The Pirates!: In an Adventure with the Romantics

The Pirates In an Adventure with the Romantics In Gideon Defoe s fifth Pirates adventure the dashing Pirate Captain and his intrepid crew encounter perhaps the most swashbuckling poets in history Lord Byron Percy Bysshe Shelley and Shelley s fi

  • Title: The Pirates!: In an Adventure with the Romantics
  • Author: Gideon Defoe
  • ISBN: 9780449806678
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Audio
  • In Gideon Defoe s fifth Pirates adventure, the dashing Pirate Captain and his intrepid crew encounter perhaps the most swashbuckling poets in history Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Shelley s fianc e, Mary Godwin While visiting the shores of Lake Geneva to restore their spirits and their finances, the Pirate Captain and his crew encounter some surprising fellow In Gideon Defoe s fifth Pirates adventure, the dashing Pirate Captain and his intrepid crew encounter perhaps the most swashbuckling poets in history Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Shelley s fianc e, Mary Godwin While visiting the shores of Lake Geneva to restore their spirits and their finances, the Pirate Captain and his crew encounter some surprising fellow adventurers, literary giants of their age the swaggering Lord Byron, the oddly shifty Percy Shelley, and his smart, quite attractive fianc e, Mary Together the poets and pirates embark upon a journey that leads from the curiously adventureless Switzerland into the darkest bowels of Oxford, and finally to the forbidding heart of eastern Europe Amidst haunted castles and early feminism, the Pirate Captain will confront some important questions, namely What is the secret behind his mysterious belly tattoo Is Zombuloid, the corpse beast a better name for a monster than Gorgo Half man, half seaweed And, most importantly, what happens when a pirate finally falls in love

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    One thought on “The Pirates!: In an Adventure with the Romantics

    1. Look, you have to understand piracy isn t like other jobs One minute you re swimming in pearls and eating diamonds instead of cereal, the next you re clinging to a raft made from dead pygmies without a penny to your name Things are looking heartily bleak for the Pirate Captain his bank account is overdrawn, and he may be forced to sell his crew to the paste factory Enter Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, and Miss Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin They re bored, and looking for adventure An ocean voyage with s [...]

    2. Yes Finally Defoe blends his rapier like wit with an actual plot and finds success Babbage s Three Laws of Difference EnginesFirst Law A difference engine must have at least six cogs.Second Law A difference engine must be able to operate a loom.Third law A difference engine must be able to kill a man, should the mood so take it Do you want to see Ruth squeeze ten ping pong balls in to her mouth Would you like to witness a pie chart that causes children to clap and laugh in delight In this fabulo [...]

    3. What seems like years ago now, probably because it was, I remember seeing a few of Gideon Defoe s Pirates books at Half Price Books and thinking they looked rather fun I promptly forgot about them because do you realize the number of books I look at on a daily basis It s seriously staggering But shortly thereafter Lauren Willig mentioned them in passing as being hilarious so this confluence of events led me to order the first two books, handily sold as one volume, and I put it on my bookshelf an [...]

    4. I love the Pirates series The previous entry, an Adventure with Napoleon, was a little weak, but the Adventure with the Romantics bolstered my confidence that I will be a lifelong fan.Our intrepid hero, The Pirate Captain, falls in love with Mary soon to be Shelley while taking the Romantics Byron and the Shelleys on a cruise adventure The crew and guests sail from Lake Geneva to London to Transylvania, with important stops at the Bodleian Library and a dracula s castle Not the Dracula, a dracul [...]

    5. Most comic novels are gentle or wry or not really very funny The Pirates books are different, and the latest is no exception pages stuffed with proper gags, like an episode of your favourite sitcom in its best season It s genuinely educational, too.Nothing else made of paper or digital ink , if you re a cyborg is going to entertain you as much as this Disclosure I m friends with the authors of this book, and my sock puppet, Socky, was in sixth form with them.

    6. Not many pirate adventures begin in a bank manager s office and that s a surprise really since, as any self respecting Pirate Captain knows, life is full of expenses Spare bits of rope, press ganging, new hats, none of them come cheap Fortunately, Gideon Defoe has sussed out this particular piratical problem and so The Pirates in an Adventure with the Romantics begins in just such a fashion Having been turned down for a thousand doubloon loan and reluctant to go back to his previous career as a [...]

