Sexy Surrender

Sexy Surrender I called and Luca came And then he came again and I came with him The problem isn t sex The problem is love and If I m ready for it again so soon

  • Title: Sexy Surrender
  • Author: Jasinda Wilder
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I called, and Luca came And then he came again, and I came with him The problem isn t sex The problem is love, and If I m ready for it again so soon.

    • [MOBI] ✓ Sexy Surrender | BY ☆ Jasinda Wilder
      Jasinda Wilder

    Jasinda Wilder

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    One thought on “Sexy Surrender

    1. This is the third and final book in the Delilah s Diary series As one would expect, it has a happy conclusion this book focused on the end of Delilah s struggle to accept love openly, and the beginning of Delilah and Luca s life together The most powerful scene was when she realized, after taking some time away to think clearly, that she really did love Luca, and could comfortably tell him The lovemaking that ensued was very deep and profound, unlike the physical love that had been occurring pre [...]

    2. Luca, aweeee I just wanna hold em, and love em, and squeeze em, forever and ever and ever.

    3. Delilah has the courage that many do not have What Fifty Shades did for the sexual desire, Delilah said I m ok and I deserve the best and to go for it I was wanting but this was the end Well worth the read Short and sweet Jasinda Wilder has done a wonderful job bringing the average girl into the sexy vixen world Look forward to her others.

    4. Adored this short series Delilah s ability to move forward even as the fear of what could happen took hold of her was a great theme Lucawhat can be said other than ladies it is time to book your trips to Rome and hope that some you get mugged and find your own Italian knight in shining armor to rescue you.

    5. doing the happy dance Yes, it was predictable But did you READ those sex scenes GAH So hot, so perfect

    6. Read of my reviews and ramblings at Ana s Attic Book Blog Series Rating 4.25 Stars Caution this review is for all 3 Delilah s Diary books It ain t the end of the world, you know Just the end of what you knew I downloaded Delilah s Diary 1 A Sexy Journey by Jasinda Wilder from as a freebie Let me warn you now, just go ahead and grab all three Delilah s Diary 2 La Vita Sexy and Delilah s Diary 3 Sexy Surrender This is really one book split into three parts, but luckily they are all out, so there [...]

    7. I stumbled upon this first book when I was surfing the free books on the site probably one of my favorite past times I was unsure of what to expect, other than a sexy, short read I knew that I was going to have to purchase the next few books, but I figured I would give this one a go, and see how I felt when I was done.I was so excited to find a character that I could really connect with Delilah is a curvy girl with a lifetime of self esteem issues surely anything a woman with any extra bulk can [...]

    8. I just finished the Delilah s Diary series last night What can I say Jasinda Wilder never fails me, that s for sure Once I started reading the first book, it was hard for me to put it down I ended up reading the three books back to back I love how Delilah s character was built and transformed from an innocence into adventurous without making her being such a wild slut She could explore her sexuality to the place where she wouldn t even imagine with grace She s still a sweet, loyal and beautiful [...]

    9. Denise ~The Procrastinating Book Diva~ says:
      3.5 starsA nice conclusion to a fairly decent series The beginning of the book was just of what annoyed me about the last lots of sex and not much else However, when Delilah was finally able to get beyond her fears and admit her feelings for Luca the book finally became what I knew this series could be a beautiful story of a woman discovering herself after years of being stifled The best parts of this series were the time Delilah spent with Luca s big fat Italian family Along with Luca, their a [...]

    10. Oh gosh, where to start i don t want to give any spoilers awaybut it is a sexy and super sweet story I wished there were though Delilah s such a complex woman, but it s all due to the crap she had to endure for than a decade.But her heart was so ready for love to arrive and her soul was ready for life to begin Changes always makes us feel unsafe and insecureat was what i enjoyed most of this series, the fact that you can REALLY relate to her, to her doubts and fears.Ladies and gentsis is a mus [...]

