Under a Fairy Moon

Under a Fairy Moon A young girl is lost in her neighbor s magical garden Winner of the Gelett Burgess Children s Book Award Fantasy and the Canadian Christian Writing Award for Young Adult fiction

  • Title: Under a Fairy Moon
  • Author: T.M. Wallace
  • ISBN: 9780986865749
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback
  • A young girl is lost in her neighbor s magical garden Winner of the 2012 Gelett Burgess Children s Book Award Fantasy and the 2012 Canadian Christian Writing Award for Young Adult fiction.

    • [KINDLE] ✓ Under a Fairy Moon | by ✓ T.M. Wallace
      T.M. Wallace

    T.M. Wallace

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    1. Addy is a fourteen year old girl who thinks her neighbor, Mrs Tavish, might be a witch Despite this, she enjoys spending time in Mrs Tavish s garden One day, she meets a boy named Conner, and together they discover that the garden is actually a Median Realm.With the help of Entuia, a pixie, they learn they must play a game of Fairy Chess, which really isn t like the game of chess we know, to return to their world They learn about themselves in the process, along with a bit of heartache.This was [...]

    2. Addyson is fourteen and has a very active imagination She has recently moved into a new home and the neighbor has an overgrown garden that is perfect for her to play pretend in She doesn t realize that it is an inbetween place of the land of fairy and the human realm.She finds herself caught up in a game to win her way home Her new friend Connor, who she found in the garden gets to play it with her The stakes are much higher than her ability to go home, it is a fight of good against evil She mus [...]

    3. Under A Fairy Moon is a YA fantasy novel.Addy Marten has just moved in to her new home and is enchanted by her neighbour, Mrs Tavishs garden It is her get away place from the world until the day she sees a boy talking to Mrs Tavish, she decides to investigate except things aren t what they appear to be any longer.Addy is positive she is no longer in the garden next door as weird things begin to occur After meeting Connor, she is relieved that she won t have to traverse the garden alone.Connor is [...]

    4. If fairies and elves played Wizard Chess, and the movement of pieces transported players to other places to survive situations in order to advance to the next round, this would be the story of such a game Of course, in this book they call it Fairy Chess and the fate of the entire Summerland hangs in the balances The players who are tricked into playing by a mischevious fairy are a human boy and girl who suddenly find themselves in the Fairy Queen s realm just as the Fairy Queen and Elf King are [...]

    5. Every garden has the possibility for a child with an imagination For Addy Marten, her garden belonged to the neighbor Mrs Tavish, who rumor has it was a reported witch Yet whenever Addy saw her, she was just an old woman, in a brightly colored flowered dress with a large hat who loved working in her garden and talking to her flowers.Whenever Mrs Tavish wasn t in the garden was when Addy would sneak in, to the deepest part, beneath the thick overgrown shrubs, next to the bubbling creek to the cen [...]

    6. Under A Fairy Moon is intended for a young reader and, as the parent of a tween, I can only comment from the perspective of a mom T.M Wallace will treat readers to a wonderfully imaginative and mystical adventure full of fantastical new friends and unabashedly devious new foes Intended for a middle grade audience, Under A Fairy Moon will stretch your tweens imagination on a journey of perseverance and courage Adult readers will also find a pleasantly delightful reading experience.Both intrigued [...]

    7. Fourteen year old Addyson Martin just moved next door to a witch, or at least that s what everyone calls the strange old woman who is now her neighbor Addy watches the old woman s garden from her bedroom window, studying the large, curious statues that sit amongst the beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees Addy has a very active imagination, and one day finds the courage to venture next door to explore the vast garden She imagines a magical land within the garden walls, a land that Addy rules over [...]

    8. My full 3.5 JEWEL review can be found at One Book Shy of a Full ShelfThis was a delightful story that I think will appeal to older middle grade readers and up T.M Wallace has created a story chock full of characters that kids can relate to They are well written and quite believable in their actions and dialogue I enjoyed the fact that the author s fae were based on the darker, malevolent beings from myth and legend The lighter sparkly fairies tend to get the majority of the attention so this wa [...]

    9. I received a free copy through This was a lovely read I quite like how the author brought us into a whole new world in such a few short chapters To go from an ordinary world into a magical realm and right in Addy s neighbour s backyard The chess game Addy, Entuia and Conner was full of adventure, danger and unexpected turns Every turn brings about a twist you didn t see or expect With magic, pixies, elves, witches and a unicorn in the fold you should always expect the unexpected While I enjoyed [...]

    10. I wonder how I would feel about this book if I had read it before Harry Potter I still wouldn t of loved it, but maybe my hackles wouldn t have been raised so soon As soon as she starts describing the statues, my thought was, Chess are you serious When the witch said, are you sure, it s obvious you want to prove yourself and I can give you the power to do it or something close to that I almost tossed the book.The rest of the book feels choppy like she was assigned to write a book by out line and [...]

    11. Under A Fairy Moon surprised me I did not expect to enjoy this book as much as I did The characterisation was great and I could feel Addy s fears and confusion at being confronted by situations she is not used to I too share Addy s feelings about the garden and would have loved to explore it because of the enigma surrounding it However, I wish Connor had parts in the book as he is likable and friendly His geeky nature made me love him all the He is the perfect choice of companion for Addy As f [...]

    12. This book reminded me a bit of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer s Stone or Philosopher s Stone depending on where you live with a BIG dose of The Secret Garden mixed in.The main character, Addy, gets trapped in the magical garden of her neighbour There, she meets Connor, a similarly trapped boy who becomes a friend and a fellow team mate in a game of Fairy Chess where each player IS a piece in the game The fairy world is in chaos, the balance between good and evil has been upset, and it is up to Ad [...]

    13. I received this book for free through First Reads It was a really sweet story about a girl learning to trust in herself and that being scared is okay as long as you stay true to yourself It s a story of friendship and sacrifice A good read for middle school age children I enjoyed it but it s not a story my 12 year old daughter would want to read, it seems aimed at a younger crowd Good book overall, great imagery in the writing.

    14. This beautifully written novel weaves a magical world in which the reader follows the main character into a battle between good and evil Our heroine Addy finds herself caught in a game that she doesn t know how to play As she travels deeper into the fairy realms, she discovers she is than she thought she was The author has created a rich world of fairy kings and queens, pixies and magic that reminds one of George MacDonald s Princess and Curdie books.

    15. A received this book from the GoodReads Giveaway along with a lovely pixie pendant I really enjoyed this book, it was a wonderful read and a good storyline told by a talented author Very imaginative story about a young girl who explores her neighbours garden and finds out it is than meets the eye.

    16. AwesomeThis book is the best book I have read in my whole life There is such great detail it just amazed me I would recommend this book to everyone who likes a little adventure, mystery, and most of all, MAGIC Best book ever would totally re read it again Thank you so much T.M Wallace

    17. Fairy goodThe story is well written and entertaining Easy to read I find myself wondering how their adventure in the garden affected the lives of the children after they returned home Have they formed a lifelong friendship

    18. This is a fantasy about a girl who finds that her neighbor s garden is pathway to a fairyland and gets trapped within it Perhaps I m not the target audience as I only found the story okay and a little forced No doubt tweens and the alike would find it a thrilling adventure.

    19. this was all right although I would have enjoyed it when I was in middle school.

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