Diese Dinge geschehen nicht einfach so

Diese Dinge geschehen nicht einfach so Die literarische Sensation aus Amerika ein kosmopolitischer Familienroman In Boston London und Ghana sind sie zu Hause Olu Sadie und Taiwo Sechs Menschen eine Familie ber Weltst dte und Kontinent

  • Title: Diese Dinge geschehen nicht einfach so
  • Author: Taiye Selasi
  • ISBN: 9783100725257
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Die literarische Sensation aus Amerika ein kosmopolitischer Familienroman In Boston, London und Ghana sind sie zu Hause, Olu, Sadie und Taiwo Sechs Menschen, eine Familie, ber Weltst dte und Kontinente zerstreut In Afrika haben sie ihre Wurzeln und berall auf der Welt ihr Leben Bis pl tzlich der Vater in Afrika stirbt Nach vielen Jahren sehen sie sich wieder und mDie literarische Sensation aus Amerika ein kosmopolitischer Familienroman In Boston, London und Ghana sind sie zu Hause, Olu, Sadie und Taiwo Sechs Menschen, eine Familie, ber Weltst dte und Kontinente zerstreut In Afrika haben sie ihre Wurzeln und berall auf der Welt ihr Leben Bis pl tzlich der Vater in Afrika stirbt Nach vielen Jahren sehen sie sich wieder und machen eine berraschende Entdeckung Und sie finden das verloren geglaubte Gl ck den Zusammenhalt der Familie Endlich verstehen sie, dass die Dinge nicht einfach ohne Grund geschehen So wurde noch kein Familienroman erz hlt Taiye Selasi ist die neue internationale Stimme jenseits von Afrika.

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      Taiye Selasi

    Taiye Selasi

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    One thought on “Diese Dinge geschehen nicht einfach so

    1. Real talk, the first third or so of the book is a damn mess slow, not fully realized, kind of irritating because it could be better with editing, perhaps, or care BUT The last 2 3 of the book is outstanding and electric If you are an immigrant or child of immigrants you will feel like this book knows you, down to your bones And you will know this book, down to its bones The prose style is original and as raw as it is poetic The narrative structure is also intriguing Selasi is clearly a young w [...]

    2. So what d you reckon, did you fall for the hype on this one Well, yes, to a certain extent I mean with over 100,000 new books being published each year in the UK alone, there s no way to escape the danger of being led down the marketing path really, is there I mean I read some reviews, but they ve all been blinded too, by the celebrity endorsements from Toni Morrison and Salman Rushdie, and they can hardly fail to be impressed by the appeal of a strikingly good looking young woman author, it mak [...]

    3. Then Ghana, and the smell of Ghana, a contradiction, a cracked clay pot the smell of dryness, wetness, both, the damp earth and dry of dust The airport Bodies pushing, pulling, shouting, begging, touching, breathing He d forgotten the bodies The proximity of bodies In America the bodies were distant The warmth of it Ghanaian doctor Kweku Sai loses his job in the US, abandons his Nigerian wife and his four children and moves back to Ghana Years later, when Sai dies from a heart attack, his family [...]

    4. This is how a reader gets the distinct feeling of being ripped off when the publishers are obviously so keen to jump on the publicity bandwagon that they don t bother with a proof read at all How else would you explain the mis spelling of the main character s name in the blurb on the back All through the novel his name is Kweku Sai, the blurb has him Kwaku.Worse page 79 Until this very moment Kweku would have bet money that her younger son couldn t have said where he worked not the name of the h [...]

    5. Philip Hensher encapsulated it in his Spectator review of the Granta Best Young British Novelists, of whom Selasi is one bog standard products of the American creative writing machine present tense narratives introducing western readers to exotic places, with a surface conventional lyricism and a glossary explaining how to pronounce Lagos.Those who don t share this jaded, cynical sense of a generic litfic creative writing course MFA style may take kindly to Ghana Must Go, a family saga that mix [...]

    6. Much as I resisted it to start with, I ended up loving this beautiful novel about a complex African American family full of secrets, estrangements, and shifting alliances Despite their disparate settings, the storyline reminded me most of Maggie O Farrell s Instructions for a Heatwave.With its wise commentary on race and class in America, it also brought to mind one of my absolute favorites, On Beauty by Zadie Smith, whom I think Selasi is destined to join in the top rank of contemporary authors [...]

    7. About 10 years ago, I spent 3 4 months teaching English in a tiny Ghanaian village electricity only in two or three houses, no running water in the heart of the Ashanti region I realize that a this does not make me an expert on Ghana, and b is not a particularly unique experience however, it does mean that I have a very soft spot in my heart for Ghana After reading the blurb on this, and reading about the author s backstory after seeing her short story in last year s Best American, I was excited [...]

