Tall, Dark and Divine

Tall Dark and Divine Annie Landon has given up on finding Mr Right and has gone out looking for Mr Tonight instead A conversation overheard in the bathroom of Dionysus s Bar about a jilted and lonely Greek god in need of

  • Title: Tall, Dark and Divine
  • Author: Jenna Bennett
  • ISBN: 9781622669530
  • Page: 346
  • Format: ebook
  • Annie Landon has given up on finding Mr Right, and has gone out looking for Mr Tonight instead A conversation overheard in the bathroom of Dionysus s Bar about a jilted and lonely Greek god in need of a quick pick me up sounds like just what she s looking for But picking up the god of love for a one night stand is easier said than done especially when he s sworn offAnnie Landon has given up on finding Mr Right, and has gone out looking for Mr Tonight instead A conversation overheard in the bathroom of Dionysus s Bar about a jilted and lonely Greek god in need of a quick pick me up sounds like just what she s looking for But picking up the god of love for a one night stand is easier said than done especially when he s sworn off mortals forever.Eros has been down and out since his ex wife left him, and falling for another mortal woman is the last thing he needs Which means a maddening desire for the woman across the street is not in the cards Thus begins his quest to find a match made in heaven for Annie It s the perfect plan if only Eros can bear to let the girl of his dreams go.Can a woman looking for love, and a matchmaking god who wants her to find it with someone else have a shot at a happy ending, or will Eros s golden arrows miss their mark, for once

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    Jenna Bennett

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    One thought on “Tall, Dark and Divine

    1. According to the the standard, this is a 3 star review since I Liked It meaning it was yawn at frequent parts.I didn t love it but I didn t hate it either There parts that were a bit contrived however it is a light easy read with some steamy scenes I will say though that it was annoying when he hardly touched her at all, just smirking and such, and she would all of sudden react fiercely in the throes of passion Eros, the Greek God of Love, is the ultimate matchmaker and is unfortunately the vict [...]

    2. Rating 2.5 out of 5.Heartbroken after his wife left him, Eros the God of love takes refuge in alcohol and ambrosia His matchmaking business isn t doing so well Human divorce is on the rise.Until one day his employees browbeat him into a night out at his friend s club There, he meets Annie, a woman he was trying to set up with an accountant.There were several things going well for this book This book was light and meant to be humorous.There were some times, however, when I wanted to pull my hair [...]

    3. My Rating ACCEPTABLE The characteristics of a 2 heart story include a passable story but there was some element s that kept it from being a good story and, it won t make it to my read again pile I would not easily recommend it to a friend but would not rule out the possibility My Thoughts This book provided by NetGalley for an honest review.A bit of backgroundI will begin my review by stating that I love mythology and romantic fiction centered around it but Greek mythology is my absolute favorit [...]

    4. 4.5 stars for tall,dark and divine.The book was good the story original but I didnt like the whole Greek Gods in USA thing.I mean they could be in Greece where they actuall came from and not in NY.Plus I think the author made some stuff to fit into thestory.Eros has a heartache cause his wife left him for someone else.Yeah the God of love has a heartache cause his wife fell in love with someone else.And he does a horrible job at muching people.Also he fights the love he feels for Annie and cause [...]

    5. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyTALL DARK AND DIVINE seemed like it would be a fun story about Greek gods living in the modern world with witty dialogue and some amusing romantic hijinks Aside from the at times witty dialogue and quirky characters this story just fell flat for me The characters whose names were cleverly modernized came off as one dimensional and very shallow They all acted like teenagers who pretty much only talked about sex and relationships throughout the whole book [...]

    6. I absolutely love Greek mythology so when I saw the synopsis on this one I knew that I needed to try it I mean a god that was also a match maker But not just any match maker, a match maker that was once scorned and has sworn off love of his own forever Yep, a must read for me Add the added bonus of mixing romance and mythology together and I am so there This book really was a fun and hot read Yes it is very much adult lots of usage of the f word and some sensual scenes and while it could have do [...]

    7. Absolutely loved this fun read I want an Eros.

    8. mostly a fun light read, are there going to be

    9. This is actually an okay book I like the characters Not just the main protagonists, but other characters as well Oh, and I like the setting Greek gods in modern world living modern live I suspect this book is up to its own series, but for some reason never really written Too bad, because I would LOVE to read the story on Ari and Dion.Eros and PsycheAnnie s characters are likable and cute, both on their own and while they are together However, I d like to see why Eros is smitten by Annie, because [...]

