Along Came Trouble

Along Came Trouble Ruthie Knox s Camelot series continues in this sizzling eBook original novel featuring two headstrong souls who bump heads and bodies as temptation and lust bring nothing but delicious trouble An acc

  • Title: Along Came Trouble
  • Author: Ruthie Knox
  • ISBN: 9780345541611
  • Page: 407
  • Format: ebook
  • Ruthie Knox s Camelot series continues in this sizzling eBook original novel, featuring two headstrong souls who bump heads and bodies as temptation and lust bring nothing but delicious trouble.An accomplished lawyer and driven single mother, Ellen Callahan isn t looking for any help She s doing just fine on her own So Ellen s than a little peeved when her brother,Ruthie Knox s Camelot series continues in this sizzling eBook original novel, featuring two headstrong souls who bump heads and bodies as temptation and lust bring nothing but delicious trouble.An accomplished lawyer and driven single mother, Ellen Callahan isn t looking for any help She s doing just fine on her own So Ellen s than a little peeved when her brother, an international pop star, hires a security guard to protect her from a prying press that will stop at nothing to dig up dirt on him But when the tanned and toned Caleb Clark shows up at her door, Ellen might just have to plead the fifth.Back home after a deployment in Iraq and looking for work as a civilian, Caleb signs on as Ellen s bodyguard After combat in the hot desert sun, this job should be a breeze But guarding the willful beauty is harder than he imagined and Caleb can t resist the temptation to mix business with pleasure With their desires growing undeniable by the day, Ellen and Caleb give in to an evening of steamy passion But will they ever be able to share than just a one night stand Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles How to Misbehave, Flirting with Disaster, and About Last Night.

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    1. When Ellen Callahan s brother, Jamie a famous pop singer, falls for Ellen s neighbour, Carly the paparazzi descend To protect both Ellen and Carly, Jamie hires security Caleb Clark has spent fifteen years in the military police, so knows what it takes to keep clients safe Heading up his own business, Camelot Security, Caleb may be a security specialist but keeping someone safe can be a whole lot of trouble.Ruthie Knox is one of my favourite contemporary romance authors This is book 2 in her new [...]

    2. I m really surprised that not only did I NOT like this book, I actually DIS liked it I m going with two stars because I reserve one star ratings for utter crap This one is just my preference on characterization and such so2 stars DFirst off, my like Yes, singular I liked Caleb He was an amazing, sweet, stubborn, level headed and patient man An extremely considerate lover, a damned good brother and son, and toward the end, I felt like I wanted to shake him because he was almost TOO good and TOO p [...]

    3. This was a sweet contemporary romance If this book would have been candy, I think it would have been 70 percent dark chocolate It was a sweet, sexy and fun read It s going to be fantastic, though, when we finally do it Fireworks are going to go off Pyrotechnic kissing Your hair will probably catch on fire She laughed, and some internal switched flipped from Maybe to Definitely.Ellen Callahan is a divorced single mom loved that who grew up in the shadow of her brother and married an abusive cheat [...]

    4. Review originally posted sweptawaybyromance5 BIG stars Along Came Trouble is the second book in the Camelot trilogy that features three siblings Amber, Caleb, and Katie Clark Amber and Tony s story was told in How to Misbehave , Katie and Sean s story will be told in the upcoming Flirting with Disaster out in June , and Along Came Trouble tells the story of Caleb and Ellen.I have been trying to come up with something that I didn t love about Caleb Clark s character, and honestly, I can t think o [...]

    5. Ruthie Knox is soon becoming a favourite and this book is all Caleb, the returning soldier, responsible son, brother and now a security expert His new assignment gives him the biggest trouble, Ellen, a single mother of a two year old boy and sister of super star Jamie, who is in the news because of his romance with the pregnant neighbour Carly Caleb is supposed to well, secure Ellen s house but she is having none of itThe heroine Ellen is a tougher nut and hard to like Her inability to give in g [...]

    6. 4 Stars Along comes Ruthie Knox with another great book More fun times in Camelot with the scrumptious CalebYUM Review to followARC courtesy of Random House Publishing via NetGalley

    7. Enjoyed this in a completely different way to How To Misbehave HTM prompted a visceral reaction, this was of a sitting back in awe of the skill reaction I cannot write this sort of layering for the life in me the different elements all coming together to make one unified whole and it totally slayed me reading this Also absolutely loved Ellen and Henry I know some people will find Ellen too this or too that but I m not that kind of person I won t hold a romance heroine to a different standard th [...]

