Peril in Paperback

Peril in Paperback How to become the life of the party First survive the celebration Rare books and antiquities expert Brooklyn Wainwright is thrilled to be invited to the fiftieth birthday party of her neighbor Suzie

  • Title: Peril in Paperback
  • Author: Kate Carlisle
  • ISBN: 9780451237620
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • How to become the life of the party First, survive the celebration Rare books and antiquities expert Brooklyn Wainwright is thrilled to be invited to the fiftieth birthday party of her neighbor Suzie s aunt Grace A retired founder of a major video game corporation, Grace is a larger than life character who s turned her Lake Tahoe mansion into a fun house, full of everyHow to become the life of the party First, survive the celebration Rare books and antiquities expert Brooklyn Wainwright is thrilled to be invited to the fiftieth birthday party of her neighbor Suzie s aunt Grace A retired founder of a major video game corporation, Grace is a larger than life character who s turned her Lake Tahoe mansion into a fun house, full of everything from pinball machines and giant props to secret passageways and trap doors Brooklyn is most excited to catalog Grace s extensive collection of rare paperback pulp fiction.Part of the fun involves a s ance, but after the lights flicker, one guest is dead, poisoned by a cocktail intended for Grace It seems someone is determined to turn Grace s playful palatial estate into a house of horrors Brooklyn suspects the key to the killer s identity may lie in the roman clef Grace has written about her life With Grace in great peril, must read takes on a whole new meaning, as Brooklyn tries to stop a murderer who s through playing around

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    One thought on “Peril in Paperback

    1. I put off reading this book as long as I could because this is my favorite series and I was practicing my delayed gratification skills I think I made it 6 weeks, and then devoured the entire book in an afternoon.Peril in Paperback is a fabulous, fun book and a really fun homage to the English House Mysteries Derek wasn t much in this book at all, and I was prepared to sulk about that, but was very happily distracted by lots of Gabriel Ms Carlisle does a wonderful job of juggling the two men in a [...]

    2. I wanted so much to love this book It had all the elements that make a perfect cozy mystery for me A fun cast of characters most a bit one dimensional, but that s not unusual for cozies , a large and crazy house to explore, a locked in murder where everyone is trapped and held in suspicion, and a good sense of humor In fact, for the first half of the book, I was thoroughly enjoying it.However, the further the mystery got, the less it really worked as a mystery Yes there was a murderer running ra [...]

    3. The Real Mystery How an author, agent and publisher let this book get so ridiculous it leaves us wondering if this series can recover.Brooklyn is back and while her boyfriend Derek is on assignment in Europe, she s going away for a week vacation to celebrate Suzie s eccentric Aunt s birthday In the beautifully lakeside mansion with a few tricks of its own, a group of Aunt Grace s family and friends kick off the festivities with a seance What starts as a little harmless fun communing with the dea [...]

    4. Now here is a bibliophile book that truly lives up to it s name The main character has a bedroom that is filled with books, she finds books all over the mansion, even in the wine cellar She repairs books and reads books A pretty good English Manor mystery is the center of the book about a group of computer game company employees trapped in the snow, lots of fun to read.

    5. I love the character of Brooklyn and I enjoy the writing style, but the plot was too over the top for me.

    6. I have enjoyed the previous books in this series as light, entertaining reading This one just didn t hit the mark for me The action was frantic and often made little sense, plus much if the dialogue was within the protagonist s head not really advancing the plot Things happened that had no anchor in the story people behaved unrealistically and characters popped in and out like popcorn.I finished the book just in case somehow the author pulled it all together somehow at the end No such luck From [...]

    7. This has been one of my favorite books, so far, from this series There were multiple mysteries going on, but they were not tangled together, so it wasn t at all confusing I really enjoy the recurring characters in this series as well They are quirky and amusing, and they grow in depth with each new book The only problem I have is that I really like both Derek and Gabriel

    8. I truly love the Bibliophile series I m still trying to figure out if it s Kate putting the words into Brooklyn s mouth or Brooklyn to Kate s The stories are always involved and intriguing After reading the teaser for next year s new book, I can t wait to read that one also.

    9. A cute book in the series, although Brooklyn was a little annoying than usual Maybe too many extraneous plot things going on But I love the bookbinding info, and Gabriel, so I will keep reading.

    10. This series is a favorite of mine and this one did not disappoint I think it was better for not having Derek around Was nice to not have the term darling popping up every few sentences Good story, great charactersn t ask for much RECOMMEND

    11. 4.5 stars I think I love Brooklyn and with each book I would love her to jump out of the book and be my friend I also enjoy how this series mixes it up with the mystery locations This time Brooklyn is staying for a week at a house party for her friend Suzie s aunt There is a crazy and strong group of characters involved and the house is so over the top and interesting but watch you step It reminded me an Agatha Christie style dinner party murder mystery, in that all the suspects are stuck in t [...]

    12. Grace is an awesome character, and I would love to spend time in her house Since this was my first in this series I didn t have the background on the main characters Peril in Paperback was a great read and stood on its own.

    13. I ve enjoyed this series, and I still enjoyed this installment, but not quite as much as past books.This is an easy reading, light and fun cozy series, perfect for beach cottage or lazy rainy weekends The characters are fun, quirky and interesting, and the plots the author comes up with are fairly clever and fun to try to figure out, although not Agatha Christie by any means Still, they are good reads.This book fell a little flat for me because the main character, Brooklyn, was written as whiny [...]