    10. I was a bit anxious to read Tall, Dark and Divine as the last couple of paranormal romances I have read lately were disappointing and I was feeling uncharitable towards the genre But in the end mention of Greek gods and godesses to me, the mythology fan won over my reluctance and I m so glad I took a chance on Tall, Dark and Divine because it was delightful Even though the premise for the Bagging a Greek God series the 1st book of which is Tall, Dark and Divine is that Greek gods and goddesses a [...]

    11. Tall Dark and Divine Review on K Books I love you I know it s too soon, and I know I told you I wasn t ready We ve only known each other a couple of days But I love you There are no words to explain how much I loved this book From first hearing about this book I instantly wanted to read it I am a major mythology fan and I adore books with mythological aspects in this so to find this book about Eros, the Greek God of Love I couldn t wait to read it I was not disappointed in the slightest.Eros swo [...]

    12. Original Review on shattering wordsTall, Dark, and DivineBy Jenna BennettReview by Theo I don t know about you guys, but when I read something good I am all smiles and happy dances and holding tightly in my arms or head the book I have just finished It is that stupid feeling that you get when you fell in love or you feel attracted to someone with so much power that you don t know how to react Well, this is exactly how I feel right now I feel in love with this book I don t think it is plain, neit [...]

    13. ARC provided by the publisher for an honest reviewI will give this book 3 stars It started out really good and if not for the last chapters I would have given it a 4 star rating.To be honest, first of all I have to reduce on star because of the sex scenes There was just something missing for me Ross, for being the god of love, kind of didn t deliver Don t get me wrong, the sex was probably really good for the hero and the heroine Just not for the reader So I couldn t really relate when the autho [...]

    14. A refreshing treat of a romance that I really enjoyed This book really had a great fun feel to it I liked this romance because the couple is not what you call traditional in any sense It was like a perfect romantic movie with all the right sensibilities in place I really loved Eros, aka Ross in this book as he is trying to set up Annie Landon with Harry Mitchell who he thinks will be perfect, but nothing ever works out quite like he plans it to because of fate, timing or maybe something else Ros [...]

    15. 4.5 starsI knew this would be a good book, I just didn t expect it to be as funny as it was Eros was dumped by the love of his life The thing is, the love of his life wasn t necessarily the love of his life Why He hurt himself with one of his arrows and the first woman he laid eyes on was his ex, who ended up ditching him for a Viking of all men Eros hasn t gotten over her and no other woman will do In his attempt at being a matchmaker he wants to match Annie with an accountant But he seems to b [...]

    16. 3 1 2 stars3 1 2 stars I could stare at that cover all daySo here s the deal, I love Greek Mythology stories And I m especially drawn to Eros I ve read different versions of his story so many times and I never seem to tire of them This one was super cute and I really enjoyed it.Yeah, there as insta love but how can you not have that when Eros is involved And since this isn t realistic fiction, I was okay with it I m much forgiving of that when it comes to mythology.Oh course, it was Eros that m [...]

    17. I received a copy of Tall, Dark, and Divine for review from the lovelies at Entangled Thus far I have been a huge fan of everything I have read from them They publish quality work and I love that I am able to give honestly glowing reviews about the books I get to read.So let s get going The Good I m a huge fan of mythology of just about any flavor, but the Greeks are my first great love Third grade school library for the win Bringing the Greek gods into the modern era is usually a big hit with m [...]

    18. Looking for Mr Right or Mr Right Now TALL, DARK AND DIVINE by Jenna BennettfangswandsandfairydustspoThis is a fun book with some steamy and passionate moments, but it isn t just about the sex, or even mostly about it It s about the processes of getting over loss or coming into our own sense of self worth when as the female love interest Annie goes out looking for Mr Right and then comes to think Mr Right Now might be a good thing too.The story takes place in Astoria, Queens which has a large nu [...]

    19. While this is not typically the kind of book I read, I actually ended up enjoying it much than I thought I would I loved how the Greek Cretan gods and goddesses were integrated into New York, and how they somehow managed to avoid doing anything really suspicious that would lead mortals to think they were divine beings I also really enjoyed how they tended to pick professions based on what they were gods goddesses of Eros runs a matchmaking service, Dionysius owns a bar, etc Oh, and I thought it [...]