    8. This book was so, so good, and that s coming from someone who doesn t even like contemporary romance in general With relatable characters despite their sometimes celebrity status , plenty of realistic ups and downs, and a decent secondary romance that didn t take away from the main love story, not to mention the yummy chemistry I couldn t put it down 4.5 5, full review and final rating to follow.

    9. A Romantic Book Affairs ReviewEllen Callahan is furious There is a paparazzi photographer on her yard, trying to spy on her pop star brother s pregnant ex lover, Carly Not only that, but he s stepping on her plants No matter how much she yells and threatens him, he will not leave Then, tall, dark, and handsome Caleb Clark shows up Ellen s knight in shining armor immediately saves her by getting rid of the photographer casually with his stern I will kick your ass and enjoy it voice After this int [...]

    10. Ellen Callahan is a lawyer and single mother who could do without all the current drama surrounding her twin, megastar brother Jamie, and his girlfriend who lives next door What she resented even was the bodyguard Jamie dispatched when the paparazzi started getting out of hand Caleb Clark, fresh out of the Army and Iraq, thought this would be an easy assignment but he hadn t yet come up against a woman as stubbornly independent as Ellen Nor had he expected it would be so hard to resist mixing p [...]

    11. An ARC was received from Random House Publishing via NetGalley for an honest reviewWe meet Ellen Callahan at a point in her life where she is an established entertainment contract lawyer half the week, and a single mother, to little Henry, the other half Her marriage to Richard the poet had broken down each time he filled up on alcohol or his eye had strayed towards the multitude of students he taught at the local college.She d been let down, disappointed and was determined to be an independent [...]

    12. Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) says:
      ALONG CAME TROUBLE is book two in the Camelot series If you haven t read the first book in the series, HOW TO MISBEHAVE, fear not The two books seem so different that I don t necessarily think you need to read one in order to understand the other Both are good as any other standalones.Ellen Callahan is a driven woman who is a single mother and lawyer She is tough as nails and Caleb Clark seems to enjoy poking fun at the attractive woman every chance he gets When Ellen s brother, the internationa [...]

    13. Where do I begin You know how you read a book and you feel like you re THERE Not even one of the characters, but a bystander looking in on what goes on And it makes you feel involved Emotional That s how it was for me with this story.Seemingly, a textbook contemporary romance But it was so much Ellen Callahan is faced with Caleb Clark thud when a paparazzi stomps her yard trying to get a shot of her neighbor Her neighbor who s pregnant and was Ellen s twin brother s girlfriend A brother who s a [...]

    14. Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating BEllen loves her singing superstar brother Jamie so much, but not so much when he and her next door neighbor Carly break up causing a paparazzi frenzy at Carly s house, which by extension includes Ellen s home Jamie, now back in LA, arranges for security to help keep the photographers at bay and provide protection to Ellen and her son as well as Carly, who s pregnant Caleb s security company is hired and he starts butting heads with Ellen immedia [...]

    15. Along Came Trouble is Book Two in the Camelot series This book is not a single story, but rather several stories woven into one narrative The primary story is between Caleb and Ellen Caleb is immensely likable He s the kind of guy who you would trust with your life, woo in your bed, and have a beer with However, I found it really difficult to connect with Ellen s character she is rather mean to Caleb and it takes some time to discover why that is so Once it is revealed, it makes sense, view spoi [...]

    16. Another brilliant read I want my own Caleb, and a Henry, he was just too cute for the pages The Camelot Series is funny, exciting, engrossing and thoroughly unputdownable.I am just miffed I haven t discovered the awesomeness that is Ruthis Knox earlier.Onto Flirting With Disaster for me.

    17. Ellen Callahan is a single mother who has worked hard for everything she has When her brother becomes a pop star it brings the paparazzi to her door Used to taking care of matters on her own, Ellen plans to do just that until Caleb Clark shows up on her doorstep claiming to be her bodyguard.Caleb is trying his best to be stay professional with Ellen but it is getting hard to deny the attraction he feels for her Caleb has a lot on his plate when he decides he is going to have Ellen, but can Ellen [...]

    18. The first full length novel in the Camelot series is about Amber s from How to Misbehave brother, Caleb He s recently gotten out of the military and returned home for good He s spent the time since starting up his security business in and around his home town of Camelot, Ohio Suddenly a job that will put him on the map comes along musician Jamie Callahan wants security for his sister and the women he loved and left Reporters are hounding them, and it s now Caleb s job to keep them safe until the [...]

    19. After reading and loving How to Misbehave, I was ready to be swept off my feet with the first longer novel from Ruthie Knox.And Well I wasn t.And I m trying to put my finger on why that was, exactly It wasn t that I didn t enjoy the book I did Three stars to me means I liked it But, well, 3 stars for a book by Ruthie is rather low Let s start with what I did like The plot was interesting and engaging I always enjoy small town stories, and the setting of Camelot, Ohio was no different for me.And, [...]

