Ordinary Angels

Ordinary Angels Ordinary Angels A Paranormal Urban Fantasy Most of Zo s friends are dead but she doesn t mind because they died long before she met them Then one Tuesday night an angel takes her salsa dancing and tu

  • Title: Ordinary Angels
  • Author: India Drummond
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ordinary Angels A Paranormal Urban Fantasy Most of Zo s friends are dead, but she doesn t mind because they died long before she met them Then one Tuesday night an angel takes her salsa dancing and turns her world upside down Grim reality closes in when she discovers a body in her company s boiler room and Higher Angels accuse her best ghost friend of murder KnowingOrdinary Angels A Paranormal Urban Fantasy Most of Zo s friends are dead, but she doesn t mind because they died long before she met them Then one Tuesday night an angel takes her salsa dancing and turns her world upside down Grim reality closes in when she discovers a body in her company s boiler room and Higher Angels accuse her best ghost friend of murder Knowing she s the only one who can stand against them, Zo resorts to lying, stealing and summoning, all while trying to determine if what she s feeling is real In the end, getting blood on her hands forces Zo to question herself, and her angel to question her REVIEWS It was nigh on impossible to put down For Books Sake I just finished reading Ordinary Angels by India Drummond and I loved it The Bookish Snob Although ghosts and angels have been done before, Drummond finds a way to keep things fresh and bring something new to the table That Bookish Girl This book is a solid beginning to a new series with multi dimensional characters Booking It This was a very well written d but novel by India Drummond and it was a pure delight to read A Muggle s Magical Book Blog

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    One thought on “Ordinary Angels

    1. With a smart sassy heroine, sexy angels and a fast paced plot, India Drummond s Ordinary Angels is a heavenly read Zoe sees dead people But for her, they re than just visions they re her friends So when one of them goes missing amidst an accusation of murder, Zoe can t help but get involved From start to finish, Drummond effortlessly creates an intiguing world with necromancers and angelic orders I easily fell into Mix in Zoe s romance with an angel even the devil couldn t resist and a dark mys [...]

    2. I m not usually into paranormal romances, or paranormal anything, really But this novel changed my mind If you want a fun, sexy read, this book is for you I am still thinking about some of these images The characters are unforgettable Looking forward to from Ms Drummond.

    3. Although ghosts and angels have been done before, Drummond finds a way to keep things fresh and bring something new to the table This is mainly accomplished through the main character, Zoey.Zoey is an intelligent, witty and sassy heroine with a great deal of spunk She knows her limits and she doesn t overestimate herself She isn t afraid to ask for help and isn t always jumping to conclusions which sets her apart from most heroines in this genre She is also kind than cut throat, which again, is [...]

    4. Perfection OMG this book was so good I found it for free in kindle store and I cannot believe it I would gladly have paid full price it was utterly amazing This book cannot be explained, it has to be experienced Nevertheless, I cannot help gushing over this book.I have a major crush on Alexander and would love to be best friend with Zo but most of all I just love them together and root for their HEA Judging from this book, they will probably have enjoyable adventures before that The plot is ove [...]

    5. Nigh on impossible to put down and provided a good distraction from the stresses and strains of city life The language is fun, easy to follow and so descriptive that it wouldn t take much to turn it into a screen play The movie would probably have an age restriction, though Excerpt from full review of Ordinary Angels at For Books Sake

    6. I read this and was amazed that it didn t feature a 500 year old vampire full of angst and darkness in his soul waiting for his Soul Mate This is unique for a para rom, its sweet and you will enjoy it.

    7. Just couldn t bring myself to finish this one I ve like other books by this author, but this one just didn t do it for me Maybe it was how ditzy the heroine was, not sure.

    8. I think I can best describe this book as a Ghost Whisperer meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer It does feature a young woman who has a secret talent for seeing and talking to the ghosts of those long since dead and something even unusual than ghosts steps into her life.In the guise of a postman an Angel has decided to get a closer perspective on human life and Zoe is swept up into the celestial affairs of these higher beings Things take a turn for the worse in their budding relationship when Alexand [...]