    20. 3.5 rating Tall, Dark Divine was a nice light read It had likeable characters, a sweet romance, slightly steamy scenes, and a few laugh out loud moments Although I did quite enjoy Tall, Dark Divine I did expect from it The idea of Eros the greek god of love running a match making business on earth I found very interesting and thought would make it into a super steamy, hilarious read While there was a few slightly steamy scenes, and a few moments where I found my self chuckling, overall I just e [...]

    21. Tall, Dark and Divine was a little like reading two books in one The first half was pretty good, funny, interesting and unique The second half, unfortunately, just didn t quite hold up.Annie leads a bit of a ho hum life She s slightly insecure about her weight but is determined not to let it interfere in her plan to pick up a guy at the local bar She is over looking for the perfect guy, she just needs someone to help fill her needs When she learns a divorcee is at the bar and possibly needs the [...]

    22. FINAL RATING 2.5 STARSWell, this could have been a lot entertaining This book was not supposed to rock my world It was just supposed to entertain me, and it kinda did However, I needed to look past too many things for it to even do that part right For instance, the characters seemed to know things they weren t supposed to know view spoiler Like Annie, who overheard a conversation between Ari and Brita In no time during the conversation Ross Eros name is mentioned Yet, when she exits the bathroo [...]

    23. I received this ARC from Entangled Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This book included Eros, the Greek god of love That s about all it had going for it Romances involving Greek mythological characters and humans have been done by other authors and suffice it to say, this book offered nothing unique TDD may be a Goodread to readers who don t mind illogical plots Unfortunately, the logical side of my brain would not turn off as I read this farfetched romance Let s just jum [...]

    24. Posted on my blog What I m ReadingLet s be honest Greek Gods wreak havoc wherever they go If you don t believe me, you haven t been keeping up with your Greek mythology Yes, they do have good intentions and some not so good Well, poor Eros is still hung up with his ex wife leaving Yep, he s still hung up on Psyche Which isn t a good thing, because he s the God of Love Eek He s not doing his job Now Annie is tired of trying to find the one, that she s willing to have one nightstand with Eros.Oh g [...]

    25. Giggles, Greek Gods, and Golden ArrowsYou d think the Greek god of love would be really lucky at finding one of his own Unfortunately, Eros has had really bad luck in his romantic life which is making him really unpleasant company for his fellow dieities When Annie Landon, the baker at the dog bakery across from his matchmaking business office, crosses his path he makes it his mission to help her land the guy she s interested in But what if the guy she thought she wanted isn t who she thought he [...]

    26. How to begin this review without sounding like to much of a fangirl Hmmm, forget it I have few literary weaknesses One is Shakespeare The second is Greek mythology I ve tended to err on the side of avoidance when it comes to works written with a modern myths spin but this book was 100% amazing Eros, god of love and incidentally where the term erotic comes from owns and operates a matchmaking business Brilliant His right hand woman is Ariadne, who in Greek mythology is typically associated with m [...]

    27. Eros a.k.a Cupid a.k.a God of Love has been depressed ever since his mortal wife left him to run of with a Viking Since then he has given up on love and well it has been affecting his matchmaking business.Meanwhile Annie Landon is all about finding love, but after waiting years for the right guy, she wouldn t mind going for the right now guy like Eros Which is not going to happen if it depends on him Eros no longer does mortal women, but he does want to help Annie find love.After giving it a pus [...]

    28. I think I may have been unfair to Melissa Bourbon Ramirez in my review of Deceiving the Witch Next Door This is the second of Entangled Covet line I have read I was really excited because until now I ve pretty much been working off of the formula Entangled win But this book wasn t quite what it could have been.It had a great premise but I was put off by how much the characters thought the gods were so good looking Hell in a horrible moment shortly after having sex with Annie, Eros Ross muses how [...]

    29. I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I loved the premise of the story and had very high hopes Eros, a Greek god, runs a modern day dating service He s broken hearted because Psyche, his wife of a thousand years left him for another man Then Annie Landon appears on the scene She a sweet woman who Eros is intent on hooking her up with a nice, boring man The problem is that Annie and Eros meet and have the hots for each other I read the synopsis and [...]

    30. I love Greek mythology so I wanted to like this book but I just couldn t There was far too much description of the characters thought processes and not nearly enough action Also the plot was weak and the sex scenes were rather pedestrian.

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