The Girls of No Return

The Girls of No Return Erin Saldin s The Girls of No Return is a lacerating young adult debut about girls knives and redemption The Alice Marshall School set within a glorious million acre wilderness area is a place w

  • Title: The Girls of No Return
  • Author: Erin Saldin
  • ISBN: 9780545310260
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Erin Saldin s The Girls of No Return is a lacerating young adult debut about girls, knives, and redemption The Alice Marshall School, set within a glorious 2 million acre wilderness area, is a place where teenage girls are sent to escape their histories and themselves Lida Wallace has tried to negate herself in every way possible At Alice Marshall, she meets Elsa Boone,Erin Saldin s The Girls of No Return is a lacerating young adult debut about girls, knives, and redemption The Alice Marshall School, set within a glorious 2 million acre wilderness area, is a place where teenage girls are sent to escape their histories and themselves Lida Wallace has tried to negate herself in every way possible At Alice Marshall, she meets Elsa Boone, Jules, and Gia Longchamps, whose glamour entrances the entire camp As the girls prepare for a wilderness trek, Lida is both thrilled and terrified to be chosen as Gia s friend Everyone has their secrets the Things they try to protect and when those come out, the knives do as well.

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    1. Sometimes the line between love and desperation is damn thin You know, when I was around eleven to fourteen I had this friendship with a girl called Lizzy, and it may still be the most complex relationship I ve ever had I didn t have many friends at that age I was shy, strange, unpopular so Lizzy was an unusual case We were not good friends we each enjoyed having something the other didn t and I think we were both a little jealous of one another Her of me because I went through puberty early, an [...]

    2. i am disappointed in each and every one of you who never told me about this book s existenceis book is the darker and plausible, real world version of beauty queens, which is a book i adored, so i m not making a quality judgment here with that p word, just a comparison it is a book about girls, and the sometimes horrible sometimes beautiful way that they operate within the world of girl it takes place at the alice marshall school for girls, a sort of outdoor reform school for wayward girls girl [...]

    3. Review originally published on The Book SmugglersThe Alice Marshall School is a school for troubled girls, set in the remote No Return Wilderness Area, a place where these girls can both escape and confront their past Lida is a lonely, insecure and angry young girl who is sent to the school by her family father and stepmother , as a last resort reaction to an undisclosed event The Thing what brought each and every girl to the school is what they must face.The Girls of No Return is an epistolary [...]

    4. This book is a rarity well written, gripping, beautiful yet painful at times, and full of respect for its readers.The protagonist, Lida, is a 16 year old girl who has reached the end of the line her father and stepmother can t handle her any, and for reasons that are not immediately clear, she is shipped off to a school for wayward young ladies in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area The name itself prompts a disquietude in the reader Will Lida, indeed, return from the wilderness, [...]

    5. As a former cutter, I would like to warn anyone who struggles with self harm that this book could be very triggering.I d give The Girls of No Return a 2.5 star rating I thought it was convincingly written, but the end completely devolved into nonsense and weirdness The big fight at the end was just a convenient way to tie everything up I did not love it at all I also did not love that we never find out Gia s background or what happens to her That was lame However, the rest of the book was good I [...]

    6. I am glad that I am done reading this book It wasn t bad, but it dragged on for me and I can t stand books like that.This was a coming of age book about a group of girls that attend a wilderness school for those that don t fit in at a regular school.There is some drama but nothing crazy I kept waiting for something exciting to happen, but nothing ever did

    7. Although the premise was very much my cup of tea milk, one sugar and I found myself reading compulsively, ultimately The Girls of No Return and I failed to gel When we first meet Lida she is reflecting back on her recent time at the Alice Marshall School for Girls, a reform school esqe retreat for troubled ladies deep in Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area, Buttfuck Idaho.Removed from the temptations of civilization, the inmates girls prepare for their personal wilderness treks the p [...]

    8. Ugh, I am so disappointed in this book The initial setup is fascinating A year after returning home from a boarding school for troubled teens, Lida begins writing a memoir of her experiences The Alice Marshall School is located in the No Return Wilderness, a vast tract of rugged land in rural Idaho Whatever happened to Lida there has left her devastated and traumatized Writing the memoir is a way for her set down the truth on paper She hints at calamitous events, and expresses guilt and remorse [...]