    14. This book was free, it s part of a cozy mystery series that I ve only read the first one of I don t know if it s the writing or what, but this series puts me to sleep I do love a good mystery, I do love trying to figure it all out, but seriously this book just didn t grab me I don t think I ll be seeking out other books by this author If they are free sure I ll take it and read it, but these aren t for me This book is about a book restorer who is invited to a mansion for the owner s birthday She [...]

    15. I love this series, but this book was just really not my favorite I adore the characters and the last few books but this one kinda left be feeling a bit Not happyFirst of all Derek Stone was not in the book save for maybe a few parts at the end At first I thought it would be great for Brooklyn to finally solve something on her own but that wasn t really the case She or less watched the whole thing take place around her But it wasn t the story that turned me off to this book, it was the ending I [...]

    16. It took a longtime building up to the main plot points and then had a set of ridiculous and speedy discoveries to wrap it all up A lot of the discoveries did not really seem built up to or established To say the least I found the ending wacky and the majority of the book hard to follow due to a wide diaspora of characters And the back jacket book cover lied, it states Brooklyn suspects the key to killers s identity may lie in the roman a clef Grace has written about her life Brooklyn did not sus [...]

    17. I think I m done with this series The main character s emotional immaturity is just too much I m not bothered by the thing with the boyfriend, that s normal It s her reaction to everyone else, especially people she dislikes I didn t care for the I should have known he was gay because he had a well developed feminine side and good taste in clothes or the every woman loves a man holding a baby thing The second isn t as offensive as the first but it still bothered me And the phones appear to be wor [...]

    18. Another good book in the Bibliophile Mystery series The MC in this series is a strong smart woman who is not in a love triangle Hooray In this book, Brooklyn s boyfriend is not in this story as much Brooklyn has to mainly take care of herself with a little help from her friends I loved all the zany characters in this story I also appreciated getting to know her friends neighbors better I m looking forward to the next book and hoping that some of the characters we got to know in this book will ap [...]

    19. Brooklyn heads to Lake Tahoe with Vinnie and Suzie to celebrate Suzie s Aunt Grace s birthday for an entire week Between moving walls, murder and a whole cast of interesting characters with an additional twist or two thrown into the mix, it was hard to figure out who the killer was I finally narrowed it down to two possibilities, but was surprised in the end This book is my new favorite of the series It s a great series which I totally recommend

    20. I wasn t familiar with this series so it took me awhile to get caught up with who was who and the book started slow for me It didn t pick up until page 75 when someone is murdered Then towards the end it was rushed into one tight bow I wanted to, but I did not find the main character likable I was disappointed in the book.

    21. I absolutely love this series Books, tall dark handsome British agent, great friends and neighbors, what s not to love

    22. Great series about antique book binder and restorer who seems to find dead bodies Interesting characters

    23. I love books I love mysteries Put them together and I am hooked

    24. I don t know if I can bring myself to give this two stars, but I m not sure that it deserves 3I found myself a little disappointed by this one, which is unfortunate The premise was so good A locked in mystery in a mansion on a lake that has booby traps and moving walls It s like someone took the house I dreamed up as a kid when I was obsessed with Nancy Drew and Scooby Doo and set a book there The beginning was fine I liked that Derek and Gabriel weren t around because I thought Brooklyn would g [...]

    25. This was an enjoyable cozy mystery I enjoy this series and like the main character, Brooklyn The fact that she is a rare book restorer adds to my liking this Books about people who work with books always make the top of my list.Brooklyn goes to a 50th birthday party for an eccentric millionaire, Grace, the Aunt of her neighbor Suzie She has built her mansion like a fun house, with changing walls, trap doors and every sort of entertainment you can think of I love the descriptions of the house, al [...]

    26. I read this book because the back cover blurb said it was set at Lake Tahoe, and I wanted to know something about Lake Tahoe Turns out there was almost nothing about the lake the story could have taken place anywhere since nothing referred to the lake and nothing in the plot required the lake This was a bit disappointing, but not as disappointing as the genre this turned out to be This is a romance novel with the requisite two handsome boyfriends and lots of girl talk, and an odd sub plot about [...]

    27. First off, you might want to write down the names of all the characters for reference There s a week long gathering at Brooks friends Aunt s house, which will finish off with her big birthday party Grace is a gaming legend and made millions off the industry She s kind of retired buy still has her hand in the company She owns a castle home on Lake Tahoe But because she s created games all her life, she s built herself her own fun house Not fun for some though Then of course someone gets murdered, [...]

    28. Funny as always I m a huge fan of Brooklyn Wainwright She s kind and thoughtful and amusing with her quirky antics and accidental stumbles into murder scenes This book might be my second favorite so far of the Bibliophile series I loved the snowy setting of the big house in the country and of course the books The books And all the clever ways Kate Carlisle managed to sneak a book thing in there, down to the automatic ceiling shelves And I REALLY want to know what Gabriel s story is He s a good d [...]

    29. I had forgotten how rude the main character can be She keep wanting to slap characters, and all the mean characters all have to be described as super ugly all the time Makes no sense that it had to be done that way I ve enjoyed the series because the book preservation angle is very interesting But definitely getting tired of how unpleasant Brooklyn is for a cozy mystery character Also, why the heck does her best friend Gabriel always call her babe That s so uncomfortable.

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