Grim Inspired by classic fairy tales but with a dark and sinister twist Grim contains short stories from some of the best voices in young adult literature today Ellen Hopkins Amanda Hocking Julie Kagawa

  • Title: Grim
  • Author: Christine Johnson Kimberly Derting Sonia Gensler Tessa Gratton Claudia Gray Rachel Hawkins Amanda Hocking Ellen Hopkins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Inspired by classic fairy tales, but with a dark and sinister twist, Grim contains short stories from some of the best voices in young adult literature today Ellen Hopkins Amanda Hocking Julie Kagawa Claudia Gray Rachel Hawkins Kimberly Derting Myra McEntire Malinda Lo Sarah Rees Brennan Jackson Pearce Christine Johnson Jeri Smith Ready Shaun David Hutchinson Saundra MitcInspired by classic fairy tales, but with a dark and sinister twist, Grim contains short stories from some of the best voices in young adult literature today Ellen Hopkins Amanda Hocking Julie Kagawa Claudia Gray Rachel Hawkins Kimberly Derting Myra McEntire Malinda Lo Sarah Rees Brennan Jackson Pearce Christine Johnson Jeri Smith Ready Shaun David Hutchinson Saundra Mitchell Sonia Gensler Tessa Gratton Jon Skrovon

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      Christine Johnson Kimberly Derting Sonia Gensler Tessa Gratton Claudia Gray Rachel Hawkins Amanda Hocking Ellen Hopkins

    Christine Johnson Kimberly Derting Sonia Gensler Tessa Gratton Claudia Gray Rachel Hawkins Amanda Hocking Ellen Hopkins

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    1. The links to the failytales are posted with this review at Addicted2HeroinesAnthologies are hard to rate, so this 4 star rating is for the book as a whole, and not the individual stories.I had fun with this one, because I was determined to find out what fairytales all of these stories were retelling.Let me say, it wasn t all that easy I m not sure I m even right with quite a few of them, but after spending hours searching the web for clues, I think I ve figured most of them out However, if you t [...]

    2. 3.5 averageGrim is a collection of 17 short stories based off fairy tales collected by Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm Some of the tales are better known such as Beauty and the Beast and The Snow Queen, and some are lesser known, such as The Shroud and The Robber Bridegroom.Overall Grimm was quite a good book and served to introduce me to a range of new authors, some of whom I have become instant fans Grimm is good as a taster of sorts, to try out authors without committing to a full length novel I m no [...]

    3. This collection of short stories is narrated by Christine Johnson and I enjoyed her narration Some stories are good and promising, some are just horrible The Key by Rachel Hawkins The psychic story is a good start but it was cut too short and ended vaguely 3.5 5 stars Figment by Jeri Smith Ready A sweet friendship between Eli and Fig I really like it 4 5 stars The Twelfth Girl by Malinda Lo I fell asleep on some parts So boring 1 5 stars The Raven Princess by Jon Skovron I like this 3 5 stars Th [...]

    4. I love short stories There s no better way to find new authors than to pick up a well done anthology written by multiple authors.I also love fairy tale retellings More than I probably should Robin McKinnley s books, the recently released and super fantastic Roses by G.R Mannering, the short story collection Black Pearls by Louise HawesI love discovering retellings in all forms and fashions.Grim, an anthology written by some of my favorite authors, was no exception Not only did it include some aw [...]

    5. 2.9Buddy read with Simo and Aurora Reading one short story per day.April 1, day one The key by Rachel Hawkins 3 starsA retelling of Bluebeard, The key was a quick enjoyable short story However, it was also extremely short, I would have liked to see when it came to the ending April 2, day two Figment by Jeri Smith Ready 4 starsI liked this short story so much, I think I m going to check out some books by this author Puss in boots was one of my favourite fairytales and this one was a good retelli [...]

    6. As some of you know, Julie Kagawa is one of my favorite authors for now so I m reading this because of1 Retellings Love em.2 Julie.3 The cover 0 0 Anyone want to teach me how to design covers like that Edit I rated this anthology as a whole I really like retellings and as a whole, this book was splendid I had some trouble figuring out a lot of the fairy tales thoughWhile some were shorter than others and better, I blame either the theme and or the length.4 5 stars.

