The Day of the Lie

The Day of the Lie They came for me in November nineteen fifty one and took me to Mokotow prison Cambridge the present day And out of the past a cry for help Father Anselm the brilliant Benedictine receives a visit

  • Title: The Day of the Lie
  • Author: William Brodrick
  • ISBN: 9781408701881
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
  • They came for me in November nineteen fifty one and took me to Mokotow prison Cambridge, the present day And out of the past, a cry for help Father Anselm, the brilliant Benedictine, receives a visit from an old friend with a dangerous story to tell the story of a woman betrayed by time, fate, and someone close to her someone still unknown.As a young woman, Roz They came for me in November nineteen fifty one and took me to Mokotow prison Cambridge, the present day And out of the past, a cry for help Father Anselm, the brilliant Benedictine, receives a visit from an old friend with a dangerous story to tell the story of a woman betrayed by time, fate, and someone close to her someone still unknown.As a young woman, Roza Mojeska was part of an underground resistance group in Communist Poland But after her arrest, a Stasi officer makes her a devil s bargain and in the dark of a government prison, a terrible choice is made.Now, fifty years later, Anselm is called upon to investigate both Roza s story and a mystery dating back to the early 1980s, in the icy grip of the Cold War And as he peels back years of history, decades of secrets, a half century of lies, he exposes a truth that an entire generation was killed to keep hidden.
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    • [E-Book] ✓ The Day of the Lie | by ✓ William Brodrick
      William Brodrick

    William Brodrick

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    One thought on “The Day of the Lie

    1. When I go looking for a good mystery I usually want a Father Anselm story by William Broderick Why For starters because of the person of the protagonist Anselm is a lawyer turned monk and as such has a foot in both worlds He desires and already largely possesses the holiness of a life lived for God alone, yet he has the skills which get him sent out to do things the others in his abbey cannot do Yet it is his humility, his willingness to question himself, to admit his mistakes, apologize and ind [...]

    2. Two orphans in WWII Warsaw separate while escaping from invading German forces through the sewers They meet again as adults when one arrests and persecutes the other, and much later again in a war crimes court room where the other is being prosecuted At it s heart this is a grim story but there are many reasons to enjoy it First Father Anselm In particular his enjoyment of the German language He too revels in how one long word can embrace a complex concept vergangenheitsbewaltigung the assumptio [...]

    3. Unclear, and stodgy Also appallingly proofread, examples such as a canape hanging from the wall what was it a mushroom vol au vent or a mini quiche The stench in a particular place made one of the characters wretch Amazing grace saved a wretch like me, but surely a stench would make me retch There were many many like this, which although probably not the author s fault, made the whole book lose credibility for me Did they use spellchecker instead of a real human proofreader Really ruined it for [...]

    4. Yet another master stroke by Mr Brodrick An intricately woven tale of the struggle for freedom, of deceit, suffering and loss, love and betrayal and the hope born of unexpected mercy A tangled web brilliantly crafted to intrigue, confound and ultimately reveal an agonising truth founded on a lie the reader is kept enthralled to the very last page of this turbulent and moving story set during the post war Communist occupation of Poland I learned much of the agonies of survival during this period [...]

    5. Slow Yeah What do expect when the central character is a reflective monk But imagine a garden slug on valium and that s how I found the pace of this book Maybe it was the way I was reading it or perhaps it really is how it is.Towards the end, the valium wears off but even then I was beginning to wish all the characters had been locked up in Mokotow prison with the key thrown away.To rate this book is tricky because the writing is good enough to slither on to the conclusion but be prepared to tak [...]

    6. This didn t grip me from the start I knew little of the two eras in Polish history that are at the heart of this book and that s possibly one of the reasons I found it hard, the other is that at times the author gets lost in the complexity of his own story By the end I couln t put it down Once again Broderick explores our understanding of good and evil, the existence of both in every one and the consequences of the choices we make.

    7. Certainly didn t enjoy this novel as much as the last Father Anselm thriller at least that s what the cover calls it , but still a good read This one tackles the mixed loyalties of Soviet era Poland The plot was convoluted than it needed to be, and there were a few too many coincidences in the connecting up the dots and it rambled on FAR too long This easily could have been 20% shorter And yet it was still worthwhile It examines the choices that the average person has to make in a regime that w [...]

    8. What a tragedy that unfolds as Father Anselm seeks to reveal past secrets that still haunt Rosa Mojeska, once a member of the Polish underground, and his old friend John Fielding, a former foreign correspondent As you read, you feel burdened by the oppressive communist regime and the burden of the lives of innocent or not Seems like titling this book The Days of the Lies might be appropriate.

    9. Didn t enjoy this one as much as the previous ones in the series It seemed very disjointed at the beginning and, although it improved in the middle, for me it went downhill again towards the end and just sort of fizzled out 6 10.

    10. First Father Anselm book I have tried to read and think it will be my last.I just could not continue with this book and I was bored to tears.Very slow and not my cup of tea Shelved for another day maybe.