    7. Quite hilarious I gave this a glowing review in PW a week or two ago, after not expecting that much and worried it would be too farcical.It is a farce, and a riotous one Laugh out loud funny, which is hard to accomplish in a book The story, in brief, is this band of pirates who rove around the world having adventures with various groups of famous characters, some real the Romantics include Percy Shelley, Mary Godwin, Lord Byron, and Charles Babbage , which gives Defoe the chance to make fun of t [...]

    8. I had not read any of the other Pirates books or seen the film, so I didn t quite know what to expect when I began to read this title I was pleasantly surprised The Pirates In an Adventure with the Romantics is a delightfully silly tale featuring Byron, draculas and stolen book pages.I loved The Pirate Captain, a hilariously narcissistic buffoon who falls hopelessly in love with Mary Shelley and encourages her love of monster based fiction As a librarian, I giggled hysterically through the scene [...]

    9. This was probably my favorite Pirates book since the Adventure with Scientists I bought this at the same time as The Pirates In An Adventure With Napoleon, which I had missed, and I read Napoleon right away it was pretty good but decided to save The Romantics for when I really needed some diversion or cheering up Then I ate some bad sushi and realized that this would be the perfect thing to read while recovering from food poisoning, which it was Not to suggest that it would only be good for peop [...]

    10. An utterly hilarious and genuinely smart story, stuffed with genre skewering moments and many, many clever cultural references I d like to say that it doesn t matter if you don t know a lot about the Romantics or gothic literature or the pirate horror detective genres but I think if you know anything about these things that you will laugh harder I only hope he has plans to write of these novels they re the canines gonads, so to speak.

    11. 7 20 2013I love this series and this one, for me, was the best By this point in the series, Defoe has all the characters and their idiosyncrasies down to an art The story just flew by and, as with the others, I found myself laughing out loud every few pages Can t wait for the next one 3 27 16Read it again, having forgotten that I read it three years ago Bad memory means I can enjoy something all over again

    12. The Pirates adventures are just the perfect thing to while away a Sunday afternoon in giggles on the couch Byron is, of course, a fabulous guest star in this particular adventure, with extra points being awarded for the Captain s sexy fireman costume and the revelation that Oxford s Bodleian is actually a seething pit of sexual tension.

    13. Lots of pirates with titles ie the albino pirate, the pirate with the scarf, the pirate in red and Jennifer, not forgetting the pirate captain.Our heroes answer an advert asking for adventure and find themselves in a lake in Switzerland, not sure how they get to a lake in Switzerland but from there it becomes even whacky.

    14. The continuing adventure of the pirates, this time encountering Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, and his fiancee Mary While not as strong as some of the other entries in this series, it is still very funny and includes a bit of sharp social satire A fun read.

    15. It started off slowly, but don t worry, it gets better By half way I was hooked I think this is his second best book, better than the adventure with scientists, but not quite as good as the adventure with communists.

    16. A wonderful pirate adventure, not short on allusions from Romantic literature Every time I finish one of The Pirates books, I m sad, because there should be of them.

    17. A modern day Monty Python Its as if Jack Sparrow and Will Ferrell had a love child and that child wrote a memoir.

    18. Dear Mr Defoe,I doubt you can improve on the perfection that is this particular adventure of The Pirates , but I d really like you to try and prove me wrong Sincerely,Karin

    19. I read a few of these books a few years ago and fancied a quick read that wasn t a chick lit so picked this one up in the library.This was a very quick read I read it mostly in one sitting These books are a little silly but always enjoyable and entertaining This one particularly so because of the literary figures and references that were included The plot on the whole was exciting and I liked the way that Defoe played with Romanticism and the Gothic.I think you could start this series at any poi [...]

    20. Honestly, I think that most of my reading just happens to fill time between Gideon Defoe s books about The Pirates This particular adventure features such illustrious figures as Percy Bysse Shelley, Lord Byron, and Mary Godwin prior to becoming Mary Shelley Though there is much suspicion of draculas, no draculas or vampires or any such things ever do appear I m not disappointed, though The Pirate Captain than makes up for any lack of sea creature or other monstrous thing.

