A Gathering of Saints: A True Story of Money, Murder and Deceit

A Gathering of Saints A True Story of Money Murder and Deceit As he proved in The Falcon the Snowman Robert Lindsey is a masterful journalist with a genius for suspense an unerring eye for provocative stories A Gathering of Saints is an astonishing report on on

  • Title: A Gathering of Saints: A True Story of Money, Murder and Deceit
  • Author: Robert Lindsey
  • ISBN: 9780671651121
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As he proved in The Falcon the Snowman, Robert Lindsey is a masterful journalist with a genius for suspense an unerring eye for provocative stories A Gathering of Saints is an astonishing report on one of this century s most puzzling, cunningly executed crimes 16 pages of photos.
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    One thought on “A Gathering of Saints: A True Story of Money, Murder and Deceit

    1. How I Came To Read This Book Back when the OIympics were held in Salt Lake City, my mom thought it d be a good time for me to learn about Utah s relationship with the Mormon religion culture And thus, she gave me this book.The Plot This is a book that unveils the history of Mormonism and a shaky one at that combined with a fascinating true life murder terrorist mystery, when several seemingly randomly selected people are the victims of bomb attacks The story then threads together the history of [...]

    2. This book intersected two of my fascinations belief systems and forgeries It s a bizarre story set in a religious world that is both familiar and oddly foreign, like seeing a familiar photo in false colors and warped I won t summarize you can find a summary with a click The most clever move that Mark Hofmann made was to discover manuscripts that were mildly disruptive to the carefully redacted and cultivated Mormon history This produced enough anxiety in the Mormon leadership to assure Hofmann a [...]

    3. So I pick this book off the shelf as I m looking for something for a trip and on the cover I see big red A Gathering of Saints in gothic like letters, a picture of a home made dynamite type bomb with an old watch thing on it which btw was a lie was all pipe bombs , a plug Wonderfully Suspenseful.A Terrific Read and story of Murder, Money and Deceit Seems like a good fast thiller type Start the book and in the first 10 pages or so, all prologue and set in the mid 80 s, we get bombs going off, peo [...]

    4. Nicely paced and pretty exhaustive the research is well done I ve been obsessed with this story for years since a few tendrils of the story cast a shadow on my own life my aunt and uncle were friends and business partners with both of the bomb victims, and as fate would have it, my family was living with my aunt and uncle during the bombings as we prepared to move to Arkansas News helicopters and bomb squads were sent to our home I was a mere 2.5 years old so I don t have a firsthand memory of i [...]

    5. My wife s aunt married a Mormon elder, a bishop, a professor at Northwestern, and he persistently tried to convert me, emphasizing the socialistic practices of his community It didn t work, but it did pique my interest in the faith.One of the many books I read about Mormonism was this exposition of what had been items in the press during the eighties The background, something I hadn t known, was that in fact there were two Mormon churches surviving from the days of Joe Smith s murder, a third lo [...]

    6. I found this book at a second hand book sale, so had no idea what to expect It was extremely well researched and, considering the monumental amount of information covered and incredible degree of complex knowledge required to collate all those facts, it still held my interest and was an extraordinarily readable book.

    7. The story of the salamander letter.This was a painful effort I admire Mr Lindsey for the extraordinary effort it must have taken to compile all of the facts within this story I believe he was as honest and fair as a man could be that was not in the Church He did an excellent job of creating a marvelous story from reality.As a Mormon, I like to believe that I know how the Church works It was a challenge to read this book because it makes one question personal beliefs By reading the book, I had to [...]

    8. Journalist writing this true crime story sets it up so that the reader gets the impression that the Mormon Church is behind bombings in Salt Lake City in the 1980s that left people dead We learn late in the book that the bombings are the work of a delusional Mormon acting independently who is solely responsible for the violence, so a little bait and switch action that was somewhat off putting to me.And the build up and implications about all these alleged documents that completely contradict the [...]

    9. I love reading about Mormon hypocrisy I ve read Under the Banner of Heaven and all the books written by plural wives and lost boys that lived under Warren Jeff s insane regime This book is another great read if one is interested in that subject It is about a Mormon document dealer who forged supposedly bombshell letters and scripts in order to embarrass the church The Mormon hierarchy went through all kinds of gymnastics to purchase and bury these controversial documents One quote from the leade [...]

