Madly & Wolfhardt

Madly Wolfhardt Madly is your average nearly eighteen year old girl for a mermaid princess that is Madly James is thoroughly enjoying her internship in Slumber when the unthinkable happens there s a prison break in

  • Title: Madly & Wolfhardt
  • Author: M. Leighton, Michelle Leighton
  • ISBN: 9781463740610
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback
  • Madly is your average nearly eighteen year old girl for a mermaid princess, that is.Madly James is thoroughly enjoying her internship in Slumber when the unthinkable happens there s a prison break in Atlas, Madly s home beneath the sea A traitor has set free eight Lore, the spirits of what humans know as fairy tales, and they are making their way to Slumber to awaken theiMadly is your average nearly eighteen year old girl for a mermaid princess, that is.Madly James is thoroughly enjoying her internship in Slumber when the unthinkable happens there s a prison break in Atlas, Madly s home beneath the sea A traitor has set free eight Lore, the spirits of what humans know as fairy tales, and they are making their way to Slumber to awaken their descendants The first spirit to arrive is that of Ulrich Wolfhardt, a man that was once obsessed with wolves and a young maiden he would follow through the woods After a bite from a wolf, Wolfhardt s obsession with the girl became an unnatural hunger and the young maiden s grandmother cursed him with a fate worse than death And now he s back with a vengeance and a bite that can infect others as well.Madly must learn the identity of Wolfhardt s descendant and stop him before he kills again and spreads his curse across the earth But the only person strong enough to help Madly is Jackson, the Sentinel who vowed to protect her and the one person capable of breaking her heart Can Madly resist forbidden love long enough to save the world from Wolfhardt Or will she have to sacrifice her heart and her destiny to save the ones she loves

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      M. Leighton, Michelle Leighton

    M. Leighton, Michelle Leighton

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    One thought on “Madly & Wolfhardt

    1. Mermaids Really This is not a topic that I would ever consciously seek out when choosing a paranormal romance In fact, the first thought that pops into my head when I think of mermaids is a band of merry crustaceans playing the xylophone and singing, The seaweed is always greener in somebody else s lake But I really enjoyed M Leighton s For the Love of a Vampire series, so I was willing to give this book a try All I can say is Wow I loved it Mermaids, Little Red Riding Hood, werewolves sort of [...]

    2. I am trying very hard to think of words to describe M Leighton s latest novel, Madly and Wolfhardt Creative ethereal intoxicating fascinating all of these words apply I can honestly tell you that in a literary world where everything has been done before in one way or another, THIS story has never been done Mermaids, fairy tales, werewolves oh my And on the surface, it doesn t sound as if those things should go together But, with her incredibly adept writing skill, M Leighton weaves a tale that i [...]

    3. okay, I m not sure where to start, because I really DO love the book, but I can t give it 5 stars because I DON T like the ending I DO love the character Jackson he s smart, strong, fearless, loving, loyal, and handsome definitely everything you want in a male lead charactersidenote I want to apologize to Gale The Hunger Games , Four Divergent , and Gage Logan Burn because JACKSON has officially taken the 1 spot and knocked you all down a notch lolI DO like the overall theme of the story choosin [...]

    4. I DEVOURED this book I absolutely loved it Although I ve never read a story about mermaids before, this story seemed completely original to me Leighton incorporated fair tales into this story in a great way that makes perfect sense She captured my attention within the very first few pages of the book and I couldn t put it down after that Madly is a very strong character and she s really in tune with her feelings She thinks like a normal 18 year old girl would so it s realistic And Jackson, whew, [...]

    5. A bit of a background Ages ago, Lucifer and Proserpine created evil creatures called Lores Lucifer, being the dark angel that he was, perhaps saw opportunity to rule the entire universe I m just guessing the author didn t really explain why or maybe there was a myth involved , cast Proserpine out of the Underworld Proserpine turned to Neptune for help, in which he agreed on the condition that she d disclosed everything she knew about the creatures Neptune then, created a prison for these creatur [...]

    6. I happened to read the novella before I got to read the complete novel and was stuck with having to wait for the glorious results for a few weeks It was the longest weeks of my life Okay, okay, maybe that was a bit dramatic Hey, it s in my nature but I do admit I had been waiting for the release than any other book this year Why, you ask Well, because I love different and Madly and Wolfhardt is unparalleled Unparallelled, and not to mention, a breathtakingly beautiful story with equally stunnin [...]

