with Luke in the park with his dad and his friend Luke only heard gibberish from them and got distracted by the pigeons He followed the pigeons all over the city , until he chased them all the way up a roof While all this was happening, his dad called his wife and the police so that they could search for him A lady saw Luke on the roof and called the police Luke was then found asleep with the birds on the roof and wante [...]

    18. Luke on the Loose is a TOON Book a story for new readers told in comic format by Harry Bliss At the park, Luke gets tired of listening to his father s boring adult conversation with a friend Unable to take it any longer, he takes off after some pigeons, calling out Yaaaaah as he goes While his dad enlists the police to track him down, Luke knocks over a bicyclist, interrupts a marriage proposal, and finally climbs onto a roof to take a nap, creating a frenzy at every point on his journey.Luke on [...]

    19. We ve been going through a few of those new Toon Books, and they re actually a welcome change from the ancient early readers that we otherwise typically manage to find at the library as good as Henry and Mudge The First Book may be This one is really easy, mostly very basic words, but there s also quite a bit of onomatopoeia There isn t much to the story a little boy wanders away from his daddy, chasing pigeons, creating quite the implausible ruckus in the process It s not terribly creative, but [...]

    20. Luke on the Loose by Harry Bliss is a graphic novel It is a cute story about a boy chasing pigeons while his father talks grown up talk with another dad This book almost seems like a lesson for parents while it shows the adventure of the young boy.Text to self Luke in this graphic novel reminds me of a girl I tutor When her mom and I are talking she will start off by standing with us, but end up running off and doing her own thing Although it is not as extreme as Luke it reminds me of his advent [...]

    21. Luke on the Loose by Harry Bliss is a Toon Book title about a little boy who is bored listening to his dad talk about boring dad stuff so he begins chasing pigeons And when Luke begins his pursuit of pigeons, he just doesn t stop No one thinks he will go far because he is just a kid, but Luke runs across New York City trying to catch the pigeons He wreaks havoc as he runs through traffic, past pedestrians, and through a restaurant This easy reader will be excellent for pre kindergarten through t [...]

    22. Luke on the Loose is one of the charming Toon easy to read comics, and this title lives up to the excellence that they are known to produce While his father is having a boring adult discussion, Luke takes off chasing the Central Park pigeons out of the park all the way to Brooklyn Luke is so busy following his pigeons that he doesn t realize how far he s gone or how much worry he has put his parents through It all ends well when an observant citizen sees him climb the roof of a nearby building a [...]

    23. ALSC Recommended Graphic Novel Reading List K 2 Choose your own cautionary tale Option 1, Parent distractedly at your own risk Option 2, Teach your kiddos to look both ways when chasing pigeons across busy intersections Option 3, Pigeon fetishes can annoy Option 4, Dads, you should actually run after your children if you see them running away Option 5, Don t pop the question when a 5 year old boy with the speed of Usain Bolt, a one word vocabulary YAAH , and pigeon lust is in the area I could go [...]

    24. Luke on the Loose by Harry Bliss and published in April 2009.Genre Graphic NovelFormat Hardcover, Print.Plot This graphic novel follows the story of young Luke as he escapes from his father in the park and runs throughout New York chasing a flock of pigeons and the places he runs through and the adventures he has Spoilers At the end he is found sleeping on a water tower, safe and sound The end leaves the reader watching Luke trying to chase pigeons again but his father has him on a leash to prev [...]

    25. Pam ☼Because Someone Must Be a Thorn☼ Tee says:
      Luke On the Loose is a cute illustrated book by Harry Bliss The story has Luke going on a big adventure as he chases birds in the park He ends up essentially dashing around town, causing funny chaos as he and the birds interrupt diners and engagements and other events.The artwork is good and kid friendly, and the story is one that most people will enjoy regardless of age at least once My son, who s 7, found it amusing, but he didn t really laugh out loud or anything My daughter, 9, thought one r [...]

    26. A sweet, funny little story about a young child s big adventure chasing pigeons through the city We read this when Boy Detective was five, and I thought he might find the story too simple, but he paid a lot attention to the pictures than I initially did and ended up laughing at all of Luke s antics I think I was also distracted by empathizing with Luke s frantic parents I especially loved finding this because children s books are sadly lacking in diversity of characters, and kids comics even so [...]

    27. I really like the idea of TOON books but have largely been disapointed by the ones that I ve read so far This one seemed better than the other two with humour in the illustrations In fact, the details of the pictures have a lot of story woven into them, making the text very simple pages and pages of YAAAA One of my concerns is that the overall joke of the book of the comarison of child to pet ending with the child on a leash so that he can t chase the pigeons seems in the adult vein than a jok [...]

    28. Luke on the Loose is a very cute story about a boy who runs after some pigeons while in the park with his father He keeps chasing them and after awhile his dad realizes he is gone and has to find him It is a very short and simple story but still super cute Definitely a must read with your children.Visually the book is very appealing A lot of welcoming and warming colors are used This book relies almost solely on the illustrations, as there is a very big lack of dialogue The word placement in the [...]

    29. Audience This book is best for prek 2nd grade It works well for early readers, the sentences are smaller and easier to read The book is set up as a comic book which might bring in readers of comics Appeal The book s cover alludes to a mystery or an adventure so that may appeal to children The book also shows a city and all different places of the city which would interest a child that picks the book up.Graphic Novel from list provided on Bb

    30. The Toon Books are early readers in comic book format, and this is Harry Bliss s first comic book story I must say, he does it very well There are lots of visual jokes in the background for discerning readers, but the main story is simple enough to entertain beginning readers Luke decides to chase pigeons and ends up running all over NYC Would be fun to pair with Knuffle Bunny just for the location.

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