    9. Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews says:
      Originally posted at longandshortreviews.cZoe talks to dead people To be specific she talks to the spirits of dead people who have not yet moved on This allows her to feel comfortable with the unusual events in her life, such a sharing a house with a her dead grandmother One thing it doesn t prepare her for is looking up from her desk to discover that the new office mailman is an angel A really gorgeous angel.Alexander has interfered with the mailman s life so must take his place He doesn t bar [...]

    10. Zoe has always kept herself a little apart from others, well at least the living ones She has the rare ability to see and communicate with ghosts, making them her best friends and normal people thinking she is crazy Her life takes an interesting turn when an angel named Alexander shows up She knows from the start he isn t human but finds herself drawn to him anyway When she stumbles across a body at her work place, her best friend, a ghost, is accused of the murder Zoe quickly gets wrapped up in [...]

    11. Although most of Zoe Pendergraft s friends are dead, that means nothing to her After all, they died long before she meet them What does matter is the angel who took her dancing and turned her world upside down But grim reality intrudes when she finds a body, and the Higher Angels accuse her of the murder.Knowing she s the only one who can stand against the Higher Angels, Zoe uses any means necessary to save her friend all the while, wondering if the tempestuous love she s feeling is real The blo [...]

    12. This quick, fun read combines angels and a girl who can see the dead in an inventive and enjoyable supernatural thriller romance I was a little hesitant about how both twists would be handled but Drummond manages it beautifully, creating a cute romance and a nice mystery and some fantastic characters The lore about angels that I m familiar with is twisted and turned edgier and a lot interesting I don t want to give anything away but I ll admit her version of guardian angels has me a bit shivery [...]

    13. Ordinary Angels is a rare and wonderful thing It is a mixture of several genres, paranormal, romance and mystery India Drummond creates a world of Angels and Spirits that everyone will want to be part of Zoe is one of those characters that will win over hearts She s quirky and funny At times she reminds me of Stephanie Plum at her best, but the trouble she finds is a little exciting.The rest of the cast of characters are just as interesting, from the angels to the spirits I particularly loved H [...]

    14. I remember watching the film, Date with an Angel when I was a teenager and when I started reading Ordinary Angels, I was thinking of this film I didn t know that India Drummond has created an even beautiful love story If you fell in love with a wizard and a vampire, I promise you, you will fall in love with an angel The love between Zoe and Alexander will melt your heart like it did mine I fell in love with each intimate scene between them two It has got an interesting plot You would want to kn [...]

    15. This was a very well written d but novel by India Drummond and it was a pure delight to read Ms Drummond has a way of making mundane sentences sound beautiful and puts a new spin on the phrase I see dead people This novel has some fascinating mythological dynamics that pull you in from the get go With fresh ideas and a great heroine who s life gets even complicated when she goes on a date with an Angel.My only complaint is that the book lost me here and there when my mind would drift, but that [...]

    16. I ll be honest I don t like paranormal romance, and I think it s a tired, overworked genre I only read this because India s a friend, and I wanted to see what she d been writing.To my surprise, I actually enjoyed it It wasn t just a typical story about swooning over not as evil as they re made out to be vampires or my love can heal his eternal pain ghosts It was funny, original, and well written, with characters who were amusing and witty Yes, it s definitely in the chick lit category, as are mo [...]

    17. I fell in love with India s voice in her first novel I read, and ORDINARY ANGELS propelled her skyward in my reckoning OA is a pleasant read, in that you relax and follow her colorful and lovely characters without the anxiety you tread forward with in a James Bucher novel, say India excels in her characters, which is what I read for I loved Cloe I pictured her as a cross between the medium on BEING HUMAN and Penny of BIG BANG THEORY Inhibited okay that isn t Penny , not incredibly socially astut [...]