    8. It s not you, Taiye, it s me.I don t know why I feel like none of the characters have enough of a personality to seem human, despite being well stocked with anguished personal histories and appropriate mixes of generic and unique traits except Olu s Asian American wife Ling, who seems particularly ill served Her politely racist father, direct from central casting, is at least spared the indignity of being thought cute But perhaps the viewpoint shifting and relentless interiority sets the bar imp [...]

    9. dakimel 2013 04 pYou guys I literally like, actually, physically, inexplicably had to stop myself from taking a bite of this book My desire to devour it, to internalize it and at the same time, to curl up in it and be surrounded by it, was that strong So, Kweku, the father of four, brilliant surgeon, loving husband, and then none of those things, abandoning the roles without actually leaving them behind in his heart Sixteen years after he left Boston and his family behind, he dies suddenly, leav [...]

    10. If this novel was used in a word association game, my first words would be Zadie Smith s WHITE TEETH Both debut novels exhibit raw talent and beauty Both women handle serious topics such as race, class, gender, ambition, social status with tremendous ease Both novels, however, are incredibly overwritten, dripping with prose that should have been left on the cutting room floor I m thinking here of the description of Kweku s death and how Selasi goes in super slo mo to describe every detail of our [...]

    11. what i liked most in this book, what kept me electrified from the first sentence, is the language i loved the language wow poetic passages with not a shred of tiresomeness originality of vision beautiful in the last third, the story got in the way truth be told, i was all about kweku his tragedy, told almost indirectly, through his kids stories, through the flashbacks he s having as he s dying, is powerful and delicate and so poignant a brilliant man, an accomplished man, an african living in am [...]

    12. La bellezza delle cose fragili un romanzo scritto bene e che si legge con piacere, ma che non mantiene del tutto n le sue promesse, n le sue premesse L autrice, Taiye Selasi, chiede ai suoi lettori di condividere la storia di una famiglia che si disgrega, si spezza e si perde, a partire dal giorno in cui Kweku Sai decide di abbandonare sua moglie e i suoi quattro figli Lo fa in un impulso del momento, ma non lo fa per capriccio Lo fa perch si sente un uomo spezzato, vinto, giocato dall imprevedi [...]

    13. So often this book read like a long prose poem This paragraph tells of Olu, the eldest son who has followed in his father s footsteps and become a doctor, sitting in his obsessively white New York bedroom after just learning that his long absent father has died at the age of 57 in Ghana He sits in his scrubs with the shirt in the dark, with the moon making ice of the floor and the walls, and thinks maybe she s right, all this white is oppressive, apathetic a bedroom shouldn t be an OR In the sun [...]

    14. Absolutely terrific A stunning debut This is a family tale, told with such realism the prose just sings off the page She describes one character thusly, Ama isn t a fighter She comes to breakfast without weapons and to bed in the evening undressed and unarmed Damn This is the kind of writing you will be treated to when you read this novel The story evolves in a circular manner, which keeps things tense and exciting The novel opens with the death of Kweku Sai, a father, husband and renowned surge [...]

    15. Che cos la bellezza E l Africa e le sue leggende, una famiglia che si ritrova, che si riunisce dopo la scomparsa di uno dei suoi membri Taiye Selasi, con una scrittura moderna, ci guida con tatto e sensibilit , nel mondo della famiglia Sai, mostrandoci i mille modi in cui una famiglia pu disgregarsi, spezzarsi e alla fine, essere insieme, uniti, ognuno con le proprie fragilit , le proprie insicurezze e il proprio senso di inadeguatezza La scrittrice lascia spazio a ognuno dei personaggi, che pag [...]

    16. When I tell you the girl slayed the ending, the girl slayeeeeeeeeeeeed the ending Part I was superfluous in places, but once you get into Selasi s rhythm, she has you A novel built on pacts those kept and those broken.Looking forward to of Selasi s work in the future.

    17. come si misurava il successo in dollari in base al numero dei diplomi incorniciati e quand che raggiungeva un livello sufficiente Kweku, l abile chirurgo tornato in Ghana dove una mattina, inaspettatamente, la morte lo attende Lo stimato medico, nonostante tutto il suo sapere non riesce ad intervenire a quelli che sono evidenti sintomi d infarto E troppo distratto Troppo impegnato a ricordare Lo sa mentre se ne sta fermo l con addosso la canottiera e i pantaloni alla MC Hammer, appoggiato con la [...]