    11. Interlocking lives converge in turbulent times Wonderfully drawn characters and a mystery which unfolds in believable prose I can t wait to read in this series

    12. Since I discovered William Brodrick and Father Anselm I have been working my way chronologically through the Anselm mysteries The Day of the Lie is the fourth in the series of five and the most difficult to read so far.If your interested in reading this book and you are reading this review then I presume that you have or will read other reviews of this work So it is not my intention to re tell the plot it suffices to say that it is set in Poland and covers roughly sixty years of that country s t [...]

    13. As a young woman, Roza Mojeska was part of an underground resistance group in Communist Poland But after her arrest, a Stasi officer makes her a devil s bargain and in the dark of a government prison, a terrible choice is made This little blurb should taunt anyone who loves to read a suspense novel It shouldn t be a surprise I couldn t wait to read the book I was not familiar with that particular part of Europe s post war history and definitely wanted to read about it The setting for this thril [...]

    14. I thought this was an enjoyable, thoughtful book with some genuinely fascinating moral content In the Gilbertine monk Father Anselm, William Broderick has created far than just another detective with a twist Anselm is thoughtful, compassionate man who, in his fallible way, seeks after not just the truth of wrongdoing and consequent justice but looks for understanding and moral enlightenment and tackles some very important human issues.The story here centres around events Poland in the early 195 [...]

    15. I suppose this novel won t be everyone s cup of tea, but I have to say I enjoyed it immensely It is set in three distinct time zones the early 1950s in post war Poland the early 1980s on the eve of reform in Poland and the present day as a member of the communist secret police is at last brought to trial for the crimes of the past.Only this is a Brother Anselm novel, and there is a morality evident here which is no longer fashionable or much in evidence in recent fiction, but which, nonetheless, [...]

    16. I enjoyed the previous Anselm books and was therefore looking forward to this, especially as I went to Warsaw last year Therefore I was all the disappointed by it I found the plot very confusing, jumping about from time period to period and making large demands on the reader s ability to work out what exactly was going on hard when you re not really gripped by it Roza did not come across as a real person she flitted in and out with no great depth of character development Too many other characte [...]

    17. I found The Day of the Lie rather slower to get going than the others in the series, but it was worth staying with it This time Anselm is sent to Warsaw to investigate certain events that took place during the earlier uprisings, when his old schoolfriend John, a journalist, was imprisoned and then deported Anticipating a short visit to look at some files, Anselm finds himself involved at a much deeper level than he had anticipated, helping to uncover information that will bring justice, of sorts [...]

    18. A literary thriller is the description attached to this book by one of its reviewers Like some other readers I struggled to get fully involved in this book, partly because of the style of Brodrick s complex prose, and partly because of the plot s complexity This is a who done it but not in the traditional sense it is a slow delayering of an onion, each layer bring removed adds another level of complexity From the title you can correctly deduce that it is really about the nature of truth, but als [...]

    19. This case draws Father Anselm into a story from the past when Roza Mojeska belonged to an underground organisation in Cold War Poland The link to Anselm s modern day priory is his friend John, a journalist who was kicked out of Warsaw after Roza s dramatic arrest in a graveyard back in the 80s Now Roza is seeking John s help to right the wrongs Father Anselm is a touchingly modest detective, a deep thinker who meanders around the mystery making false assumptions and deductions before finally the [...]

    20. This is the 4th in the Father Anselm series, but I haven t read any of the previous ones A story of deceit, betrayals and cruelty very skillfully crafted to unfold bit by bit as the reader is led to the truth The novel examines the nature of evil and how it takes hold of some people Not easy to read because the story is complicated and the plot unfolds slowly, but still well worth reading.

    21. Not an easy read, the story is confusing at times, but the subject very interesting Deals with the occupation of Germany after WWII by the Russians, the reprisals that took place, and the German s resistance, and those who cooperated Strong subject Worth the read.

    22. It s the first book in ages I ve had to read the whole way through to get the answer Nothing is what you think it is, but not in an Agatha Christie way It s just the author is trying to authentically deal with a complex set of events.

    23. I did like the story, but found this a hard going read not sure why perhaps a bit too wordy I persevered with it because I wanted to know the outcome Would have given 4 stars if this had been written in a contemporary and face paced fashion.

    24. A bit disappointed in this Father Anselm novel, if I am honest I have really enjoyed the others but this one seemed to go on and on well, Despite the terrible suffering of some of the characters I ended up not really caringoh well, every author is entitled to a bad day

    25. I loved the other novels in this series, but this was very poor in comparison I kept reading because I couldn t believe it wouldn t get better Poorly drawn characters with unbelievable motivations was my main gripe plus pretty boring.

    26. I usually love the Fr Anselm books but this one was disappointing Could have been a much better story all the ingredients were there I persevered with it hoping it would improve but sadly it didn t.

    27. A moving exploration of good and evil, justice and mercy, as lived in the terror that was Communist Poland Four stars rather than five, only because I find the horror of Communism to be unutterably drab and depressing.

    28. Paints some lively characters and unfolds a positive message though has ugly and unsavoury events Probably, simply not my kind of book something of the composition didn t fill the corners of the canvas for me.

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