    21. So, yesterday I listened to this podcast about the release of methane in the Arctic and how catastrophic climate change is near inevitable The whole thing is relentlessly depressing and makes you wonder what the point of anything is, since civilisation has clearly doomed itself After it ended, I needed to cheer myself up and the most effective means of doing that is evidently a nice book I turned to The Pirates in an Adventure with the Romantics This series of ridiculous pirate adventures is gen [...]

    22. I love all the books in The Pirate series, but surprising absolutely no one who knows me at all , this one is hands down my absolute favorite Perhaps if you are not a fan of the Romantics your mileage will vary, but this one is really, truly exceptional I mean, it reduced me to tears of laughter in an airport terminal, how many books can you say have done likewise to you Also, this one features something of a definite plot, so than the other books, where the plot is a series of comic episodes c [...]

    23. This is a brilliant addition to The Pirates series I particularly loved it because I have an interest in literature of the Romanticist period and this was a really funny take on the stories most people will be familiar with how the story of Frankenstein was created, etc featuring the famous poets themselves The Pirate Captain is as funny as ever as are all his pirate crew the albino pirate, the pirate with the scarf I particularly liked the pirate from the Bronx who was concerned he wouldn t get [...]

    24. Not as good as his other books I ve read all of Gideon Defoe s books, and enjoyed them all, so Romantics came as a disappointment.There s still the running gags, the footnotes, the silliness and light hearted messing about, but for some reason this book felt hollow His other books, as silly as they are, have a loose plot, but Romantics feels empty probably because there is no baddie for them to fight against Instead it s a sort of scavenger hunt of clues set up with no purpose other than to alle [...]

    25. Possibly their second greatest adventure yet GHOST shouted the albino pirate, as he and the pirate in green came tearing up the stairs, arms flailing wildly They skidded to a halt, panting and wide eyed There s a ghost in the study That s nice, said the Captain Sorry, Mary you were saying A LADY GHOST exclaimed the pirate in green Yes, well, good for her, said the Captain But Mary here is trying to finish her sentence Why are you mouthing go away asked the albino pirate Down the hall various doo [...]

    26. The Pirates and, of course, the Pirate Captain are in a bit of a financial strait this time around, so they decide to answer an advert requesting some sort of adventure They meet up with the Romantics, Byron, Shelley and Godwin, who are bored and ready for the pirate life, adventures, fights, and ham.Soon the group battles Swiss Eskimos, Dinosaurs and Men from the Deep A monster convention is held and a Dracula tracked to his lair deep in the secret crypt of a haunted castlel for the secret know [...]

    27. After reading about Napoleon, and feeling like DeFoe was off his mark a bit in the humor section, and then seeing that pretty bad movie about the pirates which really took out the great wit and adult humor writing of DeFoe I was pleasantly surprised to find that he had written a new work And it was GLORIOUS Right back where he started Nearly a giggle a page for me At one point, my Financee and I were nearly crying it was so hysterical Note to DeFoe Stay away from film and write books I can t wai [...]

    28. After a slightly lacklustre adventure with Napoleon, the Pirate Captain and his crew are back on top form in a delightfully absurd adventure with Pirate Captain 2.0 Byron , Mary Shelley elect, Percy Shelley, and 39 informative footnotes For comparison Scientists had 33, Moby Dick 31, Communists 34, and Napoleon 31 It was nice to see Jennifer get a slightly beefed up role view spoiler and some action hide spoiler.Muchly looking forward to the next Pirates adventure, although who knows when that l [...]

    29. I m a big fan of this silly, absurdist series These books never fail to get me chuckling and this outing is one of the better ones although as the author tweeted to me, THEY RE ALL AMAZING And it never fails to amuse me that the chapter titles have nothing to do with the contents of the chapter Anyway, in this outing, the Pirate Captain and his crew find themselves on Lake Geneva and eventually hook up with Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Mary Godwin author of Frankenstein The Pirate Capta [...]

    30. Four stars because the Pirate Captain is my road guard Er, ocean guard Whatever Four stars because Gideon Defoe is the Mozart the real Mozart, and I suppose, bits of the Tom Hulce Mozart of the numbered footnote Four stars because the unusual shape of the Toblerone is no match for the tempests that rage in a man s soul Mostly, though, it s four stars because Romantics is as funny as the idea of a ham getting bitten by a vampire and turning into a hampire I haven t laughed this hard since Team Ed [...]

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