    7. 3.5 stars You can also find this review atYA Midnight ReadsGrim is an anthology written by some great YA authors The short stories that make up it are all fairy tale retellings I enjoyed all of them to a point, with the exception of one Some of the stories were a little bit enjoyable and memorable than others though Therefore, I will give a quick review of each to showcase my feelings towards each story.The Key By Rachel Hawkins, a retell of BluebeardI wasn t sure of what to expect with Rachel, [...]

    8. This review has also been posted on The Social PotatoThis is definitely one interesting collection of tales and I have to say, I definitely enjoyed it on the whole I ve had my ups and downs while reading this, but generally, it was pleasurable reading most of these stories Of course, there are quite a few for which I didn t know the original tale on which the retelling was based, so I wouldn t be able to compare and contrast the original with the retelling, but to me they were all unique in thei [...]

    9. I ve repeatedly mentioned that I love fairytales and love seeing them retold How could I resist the lure of an anthology gathering some of the hottest names in YA plus a bunch of my personal favorites There were also a few authors I haven t read, which is an advantage of anthologies a short and sweet introduction to a new voice.Despite the title GRIM , not all of the stories in the collection are based on Grimm s fairytales Some are French tales, others are Hans Christian Anderson, some are othe [...]

    10. Buddy read with Simo and Giovanna c Day 1 The Key by Rachel Hawkins 4 stars out of 5 It was a very pretty read and I really enjoyed it but it was very short so you don t really have a ending and I would have liked to see how it really finish but it was good too Day 2 Figment by Jeri Smith Ready 4 stars out of 5 stars This was a really really good story and I really liked it.It was a retelling of puss in boots and I don t really like the real story but this one was very good written and I liked a [...]

    11. 3.5 stars The big standouts for me from this collection were three authors I d never read before but will be seeking out immediately Sonia Gensler, Shaun Hutchinson, and Saundra Mitchell I liked the majority of the rest, though I was indifferent to a few as well Quick reactions to some The Key by Rachel Hawkins3.5 stars nice, if short, updated take on Bluebeard Figment by Jeri Smith Ready3 stars cute Puss in Boots story The Twelfth Girl by Malinda Lo2 stars, DNF The Raven Princess by Jon Skovron [...]

    12. Stuti (Turmeric isn"t your friend. It will fly your ship says:
      Grim is, purportedly, an anthology of grim retellings of childhood fairytales, of course foregoing the fact for a moment that most of these stories have a grimmer, gorier, disturbing origin However, to me, it was less grim which has always implied, again to me, heartbroken mermaids howling eternally in the wind, a kingdom barren for centuries et cetra, et cetra, and Grim turned out to be oh shit screwed it up, we did or oh man what a creative twist on the original story Not it lessened my enjoym [...]

    13. Read This Review More Like It At Ageless Pages ReviewsReviewing anthologies is never easy, but I love them It s a brief look at many different writers and how they interpret a pretty broad topic Anyone who s ever read my reviews probably knows, I can t get enough of twisted fairy tales And I can be pretty harsh, because I read a lot of them, which only makes reviewing this collection harder While I liked several individual stories, I also felt that were uninspired and lacked oomph The only fair [...]

    14. This was a good anthology I liked most of the stories Here is the full review where I rated each story individually booknerd777 2017

    15. I don t normally rate or review books I ve written, but since I only wrote one story in this anthology, I feel justified Every single story in GRIM is a treasure Some are literal interpretations of their fairytale counterparts, some simply embody the spirit of the fairytale they re based on, but all are unique, well written, and wonderful This is one for reading aloud on a dark winter s night.

    16. I managed to read about half of the stories, but I just can t bring myself to finish it no matter how hard I try I find anthologies SO HARD to read.Here are the ratings for the stories I actually did read The Key 4.5 starsFigment 3 starsThe Twelfth Girl 3The Raven Princess 2Thinner than water 4Before the Rose Bloomed 3Beast Beast 3

    17. Dark, creepy, and absolutely brilliant Grim was a fantastic read Every story in this anthology was amazing With retellings of classics, from Beauty and the Beast to The Three Little Pigs, this entire book was magnificent Loved it There are quite a few stories in this anthology, so I m not going to go into each one individually But, I will say that each story was dark and unique I truly enjoyed all of them They were quite varied in genre, in tone, in theme and I really liked that variation We got [...]

    18. I wasn t always a fan of short stories or short story anthologies Within the past year that has quickly been remedied I loved Grim Love, love, love, LOVED it Not only was it a collection of some of my favorite YA authors, but they were retellings of fairy tales which I am all over like a crackhead on the pipe lately Fairy tale reimaginings are my favorite new flavor of crack It tastes like glitter, fabulous hair and danger And I LIKE it.There I said it.I loved reading the retellings of familiar [...]

