As Raparigas da Villa

As Raparigas da Villa Quatro amigas um pacto e umas f rias que mudar o as suas vidas para sempre Rosie Addolorata Toni e Lou onde quer que estejam estas quatro amigas cumprem sempre o pacto que fizeram quando eram ain

  • Title: As Raparigas da Villa
  • Author: Nicky Pellegrino
  • ISBN: 9789892316024
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • Quatro amigas, um pacto, e umas f rias que mudar o as suas vidas para sempre Rosie, Addolorata, Toni e Lou onde quer que estejam, estas quatro amigas cumprem sempre o pacto que fizeram quando eram ainda colegas de escola Apesar de terem seguido rumos muito diferentes, todos os anos se re nem para passar f rias num destino paradis aco Entre confiss es, romances e pura evQuatro amigas, um pacto, e umas f rias que mudar o as suas vidas para sempre Rosie, Addolorata, Toni e Lou onde quer que estejam, estas quatro amigas cumprem sempre o pacto que fizeram quando eram ainda colegas de escola Apesar de terem seguido rumos muito diferentes, todos os anos se re nem para passar f rias num destino paradis aco Entre confiss es, romances e pura evas o, os l nguidos dias passados ao sol em encantadoras villas s o lhes imprescind veis.Lou insegura e debate se permanentemente com os seus sonhos e expectativas A inconveniente Toni encontrou no jornalismo uma carreira sua medida mas as suas escolhas pessoais parecem ser uma eterna fonte de problemas Como boa filha de italianos, a extrovertida Addoloratta, gosta de partilhar o seu amor pela vida Ser ela a salvar Rosie da solid o em que vivia desde a morte dos pais e a inclu la neste grupo de amigas Inesperadamente, ser a t mida Rosie quem vai ver o seu futuro mudar mais radicalmente gra as ao pacto e a um sensual italiano chamado Enzo.

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      Nicky Pellegrino

    Nicky Pellegrino

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    One thought on “As Raparigas da Villa

    1. Um livro que nos faz sonhar com f rias na It lia, comidas saborosas, ver o e praia, amizades e as dif ceis Apesar de n o ter sido uma leitura muito surpreendente, foi bastante agrad vel e envolvente.Uma vez que estive recentemente em It lia, n o deixei de pensar no quanto os italianos s o barulhentos, adoram gritar e falar todos ao mesmo tempo, assim no livro e assim na realidade D

    2. Leitura agrad vel, muita comida boa t o boa Escolhera o livro pela capa com rapariga bonita e sol de Ver o, a prometer uma leitura leve como um copo de sangria branca ao fim do dia, e ele cumpria, com um in cio de pr logo, Sinto me feliz solteira, a s rio que sinto Na minha vida n o h espa o para um homem No meu guarda roupa n o h espa o para as meias e para os casacos de malha dele, e em lado nenhum h espa o para os frascos de gel do cabelo ou para as l minas de barbear a sugerir uma hist ria c [...]

    3. Foi engra ado e abriu sem d vida o apetite de tanto falar dos pratos italianos

    4. What can one ask for over the summer Christmas holiday period than lying down with a bit of chick lit How blissful and escapist I had forgotten how intensely enjoyable a bit of relaxing, romantic and light reading can be And you can read extraordinarily quickly which enables you to move onto the next oneAnd, to take the bliss one step further, how about a setting of southern Italy, to an olive estate, owned and operated by the one family for some generations oh the history, the family intrigues [...]

    5. It could be 5 stars instead of 4 if the ending wasn t rushed.How to start, the book is very easy to read, the story is very well developed which is something rare to see for this kind of romance and the characters are quite likeable.What i liked in this book The two main characters have their own chapters, Rosie talks in the first person and the Enzo chapters are in the third person You have the opportunity to know each character, their story before they met, their life years before the present [...]

    6. A light and lovely story that captures the value of friendship and the love of good Italian food Great for a weekend or holiday read Love Nicky s books.

    7. I really really enoyed this book It was a quick read, with a nice pace The book characters drew me in quickly from the first chapter made me want to know how the story progressed and how the lives of the characters would pan out I suppose some might disparagingly describe this as Chick Lit , however the story writing are much better than that, and certainly the first 3 4 of the book really moves along at a cracking pace The characters are well written and the main character is intriguing I enjoy [...]

    8. Nicky Pellegrino has once again written a good read The story line isn t as lite as her others, its about four girls as they mature through their teens and twenties.It s an excellent chic lit of friendships, careers, life and food.I love the way that Nicky Pellegrino manages to weave bits of her books into each other.Four half stars

    9. after reading Delicious and The Italian Wedding I found the Villa Girls disappointing and didnt feel the essence of italy was captured as well Slow to start the story only kicks in halfway through the book whilst the ending feels rushed Not the authors best book at all I was left with the feeling it wasnt as well thought out and was a rushed by product of the Italian Wedding that didnt really seem to fit.

    10. OK readI agreewithh others the endig was rushed and unsatisfying.

    11. Heerlijk boek om te lezen Leuk verhaal het gezin van Pepe komt ook voor in een van de andere boeken van de schrijfster Zo krijg je weer een hele andere inkijk.

