Affliction Fay Weldon
  • Title: Affliction
  • Author: Fay Weldon
  • ISBN: 9780002239189
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Affliction Fay Weldon Affliction They seem the perfect couple and after ten years together are expecting their first child But on the first day of the rest of their blissful lives Spicer fails to kiss Annette goodbye as he leaves
    They seem the perfect couple, and after ten years together, are expecting their first child But on the first day of the rest of their blissful lives, Spicer fails to kiss Annette goodbye as he leaves for the office, and psychiatrists, fortune tellers and hypnotherapists become involved.
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      Fay Weldon

    About Fay Weldon

    1. Fay Weldon CBE is an English author, essayist and playwright, whose work has been associated with feminism In her fiction, Weldon typically portrays contemporary women who find themselves trapped in oppressive situations caused by the patriarchal structure of British society.enpedia wiki Fay_Weldon


    1. If you don t like therapists, and think the whole idea of therapy is a load of potentially dangerous hokum, then this book is definitely for you Several of my best friends are in fact therapists, and I have great respect for what they do, but I m afraid I still found the book very entertaining Maybe her target is not so much therapists as such, but rather the uncritical way in which some people regard any pronouncement by a therapist, irrespective of how insane the advice or the therapist may ap [...]


    2. Affliction is the study of a marriage in meltdown, as seen through the eyes of the wife, Annette Her husband, Spicer, has always been loyal and loving, and the couple are thrilled when Annette finally becomes pregnant after many years of trying But when Spicer starts seeing a psychotherapist Dr Rhea he begins to behave differently towards Annette, accusing her of stifling him and picking fights which leave her feeling hurt and bewildered Fay Weldon is often described as a feminist author, and ce [...]


    3. Strange book The reading was as tedious as the topic The husbands changes when he starts seeing a therapist and the wife just can t get it and neither can the reader understand the cruelty of the husband It is obviously a dig at the fashion of psychotherapy, but so improbable that it does not work as satire The true gap is the space between the world as it ought to be and the world as it is between waht you think love and marriage and babies are going to be and what it turns out to be, and its p [...]


    4. This is undoubtedly a critique of the wrong end of the therapy industry I read it very quickly, mainly in the vain hope that at least one of the characters would come to their senses and call the bulls t Are there really such gullible people Saying that, I love Fay Weldon s writing she s a class act and she propels us through this story at a rate of knots The narrative is entirely told as dialogue and is as sharp as a tack.


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