    11. Most definitely the best novella of the trilogy Finally Luca demands answers from her instead of letting her continue with her childish outbursts all the time In some ways, Deliah is not only naive, but incredibly immature.I had to know how it ended and it definitely had a great ending There was one particular scene, in Paris, that was by far my favorite of all 3 books, in terms of erotica.Otherwise, its all the same erotica, the descriptions have gotten far cheesier and at times I simply skippe [...]

    12. You will fall in love with this set of 3 books Ms Wilder does not disappointTension and Culture collide a woman who gave her love to her childhood sweetheart, only to find out her love was misplace now she changes her hair and clothes, but can she learn to trust again will she run away from a man who is giving her his heart oh, this the book set delivers hot sex, fantastic detailed story telling I must tell you this set of books is the best I ve read in a long time this set of books needs a 6th [...]

    13. In the end of the roadi though that it was kind of sad how her parents just didn t care, but she found her home, people always say your home is where the heart is and Delilah s heart was with Luca Throughout the 3 Delilah s Diary s i must say all the sex scenes are amazing Putting it blunts porn for women This Triology was the first Jasinda Wilder books i ve raed and it made read all the Big Girls Do It series and the Billionaire Biker Boys seriei m currently deciding which one of Jasinda s book [...]

    14. Oh, how I love these kind of endings The ones that leave you wanting to be there, to be one of them and finally having your happy ever after Mrs Wilder, as always, great books I love in how something so short can put so much emotion These kind of books have me addicted and even with these kind of plots Self discovery and at ending, concluding like you expected I totally loved all the Italian lines and sceneries.

    15. All done Please ma am can I have some I really liked this series, I was just hoping Luca s ex would show up and cause a bit of drama Or Harry or that other guy she met the first night or she called her gays as they told her they was I think it should have of them They should have came to the wedding IDK something Don t get me wrong it was a great story, I loved it and I do want .

    16. I m not one for emotionally charged romances but this novel was everything I expected And importantly, it didn t feel forced in any way Seemed normal, passionate and true The main character appeared to be like any other woman with a broken heart and a hard time trusting men again Luca was amazing and honestly I want a Luca for myself too The sooner the better I loved the ending and I admit I was cheering every step of the way Simply perfect

    17. Loved this conclusion of Delilah s story eith Luca He is one of my fave heroes of all time The way JW wrote him showed his masculinity as well as his sensitivity without him seeming like a wimp or pushover At the same time, she managed to write Delilah, who was emotional and had a tendency to bolt, as a sweet and vulnerable woman instead of a drama queen Great read

    18. 3.5 stars, good but not exactly my favorite Mostly because I still feel that Jasinda Wilder s style of writing in this book is kind of sloppy, even though at some points I liked it there are parts that made me cringed But overall I enjoyed it Can t wait to read another books from Jasinda Wilder

    19. Another great book from Wilder Love this series, the lead character and the hot Italian lead man Luca is such a sweetie Although very short for the amount i paid it was a great story and i loved the wrap up of it, although i am still hoping theres a 4th installment in the making _

    20. Ahhhhh a wonderful finish to a beautiful little series.o happy for Delilah and Lucad wouldnt mind of this series.hope there is another one Jasinda Wilder is awesome

    21. Ohmigod I m seriously in love with Luca He s the epitome of an ardent lover I love this series, just like the other series by Jasinda.

    22. Really good ending to a really good series Recommended read.

    23. I loved this book and all the others in this trilogy.I love this Author

    24. Jasinda does it again The diaries were just fun to read

    25. Brilliant books really brilliantFelt like I was reading a story about some of my lifeJust loved them and glad it wasn t written about a stick personHope there are series to follow

    26. ahh I so loved this book and didn t want it to finish, I do hope their will be to the story.

    27. Again I say how fun fro Delilah and Luca, in love and finally knowing they are each others one true love I need to head to Italia

    28. loved this series finding herself novo g past hurt and saddness falling in love and learning to be loved It was wonderful

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