The Thinking Life: How to Thrive in the Age of Distraction

The Thinking Life How to Thrive in the Age of Distraction Professor Forni founder of The Civility Initiative at Johns Hopkins is America s civility expert In his first two books Choosing Civility and The Civility Solution he taught readers the rules of c

  • Title: The Thinking Life: How to Thrive in the Age of Distraction
  • Author: P.M. Forni
  • ISBN: 9781429988094
  • Page: 494
  • Format: ebook
  • Professor Forni, founder of The Civility Initiative at Johns Hopkins, is America s civility expert In his first two books, Choosing Civility and The Civility Solution, he taught readers the rules of civil behavior and ways of responding to rudeness Now, in The Thinking Life, he looks at the importance of thinking in our lives how we do it, why we don t do enough of it aProfessor Forni, founder of The Civility Initiative at Johns Hopkins, is America s civility expert In his first two books, Choosing Civility and The Civility Solution, he taught readers the rules of civil behavior and ways of responding to rudeness Now, in The Thinking Life, he looks at the importance of thinking in our lives how we do it, why we don t do enough of it and why we need to do of it.In twelve short chapters, he gives readers a remedy for the Age of Distraction, an age fuelled by the internet, Blackberries and cellphones, all of which make constant demands on our attention, diverting it from one thing to another After suggesting ways we can find time to think , Forni shows readers how we can improve our abilities of Attention Reflection Introspection Self control Positive thinking Proactive thinking Effective decision making strategies Creative thinking Problem solving strategiesJust as he did with civility, he puts the importance of good thinking front and center in a book as simple and as profound as his earlier works.

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      P.M. Forni

    P.M. Forni

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    One thought on “The Thinking Life: How to Thrive in the Age of Distraction

    1. P.M Forni recommends disconnecting from the internet for 3 hrs a day, at minimum to make a daily appointment with yourself to reflect and focus only on thought, stop multi tasking, stop over scheduling, stop answering how are you with busy , to focus on doing things right the first time, to stop entertaining ourselves chronically avoiding our own mindsTo this, I m all ears Every day, millions go to work predisposed to endure and leery to commit, which is just about the worst possible attitude to [...]

    2. 2.5 stars I have several issues with this book But first, let me start with the scant praise In The Thinking Life, Forni offers practical suggestions for thinking when we are constantly overwhelmed by pressure to do the opposite I was especially intrigued by his description of the shifting historical usages of leisure time While many of us associate leisure with recreation and pleasure, that connotation is relatively recent Back in the day, leisure time denoted time away from work that was meant [...]

    3. While some might categorize this as a self help or business book, it s really a broader reaching thesis which is perfect for almost any reader It s both a descriptive as well as prescriptive manual for the human thinking machine Similar to his previous two excellent must read books on civility Choosing Civility The Twenty five Rules of Considerate Conduct and The Civility Solution What to Do When People Are Rude , this is a well written, clear, and concise text whose aim is the noble goal of imp [...]

    4. I bought this book after hearing an interview with the author on NPR I had high hopes for this book I was drawn to the idea of a productive thinking life, as opposed to the non productive, anxiety ridden, ADD type thinking I frequently engage in Honestly, I ve been trying to read it for a couple of months, and I just can t power through it I find this book to be almost preachy in its tone There are some broad generalizations about generations lacking self control There are also assumptions about [...]

    5. Preachy, but a good short read for those brought up in the internet age of distraction, who mostly do not know what it s like to sit and think rather than being entertained.

    6. Do you spend every waking moment either on your phone, computer or watching television If you do, you may be missing out on what John Hopkins Professor, P.M Forni, describes as the first necessary step toward life s elusive grand prize true happiness In The Thinking Life, Forni extols the virtues of introspection and reflection as the process by which we learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others In an age where every waking minute is spent on competing technology, the art of thinking ha [...]

    7. I read this book nice and slow, to absorb the lessons and do some of the exercises at the end of the chapters I would recommend it to almost anyone I do think most people live our lives pretty randomly, and this book gives very practical advice on living thoughtfully.

    8. Tools for safeguarding against the distraction devil

    9. Nuggets of wisdom from a gem of a book bit PrabhuA55 The Reading Room

    10. It s honestly a pretty good read For a person who is so easily distracted like me, this is perfect Hahaaha

    11. Pier Massimo Forni teaches courses on Dante and Boccaccio at Johns Hopkins, but he also co founded the Johns Hopkins Civility Project, and has written two books on being nice to each other His thesis inThe Thinking Life How to Thrive in the Age of Distraction is that it is important to think deeply and often He starts with the common lament that smartphones, the web, and social media can distract us and prevent us from thinking There may be vestigial truth in that, but I happen to believe that t [...]

    12. In some ways, Forni s advice is the opposite of Schwartz s in The Paradox of Choice Why More is Less, but taken together they make a compelling argument for minimalism as the way of inner peace I particularly related to Forni s recommendation that we take quiet time to write, think, and ponder life and decisions I am already doing most of what Forni suggests.

    13. Worthwhile for younger and busy adults And now its references to personal devices and social media distraction seems quaint and dated For me, a little less relevant than perhaps 10 years agoHowever it s quick and easy

    14. I like to think I like the application questions at the end of each chapter.

    15. I first picked up this book with unknown expectations It turned out to be a highly interesting read and to my limited knowledge unique in terms of what Forni is offering Its not that many of the individual factors to the thinking life are new but how he combines these ideas to propose that a thinking life is a good life The overall message is motivating and profound I would say that Forni does a brilliant job of offering valuable information He includes practical exercises like categorising expe [...]