    12. Great read I couldn t put it down Love the idea of villa girls

    13. An easy read Good choice for a quite weekend or for holiday as it s light fluffy but still enjoyable.

    14. Het is een leuk verhaal voor tussendoor, maar het kwam maar langzaam op gang Ik was al over de helft toen de gebeurtenissen uit de samenvatting pas gebeurden

    15. Foi o segundo livro que li da autora, mas n o superou o primeiro, Caff A.Uma vez mais, todas as refer ncias a It lia e comida italiana d o vontade de regressar e de comer melhor l , porque n o h como n o imaginar de forma imensamente v vida tudo o que descrito com tanta destreza.Contudo, a hist ria podia ter sido melhor explorada, melhor aproveitada O que senti enquanto lia foi que muito se repetia, passagens, frases, acontecimentos por mais que uma vez dei por mim a pensar que uma melhor edi o [...]

    16. I picked up The Villa Girls because I was wanted a seaside novel that I hoped would be a good summer read This novel alternated between chapters focusing on Rosie, a young woman who recently lost her parents, and Enzo, a young Italian man on the path to taking over his family s olive oil business Rosie was insecure but harbored a need to fit in and belong again The book began when she stumbled into a friendship with Addolorata that landed her in a villa in Spain and resulted in her placement as [...]

    17. This is a story about a girl called Rosie who s parents die tragically ,and apart from an Aunt and Uncle she is pretty much alone in the world until she meets Addolorota They both spend an elicit day together eating and shopping, and when it is over Addolorata invites Rosie to come with her and her other two friends Toni and Lou to Spain.She excepts and The Villa Girls are born The holiday is a success, but when they get home again they lose contact for a while ,in this time Rosie has decided sh [...]

    18. I tracked this down to read mainly because it was on the Top 100 list a couple of years ago, and I felt like something light and summery It s about 4 girls who go on holiday after finishing school, and despite not particularly getting on, decide to have villa holidays together apparently because they re all too dysfunctional to find friends they actually like Rosie the heroine lost her parents in a car crash and is solitary, brittle and pessimistic Adollorata is brash and feisty and drags her i [...]

    19. Rose lives in London and is orphaned when her parents die in a car accident She has three female friends and they become the villa girls who go on holiday to stay in villas in various sunny countries every year or so Enzo lives on an olive estate in South Italy which he will one day inherit Their stories unfold in dual storylines which eventually intersect when they meet on holiday This is an easy read that s fairly predictable but is still a lovely, summery story with shade to it than you init [...]

    20. .het boek gaat over de levens van Rosie en de italiaanse jongen Enzo 2 aparte verhalen die eigenlijk pas aan het einde bij elkaar komenoi verteld.Rosie die op jongen leeftijd haar ouders verliest en een klein beetje ontspoord die bevriend raakt met een 3 meiden waar ze mee op vakantie gaat kantie bevalt zo goed dat ze 3 jaar later nog een keer met zn allen gaan ze komen in een klein italiaans dorpje waar ze Enzo en zn vrienden ontmoeten Rosie en Enzo worden verliefdar Enzo zn fam heeft een gehei [...]

    21. Verrassend Ik dacht eigenlijk dat ik een chicklit aan het lezen was, waardoor ik in het begin even mijn verwachtingen moest bijstellen Ik vond het een erg leuk, makkelijk boek waar toch een prima verhaal in zat en uiteindelijk ook de romantiek die je van een chicklit zou verwachten Wat ikzelf erg goed vond is het feit dat je de twee hoofdpersonen leert kennen enkele jaren voordat ze elkaar leren kennen, waardoor je meer van hun achtergrond weet en er meer diepgang in het boek zit Van deze schrij [...]

    22. Het eerste boek wat ik las van deze schrijfster, maar vast niet de laatste Wat een heerlijk boek, je komt helemaal in zomerse en Italiaanse sferen En je krijgt gelijk zin om een lekkere pasta klaar te maken en in de tuin op te eten Er zijn twee verhaallijnen van de Engelse Rosie en de Italiaanse Enzo In het begin vond ik de verhaallijn van Enzo wat traag op gang komen, daarom 4 sterren De emoties en sfeer kon ik erg goed proeven Villa Rosa ga ik ook nog eens opzoeken, deze villa kwam ook in dit [...]

    23. Depois de algumas leituras mais pesada mas muito boas, que tenho lido,um livrinho de Nicky Pellegrino sempre bem vindo.E entramos de f rias novamente , pelas terras quentes, paisagens magnificas e receitas deliciosas da It lia Um livro destes, em que degustamos receitas cheias de sabor, um romance terno, escrito de uma maneira simples e directa , sempre bom.E tenho mais livros da autora para ler no intervalo das pr ximas leitura.Aconselho a ler.

    24. Loved this book The story is wonderful and its written so well that as you re reading you can imagine it all happening there are characters here from her last book The Italian Wedding which I also really enjoyed, and it was nice to find out a bit about them as there lives connected with other characters This book is definitely not fluffy chick lit but intelligent chick lit as there is it it than girls having a good time.

    25. I really enjoyed this and it s certainly an easy summer read, both the food and the Italian descriptions were enjoyable view spoiler My one gripe however, would be that I felt that the ending was rushed, and as has happened with Nicky Pellegrino books before I felt that there wasn t complete closure, especially as regards Addolorata and her family who had essentially taken Rosie in and made them one of their own hide spoiler All in all though a good read.

    26. This book is set in London and Italy and told by 2 people Rosie and Enzo The descriptions of the scenery in Italy is wonderful and the descriptions of the food makes one want to get on the next flight to Italy This is a totally enjoyable light read and my only issue with it was the abrupt ending as I would have liked a bit detail Nevertheless, I have just ordered 2 additional books by the author and look forward to reading them.

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