    20. I was so disappointed with this book I love LOVE Ruthie Knox, but this book just did not work for me AT ALL First, the book was WAY too long There was a lot of repetition and filler, and it was too easy to set down even though Caleb, the hero, was a hottie as per usual in Ruthie Knox s books she can write swoony boys Ellen, the heroine, however, was infuriating There is a fine line between feisty strong willed woman and bitch, and Ellen, the mother, and Carley crossed that line IMO The women in [...]

    21. I love a family or group series People who love and care for each other I love the parents in this family They are far from perfect But they love each other They love their children This story has two wonderful, similar in some ways and very very different in others, love stories Love stories People with issues who still want what we all want, love To love and be loved And probably, that s why most of us read these books Because we love love You will get your money and your times worth from Alon [...]

    22. The covers in this series do absolutely nothing to show what a fun, charming set of stories this is If I hadn t taken somebody s word for it, I never would have given these a shot I loved this book It was quick, funny, charming and sexy exactly what I was looking for It was nothing too deep but I enjoyed the heck out of it, especially Caleb.

    23. I m a big Ruthie Knox fan, and was anticipating this book as it s her first full length Her writing style again impressed me as she writes very smart, witty, sexy characters I do have complaint about this one though, which I ll get to in a minute.Ellen lives in her peaceful hometown of Camelot, Ohio, except the peaceful part has gone out the window Her brother Jamie is a very famous pop star who recently visited and had a passionate affair with Ellen s pregnant next door neighbor Carly But Jamie [...]

    24. Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerSource a review copy was provided by the publisher through NetGalley.I ve been gushing about Ms Knox s books for the past year, and as I keep saying, I think she has one of the best and freshest voices in Contemporary Romance But all good things must come to an end or in this case, a small bump in the road so today s review won t be a gushing one.Along Came Trouble is the first full length book in the new Camelot series there s a prequel novella, but [...]

    25. You all know I love Ruthie Knox and her writing I m not going to keep telling you all how you should immediately go purchase everything you can by her and read it now I was lucky enough to be approved for the galley of Along Came Trouble A new series featuring the Clark family This time we meet Caleb, who is back home after being deployed in Iraq, now working as a civilian, starting his own security company, but also trying to juggle his family We also get to meet Ellen Callahan, a divorced, sin [...]

    26. Ellen Callahan is pissed because paparazzi won t leave her alone due to her pop star brother s romance with her neighbor Carly Caleb Clark, aka Lady Killer is hired to be her sort of bodyguard She s pissed about that too because she can handle those media vultures herself With iced tea By the way, who on planet Earth doesn t know that vulture is synonymous with paparazzi The vulture What vulture He d have remembered birds of prey He wasn t quite that hopeless Jamie calls the photographers vultur [...]

    27. This book is available 3 11 2013.Caleb I don t think I can say enough about Caleb He has a security company, which is hired by Ellen s rock star brother s security firm to keep Ellen and Carly his ex pregnant girlfriend safe.Caleb enters the scene just as Ellen pours iced tea down the neck of a paparazzi who is standing on her plants while he s trying to get pics of the pregnant Carly who has kicked Ellen s brother, Jamie, to the curb.Caleb handles the situation, quite nicely and Ellen appreciat [...]

    28. The last time we visited Camelot Ohio, a tornado swept through town causing than just property damage How to Misbehave We are back some years later, revisiting the town and residents The Clark family has grown, and their son Caleb is back from tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as an M.P He is retired from the military, and has started his own company, Camelot Securities.Ellen Callahan moved to Camelot after divorcing her alcoholic, womanizing husband She has a sweet two year old named Henry, and is [...]

    29. About the book Ruthie Knox s Camelot series continues in this sizzling eBook original novel, featuring two headstrong souls who bump heads and bodies as temptation and lust bring nothing but delicious trouble.An accomplished lawyer and driven single mother, Ellen Callahan isn t looking for any help She s doing just fine on her own So Ellen s than a little peeved when her brother, an international pop star, hires a security guard to protect her from a prying press that will stop at nothing to di [...]

    30. NetGalley provided me with a copy of this book for my honest reviewEllen is a single mother she works hard and doesn t need a man in her life Her brother is a celebrity and when the paparazzi start showing up on her property to get a glimpse at her neighbor, who was in a relationship with her brother, he hires a security Caleb is Ellen s bodyguard and while he is attracted to her, he is determined to ignore it Ellen really bugged me in this book she is so determined to prove she can do things on [...]

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