    10. I found this book absolutely fascinating The title does not clue you in to the specific event of the book so I must have looked over this book on my dad s book shelf a dozen times without pulling it out Recently I mentioned to him that I did not know much about the Salt Lake City bombings that occurred in October 1985 in connection with forgeries of Mormon documents My dad recommended this book among three others on the subject as the one that reads the most like a novel Novel indeed, Lindsey us [...]

    11. This is an absolutely riveting true crime book It s probably interesting for me because I live in the area in which these crimes were committed, and I am actually old enough to remember them being reported on TV I remember the scared faces of my parents all the adults I knew, really, watching the news reports with an intensity I had never seen before It frightened me Although I was not old enough to really understand the events unfolding around me, I sensed that the adult generation upon whom I [...]

    12. I just finished this book and was pretty much captivated by the story all the way I heard a talk by a rare books dealer in April, describing how competition and confidentiality agreements with their clients make dealers less scrupulous than they should be about tracing the provenance and authenticity of items they buy and sell She mentioned the Mormon forgeries case and I looked for books about it This turns out to be about much than forgery, including murder, father son issues, and a fascinati [...]

    13. A Gathering of Saints A True Story of Money, Murder and Deceit by Robert Lindsey is a great book It keeps you on the edge of your seat as you follow all the principle players till the resolution This is the third book by the author of The Falcon and the Snowman This story is the true story of Mark Hofmann and the forgeries and bombs he set off to cover his tracks This would make a great movie This book is not a case for or against Mormonism but about the attempts of one man to profit from certa [...]

    14. crazy i can t believe i m related to this dude all my life i heard my parents joke about mom s cousin the uni bomber but i never knew the story and lindsey does a fantastic job of relaying it my only critique was that it got a little person heavy at points and those persons didn t seem to have a real strong connection to the story, so that i could have done without as an active Later Day Saint it was at times a little uncomfortable to read but i think i learned, as did church leaders at the time [...]

    15. What a convoluted story This book goes into great detail about a document dealer turned forger and murderer Mark Hoffmann turned out to be the biggest document forger uncovered in modern times He was responsible for many forgeries related to the history of the Morman church LDS in addition to other forged letters and signatures Through relentless detective work the story of some of the forgeries and the story of the murders was unraveled.

    16. 46 A GATHERING AF SAINTS A True Story Of Money, Murder, and Deceit by Robert Lindsey Durfee s top 50 non fiction books countdown The riveting account of master forger and bungling car bomber Mark Hofmann I asked one of the lead investigators in the case which of the 3 books written about Hofmann was the most fair and accurate He chose GATHERING OF SAINTS over THE SALAMANDER LETTER and THE MORMON MURDERS

    17. Mark Hoffman totally fooled almost everybody with his forgeries As his greediness began to close in on him he set off three bombs in Salt Lake City Another writer wrote of the incident as the Mormon Murders.Hoffman was selling the forgeries to the LDS church who bought them to keep their history hidden Hoffman was a deceiver, but the easiest people to deceive are other deceivers I thought this book was comprehensive than The Mormon Murders.

    18. An interesting foray into the secretive world of the Mormon Church and historical document dealers, sparked by the bombing murder of two Salt Lake City residents, as well as another bombing that opened the doors to a determined police investigation The story lagged a bit, but I found it comepelling enough that I wanted to know, why There will be some who will just see Mormon bashing in the book, but I think Lindsey tried to take the middle road, letting others critique and he report.

    19. This is an amazing book about murder, the Mormon Church and life in Utah It is such a strange, true, story about obsessed historical archivists and the history of the Mormon Church in the U.S Very fun and interesting read.

    20. Half way through this book Very fascinating read on the history of the Mormon church as well as the scandal that rocked the church in the mid 80 s with the release of some controversial historical documents.

    21. I read this book many years ago and found it mentioned in a foot note in the book Under The Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer that I just finished I still recall many parts of this unbelievable true story I may try to find and read again

    22. Mark Hoffman has been in prison for my entire life.

    23. Highly intriguing read Amazing that this could be true I highly recommend this to LDS and non LDS alike.

    24. This is a really good book about true events that happened within the Mormon Church.

    25. After reading the Book of Mormon a decade earlier, this is the first book I encountered regarding the Mormon faith, that peaked my curiousity about such a pecular religion.

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    27. Very interesting events unraveling about the Mormon history and recent documents discovered.

    28. Reads like Going Clear ,could be just a coincidence,there are just so many similarities.

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