Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura, Vol. 5

Sakura Hime The Legend of Princess Sakura Vol Aoba and the others storm Enju s hidden palace to rescue Sakura Byakuya must defeat Maimai for the key to the tower where Sakura is being held Maimai is a ruthless killer but Byakuya is about to unle

  • Title: Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura, Vol. 5
  • Author: Arina Tanemura
  • ISBN: 9781421539362
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aoba and the others storm Enju s hidden palace to rescue Sakura Byakuya must defeat Maimai for the key to the tower where Sakura is being held Maimai is a ruthless killer, but Byakuya is about to unleash her secret powers

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      Arina Tanemura

    Arina Tanemura

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    One thought on “Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura, Vol. 5

    1. How I wish I could quit you, Arina Tanemura But your art is just so gorgeous.

    2. Mello ❣ Illium ✮Harry✮ ☀Myrnin☀ Torin Ichimaru says:
      Synopsis Aoba and the others storm Enju s hidden palace to rescue Sakura Byakuya must defeat Maimai for the key to the tower where Sakura is being held Maimai is a ruthless killer, but Byakuya is about to unleash her secret powersMy Thoughts There were some surprises in this volume Byakuya s battle with Maimai goes in a way that I didn t expect at all She s surprisingly violent.Then, it s Kohaku up against Shuri, a ninja that betrayed their village Only, that isn t the whole story It was a prett [...]

    3. Read in February 2013, June 2013.Volume 5 of Sakura Hime revolves around Byakuya and Kohaku.Byakuya continues her battle with Maimai and we get to see her secret she also can transform In the battle, she was able to pull out Sakura s sword, but Sakura was able to feel it and call it back Maimai doesn t die and Byakuya finds the key to the tower.Kohaku battles with Shuri, but most of it is the back story of Shuri He quickly becomes a character that is misunderstood and likable and of course his d [...]

    4. Wow these backstories get sadder and sadder Beautiful but really heart ranching

    5. In SummaryThe Maimai Byakuya battle ends with a surprising revelation The story then moves on to ninjas Kohaku and Shuri Through a series of flashbacks, Tanemura sensei casts an air of tragedy over the fight between former friends, but from a battle standpoint, her depiction of the duel feels flawed.The ReviewAt the end of the previous volume, Byakuya looked like she was in deep trouble, but given her abilities and wisdom, you d suspect she d be able to get out of it on her own And she does in a [...]

    6. Did someone say childhood friends Shoujo manga has trained me to believe these are the greatest most important relationships, full stop I am super ready to read the story of the reconciliation of Shuri and Kohaku as facilitated by Hayate as mediator Did you see that panel at the end when he picked the both of them up I think my heart grew three sizes just then.I ll see a doctor Right after Shuri is reintegrated into the village and all the ninjas live happily ever after.I dug the second half of [...]

    7. I give this 4 stars Lovely illustrations Nice to get the back stories for the characters Lots of couples emerging which I like a lot SpoilerNote to Self Heian EraPrincess Sakura 14yo,sis,Princess Kaguya s moon princess granddaughter,orphan,immortal mixed blood ,pal Prince Oura Aoba,17yo,betrothed,nephew,transforms to wolf,pal2 ,Fujimurasaki Togu next emperor ,uncle ,Asagiri mononoke spirit ,mini,snow spirit,blood cursed,companion pal ,Priestess Byakuya old,mononoke spirit ,immortal,pal ,Kohaku n [...]

    8. Ich war den Tr nen im 4 Band schon sehr nahe, als Byakuya da pl tzlich in der Mangel von MaiMai steckte und der Tod schon ziemlich laut rief Doch die pl tzliche Nacht und die Verwandlung warfen Fragen auf Wer war Byakuya wirklich Meine Vermutung Kaguya selbst.Die Geschichte von Kohaku, Hayate und Shuri und auch Aoba Prinz Ora hat mich total bewegt Vor allem die Darstellung also Zeichnung der kleinen Kohaku war soooo s Die Geschichte dahinter umso trauriger Man versteht nun endlich, warum sie ihr [...]

    9. I got to hand it to Tanemura san with this series she really put a lot of thought into making this an exciting, action packed series There is a lot depth and mystery to all these characters than she s ever put in her stories before This is definitely her best series What is up with the name Hikaru This is the third series in row where there has been a character named Hikaru though this one was in her one shot story at the end which was kind of blah in my opinion.I get really excited at the end [...]

    10. So the art is still as gorgeous and ever and the backstory involving the ninja was awesome but other than that, nothing special is going on in this volume of Sakura Hime I think it s time for me to accept that this Tanemura is different than the Tanemura who gave us treasures like Full Moon wo Sagoshite and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne a good few of the plot elements in this story feel borrowed from other sources Plus, it feels like Sakura s been sidelined from most of the action and this is her serie [...]

    11. I didn t enjoy this as much as the other volumes I think it might be because I care about Sakura than I do about the moon people Shuri s backstory was interesting, though I m still looking forward to seeing how this story ends up Bring on the drama Also, the short story included in this volume White Rose Academy Vampire Rose, which has absolutely nothing to do with Sakura Hime was bizarre but funny And cute too It s just kind of creepy that Hikaru looks like Enju Just saying.

    12. We not only get several fight scenes but we also start learning the past of the missing ninja via several flashbacks As time passes I can t help but like the bad guys a little So far all the characters in the manga have an interesting past that makes them all flawed, and to me that makes them real as characters.

    13. Maybe 3.5 5 This volume is pretty much all backstory, which i did enjoy But Yeah Ninja childhood friends cooool pIt s also been a long time since i read the previous volume so i was a little confused as to where we were up to in the story which probably affected my enjoyment of it, too.

    14. The only characters worth reading this volume for are Byakuya and Shuri After reading this volume Shuri is by far my favorite character The other three childhood friends just annoyed me The only reason I gave this volume the rating I did was because of Shuri.

    15. Dani - Perspective of a Writer says:
      This mainly is to do about the ninja on both sides The turn of events both in the present and past are pretty incredible I really enjoyed these developments I feel for Hayate and Kohaku and having to face Shuri and HatoTTOM LINE Best Sakura Hime volume yet

    16. Interesting volume Here we see the backstory of Enju s minions But somehow I am starting to dislike Sakura.

    17. So far this manga has been a really good series but it seems that there is only action in this volume and even though I like some action as a reader, I think it was too much.

    18. This feels like it s a little slow in moving the story forward The back stories are interesting, but it feels as though it s stalling or that the story lacks a purpose to drive it forward.

    19. Review here geekyreading 2011

    20. I don t have much to say about this volume Sorry.

    21. Ah the childhood connections was interesting.

    22. I have become completely bored with this series I think it s time to move on to something else.

    23. kohaku i love you not in that way though this is just addmiration lol awww this is such a good book

    24. I this book, in order to save Princess Sakura, Kohaku must fight a childhood friend.

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