    7. Oh so good Unless some of the Lore captures are combined, I m guessing there will be a total of nine books in this series and that really has me pumped Brief descriptionMadly is a mermaid princess who s parents are trapped in her underwater home of Atlas While they re being held captive, it s up to Madly to capture the Lore spirits who are the bad guys in human fairy tales In this book she s after Wolfhardt who is the wolf we know from the story Little Red Riding Hood What I lovedUm, pretty much [...]

    8. I am pleasantly surprised at how much I am enjoying this series thus far M Leighton has created a world that is rich in mer lore with heaps of adventure and romance I love the fact that she has combined mermaids, fairy tales and werewolves in this book Unlikely combination most assuredly However, it works and it sucked me in big time Leighton has an incredibly adept writing style and weaves a tale that is both believable and fascinating.Ms Leighton has truly created a fascinating mermaid mythos [...]

    9. M Leighton never fails to deliver a breathtaking story and unforgettable characters She has quickly become one of my favs Can t wait for book 3 I might have to agree with Courtney that Jackson is my favorite leading man now Great job Loved it

    10. 4.5 5 stars rounded up for Future Warden Queen of the Mer, seventeen year old Madly James is currently residing in the small town of Slumber where she is given the unique opportunity to learn about and live among the people she will one day rule When eight of the dreaded Lore, evil spirits the rest of the world commonly recognizes as fairytale villains, are released from Mer captivity, they threaten the safety of all magical descendants, not to mention the world An unknown traitor has set this d [...]

    11. I m reviewing books 1 and 2 together as Madly is really only a novella, introducing us to the characters and the world they live in and preparing us for book 2 Madly James is a mermaid princess doing an internship at the school in Slumber, together with her friend Jersey and her bethrothed, Aidan, also merfolk This is so they can spend some time with the humans they are bound to protect After their resident advisor, Lady Sheelagh is found murdered, Jackson a sentinel, and Madly s previous crush, [...]

    12. After reading MADLY, I was eager to continue the series MADLY AND WOLFHARDT, book two, is where the adventure truly begins In effort to capture the escaped Lore and free her family, Madly must find Wolfhardt, commonly known as The Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood With the help of her best friend Jersey, and Sentinel, Jackson, Madly must piece together the clues, putting herself and her friends in danger And though her royal lineage leaves her promised to another, Madly s heart continues [...]

    13. A joint review for book one and two together May contain spoilers.I was looking for a short read and can across Madly on I first noticed the amazing book cover and then I read the blurb and I instantly sold Now let me just say Madly completely surprised me and had me captivated from start to finish I loved it And of course, I went straight on to read book two, Wolfhardt and loved it even Who would have thought mermaids and werewolves could work Well it did and I fell in love with M Leighton s w [...]

    14. Madly James is a mermaid princess whose parents have been captured Her underwater home, Atlas, is in lockdown because the deadly prisoners called Lore have escaped These nightmarish creatures are from fairy tales, but in this world are very real.Madly and her guardian, Jackson, are charged with the safekeeping of a girl who may be under attack by one of the Lore But things start getting complicated when Madly realizes her true feelings for Jackson, whom she can never have as she is a member of t [...]

    15. Okay, I admit, I wasn t sure how I would like a book about Mermaids, but it was friggin fantastic Love the cover art Wasn t crazy about the main character s name being Madly, but grew into it At least I could pronounce it, as is not the case with a few books I have read lately Anyway, I just thought it was so original and loved the mix of mermaids, royalty and classic fairy tales There is a love triangle that isn t really a love triangle and it never really makes you uncomfortable like so many o [...]

    16. AMAZING Honestly, when I first saw this I wasn t too sure if mermaids sounded very exciting or not But this is such a great author that she has had me daydreaming about a fish man who thankfully doesn t keep his scales when he s on land so it s not as weird as it sounds Madly is your basic teenager besides the whole mermaid princess thing until all hell breaks loose underwater and she is forced into an adult position immediately She is torn between thinking with her head so she can save her peop [...]

    17. OH MY GOD She cliffhanged me M Leighton shoved a cliffhanger right in my face at the end of this book and based on her website I see no book three in site This book did it for me Not only where there MERMAID OH yes I said mermaids, which I m secretly dying to write about myself, but it had GREAT romance for a young adult book It wasn t cheesy The whole thing from beginning to end was incredible I was really sucked into this magical world of lore and fairy tale Brilliant, and so amazing I m so gl [...]