    18. After spending ages at a Waterstones in London, during one of my Me Time trips where I got to wander around freely, I decided on Ghana Must Go I had come across Ghana Must Go and Chimamanda Adichie s Americanah through links from Myslexia.At first, I could not get into it mostly because I could not concentrate at the time I had to reread the first few pages a few times It may sound dumb, but I was confused by the cameraman and only understood later on, or I thought I did, when Mr Lamptey said to [...]

    19. Ghana Must Go was a tough read because 1 the author s style is poetic and not always forward moving, 2 the character focus shifts without warning and it takes time to determine who you re reading about, and 3 it is extremely painful Despite these challenges, Ghana Must Go moved my soul, which is why I rated it four stars.Kweku and Folusade Sai are the family patriarch and matriarch Kweku is a renowned surgeon who was born in Ghana and educated in the US Once his schooling was complete, he and Fo [...]

    20. Niente male davvero.E una scrittura che richiede un po di pazienza 1 non lineare, piena di flashback, collegamenti, rimandi a cose gi scritte ma viste dagli occhi di qualcun altro Tra gli stili che prediligo Bersaglio centrato 2 forse a tratti ridondante, pomposa, sovraesposta 3 Qualche frase mi ha fatto storcere il naso Su tutti i commensali piombato un silenzio che si tagliava col coltello Davvero Ancora si usa questo modo di dire 4 Cos come l idea del cameraman immaginario Mi ha fatto pesante [...]

    21. Ghana Must Go was pure poetry Taiye Selasi portrayed this story by revealing each character s innermost thoughts and feelings, multiple viewpoints, piece by piece, about a family from Africa This story begins with Kweku s fatal heart attack in Ghana in his fifties He is married to Ama, a woman who loves him, wanting nothing from him, demanding nothing She is content He believes he loves Ama because of the symmetry between them, between his capacity for provision and her prerequisites for joy Bec [...]

    22. Ultimately, I grew weary of the repetitive storytelling that was still happening 100 pages in The minute details of the man s death were hardly interesting the first time around.

    23. At the beginning it was a bit a confusing and tough read It starts with the father husband of the story that starts thinking about his life and family It was confusing because his memories aren t in chronological order, they go forth and back and he tells about anecdotes giving for granted that the reader knows about them going on with the story everything will be clarified so there aren t hanging parts I needed some time to remember the names of the other characters and to know who they are in [...]

    24. I would not have stuck with this book if it weren t a selection of my Primary Source book group The story itself is a good one A Ghanian expelled from Nigeria in the Ghana Must Go policy finds himself in Boston where he pursues a medical career and raises a family Yet, he abandons that family to return to Accra years later His wife sticks it out for awhile, and also returns The story opens with his death many years later and follows the trails of his wife and 4 highly accomplished but emotionall [...]

    25. Beautiful book Stunning prose Unique Exceptional A masterpiece One that deserves twenty stars, a hundred A book in a million Loved, loved, loved Very highly recommended.

    26. Splendido romanzo La prosa corposa, lirica e bench non lineare a livello temporale risulta abbastanza fluida La Selasi si lascia spesso andare al flusso di coscienza con maestria, senza risultare pesante o artificiosa.La storia narrata ben tratteggiata, ricca di particolari mai lasciati al caso e sempre ben definiti e inseriti all interno della narrazione la storia di una famiglia che si perde e si ritrova Di un uomo, Kweku, e una donna, Fola, che emigrano dal Ghana agli Stati Uniti e mettono su [...]

    27. Sometimes I have trouble falling into the rhythm of a writer s voice It takes time, like listening to Shakespeare At first you struggle to listen to hear , then all of sudden you ve found the cadence and you re reading effortlessly This book took longer than most It s not an easy read There s lots of movement back and forth in time It s very complex The writing unusual The beginning seemed almost a stream of consciousnessn on sentences, incomplete sentences, some of it seemed stilted almost like [...]

    28. Ghana Must Go Sooo elegant and poetic Beautiful writing Good storyline too I had no problem with the circularity of the novel, nor with the going back and forth in time Very well done The characters are complex Imperfect, but I still cared for them and rooted for their survival and growth The story is sad and there is one absolutely horrible scene that I really could have lived without The end ties up a bit too neatly, or perhaps I just wanted the book to last longer This is a strong debut novel [...]

    29. Che cos la bellezza La bellezza una lacrima troppo densa, un emozione rotta che si blocca in gola La bellezza un abbraccio stretto, le unghie nella carne, un abbraccio con tutto il corpo, per paura di mollare la presa e cadere a pezzi La bellezza tornare a casa e scoprire di non essere mai partito.La bellezza la sensazione di appartenere a qualcosa, di farne parte ancora, nonostante tutto.Continua qui startfromscratchblog.

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