Luscious Love

Luscious Love Wendell Choate is a struggling deaf man who wants nothing than a comfortable life When Caleb Adams hires him to work in his chocolate shop the big bear of a man appeals to his sweet tooth Does Caleb

  • Title: Luscious Love
  • Author: Zach Sweets
  • ISBN: 9781465959614
  • Page: 338
  • Format: ebook
  • Wendell Choate is a struggling deaf man who wants nothing than a comfortable life When Caleb Adams hires him to work in his chocolate shop, the big bear of a man appeals to his sweet tooth Does Caleb s interest end at closing time, or is there a chance he wants This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Hot Summer Days event Group members weWendell Choate is a struggling deaf man who wants nothing than a comfortable life When Caleb Adams hires him to work in his chocolate shop, the big bear of a man appeals to his sweet tooth Does Caleb s interest end at closing time, or is there a chance he wants This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Hot Summer Days event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.Read the story here or find it in Don t Read in the Closet, Volume 1.__________Genre contemporaryTags gay m m, food kinky, coming out, bear, deaf, disabilityWord Count 6,447

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      Zach Sweets

    Zach Sweets

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    One thought on “Luscious Love

    1. You d think that Well, maybe But chocolate surely doesn t make a plot, sensual erotic scenes, authentic characters or flowing dialogues Just not.

    2. 5 Deaf and Chocolate stars I think this story was written especially for me I mean, MM Romance, chocolate and a deaf MC and the other one learning sign language to be closer to him content sigh I can die happy now A great short story to get an insight to what it s like to be deaf or having someone deaf in your life.4 stars for the story and character The extra star, so it ll make 5, is for my hubby who is in fact deaf He uses hearing aids and read lips He can speak normally, though, so you can t [...]

    3. Wow Just wow A deaf MC A bald, hot and hairy love interest.Chocolate as lubeOut of this world kind of hot sex.What could a guy want I could have done without the description of the taste of sperm mixed with chocolate, thank you very much The story was very short, making the instalove seem pretty rushed, and the whole setting was a bit too smooth a shop hires a deaf person and expects customers to write on a board in order to communicate with the guy behind the counter A sweet utopia fantasy, bu [...]

    4. 2.5 stars Luscious Love tells us the story of Wendell, a young deaf man, who is desperately looking for a job When Caleb, the owner of a chocolate store decides to hire him, Wendell can t believe his luck and his willing to give his very best in order to keep his new job I have to admit that I love chocolate and I thus loved the setting of a chocolate store and all the highly erotic moments it could offer I also liked the focus on sign language and all the difficulties deaf people are encounteri [...]

    5. Why 5 stars Well, I must talk by parts, explaining my motives First, the main characters.Wendell the protagonist and only narrator will right away tell you what he is searching a job No, it s not easy, to everyone the time of the story is not placed as now or past, but let s talk as if it s present time The story plot is incredible simple , no Well, absolutely no Wendell Is almost depressed, telling us how much he is searching a job, and how many times he was turn down After the possible employe [...]

    6. Sweet, sexy story the Sign Language You stopped me I didn t want to stop I really did enjoy watching you at the beach,I learned sign language so I could be closer to you I want you to be mine This story is a free story from M M Romance Group Hot Summer Days topic show

    7. BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions says:
      Such a cute and sweet story I loved it

    8. I really liked this story The attention to detail is wonderful and made this story come alive for me I m still craving chocolate weeks later when I think of what these guys got up to with the chocolate syrup Sorry, I digress But then, chocolate and hot men will do that to me.Wendell is a great guy, and, like many people with a disability, isn t being treated fairly He doesn t let that stop him, though, and when he meets Caleb things get interesting No rushing into anything, though I liked how Za [...]

    9. While wham bam thank you man has it s merits there is NOTHING like a slooooow sweet slide into love This is a deliciously decadent chocolate coated treat.d the fact that I m Deaf and I find it difficult to write a Deaf character Well it didn t show at all at any time, if anything your insight adds realism, clarity and sensitivity to the story and to both characters write what you know and those who read it will feel it and I did Beautiful

    10. Very sweet story pun totally intended as this is sweet in so many ways I immediately fell in love with Wendell and was cheering for him from beginning to end Caleb is also lovable, caring, hugable and sexy There were two issues I had that brought my rating down The first was the sentence structure flow It felt a little choppy and mechanical, almost like it was too proper most of this was in the beginning, but seemed to work itself out as the story progressed The second issue I had was the abrupt [...]