    18. Beautiful Another captivating read by M Leighton I love just being able to sit back and let the author create a world around me that allows me to get lost for a little while And getting lost in the Mer world is a new and amazing experience This story is beautiful and breathtaking It s filled with strong characters, excellent romance, and suspensel wrapped up in this fascinating and impeccably well written fairy tale

    19. I really liked this book Madly is a girl torn between duty and love You struggle with her as she knows that she is unable to be a royal princess and be with Jackson The book has a lot of interesting twists and turns and it is just a really good, fun read.

    20. Madly and Wolfhardt are an amazingly enchanting and wondrous read about the Mer folk with a modern day twist.Read my full review here secretlivesoffictionlovers.wor

    21. Just a little bit than 3 stars Like 3.184 or something It had some fairytale elements in it, like little red riding hood and the big bad wolf I just don t know what wolfhardt has to do with their main goal, which is saving Atlas

    22. Awwww this book was so good Madly is such an awesome character and can we talk about Jackson, I fell in love with him This is an Awesome read I ve never read any books about Mermaids and it did not disappoint, can t wait for the next one in this series

    23. LOVED this book Very original concept The characters came alive from the very beginning the author really knows how to create a world that the reader can get lost in Great story and fantastic writing.

    24. I had read the first Madly novella a long time ago and I can t say I remembered much about it that s my curse, bound to forget everything but it was easy enough to go into the story, Mer people and Lores to catch.A nice take on mer people and other mythical creatures aka Werewolves if it wasn t made clear by the title What I enjoyed was the leading MC chose not to hide things from her friends which was a nice change.I do think it could have gain my being a bit longer.

    25. The Writer s View a unique approach to book blogging For reviews, visit camillepicott I m going to start off this review and say that I don t think I was quite the right audience for the story At its heart, this is 85% love story, 15% action plot worldbuilding Don t get me wrong, I love romance in a story, but I prefer a balanced mix of the various elements I found myself skimming the parts where Madly is yearning for Jackson But that s just a reflection of my personal tastes, not the writing [...]

    26. 3.5 starsOverall While I thought the book was an improvement on the novella and I find Leighton s writing descriptive and fun, there were a few factors that prevented me from really liking it.BUT let s be positive first.As I said, Leighton s writing style is descriptive and easy to read It flows nicely, sets up scenes well and has just enough humor and sass At times it comes across as juvenile, like inserting an I know, right after describing a really serious incident, like they are sometimes ju [...]

    27. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFWhen the underwater city of Atlas is attacked and eight Lore are set free, Madly must team up with her childhood crush Jackson and capture the escaped Lore Madly Think courageous, loyal, and dedicated Right now, you may be thinking, Woo hoo Madly and Jackson can team up, save the bad guys, fall in love, and live happily ever after Unfortunately, things aren t always that easy You see, Madly is set to marry another [...]

    28. I felt Jackson s strength flowing from him, from his skin, into me It poured into my palms and ran in waves up my arms to flood my body My scalp tingled with it My lungs expanded with it My soul danced with it My heart burst with it In the first official installment of the Madly series we pick up a few days after the novella ended After realizing that she must capture the Lore in order to save Atlas Madly is faced with her first real Warden Princess duty She must capture the first descendant com [...]

    29. Lisa Silverlight Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Reviews says:
      Enter giveaway here pnrurbanfantasyreviewsspoA perfect continuation, from the novella, Madly I once again was lost in M Leighton s story, and fell even harder for her characters, especially Jackson, who is just as swoon worthy in this book as he was in the lastIn Madly and Wolfhardt, the story continues, from the novella, Madly With the Lore having escaped imprisonment, and unleashing themselves on dry land Wolfhardt, is the lore species that Madly has to capture, imprison, and take back to her [...]

    30. My Summary Madly is supposed to be concentrating on capturing the escaped lore so that she can rescue her parents in Atlas, but Jackson s return to her life has her very distracted He s there to protect her, with his life if necessary something he is very willing to do She s the princess in line for the throne A relationship between them is not only inappropriate it s also forbidden Madly knows all of this but she can t stop thinking about him sleeping a mere feet from her In the mean time, Aide [...]

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