    16. I was pretty disappointed with this book overall it has some interesting moments, but not enough to redeem it in my eyes The author seems to spend a lot of time denigrating the current generation, technology, movies and tv, and pretty much anything else he can think of that isn t pure thought and meditation The thing is, you simply cannot survive in this world without being immersed in popular culture, in social activities, etc For example He Michael Phelps, after being caught on camera with mar [...]

    17. I found this book thought provoking, in part because I completely agree with the author s premise that contemporary people particularly millennials, a group of which I count myself among the leading edge spend too much time in mindless distracting pursuits the particular targets of his wrath are Internet browsing and social media, but you could make the same general argument for TV Tropes, newsfeeds, binging on mindless TV or spending your day with your iPod earbuds in Forni suggests that everyo [...]

    18. This book is a reminder about the importance of spending a few minutes each day on self reflection The era of technology is beneficial yet it is threatening to take away the simple pleasures in life having a meal without any technological distraction such as TV, cellphones or computer screens I am not sure how much a novice thinker would benefit from this book When I say a novice, I mean a person who, at all times, is suffocated with technology around them and does not have time to actively thin [...]

    19. I was with the author until he used Michael Phelps as an example of someone not thinking through their actions when he did a bong hit and some jerk took his picture and everyone lost their mind when the photo went viral The author doesn t question the reaction, only the act Seriously Aren t their better examples of people not thinking Maybe he was thinking Maybe he was thinking I d like to unwind but I don t want to drink because I m driving later so I think I ll just do this harmless bong hit a [...]

    20. This book was challenging in a good way I was encouraged to be a intentionally thoughtful person rather that a reactively thoughtful person The book suffered from a lack of focus though Several times he would apply topics to business situations that weren t introduced in that context and then sweep along to talking about personal relationships and then to a persons interior life It left me wondering what kind of book I was reading It wasn t the best written book I enjoyed how the author wove wi [...]

    21. There are a lot of good elements to this book, but the text could use some editing to improve organization, tie ideas together, and sustain the overall argument of the book, which in its present form gets somewhat diffused This is a cross between self help How to thrive in an age of distraction and unsupported advice and platitudes The author frequently refers to and recommends striving for the good life, but doesn t really define the concept other than to repeat some ancient greek adages simila [...]

    22. P.M Forni brings the wisdom of ancient Greek philosophers to present day situations to create a compelling argument for all of us to slow down, to do less, and to think Interspersing his thoughts with the sage advice of the Stoics and modern anecdotes, he provides an easy to read guide to fostering deeper introspection While there were some aspects of his writing style that I did not particularly care for, the greater message of The Thinking Life is one worth considering by all, whether young a [...]

    23. If I am anything, I am a thinking woman If I am anything, I am TOO introspective, to the point of anxiety and fear, etc So many things in this book I already do, and so many other things in this book just led me to have anxiety Like, oh no I think a lot, but my thinking time could be so much PRODUCTIVE or something.Which i suppose it could, but really really this book was not for me I have been kind of pretending to read it every once in awhile for a couple months now, but I am going to for re [...]

    24. this little volume would t convince anyone to join the world of thinkers It s too philosophic in tone and quite dry Makes the point that we are over stimulated to death by information and most modern people would be healthier to take ten minutes to look at their toes Nothing new about that opinion I know people who couldn t remain silent for ten minutes if you paid them Not mentioning any names I really don t worry about the technical overfunctioning of today s young people They ll get tired of [...]

    25. I heard the author on NPR and thought it was an interesting interview A lot of the advice seems fairly obvious, but it s surprising when you think about it how multi tasking has crept into so many aspects of life The book breaks down the different qualities required for a thoughtful life style and ends each chapter with a list of exercises designed to cultivate a thoughtful life Not wanting to take the time, I didn t do any of them Yes, I recognize the irony Many involved writing or keeping a j [...]

    26. This book was shared with me by one of our Media Specialists in my high school I returned it on the last day of school, but only after ordering my own copy on A person once accused me of thinking too much I found both the statement and the person really stupid Over the years, though, I ve often wondered why people don t appear to think .Then there are my high school students Asking them to THINK is like pulling teeth Dr Forni helps me understand why His ideas confirm my beliefs, while adding 21s [...]

    27. Life is A Balancing ActI read The Thinking Life How To Thrive In The Age of Distraction P.M Forni dispenses nuggets of wisdom on the rewards of disconnecting from too much social media, the internet, and smart phones who is the smart one And do what Take time to reconnect with yourself, thrive and improve your quality of life through attention, reflection, proactive and creative thinking to name but a few A timely and engaging book Hit the pause button on your gadgets and take a time out to read [...]

    28. There s nothing radically new about the concepts in this book, but it s a quick read and worth the reminder Well written Here s a small sample, the thoughtful take genuine pleasure in making others feel good about themselves They are validators chances are that when they build others up, sooner or later they enjoy some form of reciprocity People can t help liking those who valikdate them, and they want to make them part of their lives Simple, but powerful reminders of how to be survive in this o [...]

    29. I read about a 1 3 of this book and then I put it down and never felt inclined to pick it back up Finally, I was forced to finish because it was due at the library I enjoyed the ideas that Forni broached I especially enjoyed the chapters on positive thinking and being a thoughtful person There is a lot to be said or thought for the ideas he proposed People do spend too much time rushing around without considering their actions or words All of could benefit from a thoughtful approach to life His [...]

    30. Many parts of this thoughtful little book are worthy 5 stars recommendations to unplug, reflect, think before acting or speaking, etc But some of the self help suggestions are rather elementary I like the way the author starts and ends with Marcus Aurelius We can still learn a lot from our ancient forbears I plan to use part of this books, especially ideas about engaging and living in the present with students this fall.

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