    11. Great read Sweet but not fluffy Balanced in terms of plot building And, of course, the hot scene at the end It definitely made my day

    12. Sweet short story, Wendell a young deaf man looking for a job is hired by Caleb a chocolate shop owner and falls for him.

    13. Cute short, if a bit sticky for me I ve never found food mixed with sex hot

    14. The story was nice except for a somewhat rushed ending.

    15. Lovely little love story with chocolate What could be tastier

    16. Cute story about a deaf guy getting a job at a chocolate shop But when guy and his boss start getting freaky with chocolate on the kitchen floorI did get a little icked out

    17. really 3.5 3.75 stars Okay, there were parts of this little quickie that I enjoyed enough to rate it five stars Like Wendell and Caleb Two very lovable MC s And the fact that Wendell is deaf I love when MC s have RL issues to deal with Not made up fictional BS drama lol Anyway I also like that they didn t just jump right in My list of likes is long it s most of the story However, there were thing s I didn t like And I disliked them enough to drop the rating Such as, at the beginning the story fe [...]

    18. Admittedly, I might be a little biased because Zach wrote this luscious story from my picture prompt for a group event, but I can t help it it s great and I LOVE IT A chocolate shop and sexy chocolate m m all in one story heaven Wendell and Caleb seemed perfect for each other They were both so patient and willing to try new things in order to figure out what worked best for them in terms of communication as well as the relationship I m also kind of partial to the character names at least one of [...]

    19. First, can I say that this is extremely fluffy It seemed that rainbows were flying out of Caleb just for Wendell I did like the sentence A bear man and chocolate The answer to that, of course, was what could Wendell ask for I took the pun, and laughed my butt off I mean, who doesn t like a bare man and chocolate But, I m sorry, Wendell got everything he wanted despite having been out of work for a year, and it being a really long time since he got laid And, I have to be honest, once they were e [...]

    20. Okay so this review might come across as highly strange due to the genre of the book but this book heavily inspires me and I m so happy I just came across it again.Please note I have not tagged this review for spoilers as I ve just done a summary of the book, but may include a few very small spoilers.The story follows a deaf, gay man named Wendall, trying his best to get a job He struggles, eventually gets one and the owner of where he works puts measures in place to help him work around his dea [...]

    21. I did a reread of this story now that I know it is part of the Hot Summer Days Event and there is a photo that inspired it.This story was part of the M M Romance Groups Hot Summer Days Event I love these projects because it matches an M M writer with a photo and a reader request To view the photo and request that inspired this story click on the link below topic show 5The photo is gorgeous I don t know why I originally gave this only 2 stars When I re read it, I really enjoyed it It was sweet an [...]

    22. This story came with this promising prompt picture.Just to end in very pathetic wayPoorpoorpoor writing.I m sorry.

    23. A very short, erotic story about Wendell choate a young deaf man who has been out of work for over a year He has a small income from Social Security and Disability, but he d much rather have a job He found a want ad in the newspaper for Luscious Love, a local chocolate shop and went there to apply for the job Wendell finds much than he was looking for I found this to be a fun and very sexy read and will look for from this author.

    24. Read as part of the free Don t Read in the Closet Volume One anthology Story 21 A sweet and sexy story about a deaf man finding the perfect job and man With chocolate topping DANG, what a hot chocolate topping I liked that there were no made up BS But the end felt a bit too abrupt.3.5 stars

    25. First off the picture is HOT My all time favorite cover for an ebook will always be Fae Sutherland s Gambling on Maybe but this one runs a very close second.The story was very sweet I really loved Wendell and Caleb I wish there would have been in regards to each of them but it still worked out well for a very short story.This is my first by this author It won t be my last.

    26. Short story about Wendell, a deaf guy who falls for his new boss, chocolate store owner and maitre chocolatier Caleb I was prepared to give 2.5 stars in spite of the references to chocolate yum until I read the last sentence in the book It was just two words, but it was exactly what the book needed A perfect ending.

    27. A sweet pun not intended lol little short I loved Wendell but am jealous too He has my dream job lol.A happy feel good read, that I d love to see extended A little too heavy on the sex for such a short, but thats a personal niggle.

    28. Cute story A little too much of fluffy in that one tbh Also Caleb was too perfect and well boring Yes there is a hot chocolate encounter and also a deaf character But over all the story wasn t that special for me.

    29. It was cute Wendell is deaf and has been out of work for a year, so he s happy to apply at Luscious Love chocolate He also has a thing for bears.Chocolate and bears Made me giggle as I read it.

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