    9. Okay, I think that The Girls of No Return kind of falls apart at the end, but I liked it so much while I was reading it that I m not going to hold that against it.It s also not as good as The Miseducation of Cameron Post which is legit a masterpiece of young adult literature that everyone should read , although they re similar to each other I also watched But I m a Cheerleader not too long ago, and it was difficult not think of that story too This is misleading the queer content is pretty suppre [...]

    10. Original review posted here.I know I need to tell my story our story but I don t know how Because the truth, see it s a messy thing Sometimes the only way to clean it up is to hurtle through each decision you made, trying to find the one that changed everything Maybe then you can start to fix it.The Girls of No Return, Erin Saldin s debut, was not what I expected I expected my heart to be pounding, my adrenaline to be rushing, and to be affected by it on a visceral level It didn t happen that wa [...]

    11. Sometimes the line between love and desperation is damn thin Boone shakes her head You have to hope you don t have a knife in your hand when you figure that out There was something about this book that touched me to the Core and I have no clue why I guess because it opened my eyes on how sadness is a disease, a pesky little disease that never truly goes away.It s a disease that can make you make dumb choices, become desperate and foolish This showed me how one person can see your loneliness, use [...]

    12. Grade B Lida s father and stepmother leave her in the wilderness at The Alice Marshall School, the last stop before juvie On the first night, cabinmate Boone chops off her hair in the middle of the night Nobody messes with Boone Lida is no longer the new girl when the pretty, mysterious Gia arrives Lida immediately develops a girl crush on the new girl, who gets off to a rough start with Boone As Lida becomes close with both girls, who are increasingly antagonist, trouble looms in the air.Lida s [...]

    13. I found the beginning of this young adult book very interesting but I felt like the book s potential kind of fizzled out about halfway through The characters were all interesting but I did not feel like they were developed enough I had a bit of a problem with the way the author set Boone up to be some kind of all knowing wise woman in the later half of the book where she says than once that she knew the main character in some kind of spiritual or metaphysical way that does not correspond to the [...]

    14. this book was a lot of things i think its slow but it was worth it, and its not like it s this huge psychological thriller but its creepy and sad and realistic its difficult to explain but i cannot deny that it was a really good book.

    15. I don t remember where I first saw the book THE GIRLS OF NO RETURN by Erin Saldin For the life of me, I just can t remember much outside of it being on some list that was about girls behaving badly I think that because it was on this list I didn t expect it to be as affecting and tragic as it was I was expecting something soapy and trashy, but found a story that is far melancholy than I ever anticipated.Lida is a teenage girl who has been acting out She resents her father and her stepmother, T [...]

    16. Vaughn 1Taylor VaughnMrs Hunter2 26 122UHThe Girls of No Return Spoiler Alert The book The Girls of No Return by Erin Saldin is both interesting and shocking It was published by Arthur A Levine Books February 1, 2012 and had 352 pages The Girls of No Return is a realistic fiction book about troubled teens trying to get better at Alice Marshall School for girls Each one has their own secret and they ll do almost anything to keep them, but when the truth is finally reviled chaos erupts between thr [...]

    17. A new author, but a book that could have been written by someone with many published books behind her belt Not too many books focus mainly upon female friendship in young adult teen books these days This novel s main plot concerns the implications, complications, and intricacies of female friendship The reader will be absorbed into the book within a few chapters the main character, Lida, has a somewhat difficult, reserved personality, but she is captivating The reader will not always understand [...]

    18. I have such mixed feelings about this book It s received wonderful professional reviews, and I had high expectations I appreciated the writing and the themes, especially the healing power of the wilderness and the author s willingness to delve deep into dark places I was quickly engrossed in the story the setting, character development, secrets, and tension pulled me along There is a shocking scene toward the end that I didn t see coming and I didn t like it one bit Truly, it left me with the wo [...]

    19. Alice Marshall is an alternative school for girls in the middle of the wilderness, and every one who goes there has the burden of their own Thing the reason they find themselves at their secluded school When Lida first attends Alice Marshall she meets polar opposites Boone and Gia Little did she know, those two girls would get her into the kinds of situations she thought she was there to avoid.What I really appreciated about this story was how it showed the complex relationship between the girls [...]