    19. I can t believe I finished this It wasn t terrible , but definitely not my favourite It was nice to read some short stories for once though.

    20. Grim is an anthology of twisted retold fairy tales for the YA market Like most anthologies, there were stories in there that completely knocked my socks off and there were some where I was like meh Overall though, this was an easy and entertaining read My favourite was The Key by Rachel Hawkins I had to shush my husband when I was reading that one Definitely check out Grim.

    21. Jessie(Ageless Pages Reviews) says:
      The Key Bluebeard by Rachel Hawkins 3 5I really liked this despite some qualms it was clever and a nice modern twist on Bluebeard I do wish it had been a bit longer because you don t really have a feel for the characters If you want a longer retelling, look at Sarah Cross s Killing Me Softly Figment Puss in Boots by Jeri Smith Ready 3.75 5I d never before read a Puss in Boots retelling, but this was good Loved the fresh applications of the story and how Smith Ready still carried the same vibe Po [...]

    22. The Key by Rachel Hawkins Bluebeard 4 stars I really enjoyed this one I didn t know which fairy tale it was retelling until after I read it, so I wasn t expecting the story to take the direction it did I wish the ending hadn t been quite as abrupt, I would have loved just a little bit Figment by Jeri Smith Ready Puss in Boots 3 stars This one was kind of sweet I don t think I ve ever read something in the point of view of a stuffed animal before Other than that, it was average The Twelfth Girl [...]

    23. To see the full review click on one of the following links With GifsJust TextFairytale retellings are pretty popular right now, so it s only natural that a anthology focusing on them would be published Usually I m not a huge fan of anthologies because I think immediately cash cow But this particular collection of short stories surprised me.The Key by Rachel Hawkins I give this one a C While it does convey Bluebeard, this story really felt incomplete in a lot of ways I just didn t really feel any [...]

    24. This took me only 10months to read well, I read at first one story a week wrote reviews for each then I kinda put it aside and never got back into it Till one day well today actually I decided that this was ridiculous and I read the entire thing in one go So why did it take me this long I love anthologies I have a fondness for short stories They like the little treat in between, the unexpected surprise in the middle of a work day Still I found this difficult to get through I think part of the pr [...]

    25. Never underestimate a good short story Some of these were disturbing and fantastic I particularly enjoyed Figment, The Key, The Raven Princess, The Twelfth Girl, Thinner than Water, and Beast Beast Who am I kidding I enjoyed all but a couple Seriously, these are great retellings And I m super creeped out them too D

    26. 3.5 stars Lots of good short stories in this book.

    27. Rating 4 1 2 starsHonestly, I originally hadn t been one for anthologies They had never struck me as interesting or worth reading because they simply didn t pique my interest However, my friend recommended the book Rags and Bones New Twists on Timeless Tales For the first time, I fell in love with an anthology The stories were intriguing and unique, especially The Cold Corner by Tim Pratt This collection of stories led me to this book, Grim Each author wove a story based on a classic Wilhelm and [...]

    28. A review of each individual story and their rating, may include spoilers.The Key by Rachel HawkinsBased on the fairytale BluebeardAs the opening story I wasn t sure about this one until about halfway through and then I started to really enjoy it Nice foreshadowing and unlike a lot of the stories in this collection, The Key ended at the right moment, leaving it up to the reader to decide whether you take the original take into account or not the protagonists fate The updated setting of an America [...]

    29. Nicole - Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die- says:
      4 every fairy tale can have a different retelling starsYou remember when you were growing up and you would either watch Disney fairy tale movies, or read the books and every time a new movie or even a book came out, you would feel a certain kind of joy and remember the memories from your childhood This anthology, brought the joy from some of my favourite fairy tales, some even new ones that seemed interesting, and ones that are down right creepy, but everyone has different taste in reading story [...]

    30. I admit it, I picked up this book because of Sarah Rees Brennan and, as always, she did not disappoint But there were some other really great stories in this book, as well And some that were very mediocre, indeed It was a very unbalanced anthology Still worth reading, because the good short stories are really goodE KEY by Rachel Hawkins Bluebeard Lana s mother is a psychic, she does readings in their trailer And Lana is feeling a bit ashamed of the way she and her mother live when Skye, the gorg [...]

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