    18. it was pretty good 3.4 stars It has come character inconsistencies that rattled a bit but the story was interesting and fresh The major problem for me was how the main character switched from her i can t even_____ to oh well in seconds The ending left me wanting but not right away I would recommend it for a light mystery, paranormal read.The story revolves around young woman who has always been able to see the dead She has made several of them her friends One day she meets and angel, well he s [...]

    19. Angels with a differenceThis is the start of a series that I am definitely going to follow While the author has created alternate races of angels, demons and fae, she has given them all their own unique flavour for example angels can shift into a dragon like form Our heroine is an emerging STALKER who is learning on the job what she is capable of, while crossing the apparent boundaries that are expected between the three other races as she builds her team of cohorts And did I mention she sees de [...]

    20. I accidently bought this by mistake I actually was going to try a sample of it, but I bought it and didn t realize it, but I ended up loving it I couldn t put it down It was good on the nights I couldn t sleep because it was too hot to sleep I loved this book and I must say I thought Alexander would end up my favorite character, but it was Thomas who ended up becoming my fave Free Angel I love him I would so recommend this book.

    21. Let s see how should i start.well, i m pretty sure I like this book but it confuses me to hell the book plot is very unique and interesting but it is highly fast paced there is lots and lots and LOTS going on in a single book I still feel a little blur after the book is done I m pretty sure the whole plot in this book can strench into at least 3 books and there is still lots of potential story going on as welle i actually like it, i would give in a 3 stars.

    22. Well written by an amazing author I really enjoy this book from beginning to end.I fell in love with Zoe and Alexander,and the journey to discover Zoe s gifts as they grow,and with Alexander,and his thirst for knowledge of humans greatly written with details to keep you glued to your kindle I m really hoping there will be to this story line fingers crossed cause I want .

    23. I would reccomend this book, without question I love stories with angels and that create a mythos that works and Ms Drummond did that in this book.I liked the heroine Zoe and her ability to think She didn t just react to events but used her brains and became a woman one could admire.I would have liked explanation into the mythos of angels that Ms Drummond was working with but I have a feeling there might be another book one day which will give us .

    24. The best way I could describe this author s writing style is immature, I didn t feel any real life experience or truth in her writing at all Some amount of truth is imperative in a pnr novel, otherwise it just sounds silly It was as if a high school student, whose only life experience came from books, decided to try her hand at writing and was lucky enough to get published I commend the effort, but there s a lot of work that needs to be done here.

    25. This book reminded me of a ghost story It has good parts and bad parts but I m not all that thrilled with the writing and the way the story is told I have read Blood Faerie by India Drummond and thought it was much better all around.

    26. Fantastic and easy to read What an interesting take on supernatural themes The way that the Angels were portrayed and the detail they were described in really made the story It was such a different take and it just worked.The suspense and mystery in the book was well played and it was balanced by a steamy hot romance Alexander could be MY guardian Angel any day Highly recommend this book.Sarah

    27. The beginning writing style started out silted, and a little strange And either it stopped a third of the way through, or I quit noticing it This was cheesy in the beginning including some insta love, but I really enjoyed the heroine and the Angel hierarchy The cover and summary made it seem like a fantasy Meg Cabot book, but it was not YA heroine was in her 20s and the subject matter was deeper than you see in those.

    28. A nice entertaining story It s not a WOW novel but it s quite alright Nice cast of characters, interesting plot I would have liked a bit insight into this whole angel world I quite liked the ending It makes me want to continue reading without quite ending in a cliffhanger.All in all, a good book.

    29. loved this book but found nowhere if there will be a sequel and looks like it was written in 2011 Inquiring minds need to know what happens to Zoe,Alexander and co.Very well written and thoughtful insights on those darn angels or are they Ordinary Angels is by India Drummond,who if you are not on social media is hard to contact.

    30. The book had a good story line but dragged It might be that I m use to a faster pace book Zoe is just a secretary That speaks to spirits that haven t Moved on When she meets an angel her life becomes in danger but also filled with love.

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