    20. The Girls of No Return is deeper than at first appearance, full of self awareness, longing, remorse, and healing The plot builds slowly, but not once was I bored while reading it.Sixteen year old Lida is a sent to the Alice Marshall School for Girls by her father and stepmother, Terri, after she intentionally hurts herself at home She is sad and lonely, never having any real friends Her pains are deeply buried, and Erin Saldin deftly unveils her history But at the School, Lida begins to let her [...]

    21. This book is about a teenage girl named Lida She went through a difficult time in her childhood and she just couldn t adjust The alternative that her parents chose was to send her to a school named Alice Marshall for troubled girls that is totally isolated in the forests of Idaho Lida is very unhappy about the situation She was never good at making friends There is a fierce girl named Boone that has an interest in Lida, but then a new girl Gia shows up that Lida befriends Lida totally loves Gia [...]

    22. Sixteen year old Lida has been sent to a reform school in the wilderness of the northern portion of Idaho, far from civilization From the beginning with her references to Margaret and the camp and being home, it s clear that she survives the experience but how healthy she is after it is questionable The school is filled with troubled girls, some of whom are troubled than others Before she knows it, Lida finds herself in the middle of a conflict between Boone, the school s teen queen, and Gia, t [...]

    23. This book is about a girl named Lida who is being sent to a camp school for girls who need help Lida of course does not want to go but her behavior is so bad she has no choice Lida s mother left suddenly when she was about seven or eight, and so this has helped the steady increase of her bad behavior In regular school Lida doesn t have any friends and she doesn t plan on making any at the school She stays quiet for the most part and she just hopes that nobody will notice her, but as she will soo [...]

    24. Three girls, three lives, changed forever The Girls of No Return is heartbreaking, dark, and consuming Lida is sent to the Alice Marshall School for Girls in the central part of wilderness Idaho She s had issues and all the girls have a Thing Lida is a loner, yet she becomes friends with two girls who are polar oppositesBoone tough, street wise, and dark and Gia blond, beautiful, and ethereal Of course, Gia and Boone have no use for each other Lida is torn and in the middle After betrayals, perv [...]

    25. I felt tricked by the last chapter I didn t find it chilling or dark or exciting not sure which I should have felt I had it figured out in the chapter before, and it was almost telling me too much The writing here is fantastic Saldin had me in the wilderness, had me on the canoe, had me under the sky, by the lake, and on each and every hike Her use of metaphor to connect loose threads from early on in the story to later events is masterful The book s set up is unique, too It s jarring as a reade [...]

    26. This is a 3.5 star book for me, but perhaps would have been 4 if I had still been a teenager when I read it It is the perfect book for any teen who has experienced the social engineering that goes on particularly among girls in middle and high school The twist is that it all takes place at a wilderness rehab school, full of girls who have been sent away to be reformed and repaired Each has her secret, but the most mysterious of all is Gia, with whom the main character is obsessed This book asks [...]

    27. Too many troubled girl sent to wilderness school to straighten out stories out there And Lida s Thing is made out to be so much than it really is The author strings the reader along, hinting at Lida s secret as if it were something truly heinous And her problem is a serious one, only because the adults in her life have been completely clueless for half her life But I had a kind of, Is that all reaction when she finally admitted to herself what was really at the root of her self destructive beha [...]

    28. could have been good all the events of the books were interesting and could have really been a lot impactful had they been developed a bit better and treated seriously i honestly didn t like lida, but i think that with the right narration, that wouldn t have even been a factor honestly, if this plot premise had been given the dare me megan abbott treatment, it would have been one of my favourite books meaning i spent the entire time thinking of how to rewrite it which was beyond frustrating a [...]

    29. I feel like there is some well thought out point or lesson I was supposed to get from this book, but I didn t understand it The characters and writing were nice, but it was really boring and slow for about half the book before it got even relatively exciting Also, I honestly couldn t relate to the main character and was thoroughly annoyed with her at many points in the story All in all, I feel like it might deserve three stars because I know some deep theme or statement was there, but I just cou [...]

    30. At the Alice Marshall School for Girls, trust is the most important commodity That s the linchpin of the story whom do the characters trust with their various secrets, and what does their chosen person choose to do with that trust In essence have they have placed their trust in someone worthy Full review at Book Grumps

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